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New Year’s Resolutions We’d Like the Media to Make


Here’s a list of New Year’s resolutions for the media our friends at CAMERA compiled.

1. Stop misreporting on Gaza.

Gaza is not occupied, not a “prison camp” and the people are allowed to fish. The Palestinians in Gaza rank above average in the Arab world by all indicators: health care, immunizations, education, nutrition, longevity, and low childhood mortality. Israel withdrew every last soldier, civilian and interred body from Gaza in 2005, the Israeli naval blockade of Gaza is legal and Israel does not control all of Gaza’s borders – Gaza has a border with Egypt which Egypt controls. Hamas rules the Gaza Strip and responsibility for any suffering on the part of its residents lies primarily with the terrorist organization.

2. Stop calling Mahmoud Abbas a “moderate”.

Since succeeding Yasser Arafat as Palestinian Authority president and leader of Fatah, Abbas almost invariably has been described as a “moderate.” This, despite the fact that Abbas, Arafat and a few colleagues founded Fatah in 1959 to “liberate” Israel, not the West Bank (then occupied by Jordan) or the Gaza Strip (then held by Egypt); that Abbas continues to incite his people against Israel; that he refuses to even negotiate with Israel; and that Abbas published his doctoral thesis as a book, “The Other Side: The Secret Relationship between Nazism and the Zionist Movement,” which denied the severity of the Holocaust and claimed “a secret relationship between Nazism and the Zionist movement.” His PA TV and other media outlets continue to praise terrorist killers as “heroes” and describe Israeli cities as part of “Palestine.” What is moderate about this?

3. Call terrorists “terrorists,” not “militants”.

Terrorism, defined by the U.S. Law Code, Title 22, Chapter 38, Paragraph 2656 f(d) and used in the State Department’s annual reports to Congress is “… premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against non-combatant targets by sub-national groups or clandestine agents….” The Department of Defense definition recognizes that terrorism is a crime: “The calculated use of unlawful violence or threat of unlawful violence to inculcate fear, intended to coerce or intimidate governments or societies in the pursuit of goals that are generally political, religious or ideological.” “Militant,” on the other hand, is undefined by American law and its consensus usage journalistically – militant unionist, militant environmentalist, militant vegetarian – is as an adjective. It suggests vehemence and persistence but not illegal violence. Farmers farm, lawyers practice law, and terrorists commit terrorism – they don’t advocate causes.

4. Report accurately on the security barrier.

The security fence is a nonviolent way to reduce terrorism and it has been extremely effective in saving lives – both Jewish and non-Jewish. It was constructed in response to the second “intifada” and has significantly reduced terror attacks originating from the West Bank. It does not “completely surround Bethlehem”, it is not “a wall” nor an “iron curtain. Furthermore, there are security and separation barriers all over the world that get no criticism – or coverage – whatsoever.

5. Report that it is the Palestinian Arabs – not Israel – who refuse to negotiate peace.

While Israel has repeatedly invited Palestinian leaders to return to the negotiating table for peace talks, they have insisted they won’t do so unless Israel first satisfies their preconditions. Even after Israel in 2009 announced a 10-month moratorium on new settlement construction, Mahmoud Abbas avoided talks until just weeks before the moratorium was set to expire. And when the moratorium did expire, he again spurned negotiations.

6. Report on the constant incitement to hatred of Jews and Israel in Palestinian media, schools and the public square.

Major media have failed over many years to report accurately, consistently and with due prominence the pervasive and genocidal rhetoric against Israel and the Jewish people. Blood libel, the false accusation that Jews murder children, is a favorite theme of Arab media, used as the story line for comedy sketches and dramatic programming. Palestinian Media Watch has documented numerous instances of Palestinian Authority dehumanization and vilification of Jews and Israelis. And does this incitement have any effect? According to Abdelghani Merah, his brother perpetrated the Toulouse massacre early last year because he was exposed to “hatred, racism and anti-Semitism … from a very young age.”

7. Report on the Jewish refugees from Arab lands.

The media report frequently about Palestinian refugees, but of the 850,000 Jews living in Arab countries who were dispossessed and forced out between 1947 and 1972, almost nothing is said. Ancient Jewish communities had existed in Arab countries for millennia until the Arab League defined all Jews as enemies of the state in 1947. State-sanctioned violence, arbitrary arrests, and forced expulsions followed. Arab governments confiscated billions of dollars of Jewish property. The total area of land seized from these Jews is five times the size of the state of Israel. While CAMERA has detailed the story of Jewish refugees from Arab countries extensively (see hereherehere, and here), few major media outlets cover the issue.

8. Shed the false narrative that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is at the heart of all the problems in the Middle East.

