Guardian omits tiny detail regarding Khaled Meshaal’s dream to “liberate Palestine”

Harriet Sherwood’s Dec. 7 report, ‘Gaza Welcomes exiled Hamas leader‘, about Khaled Meshaal’s first trip to Gaza, began with these three paragraphs:

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal kissed the ground and wept as he arrived in Gaza on Friday on a historic first visit to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Islamist organisation and what it claims was a victory in the recent war with Israel.

“I have been dreaming of this historic moment my entire life, to come to Gaza,” said the exiled leader, who last stood on Palestinian soil as a teenager. He paid tribute to the “blood of [Gaza’s] heroes”.

He told reporters it was another rebirth following a failed attempt by Israel to assassinate him in 1997. He prayed that his next rebirth would come “the day we liberate Palestine“.

Sherwood somehow neglected to explain to her readers what cities in “Palestine” Meshaal wished to liberate – information widely reported throughout the media:

He told reporters:

“Today Gaza, tomorrow Ramallah and then Jerusalem, Haifa and Jaffa

The Palestine he wants to liberate includes every square inch of land between the river and the sea.

The opening words of Hamas’s founding covenant make its goal clear:

“Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it.”

The covenant is also clear about their methods:

“There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors.

So, there should be nothing surprising about the fact that the Hamas leader expressed his desire to annihilate Israel, unless of course you’re one of those who rely on the Guardian as a serious news source about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. 

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  1. That’s because it was their land in the first place. The division of Palestine was voted by a majority of the UN General Assembly, not the Security Council, therefore non-binding, just like the recent UN vote.

    It’s interesting to see how Hamas is being taken more seriously by the western media. Only a few months ago the anniversary would have been covered at best and briefly by Al Jazeera and RT. Now they are becoming mainstream entirely due to the monumental cock-up of the recent bombing of Gaza. The view is now that Hamas are these plucky underdogs who are resisting rather than terrorist ogres. This genie won’t go back in the bottle. Israel pissed off the journalists by attacking them and they are getting their payback. Israel has betrayed and humiliated it’s closest allies and they’re not likely to forget in a hurry. The view that the Palestinians have a right to their land being returned is gaining a foothold. The occupation, far from settling the matter, has kept it alive in the hearts of the Palestinians and now, due to the advance of technology and transmission of Ideas via the internet, the old hasbara tricks are becoming not just ineffective, but faintly ridiculous. This is what Thomas Kuhn refers to as a change of paradigm. Once done, it is irreversible.

    • For your info: Thomas Khun’s ideas were suggested in the context of Physics and Chemistry and even there they are overated and misleading. The rest of your post consists of the usual worthless lies.

      • Interesting this method of argument.
        Disappear off at a tangent and the come on back with the usual insults.
        I don’t suppose you want to ‘win’ the argument as such.

        • What about *YOU*, snottyville? You come around with your little inane questions, whine about being not understood, never addresses anybody’s point and, still think you can moralize about “argumentation”? Quite funny, indeed.

          • Glad to see you are’having a larf’! I don’t see that you any point of view except a sort of red mist in front of your eyes. You need to calm down first.


          • As you seem to love giving people advices, here’ one for you: try to apply them to yourself first. Otherwise, you know, you come out as a hypocrite. Begin by showing us what is your so-called “point of view”. And be clear, so as you won’t whine later of being misunderstood.

          • Well, the only effect was a comical one, but I guess that’s not you intended, right? After all, you seem to take yourself so seriously that you keep giving advices and moral lessons…

    • Antisemites have always supported their fellow antisemites – where is the paradigm shift? Just some are more brazen about their antisemitism these days – it goes in cycles.

    • What makes it ‘their land in the first place’, if you reject the partition by the UN as a basis for that?

      • They rejected the partition at the time because it amounted to wholesale dispossession. Unsurprisingly worse was to come. If you want to get the full story,read my forthcoming book:- 10 Myths about the War of Independence and ‘All that Jazz’. This will become essential reading before viewing any broadcast featuring say,Mark Regev.  


        • They rejected the partition because they could stand an independent Jewish state as a neighbor and they thought they would have easily crushed those pesky dhimmis.

        • No it didn’t you idiot.

          You are conveniently leaving out that many Palestinians stayed on and became citizens of the new state.

          Google Sarah Elshazly and particularly what she has to say about the misguided and dangerous sympathy for the “poor Palestinians” from idiots like you.

        • Spratty, I really don’t envision your book becoming required reading any time soon. But that’s beside the point–what made it ‘their land in the first place’? You’re not answering that, you’re giving a justification for rejecting the partition.

      • You can’t air-brush 750000 inhabitants out of history. These people lived in the houses and streets and gardens now occupied by largely European immigrants. Some of them still have the keys to the front door.


        • Again, snottyville, I guess you are referring to the 800.000 Jews expelled from Yemen, Egypt, Iraq and other islamic paradises, right?

    • How about that “Palestinian State” that was declared by the UNGA last week? That is non-binding as well, but that didn’t stop you coming over here to gloat (which you continue to do in this post). You cannot veil your desire to see Jews slaughtered in their homeland, it is dripping from every word of your post.
      And the land was not “theirs to begin with” – it was the Jews’ land *to begin with*, well before any Arab lived there.

