The Guardian offers another CiF columnist the opportunity to fantasize about Israel’s destruction

Ghada Karmi

UK pro-Palestinian activist, and academic, Ghada Karmi has never hidden her rejection of Israel’s right to exist.  

Nor has she been reluctant to advocate what’s called a “one state solution” – the radical reconstitution of the world’s only Jewish state into a majority Muslim state in which Jews would be a minority dependent on the ‘benevolence’ of the non-Jewish majority.

Karmi also believes Israel’s supporters in the U.S. exert a dangerous influence on the American political system.

Karmi, for instance, once referred to pro-Israeli advocates, for instance, as “intellectual terrorists“.

She also wrote the following at CiF about such pro-Israeli activists in the U.S:

“…People [in the U.S.] are hardened or resigned to having their freedom of expression limited by the pro-Israel lobby.”

Also, she wrote:

[Due to pressure from the Jewish lobby] Presidents…will…do anything to support Israel.

In this YouTube clip, she address a crowd on the question of why the U.S. supports Israel, and says:

“The U.S. is not free.  It is constrained by the power of the [Jewish] lobby.”

Not surprisingly, she also has co-operated with the International Solidarity Movement – the group which harbored suicide bombers in Israel.

Yet, in the Guardian’s jaundiced view of what constitutes left-wing and right-wing thought, Karmi is evidently a left-leaning progressive in good standing, and her latest essay represents her 16th entry at ‘Comment is Free’ since 2002.

Her latest post, Sept. 20, represents more of the same, and is titled, ‘Palestinians need a one-state solution‘.

As it often the case with Israel haters, truth is always subservient to the greater narrative, and Karmi’s following claim is a perfect illustration.

“The colonisation process continues unabated, and to date Israel has resisted every call for a settlement based on a two-state solution.” [emphasis added]

The fiction of Israeli intransigence, in contrast to peace-loving Palestinians, represents such an extreme inversion of reality that the following must be noted:

  • In 1967, after defending itself against another war of annihilation, the Israelis voted unanimously to return the vast majority of territories it had captured in exchange for peace. The Arab response was unequivocal: “no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with it”.

Further, Karmi, in her CiF piece, mocks Mahmoud Abbas’ intention to seek statehood (unilaterally or otherwise), and argues for “a reassessment of Palestinian political strategy”, one which “think[s] beyond the two-state solution.”

Karmi writes:

“This situation demands a new Palestinian strategy, a Plan B that converts the Palestinian struggle for two states into one.”

The demand, of course, for the Jewish state’s dissolution – by Karmi, Ben White, Ali Abunimah, Omar Barghouti, Antony Lerman, Moussa Abu Marzouk, or other commentators whose anti-Zionist fantasies are given legitimacy on the pages of the Guardian – will never, ever be accepted by Israelis.

This is not 1937.  The Peel Commission has adjourned.

The end of one-state dreams died when the nascent Jewish state miraculously emerged victorious after the Arabs launched a war of destruction in 1948.

Israeli Jews will never, ever entertain the politically regressive suggestion that they return to the status of a subjugated (or, at best, tolerated) minority, dependent on the benevolence of a historically hostile majority.  

Any attempt to ‘impose’ such a solution will be met by fierce, uncompromising Jewish resistance.

While most Israelis are willing, in the event of a serious peace proposal by the Palestinians, to be extremely flexible, and make painful territorial compromises, our freedom and national sovereignty – which Jews suffered and sacrificed unimaginably over the ages to finally achieve – is simply not negotiable. 

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  1. Just we you thought Al-Guardian could not get any worse!!! Is Al-Guardian setting out to collect all the useful idiots if Al-Guardian continues on this course appart from islamic appologists and their left wing usefull idiots Al-Guardian wont have any readership left its readership is around 200,000 but it wasnt that many years ago it was 500,000 plus clearly i’m not the only one who got fed up with it’s anti-Israel groveling dhimmitude and general poor standard and fact free journalism and stopped buying Al-Guardian For balanced reporting The Guardian could not get more unbalanced if it moved to Tehran

  2. Ghada Karmi is mistakenky calls it Plan B. Plan A was the destruction of Israel by violence until Arafat switched over to Plan B at Oslo to destroy Israel by signing a false peace accord. Maybe let’s call it simply the Plan ver.3.2.- all of the versions have the same goal anyway.

