Guardian features prominently in watchdog group’s ‘Top 10 Media Fails of the Gaza War’

HonestReporting published their ‘Top 10 Media Fails of the Gaza War‘ and the Guardian claimed the number 5 and 9 slots.

Placing at number 5 was Steve Bell’s cartoon of hapless British statesmen being controlled by a seemingly omnipotent Jewish leader.


HonestReporting’s Alex Margolin wrote the following about the cartoon:

“When it comes to building a Hall of Shame in coverage of the media war against Israel, you can always count on The Guardian to compete for a high place on the list. And this year is no exception.

This cartoon of Benjamin Netanyahu published on the first days of the war offers so many different aspects of media bias, it’s hard to pick out the worst ones. Start with a classic anti-Semitic trope of Israel manipulating and controlling Western leaders. Then there is the strong implication that the real motive behind Israel’s operation is to manipulate the election.”

Seumas Milne’s essay’s explicitly endorsing the right of Palestinians to kill Israelis placed at number 9.



It takes a man of extraordinary bias to look at thousands of rockets flying into Israeli cities, and to conclude, despite all evidence, that it’s the Palestinians and not the Israelis who have the right to defend themselves. Seamus Milne is that kind of man.

“To portray Israel as some kind of victim with every right to “defend itself” from attack from “outside its borders” is a grotesque inversion of reality,” he writes, dismissing the 2005 withdrawal from Gaza as irrelevant.

“So Gazans are an occupied people and have the right to resist, including by armed force (though not to target civilians), while Israel is an occupying power that has an obligation to withdraw – not a right to defend territories it controls or is colonising by dint of military power,” he adds.

It’s unclear which war Milne is watching, but the Palestinian attacks consisted of nothing but attacks on civilians and Israel has already withdrawn entirely from Gaza. Talk about a grotesque inversion of reality, Seamus…you lead the way in showing how it’s done.

You can read the complete top 10 list here.

If you recall, the Guardian was also the undisputed winner of HonestReporting’s 2011 Dishonest Reporting’ Award.  

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  1. Yes, it’s bad enough what Milne did actually say.

    But why – yet again – deliberately distort his words?

    He was hardly “explicitly endorsing the right of Palestinians to kill Israelis”.
    You could just as easily say that CiFWatch endorses the right of Israelis to kill Palestinians.

  2. Wow… Honest reporting!

    I mean, who cares about the Guardian, the New York Times, the BBC or CNN when one has quotes from ‘honest reporting”?

    • “Nat’s” comment reminds me of an old ditty.

      They all laughed at Christopher Columbus
      when he said the world was round.
      They all laughed when Edison recorded sound.
      They all laughed at Wilbur and his brother
      when they said that man could fly.
      They told Marconi,
      wireless ‘was a phony’
      it’s the same old cry
      They laugh at the Honest Reporting crew
      Say they’re reaching for the moon,
      but Honest Reporting comes through,
      soon they’ll have to change their tune.

      They’d like to leave Israelis unprotected
      they slander them, en-how
      but the Grau-ni-ad’s
      got no credibility now!

      (h/t George and Ira Gershwin)

      Listen to the original, Nat, and get an education in how to be classy.

      • And…

        It ain’t necesarily so
        It ain’t necesarily so
        when the popular media pander
        to the Arabs’ propagander
        it ain’t necessarily so.