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Jewish reaction to thousands of antisemitic Arab cartoons: No riots, no injuries, no deaths

Tom Gross wrote the following, in a recent post, about the non-existent “Israeli Jew” backed by non-existent “rich Jewish financiers” responsible for the YouTube video clip called the “Innocence of Muslims.”

Even after most Western news outlets corrected themselves last Thursday, a small minority of Western news columnists with a track record of attacking Israel continued to state that an Israeli Jew was behind the film.

Unsurprisingly, the media in the Arab world and Iran have continued this theme…blaming Jews for the anti-Islam film “Innocence of Muslims.” 

Here are a handful of the hateful cartoons in the Arab media, echoing these false accusations about the film, which didn’t inspire Jews to riot, engage in violence, nor the storm embassies of countries where such antisemitic depictions were sanctioned.

United Arab Emirates paper, Al-Bayan, Sept. 16, 2012: The caption reads “A joint vision of the production”

Aftermath: No riots, no injuries, no deaths.

The Qatari paper Ar-Raya, Sept. 16, 2012. Note the stars of David on the filmmaker’s shirtsleeves. The caption reads: “The Killing of the US Ambassador in Libya.” 

Aftermath: No riots, no injuries, no deaths.

The Omani paper, Al-Watan, Sept. 18, 2012: The movie clapboard says: “The film: Innocence of Muslims; Produced by The devil,” and the Jew is saying “Action”

Aftermath: No riots, no injuries, no deaths.

The official PA daily published this cartoon on Aug. 23 that depicts Israel as a demonized religious Jew holding a knife dripping with blood.
Obama to Jew holding a knife dripping with blood:
“Don’t be afraid. There are no pictures or articles about you.”.

Aftermath: No riots, no injuries, no deaths.

Iran’s Fars News Agency, Sept. 2012. Jewish devil

Aftermath: No riots, no injuries, no deaths.

Fars News Agency, Sept. 2012. The Jewish serpent is being led by Satan.

Aftermath: No riots, no injuries, no deaths.

Finally, going  beyond the current controversy over ‘The innocence of Muslims”, here are a couple of Arab “classics”.

Blood-drinking Jews are frequently portrayed in the Arab media. Shown here is one published in the Egyptian paper, Al Ahram in April 2001, showing an Arab placed into a flattening mill by two Israeli soldiers. Arab blood pours out & two Jews drink the blood laughingly.

Aftermath: No riots, no injuries, no deaths.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is shown drinking from a goblet labeled “The Palestinian Children’s Blood.”

Aftermath: No riots, no injuries, no deaths.

This cartoon, with text in English designed for a foreign audience, was posted on the official website of the Palestinian Authority State on April 6, 2003

Aftermath: No riots, no injuries, no deaths.

As Joel Kotek wrote in an essay published at the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs:

The main recurrent motif in Arab cartoons concerning Israel is “the devilish Jew.” This image conveys the idea that Jews behave like Nazis, kill children and love blood. 

Palestinian cartoonists often place emphasis on the anti-Semitic accusation of “ritual murder” of children. This is underscored by their claim that Israelis target Palestinian children. To dehumanize Jews, Arab cartoonists often depict them as malevolent creatures: spiders, vampires or octopuses.

Here’s one last cartoon, which is cruel beyond words.

This cartoon, of Hitler and Anne Frank, was published in 2006 on the website of the Arab-European League (AEL), founded by Dyab Abou Jahjah, a Lebanese born Belgian Muslim leader

Aftermath: No riots, no injuries, no deaths.

Finally, these cartoons are anything but anomalies.  

There are thousands upon thousands of such hideously antisemitic depictions of Jews in the Arab media (in newspapers, magazines, and books), many of which can be found at the sites of Palestinian Media Watch, MEMRI and ADL.

The Guardian, as with most of the “mainstream” media, all but ignores such expressions of extreme hatred towards Jews in the Arab world.

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    • Who funds CIF Watch?

      I’d be grateful if someone could let me know where to find this information which I have strangely not been able to find on this website.

      • Nat Cifwatch has a 100 million USD budget and it is funded by the Worldmedia Control Department of the Mossad (50%) and the World Council of the Jewish Dominance Group (50%) Look for the website of these organisations but don’t despair if you don’t find them – they are able to make your computer’s screen transparent if their thought reader beams can’t find your brain.

      • Nat: “Who funds CIF Watch?”

