George Galloway Tweets for Israel

Chas Newkey-Burden had a simple request for George Galloway:  ‘Please retweet my post’.

Sure enough, the MP, and ‘Comment is Freestar, complied:

Galloway likely was too busy furiously Tweeting support for brutal dictators to bother reading Chas’s piece, because the post he actually retweeted wasn’t quite consistent with the ‘GazaUnderAttack’ hash tag.

Here’s the post written by Newkey-Burden (at his blog OyVaGoy!), titled ‘Then and Now‘, which 95,179 of George’s followers could see.

Poor George: duped by a passionately philo-Semitic, Zionist blogger into Tweeting support for Israel.  

Will his ‘street cred’ in Bradford West (or, at the Guardian) ever recover?

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  1. Has george galloway finally gone over to the dark side and become a follower of prophet mohammad and the fact that his “Respect” party here in the UK is coming apart at the seams much of which is due to george galloway’s actions

      • Pretz,

        Sorry, I wasn’t aware that dislike of George Galloway is now deemed “Islamophobic.” For a word that my spell checker still doesn’t recognize, i.e., “Islamophobia,” the current expansion of its definition into new versions, such as “crass Islamophobia,” is somewhat mind boggling. I suppose the boys at Webster, Oxford, and American Heritage will need to get cracking in order to catch up.

      • pretzberg if you want bigotry i suggest that you go and do what i did and read the quran there in the quran you will find enough bigotry to keep you busy for a very long time

  2. The think I like best about this place is the low aspirations and how little it takes to make you guys happy. This is a good thing in a world in which there are so many people whom it is impossible to please.

    George Galloway RT’s !!!!!!!! Israel is saved !!!!!!!!

    • I see realzionist has a new fan.

      Ahh when i smell gas how much I think of you Jews…Beautiful

      That’s nothing. When I smell Nazi shit lik Eric I think of the gallows of Nuremberg and my M-16.

      • Shallow threats peter…But I take pleasure in your anger.
        M-16 you say?…hmm interesting…I can’t say that the M-16 was alive in 1946

        • Shallow threats?! I wouldn’t threaten even your kind of Nazi shit while you are only hiding under your stone and doesn’t represent any concrete danger.
          And you take pleasure in my anger? Typical perversion of your kind. Most normal people take pleasure in other things, you in making someone angry. But I’m sure Galloway is very proud of you reading your gas smelling posts.

          • Peter please stop playing with the retard.
            It only encourages him and makes extra work for the Nurse who has to find him for his medication and wipe his drool off the keyboard.

    • “So mature Chas…your little jokes mean nothing to his reputation”
      “Ahh when i smell gas how much I think of you Jews…Beautiful”

      Galloway surely appreciates your comments in support of his “reputation”.