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  1. Fabulous photography, as always. Sharp, well-lit and good distances and angles. Would it be possible for you to attach a small note on the lens, camera settings and such?
    Ralph Katzenell

    • Hi Ralph,
      I use a Sony alpha 300 digital SLR with a standard lens, which I think has actually been discontinued in the meantime – I believe the new version is even better.
      It’s a really easy and comfortable camera to use – has a whole variety of very easily interchangeable settings including one especially for close-ups of flowers/plants.

      Harvey – I’m afraid I don’t know the proper names of each flower. There are 3 species of orchids which grow wild in Israel, with around 32 sub-types.

  2. Thanks Hadar So very lovely and such a welcome relief from the usual diet of hatred emanating from the Guardian and other sources .
    Perhaps you could identify the flowers especially as Hebrew names have a meaning .
    Shabbat Shalom


  3. Wonderful pics – thankyou.

    Have you seen this film ? BBC showed them sometime in the 80s . Wild orchids in Israel. As far as I know all your orchids – like ours here in uk – are terrestrial.


  4. What magnificent pictures Hadar! My son and his family went to Utopia in Bahan on Sukkot and had a marvellous time. Highly recommended.

    Leni, that film is amazing. And to think that the BBC showed a film about Israel showing something pretty and uncontroversial?! Quite incredible.