‘Comment is Free’ publishes an essay by a Hamas leader…again.

IDF strikes on Nov. 18 knocked out the Hamas television stations Al Aqsa and Al Quds in Gaza, but Hamas leaders were likely not too concerned, and knew they could always count on Plan B: Propagandizing at the Guardian.

In fact, later that same day, Nov. 18, a ‘Comment is Free’ essay by the deputy head of Hamas’s political bureau, Musa Abumarzuq, was published – one out of several members of the Islamist terror group who has been published by the paper which aspires to be the ‘world’s leading liberal voice’.

Other than Abumarzuq, who published a previous essay at CiF in 2011, the list includes Hamas ‘Prime Minister’ Ismail Haniyeh, their head of international relations Osama Hamdan, and their advisor‘, Azzam Tamimi.

Abumarzuq’s piece, ‘We in the Gaza Strip will not die in silence‘, is full of unserious, vitriolic claims befitting a group whose founding charter cites the antisemitic forgery ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ as “proof” that Jews indeed are trying to take over the world.

However, Abumarzuq also advances a narrative of Israeli villainy which had already found fertile ground within the Guardian coven of “journalists” and commentators.  Echoing the “analysis” of  Harriet SherwoodSimon Tisdall, Ahdaf Soueif, and Jonathan Freedland, on the “real reasons” for Israeli operation ‘Pillar of Defense’, the Hamas apparatchik writes the following:

“With the approach of the Israeli elections, the Israeli prime minister,Binyamin Netanyahu, wanted to trade with the blood of the Palestinians, especially after his alliance with the ultra-extremist Avigdor Lieberman failed to boost his popularity in the polls as he’d expected. This is not the first time the Israelis have launched a war for electoral gain. Shimon Peres did it to Lebanon in 1996 and the Olmert-Livni-Barak alliance did it to Gaza in 2008.”

Interestingly,  Abumarzuq’s rhetoric is restrained compared to Ahdaf Soueif (a frequent CiF contributor) who, in her piece, literally accused Israeli leaders of murdering Palestinian children for political gain.

Turning to the issue of supreme concern to the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, “human rights”, Abumarzuq complains thus:

“The human rights that Europe claims to defend all over the world are denied to the Palestinian people.”

Which freedoms are cruelly denied to Palestinians, per Abumarzuq?

“The right of people to resist occupation and confront aggression is guaranteed to all peoples; but if Palestinians seek to exercise this right it immediately becomes terrorism and for this they must be persecuted.”

Yes, of course. The Palestinians’ ‘universal’ right of “resistance”, murdering civilians with impunity, is stymied by their cruel Jewish oppressors.

Abumarzuq then adds the following:

“The Israeli military attacks on Gaza did not stop after the last Gaza war. Since 2009, 271 Palestinians have been killed, compared to three Israeli deaths.”

The numbers he cites about Israeli deaths are incorrect.

There have been 3 Israeli deaths since Nov. 14, when operation ‘Pillar of Defense’ began, but the Israeli death toll from Gaza terror attacks since 2009 is 13, not 3.

While you can contact the Guardian’s readers’ editor, Chris Elliott, at, to request that Abumarzuq’s lie be corrected, perhaps you should consider asking Mr. Elliott a more pertinent question:

How does he reconcile the ‘progressive’ politics he and the paper he works for evidently aspire to with their decision to continue providing a platform to violent religious extremists who represent ultra right-wing values on issues such as democracy, freedom of the press, the rights of women, gays, and religious minorities?

Though I don’t expect anything resembling an honest answer from Elliott, he and his colleagues need to be confronted with the mounting evidence of their supreme moral hypocrisy. 

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    • Of course Israel did.
      Never mind that Arafat died in ’04, and Hamas rose to power in ’06.
      We all know that Hamas has perfected time travel. It makes sense.
      And let’s forget about the Palestinian legislative election in 2006 wherein Gazans actually VOTED for Hamas.
      No… Hush not a word! You’re busy smearing Israel. Let’s not get facts in the way.

    • The history of the region doesn’t fit with your analysis, even as it stems back to the late 1980’s when Hamas began forming. Given the choice between supporting a “secular” Fatah movement that was committed to destroying Israel, and an Islamist movement that was committed to destroying Israel, Israel went with a focus on the group that was actually leading Palestinians at the time. There was some hope that a peace deal could be reached with Fatah (not that Fatah really wanted that) and zero that one could be reached with Hamas. I hope you are not angry that Israel did not wipe out Hamas at a time when it was a non-factor in anything related to either themselves for intra-Palestinian affairs, or feel that Yassir Arafat needed any assistance in screwing up everything well before he finally did the world a favor and died. And as noted, Hamas never had any official ruling power until recent years, which many Leftists like yourself heralded as the true voice of democracy and popular support. They shafted Fatah by themselves, with a lot of help from Fatah’s sheer incompetence. Next time, get your facts straight.

  1. “to continue providing a platform to violent religious extremists who represents ultra right-wing values on issues…..”

    Erm Adam …koff. If we leave out the word violent might you be talking about CifWatch ?