The phrases “the Middle East conflict” and “the Middle East peace process,” as applied to Israeli-Palestinian affairs, always have been more exaggerations than synonyms. The Iran-Iraq war and Algerian civil war are examples of inter-Arab bloodshed that dwarfs the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Others include the Lebanese civil wars from 1975 to 1990, with hundreds of thousands of casualties and Syria’s annihilation of the Muslim Brotherhood in Hama in 1982, with an estimated 10,000-40,000 fatalities. Today, a bloody civil war rages in Syria with over 60,000 dead and tens of thousands more wounded. Of course, the “Arab Spring” demonstrated clearly that turmoil in the Middle East frequently has nothing whatever to do with Israel.

9.  Report on the real suffering of women, homosexuals, religious and ethnic minorities in Arab and Muslim countries.

Women’s rights are grossly constrained in Arab countries, where so-called “honor killings” are still common and largely unpunished.Gay Iranians, if caught, face execution. Gays in Saudi Arabia, if arrested, face, at best, flogging or imprisonment. In Gaza, homosexual acts are illegal and punishable by up to ten years in prison. Palestinian Christians, like other religious and ethnic minorities in the Middle East, are the target of mistreatment, harassment and in some instances, violent oppression at the hands of their Muslim neighbors.

10Report that both the Hamas charter and Fatah constitution call for the destruction of Israel.

The Hamas charter calls for Jihad against Israel and dismisses any political solution. “Israel will exist, and will continue to exist, until Islam abolishes it,” reads an introductory quote on the document. It also asserts genocidally that that Hamas’ battle with the Jews extends beyond Israel. The constitution of the Fatah movement also calls for the “complete liberation of Palestine, and eradication of Zionist economic, political, military and cultural existence” through violence, and similarly dismisses political solutions.

11. Stop suggesting that Israel’s democracy is under threat.

At this very moment, the Syrian regime is murdering its own citizens. Lebanon is run by a terrorist group, Hezbollah. Jordan is an absolute monarchy that recently revoked the citizenship of thousands of residents of Palestinian descent. Gaza is run by Hamas, a terrorist group that hasn’t had elections in years and the West Bank is run by a corrupt kleptocracy whose term also expired years ago and continues to hold office illegally. These governments are truly embattled and their citizens suffer, yet Israel’s internal politics attracts the lion’s share of media scrutiny and, usually, criticism.

12. Focus less on Israel.

If the media were not obsessed with hectoring Israel, imagine the column-inches and airtime that could be freed up for coverage of… the Chinese occupation of Tibet, the continued imprisonment of Christians in Iran, deadly Turkish attacks on the Kurdspolice brutality throughout the Arab Middle East, the plight of Liberian, Angolan, Congolese, Ivorian and other refugees, not to mention world-leading breakthroughs in medicineagriculture, communications, microtechnology and other fields by Israelis and others around the globe.

13. Follow the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics.

From the preamble: “Members of the Society of Professional Journalists believe that public enlightenment is the forerunner of justice and the foundation of democracy. The duty of the journalist is to further those ends by seeking truth and providing a fair and comprehensive account of events and issues.” Just a reminder.


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  1. Dear Media
    The elephant in the room is now calling itself Israel.
    It is wearing the Emperor’s new clothes and please find something else to complain about.
    Yours sincerely

    • New Year’s resolution for Mr Levick: find a real job as a real journalist and stop obsessing about journalists who are doing their job.

        • 11. Stop suggesting that Israel’s democracy is under threat.

          A democracy where…

          – some ministers try to pass laws preventing human rights groups from working
          – some mayors forbid photos of women on the street
          – civil marriages cannot be performed
          – women are arrested for trying to pray their own way
          – women are asked to sit at the back of some buses and to walk on one side of the sidewalk so as not to offend men
          – some ministers and MKs publicly uttered racist comments and were not even asked to resign

          … is a democracy under threat.

          • Wrong:
            1. Rights groups have to disclose their funding.
            2. Advertisers themselves pulled pictures of females, however Mayor Nir Barakat is fighting that.
            3. Women and anyone can pray any way they want. Women and men have to pray in separate areas at the Western Wall. That’s due to rules in Judaism, over which libero-fascists like you harp about Israel and not anywhere else.
            Imagine someone finds that praying in the nude is the best way to connect to the Almighty and goes to church, or even more egregiously for a libero-fascist, a mosque, like that. He/She would be arrested and sent for psychotherapy and libero-fascists wouldn’t complain a bit because that level of regulation is what is tolerable for them. If something about Judaism doesn’t remind themselves of their own little worlds, then they start in with their “apartheid” libels.
            4. Very few buses are segregated and the frequency of bus service renders the point essentially irrelevant.
            5. Ministers uttering racist remarks and not asked to resign. Yeah, like a lot of Israel’s Arab ministers. Thanks for proving the point.

            Civil marriage is the only one that is a valid point, no more so than Blue Laws in the US.

