Following our post, Guardian corrects Chris McGreal story on footballers’ petition against Israel

On Dec. 4, we posted about a Guardian report by Chris McGreal (‘Footballers condemn plans to hold U21 European championship in Israel‘) on a petition signed by some European footballers condemning plans to hold the 2013 Under-21 European championship in Israel – citing their opposition to Israel’s actions in Gaza.

We noted that two of the footballers cited by McGreal – former Chelsea player Didier Drogba and Newcastle midfielder Yohan Cabaye – flatly denied ever signing the petition.

Today, the Guardian corrected McGreal’s story, and added this:


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    • Being as it is Al-Guardian we are dealing with unfortunately leopards dont change their spots and no doubt we will soon be going through the same thing again with Al-Guardian when yet again Al-Guardian gets it wrong and we go through the same old denial and grudging apology that we have come to know that is Al-Guardian’s MO