    • Let me get this straight: have you now shifted to support Hamas, its leadership and its apologists?
      Is that your definition of “realzionism”?
      Best of luck on your PSC stint. Try not to entangle yourself in Holocaust denial.

        • Dodging again,eh? Now, will you please everybody and define what the heck is “realzionism”? Try using your psychic powers to connect with JSM, if it helps.

        • Can you for once comment on topic, rather than slam this blog, or the posters, etc?
          What the hell is wrong with you?
          (Many things, I know, but do try to be circumspect).

          • Cool. So let´s get back to the topic. Give us the definition of “realzionism”. You seem to have a metaphysical difficulty with that task.

          • RZ/Rich A/whatever you choose to call yourself these days:
            Can we extract any sort of comment, from you, on how a NEWSPAPER, not a blog, or otherwise, which bills itself as the “liberal voice of our generation” permits itself to publish the rantings of a murderous fanatic — Marzuq?
            That was the topic.
            Do put an effort into it, this time.
            Again, what the hell is wrong with you?

          • That´s easy. Pseudo-zionist will dodge by using some pseudo-linguistic gimmick, such as saying that “Hamas” is just a “name”, so it´s meaningless to talk about it per se or vis-a-vis. Then he´ll babble something about “free speach”, saying we should hear the voices of “the other”, even the terrorist-other and the pedophiliac-other. Finally, he´d make some pathetic attempt at being witty, with some jab about what JSM would have thought. How do you like it, pseudo?

    • Ahem, here you go with your rethorical little questions. You seem to have real difficulties in making any clear statements. Won´t you say something about what JSM would have thought about Hamas rockets?

      And, yes, please define what is “realzionism” in your own words. Just try.

        • Yet another dodge. Can´t define “realzionism”, can ya? That’s weird for a self-styled episstemologist. haha @ you.

      • realzionist is a name and names don’t have meaning they are not part of language at all. I am not going to indulge you with another free lecture, this time on the difference between names and definite descriptions. Make me a commercially realistic offer.

        Failing that you might ask a certain Jewish American who is the world’s greatest living philosopher. Some ( including me ) say the greatest that ever lived.

        What does Serjew mean ?

        • Yeah, you are a major dodger indeed. Thanks a *LOT* for not indulging in another of your empty lectures. Maybe, when you grow up, become less arrogant and develop a bit of intellectual honesty, you’ll be able to explain what the heck is a “realzionist”.

          BTW, “SerJew” is a play with my name. But, hey, according to you, the great philosophaster of the Universe, names are meaningless (though I thought they were to stand for things or concepts, never mind that). Yeah, right? Also “Qassam” and “Fajr” are just names, figments of Israelis imagination.

          • (though I thought……)

            The only suggestion I can come up with at short notice is that you leave thinking to those of us with an aptitude for it.

          • Awww, really? You are a “thinker”, are you? Wow. But, hey you are just a “name” which is not part of language at all.

            But, at least you managed to tell the truth once: you do like to please everybody. You are complete joke, the true philosophaster-in-chief.

    Hamas Interior Minister Boasts of Using Elderly and Children as Human Shields
    Daniel Greenfield
    November 18, 2012

    This clip from Fathi Hamad, the Hamas Interior Minister in Gaza, is a few years old, but all too relevant in this current conflict, as he boasts of Hamas’ willingness and even eagerness to use children and the elderly as human shields.

    For the Palestinian people, death has become an industry, at which women excel, and so do all the people living on this land. The elderly excel at this, and so do the mujahideen and the children. This is why they have formed human shields of the women, the children, the elderly, and the mujahideen, in order to challenge the Zionist bombing machine. It is as if they were saying to the Zionist enemy: ‘We desire death like you desire life.’”

    The phrase “Industry of Death” is all too accurate and is an admission of the tactics of Hamas and Fatah. That is what we are seeing on the ground in Gaza.
    Human shields does not just refer to a policy of using civilians as cover in firefights, but to deliberately planting civilians, including children, in locations likely to be targeted in order to manufacture atrocities. We will be seeing more and more of that as this conflict progresses.

  3. Epistemology is not the same thing as etymology. Rather it is concerned with theories of knowledge. What can be known ? How might knowledge arise?. The sources of, and the processes of acquiring knowledge. Stuff like that.

    • Wow, very deep. Thanks for the free “lecture”. Now, using your incredible episstemological prowess and psychic communications with JSM, try to explain to the world what is “realzionism”. And try not dodging once again. Good luck.

  4. ‘We in the Gaza Strip will not die in silence’

    Of course not, Musa. In fact you and other Hamas leaders will make a point of trying not to die as you scurry to your bunkers, shortly after you order your fighters to fire their missiles from as close to civilian homes as they can get.

  5. Publishing stuff from an organization like Hamas, considered by not just Israel but pretty much all of the Western world to be a terrorist organization, shows clearly what hateful bigoted assholes the Guardian people are (as though anyone needed more proof.)
    How any publication with even a trace of journalistic integrity would honor these murderers and what they want to propagandize is beyond belief and shows how their racism far outstrips any sense of decency or credibility @ the long-ago disgraced Guardian.