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The SS-headache of Carlos Latuff

Cross-posted by Petra Marquardt-Bigman, who blogs at The Warped Mirror‘.

Among “pro-Palestinian” activists, the cartoonist Carlos Latuff is a widely admired artist. Like most of his fans, Latuff expresses his support for the Palestinian cause with an intense hatred for Israel, which is reflected in his large output of images comparing Israel to Nazi Germany. Unsurprisingly, Latuff’s achievements also include a winning entry for the 2006 Iranian “International Holocaust Cartoon Contest.”

The fact that comparisons between Israel and Nazi Germany are generally regarded as antisemitic doesn’t seem to bother Latuff and his fans – quite the contrary: for them, it’s apparently just another reason for ridicule and amusement.

This flippant reaction was well illustrated when Latuff responded to his inclusion in a list of this past year’s “Top Ten Anti-Israel/Anti-Semitic Slurscompiled by the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Tweeting his “Thanks to Rabbi Marvin Hier and @simonwiesenthal for the award for my toons on #Gaza slaughter,” Latuff attached a cartoon depicting himself being “awarded” a third-place medal by Rabbi Marvin Hier of the Wiesenthal Center.

latuff-wiesenthal-ss1As you can see in the screenshot of Latuff’s cartoon above, there is an unmistakable SS-symbol next to Rabbi Hier’s head. When I noted this in a tweet, Latuff quickly responded, claiming that I was wrong and that the “bolts are cartoon representation of headache.” To support his claim, he linked to the following picture:


For comparison, here is the SS-symbol:

adlSince Latuff immediately blocked me, he didn’t have to face up and respond to the evidence showing just how flimsy his “headache”-explanation looked.

After all, for somebody like Latuff who works with images, it is hardly credible to claim that he was unaware of the obvious SS-reference in this cartoon. How about this very similar “headache” in an undeniably antisemitic cartoon from 2006?

new pic

Screenshot showing part of a Russian cartoon from a report by Tom Gross on anti-Israeli and antisemitic cartoons published in the international media in the summer of 2006

It is also noteworthy that Latuff didn’t link to any of his own images to illustrate his claim that an SS-symbol look-alike was a common cartoon representation of a headache. But his claim is most severely undermined by the fact – illustrated here – that he has made it something of a specialty to work Nazi-symbolism into his cartoons relating to Israel. He now has only himself to blame if it seems that this has become second nature to him.

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  1. When people paint themselves they normally reflect what they believe they are or ought to be.
    Carlos obviosuly sees himself as a smug person.

  2. Latuff’s response of headache bolts are in reverse to the the one he drew of Hier. Third? He could easily have been joint first. Scum..

  3. As Petra so clearly proved, Latuff is lying when he claims the SS symbol is a sign for ‘headache’. Latuff’s past work demonstrates beyond question that he is a vicious anti-Semite. He is much worse than scum, Joshua.

  4. Even if – and what a huge if that is – Latuff originally had no ulterior motive when the “headache” symbols occured to him, he must have known how they could be interpreted in the context of his past record.

    No excuses. The man’s a scumbag.

      • Latuff hasn’t anything to do with Catholicism or other religion, he is only an ordinary representative of the “pro=Palestinian human rights advocate” crowd.
        The Guardian’s Steve Bell is just the same kind of Jew-hater and I don’t think that they hate us due to their religious fervor.

      • “I only just noticed that the stomach-churning cartoon at the bottom dates from 2006!”

        Thanks for pointing that out. I hadn’t noticed either.

  5. ‘Comparisons between Israel and Nazi Germany are generally regarded as antisemitic’.Discuss. This business of ‘generally regarded’ bothers me because the link takes me to a line in a State Department document. Oh really? Would that be the same State Department that condones extra-judicial killings in Iraq,Afghanistan,Yemen and Pakistan? Possibly,let me see? Would that be the same State department that condones the use of ‘Water-boarding’ among other interrogation techniques? Surely that’s a form of torture?  I believe so! So are we talking about a government that has illegally invaded Iraq,Afghanistan and any other corner of the globe it sees fit to dominate? Yes I think so. So this appeal to some kind of generalised authority just happens to be the view of the biggest ‘Rogue State’ on the planet and,coincidentally one which donates 3 billion dollars per annum to the defence of antisemicism. That seems to be the case. Are you familiar with the works of John Heartfield? Why of course! He’s that brave German who made all those rude pictures about Hilter and Gurring! Surely Carlos Latuff is following in the footsteps of the illustrious anti-nazi?  I believe so! So that’s alright then. As an afterthought:- If the cap fits wear it!