        I’m sure Stormfront can help you out if these secretive yids are ignoring your imploring questions for truth and justice.

        So why don’t you get over there. Send us a report. You could file under: Self-righteous bigot finds answer to all the world’s problems.

    • Part of the rioting must be because there are too many unemployed men with no chance of going anywhere. In other places people go to work, have a girl/boy friend, read a good book, have a stimulating hobby. Simply having to kill a woman if she goes for a coffee with you kinda limits options.

    • It’s very comical of CIF Watch to write that “Netanyahu is not beating the drums for war”.

      The guy has just been harassing the President of the USA to attack Iran for the past year, and Bibi keeps saying that Israel is bound to strike Iran with or without the US approval.

      But of course, he’s not “beating the drums of war”. He just wants to go to war.

  1. Not only in Arab or Iranian publications, in 2002 the ‘Independent’ published a cartoon showing Sharon biting the head off Palestinian children, clearly evoking the blood libel. Surprisingly (or not) the Press Complaints panel found this not to be anti-Semitic. Their ‘star’ writer regularly swipes at Israel even when there is no direct connection with his story. In my view the Independent is every bit as anti-Semitic as the Guardian.

    • Last time I read a history book in Israel, it mentioned that Sharon was declared as directly responsible for the murder of women and children in South Lebanon’s Sabra and Chatila refugee camps. He was judged guilty by an Israeli court presided by judge Kahane.

      • Then last time your abilty to read was exactly like it is today.
        The Kahabe comission assigned the indirect ministerial responsibility to Sharon.

        • Wrong.

          “The Kahan commission found that ARIEL SHARON BEARS PERSONAL RESPONSiBILITY”,[10] recommended his dismissal from the post of Defense Minister and concluded that Sharon should not hold public office again, stating that:

          ‘It is our view that responsibility is to be imputed to the minister of defense for having disregarded the prospect of acts of vengeance and bloodshed by the Phalangists against the population of the refugee camps and for having failed to take this danger into account when he decided to have the Phalangists enter the camps. In addition, responsibility is to be imputed to the minister of defense for not ordering appropriate measures for preventing or reducing the chances of a massacre as a condition for the Phalangists’ entry into the camps.'”

          • It is our view that responsibility is to be imputed to the Minister of Defense for having disregarded the danger of acts of vengeance and bloodshed by the Phalangists against the population of the refugee camps, and having failed to take this danger into account when he decided to have the Phalangists enter the camps. In addition, responsibility is to be imputed to the Minister of Defense for not ordering appropriate measures for preventing or reducing the danger of massacre as a condition for the Phalangists’ entry into the camps. These blunders constitute the non-fulfillment of a duty with which the Defense Minister was charged.

            We do not believe that responsibility is to be imputed to the Defense Minister for not ordering the removal of the Phalangists from the camps when the first reports reached him about the acts of killing being committed there. As was detailed above, such reports initially reached the Defense Minister on Friday evening; but at the same time, he had heard from the Chief of Staff that the Phalangists’ operation had been halted, that they had been ordered to leave the camps and that their departure would be effected by 5:00 a.m. Saturday. These preventive steps might well have seemed sufficient to the Defense Minister at that time, and it was not his duty to order additional steps to be taken, or to have the departure time moved up, a step which was of doubtful feasibility.

            Interesting that never one Phalangist was charged with war crimes,

          • If Sharon is responsible for the few hundred killed by Lebanese Christians in Sabra & Shatila than the UN, USA, EU etc. are responsible for the genocide of Rwanda, Darfour etc. etc. were millions died. Bunch of hypocrits!

      • Well either you misread the book or the book was guilty of a bit of creepy lying.

        The massacre was carried out by a group of former Lebanese forces under the direction of Lebanese Forces intelligence chief Elie Hobeika. Hobeika and his group did not operate under the direction of Israel. They carried out the massacre contrary to the desires of Israel, though it is unknown whether Hobeika and the Lebanese acted on their own or under the direction of Syria. It is known that Hobeika later served in the Lebanese parliament and Lebanese government as a minister and that Lebanon never held Hobeika to account.

        Hobeika carried out the massacre under the cover of Phalangist militia combat operations in Sabra and Shatila against the PLO. The Phalange was associated with the governing party of Lebanon and it was never directed by Israel, although the Maronite Phalangists were allied with Israel.

        Israeli forces at the time of the massacre were on the outskirts of the area, providing support for what they understood to be Phalangist military operations against the PLO, not the Hobeika massacre of Palestinian civilians.

