Antony Loewenstein imagines a Hamas-approved future ‘After Zionism’

On August 14th I attended a book launch for ‘After Zionism‘, at the Educational Bookshop in Jerusalem, which featured three of the book’s contributor’s: Diana Butto, Joseph Dana and Antony Loewenstein.   

(In addition to Butto, Dana and Loewenstein, contributors to the book include Israeli BDS activist Omar Barghouti, Jonathan Cook, Jeremiah Haber, ICAHD’s Jeff Halper, Ghada Karmi, Saree Makdisi, John MearsheimerIlan Pappe, Sara Roy and Phil Weiss of Mondoweiss.)

Here’s a photo I took at the event.

From left to right: Diana Butto, Antony Loewenstein and Joseph Dana

Butto is a Palestinian lawyer, former Berzeit University Professor, and former legal adviser to the PLO negotiating team. At one point during the Q&A of the Jerusalem launch Butto condemned the Palestinian Authority for cooperating with Israeli security, thus denying Palestinians the possibility of engaging in “resistance”.

Dana, an American Jew who (at some point in his life) had a political epiphany and, in his words, “broke free of the Zionist indoctrination program“, has contributed to the site +972 and now evidently lives in Ramallah where he claims he is now free to explore his Jewish identity. During the talk Dana evoked the South African model in characterizing how Israel will eventually implode and, at on point, without a hint of irony, mocked Israelis’ “siege mentality”, while simultaneously calling for the state’s destruction. 

Antony Loewenstein is a Sydney-based Jewish anti-Zionist commentator who often warns of the danger posed by the organized Jewish community in his country.  For instance, he has called for a public inquiry into the alleged power and influence of the Jewish lobby in Australia, and once warned that “old, connected Jewish men” are demanding the Australian government’s “blind dedication to the Jewish state.”

At the event in Jerusalem he squarely blamed diaspora Jews for “enabling” Zionism, an ideology which he believes should (to paraphrase the loosely translated words of one prolific world leader) “vanish from the pages of time” – a sentiment he repeated in a ‘Comment is Free’ essay published on Yom Kippur (Sept. 26).

In his CiF piece Loewenstein argued that “growing numbers of Palestinians under occupation are talking about adopting the one-state solution and pressuring their leaders to follow“.

He also added the following on the evidently unstoppable momentum of his bold proposal:

“The status quo is beginning to crumble, though, with senior PA officials now talking about abandoning the two-state idea and pushing for a one-state equation. Hamas concurs. [emphasis added]

Yes, Hamas, which cites the ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ in their founding charter, and openly supports the the murder of Jews – and not merely Israelis – grants their political hechsher.  One can assume that it’s only a matter of time before Jews world-wide will see the wisdom of the Islamist terror group’s enlightened ideology.

Loewenstein may be a marginal figure but his brand of “social justice” is quite ubiquitous among self-styled Jewish anti-Zionist progressives and, like so many Jewish enemies of Israel, is not self-hating but, rather, actually fancies himself a ‘better Jew‘.

He once wrote the following:

“I feel incredibly Jewish and am very proud of my religion’s dissenting traditions. I write extensively about Israel and the Palestinians precisely because I care deeply about the fate of the Jewish people, not because I want to shun my background.”

His love is so great that he believes in a final political solution which would potentially place six million Israeli souls in the hands of a hostile majority.

Arabs – who expelled the overwhelming majority of their Jewish citizens (from lands where they had lived for centuries), and today are compromised by endemic antisemitism – would, we are to believe, live in harmony with their Jewish neighbors, and benevolently rule over Haifa, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

While Loewenstein represents a crude caricature of genuine progressive sensibilities, the Guardian, by continuing to legitimize the extremely dangerous, typically malevolent (if incredibly unserious) proposal that Jews be forced to relinquish their hard-fought freedom and political independence, positions itself squarely within the moral plane of antisemitism.

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  1. Loewenstein would be jailed or murdered for his homosexuality by Hamas. He’s more idiot than useful and self hating than Jewish.

  2. Adam- I’m surprised Harriet Sherwood wasn’t there. This is the sort of “major” event that the Guardian loves to trumpet.

  3. If the Palestinians no longer want a state of their own, they should merge with Jordan rather than Israel.

    There is no way that the Israelis are going to allow a Muslim majority in Israel. They have had enough of being dhimmis.

    • “If the Palestinians no longer want a state of their own, they should merge with Jordan rather than Israel.”

      And presumably take the land between the river and Israel’s internationally recognised borders with them ?