    • Alex, your rant here is the best justification of Israel’s existence. Thank you and keep it up.

          • You cant suggest an alternative model. Some Israelis to their credit have done so,before being shouted down by the foot-in -mouth tendency. This is because the one-state solution poses too many questions for Zionism. A unitary state would have an Arab majority. Perhaps we’ll have a Truth and Reconciliation Commission.


          • First, Israelis are pretty satisfied with their democracy. It´s not up to you to decide what is better for them. Don’t you think arabs are in much greater need to question their disastrous rejectionism?

            • You speak for all Israelis?Have you checked out the opinions of 1 million Arab Israelis about their perfect democracy? I wonder how many of them consider themselves to be Palestinian rather than Israeli? At a certain point in time white South Africans were ‘pretty satisfied’ with ‘their’ democracy. It didn’t last because the rest of the planet had something to say about it. It’s time to start thinking out of the box as to what is best for ALL Israelis and Palestinians. Oh. Guess what.When the so-called South African democracy came crashing down,the whites were not driven into the sea,there was no bloodbath.


          • Wow, what a passionate little speech, snottyville. But you betray your true collors right at the beginning: only YOU and your ilk demand this “perfection” of Israel’s democracy. Like every real democracy, like the US, like the EU, Israel is not perfect and never will be. But you Jew-haters keep demanding perfection so that when you find some blemishes you can whine like rabid dogs. Meanwhile, regarding your poor palestinian heroes, you practice the standard racism of low expectations: they are irresponsible, always passive, always the victim, unable to make decisions and face the consequences.

            No, I don’t speak for Israelis and I also don’t keep demanding things from them like some arrogant (self-agrandizing) prick. And the comparison with South Africa, well, that’s just part of your relentless propaganda and you know it; on a par with the same BS about “Gaza the open-air prison”, “ethnic cleansing”, etc.

            • Oops! Calm down. Keep taking the tablets.

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     Serjew commented: “Wow, what a passionate little speech, snottyville. But you betray your true collors right at the beginning: only YOU and your ilk demand this “perfection” of Israel’s democracy. Like every real democracy, like the US, like the EU, Israel is not perfect an”

          • @sprattyville I checked. Most of the Israeli Arabs are happy to live in Israel rather than any other country in the Middle East, and that says a lot. Their human rights are not different than other Israelis, and the Israeli Supreme court had affirmed that many times. Many of them even prefer Israel to Europe, as they are hated so much by the ‘superior’ Europeans, that BTW invented racial discrimination.

            • There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence about. Your sources presumably believe in the old adage:- Turkeys voting for Christmas! The Israeli Supreme Court does not deal evenhandedly between Jews and Arabs except in isolated instances. After all it is quite happy to watch the settlement program continue apace as it has for the last 45 years. These actions in clear contravention of international  laws to which Israel is party to. As for ‘Superior Europeans’. They took up residence 64 years ago. This fact alone may explain why Arab Israelis identify as Palestinian. As for Europeans inventing racial discrimination.Would that be the same racial discrimination much in evidence on the streets of Tel Aviv of late?


          • So, snottyville, besides being a part-time medical doctor, you are also expert on international law and expert on everything Israeli. Amazing. You must have a lot of free time in your hands…

          • @sprattyville nothing of what you write is true, it seems you have no knowledge of Israel. It looks like your activity is driven by Anti-Semetism alone. I wish that you will learn the true feelings of the Arabs and Muslims towards you and your kind, in the most personal way.

        • If you think so then you must come here and try to do something about it. The Palestinians are a bit tired already dying for your sake.

          • I’m asking you as you seem to have all the answers. Perhaps your happy with the status quo? It’s not clear from the barrage of insults raining down.


          • What “barrage of insults”??! As I recall, YOU were the one calling people here “potential racists” or some such nonsense.

          • I’m asking you as you seem to have all the answers.
            I never claimed that I have all the answers. But one of the basic questions of mine has been answered loudly and clearly. In 1993 I asked a simple question from the Palestinians and heard their unequivocal screams: NO!
            Perhaps your happy with the status quo?
            This is not a question of happiness only my most basic human right of defending myself. You try to kill me, my family, my people the unavoidable consequences regarding your removal is your responsibility.
            Barrage of insults? Don’t worry. Until you restrict yourself to insulting me with racism and any other attributes of yourself you are secure even you are obviously a big fan of a racist medieval ideology hiding it behind some bullshitting about Palestinian rights and apartheid…

    • “This is what Thomas Kuhn refers to as a change of paradigm. Once done, it is irreversible.”

      If there was a change of paradigm, it was the support that Israel got from the west for its strike on Gaza. The constant rocket attacks by Hamas were at last reported accurately, and the reaction was that Israel has a right to defend itself. Far from being seen as plucky, Hamas are being seen as arrogant posturing fanatics, of the type the rest of the world is heartily sick of.

  2. I read the ominous quote while casually perusing a German newspaper on Saturday.

    So how come Sherwood overlooked it??