          • So, wh a democracy that:

            -allows the death penalty;
            -incarcerates more than a million people, mostly blacks;
            -is plagued by shooting rampages and gun worship;
            -most people don’t believe in evolution;
            -is plagued by anti-abortion lunatics;
            -where religion keeps intruding in secular issues;
            -the infrastructure is crumbling;
            -has a humungus public deficit;
            -has a huge debt with China…

            …is a democracy under threat.

              • Curious, ’cause elsewhere you just seemed very worried about US dollars spent in Israel. You seem confused and contradictory, snotty. Don’t worry, anti-Semites are always like that.

                • I’m not worried but I worry about you and most of all I worry for Israel. Cos you don’t make a very good defense do you?


                • Oh, yeah, snotty. You are so worried. But, curiously, you seemed more concerned with palarabs than with Israelis. Go figure. So, as you suggested, lighten up.

      • It’s good to know that you count massive inaccuracy, lack of context, a dearth of good or even original ideas, and fairly regular cases of outright lying as an example of journalists “doing their job.” There are reporters all over the world of every political persuasion in existence who do their jobs well; the fact that few of these people write on Israel-related matters for the CiF is a matter of public record. And thanks to the research and analysis of this site, it’s going to remain in sharp focus.

        • 6. Report on the constant incitement to hatred of Jews and Israel in Palestinian media, schools and the public square.

          Shouldn’t CIF Watch report on the Israeli minister who declared that the land “belongs to the white man”?

          • 6. Report on the constant incitement to hatred of Jews and Israel in Palestinian media, schools and the public square.

            Shouldn’t CIF Watch report on the Israeli MK who destroyed a Bible in front of TV crews?

          • Dunno, but maybe YOU should be more concerned with the Hamas dictatorship in Gaza, where they kill dissidents at will and drag their corpses around town.

          • Last year; Israeli MK Ben-Ari destroyed a copy of the New Testament while shouting in fronf ot TV cameras, calling it a “despicable book”and claiming that he wanted to send the Christian faith’s Holy Book “to the rubbish bin of history”.

            When will the Knesset expel this man who insulted the Christian faith and whose recent application to visit the United States was denied by American immigration officials, who cited their right to ban “terrorists” from entering the country?


          • You conveniently left out one part:

            The copy of the New Testament had been sent to Israeli lawmakers by the Bible Society of Israel in an attempt to foster goodwill among the religions, according to a report Tuesday in Israel’s Maariv newspaper, which also published the photo of Ben-Ari destroying the book.

            Libero-fascists would cry out over the provocation and try to justify burning the Bible had it been sent to Muslims.

            • I think the point here is that the Israeli minister would appear to be a racist. Or possibly a white-supremacist? Thereby giving some currency to the oft made assertion that Israel is morphing into a sort of Apartheid mini-me! If you want to squabble about Bibles go check in at the Holiday Inn.


              • You should be embarrassed to display that much ignorance. First, Ben Ari is not a minister, he is a member of Knesset and that’s no more representative than Cynthia McKinney representing the entire US and his actions are much less specious than her comments. Of course, libero-fascists don’t have any sick obsessions about the US as they do Israel.

                You should also look up the meanings of words like “apartheid” before you show your ignorance in misapplying them, as I’ve explained above. Then again, maybe you have difficulty reading.

                • Listen up east Jerusalem. Minister or not he talks like a racist! As do many people of influence in Israel.In fact the torrent of abuse directed at ‘Arabs’ and ‘Sudanese’ reminds me of developments taking place in Hungary as we speak. The irony here is that the same sort of language is directed at Hungary’s Jewish and Roma communities! Any state based on the supremacy of one race alone leads to ‘separate development’ a euphemism for no development! Israel ticks too many ‘Apartheid’ boxes for comfort. As for my opinion of the Americans,probably unprintable given that they are Israel’s greatest friend and ally.As for my reading – more than capable of reading drivel like ‘libero-fascist’ although I have no idea what it means!


              • Listen up Spratty. The way that one politician out of hundreds speaks is not a reflection on an entire country. Assuming so violates the leftists virtue of non-generalization, something that hypocritical libero-fascists (yes, you are) like you conveniently ignore when it comes to your obsession with Israel.

                And if you think that discrimination on the lines of interbellum Europe or pre-liberation South Africa are what is par for course in Israel, then you should again feel embarrassed for that level of ignorance. Your pathetic distortions about “supremacy” are clear indication of that.

                You could not identify a single box that qualifies Israel as “apartheid.” Go ahead and try, but of course using accepted definitions of apartheid, not new contexts deliberately distorted to support your obsession.

                Go look up libero-fascist, if you don’t know what it means. More easily, just look at a mirror.

                • One politician? East! If you have access to Youtube,check out what’s happening on the streets of South Tel Aviv of an evening! Or are you really that blinded by your racism and hate?