    • Jonathan I thank you for publishing the link to the answer of Lowenstein. At the same time we owe a huge thank to him too. He – in one of his narcistic hate attack losing his caution – very frankly summed up his and his comrades’ worldview. Anyone of us Israelis and Jews who until this time took these wannabee* kapos as simply well intentioned morons must draw the lesson and see them as they are – malicious psychopaths and potential mass murderers.
      They are ready to take the risk in the name of six million Israelis to be annihilated while sitting on Bondi-beach or anywhere else outside Israel in security, happily caressing their Australian or whatever other passports… What would be their reaction if their vision became reality resulting a second Hollocaust? An apology published on their blog?

      * I used the “wannabee” kapo description of Lowenstein – Silverstein’s kind of human trash intentionally. Most of the original kapos (with the exception of a small number of born sadists) were ordinary people who were simply at the wrong place in the wrong time and had weaker than the average characters. Most of them could have finished their lives as normal citizens of their countries weren’t they put violently and against their will in the middle of extraordinary events they didn’t have any possibility to control. While I don’t want to excuse their actions I don’t want to dirtying their name with comparing them to Lowenstein and his fellow travellers. They are not kapos they only long to became one happily and voluntarily.

    • The moral of this story, which hopefully Loewenstein has learned, is no matter how much an idiot tries to harangue you with an idiotic question, realise that any answer to an idiotic question will be idiotic……and therefore ignore it.

      • The moral of the story is that these so called “one-stater” pals of you are inciting to genocide against the Jews in Israel. The question of Jonathan Hoffmann is the only reasonable one what can be asked from these wannabe kapos. Obviously they don’t have any answer but the truth – they want the six million Israeli Jews dead. I doubt that Loewenstein and your other comrades are able learn but if they did learn anything it is too late already – the cat is out of the sack.

    • Yes but are they sincere apologies or [as is more likely] only apologising because they are being phoographed/recorded/broadcast and not all of the photographers/broadcasters etc have brought the islam’s useful idiot sob story

  4. My views on the entire one-state farce have been expressed clearly here and elsewhere numerous times (not least that yes, I think it’s a farce) and until there’s either a good sea change here like the admission by the Palestinians that they’re not going to have Israel surrender without any shots fired to becoming dhimmis in a Muslim-ruled one state, or a bad one where either the other side goes to a genocidal war to achieve the very one-state they’d previously said would be achieved “peacefully” OR the support for a one-state moves past the Internet/think tank powerless Hard Left crowd to people who actually get elected and make decisions in Western countries, there’s no point in dissecting the one-state idea’s corpse.
    Having said that, it’s interesting to note again how few people combine being one-staters and being individuals of intelligence and genuine insight. On the list you had above, Jeremiah Haber is the only person whose work has inspired me to say “He’s a good writer, even as we have completely opposite views.” Could anyone objectively say that, with all the lying and bad facts and just the sheer lack of talent at putting sentences together that move forward, any of the other individuals listed here are even mediocre writers? One of the saddest effects of the ME disaster has been the elevation of poor craftsmanshpi to a level of veneration because it fits into a favorite established viewpoint; no one with the talent of a Barghouti or a Karmi would EVER be considered anything other than a hack if their output was being judged on its quality.

  5. Why dont Antony Loewenstein goes to Syria and protest against Assad or the Mullah’s who run Iran.
    He would never do that, cause he knows he would be shot dead.
    Loewenstein has to understand, Israel is here to stay and will not be living under Palestinian Islamo fascists who praise massacres of Israeli civilians as Palmediawatch as brilliantly documented.

  6. Loewenstein again lies, 96% of the Pals live under Fatah rule and 100% of Gazans live under Hamastan rule.
    Loewenstein really opposes a Jewish majority Israel, cause 22 countries isn’t enough for the Arabs.

  7. Lowenstein wishes to help Israel commit suicide.
    He basically wants Israel to become another Arab state.
    Lowenstein is silent as usual on Arab racism and their genocidal hatred of Jews.

  8. I find it hard to imagine how some far-away resident of an unrelated country, of whatever religious persuasion, can have the boundless cheek combined with a lack of perception necessary to tell another country, Israel, to take in enemies who routinely teach their children to hate Israelis and who have learned to idolise those who murder them?

    Is it his ambition to be notable for his stupidity in inventing the first country to go straight into civil war?

  9. Dana appears to have the mind of a fruitcake; a banana fruitcake. Cue for a Duvidl song:

    Banana Brain Dana

    to the tune of “Yankee Doodle.”
    (Hat tip: US tradition)

    Joseph Dana came to town;
    Another Jewish Quisling,
    Trying to do Bibi down
    And keep that bomb a-fizzling.
    He and that Aussie Lowenstein
    Want Jews defunct to render.
    Jo Dana’s mind’s a fruitcake fine;
    Banana one; a bender.

    DS Al Coda

    • Oops; this should also be added to the Dana thread.