        The Kahan Commission did not find Israel responsible for the massacre. The Kahan Commission found the Lebanese Phalangist militia that carried out the massacre to be directly responsible for the massacre. The Commission found, accurately, that Israelis did not order or approve the massacre, and that Israeli leadership was unaware of the massacre until too late. The Kahan Commission found several Israelis indirectly responsible precisely for these failures — for failing to anticipate the Lebanese massacre of Palestinian civilians and for failing to recognize that the massacre was taking place and prevent it. No Israeli official was responsible for the massacre. The official responsible for the massacre was Lebanese and the government in which he continued to hold high governmental and political post was Lebanese, not Israeli.

        • The Israeli army gave weapons to the Phalangists, who were Israel’s allies.

          Even though Israeli soldiers were guarding the two refugee camps, they were ordered by Sharon to let the Phalangists enter the premises, where the latter killed women and children indiscriminately. Tsahal did not intervene to stop the massacre.

          As a result, the Israeli Kahan commission found that Sharon bear “personal responsibility” in the massacre.

          • No, you are lying, the personal responsibility was for disregard of the danger of a massacre, not in the massacre which was committed by the Phalange.

          • Sabra and Shatila was a Fakestinian terrorist strong-hold…Most Lebanese factions have been killing each other well before Israel’s presence in Lebanon. I fail to understand why some think it has anything to do with Israel…and why it should be Israel’s problem!

  2. Somehow, the press seem to turn the blind eye to matters like this…wonder why… Good thing you people address it. Keep up the good work.

  3. Arab racism is perhaps the most disgusting on the planet today.

    The fact that Muslim societies indulge in this sort of virulent hatred as a matter of course shows how morally bankrupt the Islamic religion is. Cowardly western media are afraid to speak out for fear of the powerful Muslim lobby.

    • For all the viciousness of the cartoons above, they do not “show how morally bankrupt the Islamic religion is.”

      Most Muslims, of course, have nothing to do with such appalling behaviour. And Turkey is a Muslim society where you see neither this level of anti-Semitic hatred or indeed violent riots over the recent film.

      They’re not all maniacs. Do bear that in mind.

      • Mein Kampf is a best seller in Turkeyland, as is torturing, murdering and displacing Kurds. And Turkeys Jewish community has gone from 300.000 to 30.000 in two generations. But apart from that Turkey is cool.

        • Turkeys Jewish community has gone from 300.000 to 30.000 in two generations

          On top of the racism and homophobia, this guy doesn’t shy from barefaced historical lies.

          Shame on everyone who recommends any post by this scumbag.

      • “Most Muslims”, pretzelberg, don’t actively condemn it unequivocally either, do they? Were they to do so every time it occurred – you know the sort of thing, letters to newspapers, taking to the streets with “Not in my name” placards, then I might take what you say more seriously.

        As it is they don’t/can’t/won’t. A bit like Taji Mustafa of Hizb-ut-Tahrir in the UK couldn’t bring himself to condemn publicly in his interview on Radio 4 last week, the bloodletting and mayhem about what Huw Edwards called “a pathetic little amateurish video which was put together by amateurs and put on the internet for a few minutes…”

        In the same interview Mustafa resorted to scarcely veiled threats about consequences if we “insult Islam” – and kept referring to an open letter online from HuT to “explain” its position. You can read one take on that letter, and there’s a link to the letter itself, at Faith Freedom but the page is a bit slow to load for some reason.

        • “Most Muslims”, pretzelberg, don’t actively condemn it unequivocally either, do they?

          Why should they?

          What are you saying – guilty until proven innocent?

  4. What civilization the West can be proud of if even a discussion on free speech and blasphemy ( a concept predating the enlightenment) can be the result of savages running around like baboons on rabies?

    The mere considerations I am hearing and seeing in articles and speeches make me cringe that all this liberty stuff is as cheap as the next lunatic burning a flag.

    G-D save us from our “guardians” (no pun intended nor the pretense) that I mean our media and fecal politicians.

    • Armaros, come have some gin-tonic in Beirut’s nightclubs, flirt with the girls, bed one or two and calm down.

      Your cliches on Arab countries are almost funny.

      • A good idea Nat. This is what you do after getting a good kicking on Cifwatch? How much do you pay the “girls” for not laughing out loud before you “bed” them?

      • “come have some gin-tonic in Beirut’s nightclubs, flirt with the girls, bed one or two and calm down.”