  3. “Not surprisingly, she also has co-operated with the International Solidarity Movement – the group which harbored suicide bombers in Israel.”

    This is libel.

    I clicked on the link and read the article. It mentions that two would-be suicide bombers discussed with ISM staff members.

    They were never “harbored” by ISM.

    Does CIF watch has a stash to pay for damages?

      • Dear Mr Levick.

        can you please mention a CREDIBLE source to prove what you said?

        NGO Monitor is an Israeli lobby supporting right wing political parties in Israel and the settlement policy. This is not a credible source.

    • I think Cif Watch keeps a small petty cash fund to buy aspirin, as the lame defenses of everything anti-Israel groups and individuals do bring on headaches.

    • You’re the funniest, vapid pro-Palestinian who frequents this site, Gnatty. Not to mention you’re all so very insignificant. Slander and libel…. That’s what I consider what most anonymous boobs like you do regarding Israeli activity and history on message boards all over the web.

    • Who’re are they going to sue Nat?


      You are a far more worthy candidate, if a lot more risible. Your day in court would make for better entertainment for the masses than on the tv

    • Does CIF watch has a stash to pay for damages?

      Go sue Cifwatch Nat. But the same time try to spare same cash in order to find some serious psychiatric help – it seems to me the the NHS, Obamacare, Kupat Holim (take your pick) experts’ professionalism isn’t satisfactory in your case.
      But I’m begging you don’t start your next post with “Dear Mr. xx could you please explain..” – this website is not for helping the understanding process of mentally challenged adolescents and/or minors.

  4. Oh her again. Duvidl is prompted to verse, thus:

    Karma Not Kharmi

    Muslima Ghada Kharmi
    Is absolutely barmy;
    Ne’er failing to berate
    One tiny Jewish state.
    Why doesn’t Jew-hate Ghada
    Join Turks’ flotill-armada,
    Develop new hysteria
    For dabbling in Syria
    Or shove her one-state theory-er
    Up through her own posterior.

    DS Al Coda

  5. She’s obviously quite desperate.

    The only one-state solution for Palestine that makes any sense is a merger with Jordan. I doubt the Jordanians would be very keen given what Arafat did to them, but it’s about a billion times more likely to happen than a merger with Israel.

    • She certainly looks desperate although I don’t know for what (the photo is hardly flattering).

      But the Groan is also desperate if it calls on her. She, like so many of her like-“minded” associates, is a one-trick pony.

    • Andy,

      if you think that “the only one-state solution for Palestine that makes any sense is a merger with Jordan”…

      … then you agree that “the only one-state solution for Israel that makes any sense is a merger with the USA”?

  6. Karmi is at Exeter university with Pappe. Why does this not surprise me ?
    Why is it that mostly ( Marxist ) academics peddle this stuff? Do Western academics not have a different purpose than to end up as political players paid for by the wider community ? Bizarre .

    • I think it’s some sort of mental illness that has them persisting in arguing thus and blinds them to facts even when they are proven wrong time and time again.

      And Karmi and Pappe – a folie a deux ? They certainly share the same delusions.

  7. Late to the thread but worth mentioning she sat alongside Ken O Keefe at Middlesex University Hendon campus Palestinian society debate . She sat silent as O Keefe went on one of his rants citing a 9/ 11 cover up ( read Zionist / Jew plot in order to wage war on Islam .
    One good result from the evening was the recording of Jenny Tonges own rant ‘ Beware Israel , Israel will not be there forever in its present form ‘ .It ended up in Nick Cleggs in tray leading to their parting company .

    • Harvey, you are excused. Please take your seat.
      What is frightening is that Ken O’Keefe can cross the border into the UK & that it is alright to voice far Left hate at a uni. I’d like to see the faculty go ape shit when a bunch of white racists hold a pow wow on uni grounds. Hating another nation ( IL, USA ) on public funded property is cool. Hating say people of colour is a no no.

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