Israel launches operation ‘Pillar of Defense’ to cripple Gaza terrorist infrastructure

After a period of four days which saw more than 120 rockets fired by Gaza terrorists at Israeli cities, causing injuries and endangering the lives of hundreds of thousands of citizens, the IDF  has launched Operation ‘Pilar of Defense‘ with the aim of hampering the terrorist organizations’ rocket launching and weapons build up capabilities.”

IDF Spokesperson told The Algemeiner that “the operation began about an hour ago with a pin-point strike on Hamas terror chief al-Jabari”, adding that “since then…we have targeted about 20 different sites in the Gaza strip focusing specifically in long-range rocket capabilities that have been developed in Gaza.”

We’ll keep you posted on the Guardian’s coverage of the operation as it develops.  

You can follow The Muqata who’s live blogging on the operation.  Our Twitter feed for updates is here.

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  1. Lost in translation: In Hebrew the name of the operation is “Amud Anan”, which literally is “Pillar of Cloud”, but accurately translates as “Pillar of Smoke”, in reference to the pillar of smoke that went before the Israelite camp in the Sinai desert. How did it switch to “Pillar of Defense” in English?

  2. I am Sure that Al-Guardians reporting of israel taking out the terrorists and their rocket facilities in gaza will be down to the usual AL-Guardian one sided inaccurate fact free substandard reporting continue to give us the facts as opposed to Al-Guardian’s fantasy