        Nat your cliches about Women are not only not funny they are typical of the sort of male chauvinist attitudes that were consigned to the dustbin, where they belong, decades ago. You will realise that if you ever reach puberty.

        • Gerald, clearly you’ve never been to Beirut.

          Believe me, you don’t tell a Lebanese girl what to do. She tells you what she wants to do.

          • Nat you are correct I have never been to Beirut.

            More importantly your remarks are still indicative of an outdated male chauvinist, and very immature, mentality.

          • “Believe me, you don’t tell a Lebanese girl what to do.”

            Girl? Female adults are referred to as women. So, your particular tastes are the under aged, I see. You take sexual advantage of children. I know many women who would be offended by your misogynist rants and practices. But apparently in Beirut a man can still feel like a “real man.”
            Ban this misogynist troll!

      • flirt with the girls, bed one or two and calm down.

        God you’re pathetic.

        Gerald manages to put it in polite terms that frankly are too generous.

        • What is pathetic are the cliches spread by some on this forum, who assume that every Arab woman is a victim forced to don the hijab and beaten up by her evil husband in some backwards country.

          That’s why I suggested that Gerard go to Beirut and meet some Lebanese Arab girls. it will help him realize that many do not wear a veil, show as much cleavage as Israeli girls and, like the latter, are free to flirt and even sleep with the men they choose.

          • “show as much cleavage as Israeli girls and, like the latter, are free to flirt and even sleep with the men they choose.”

            Nat you really have a problem with Women.
            I suspect that in truth the only ‘girlfriends’ you have had are the five on each hand.

          • Well Nat, now that you’ve “conquered” the “girls” of Beirut, perhaps it’s time for you to branch out and love the ladies of Hezbollah. Go on, give it a try. Go for it, killer!

  5. BTW that Iranian devil looks and awful lot like Mr Burns. It was probably drawn by a western educated propagandist.

    • Wondering if those two cartoons with the devil – featuring a clipboard and celluloid – are references to the pathetic old Hollywood-Jews smears?

  6. Jewish reaction to thousands of antisemitic Arab cartoons: No riots, no injuries, no deaths

    That was indeed among my first thoughts too when this latest series of riots broke out.

    Plus there’s that Salafist leader in Egypt (Abu Islam?), who stoked up a mob of followers by tearing up a bible – and then appearing (thogh I’m not sure) to stuff some of the shreds into his ugly mouth!
    Then some of his followers set bibles alight.
    So desecrating other religious books is OK – but saying a bad word about Mohammed will get you a fatwa. There simply is no reasoning with such people.

    I’m generally a pacifist – but on seeing the TV footage of said man thought: shoot the fucker.

  7. ” Out of the contents of the heart the mouth speaks. ” Proverbs /Old Testament. These cartoons only describe the interior of the people who draw them. You can only be sorry for the hellish world they live in.

  8. Hobeika was also given refuge in Syria after the Lebanon war in 82.
    Assad put Hobeika in the Syrian controlled Lebanese goverment for 10 years.

  9. The Arab media is totally unashamed of their faithful replication of the antisemitic hatred that was propagated by the Nazis. It is absolutely shocking that this type of thing is allowed to exist and go on unopposed, and approved of by the public. It tells us all we need to know about the prevalent mindset and attitudes in these regions. How the media in the West can largely turn a blind eye and thus tolerate these unabashed displays of racist hatred is beyond my comprehension. But then again it is part and parcle of their usual blatantly biased and prejudiced reporting on Israel/Middle East affairs.

    • The “protest” in Lebanon triggered by Nasrallah saw banners and chants saying that “Israel is the enemy of Islam”. All because – ostensibly – of a film that was not in fact made by an Israeli at all!

      And even if the filmmaker had been Israeli – so what!

  10. The Muslim’s ability to shift blame for their own situation onto everybody else but themselves is perfectly demonstrated in these cartoons, which blame everybody else for the problem EXCEPT the only people who actually perpetrated the massacres… the Muslims.

    • A comment like this about Jews would be deleted at CiF.

      CiFWatch is a cesspit of anti-Muslim bigotry.

      Shame on you all.

      • if this is a cesspit – why do you wallow in it so often, you hypocrite? I will agree with you about the racism though. The Western world is racist and condescending towards Arabs insofar as we have very low expectations of their civilised behavior as regards antisemitic cartoons. Israel is their excuse for everything.