          • Ben-Ari destroyed a copy of the New Testament, stirring religious hatred.

            However he is still an MK and no one did anything to force him to resign. Why?

            • Get a life. There are many possibilities for hobbies. Lying about Israel is just one. Learn to diversify.

            • Ha! I used to live in TA, so don’t presume to dictate that you know more about it than I. Maybe it’s your blind hatred of Israel that causes you to ignore that which you don’t find convenient to your obsession.

              • So were you one of those brave souls who stalk the Africans and pelt them with stones? I didn’t realise you were such a tough- guy!


                • I have never assaulted anyone in my life and I’ve been through that area before, never personally witnessing violence.. However, given how your twisted, sick obsession with Israel causes you to distort reality, it’s not a surprise that you would try to believe that to be the norm, rather than isolated incidents.

                  BTW, you’re probably bored. Why don’t you go gloat over how your brave countrymen slaughtered all those unarmed people in Amristar with her royal-arse majesty’s government pardoning the officer who ordered the attack!

                  • Not such a tough guy after all! Presumably you let the street racists do your dirty work for! Not forgetting the bravest army in the universe who just happened to kill 6 Palestinians today! As for South Tel Aviv, if your too scared to go out on to the street,check out what your ‘liberal’ society is doing to the asylum-seekers on Youtube!


                • Oh, you’re so tough carping from your that defecation hole called Britain. It’s so easy to criticize. Oh, and it’s very typical of libero-fascists to accuse the IDF of wanton murder, ignoring whether they are firing rockets, firing at soldiers, or whatever the circumstances may be.

                  If you feel so much for asylum seekers in Israel, why not come here and serve them? Then again, you probably petrified. of seeing your whole image of Israel torn down by actually being here and seeing what it’s like for yourself.

                • Oh you mean like spelling English with a lower-case “e,” Sprattered-brain? It’s really unfortunate that so many British libero-fascists, so hypocritically full of their own self-righteousness, resort to taunting because they know that they can’t compete when it comes to talking about facts. Indeed, you are a shining example.

      • @ Ariel

        Adam Levick is well within his rights to criticise Guardian journalists. Is this his fulltime job? I don’t know, and I don’t care.

        It’s called the blogosphere – and many, many people worldwide now have formal jobs within it.

  2. Something else to include among Abbas’s lack of moderate views is his frequent statements that Jews should not be allowed to live in Palestine.

    • 4. Report accurately on the security barrier.

      The Wall was buit by Israel partly inside the territory of the state of Palestine, annexing land in violation of international law, rather than along the border between Israel and Palestine. This is why the route of Israel’s Wall was declared illegal by the International Court of Justice on 9 July 2004. The Government of Israel has yet to reroute the Walla nd conform to international law.

      • So, you are yet another self-styled international lawyerist? But your main specialty is Israel-bashing, right?

        • By the standards of international law israel has unique ‘Pariah’ status. Therefore it is open season for professional Israel critics ( sorry -bashers!) like myself. A question you could possibly answer ( Serge?) Is international law inherently antisemitic?


          • Are you an international lawyerist, snotty? Why aren’t you worried about the relentless, barbarian, dayly and blatant violation of all human decency one can witness at the many islamic paradises around the world? Nah, who cares! It’s much more interesting to bash Israel, isn’t it? Makes you feel so post-modern and chic, eh?

            • You say the nicest things considering you have such poor spelling. I like your phrase ‘blatant violation of all human decency’! that has a nice’chic’ and ‘post-modern’ ring to it. however,not really appropriate to a discussion centred on Israel as presently constituted.


              • Well, my spelling may suck, but I´m not a hypocritical douche-bag such as yourself who’s trade mark is to barf the very same anti-Jewish crapolla under the pathetic mask of concern with children.

                • Hmm, you are going too personal, eh, snotty? So, why don’t you tell us all about your concern with Israel? Give it a try and open your heart (if you have any).

                • BTW, you should have written “It’s” not “Its”. So much for your spelling complaints, snotty.

          • Aw, the latest libero-fascist Brit here must have his panties in a wad due to Freedom House’s rating Israel as “Free” and the only country in the Middle East to merit such a rating.

            Well maybe he could go and have a stiff drink. Here’s a hint for him: if you happen to be in the Middle East, you could go to Israel and have it, where it’s actually permitted.

      • There is no State of Palestine and it has never existed in the entire history of the world. That land is disputed as Lord Caradon, who wrote the language for Reso 242 said that the Green Line is a cease-fire line, not a permanent border. Just because libero-fascists try to draw a line to their liking doesn’t make it valid. As for the ICOJ, the “world is flat and Israel flattened it” allusion applies.

    • This is a LIE.

      Abbas never said that Jews should not be allowed to live in Palestine. Jews are already living in those few areas of Palestine which are controlled by the PA – quite a number of Westerners living and/or working in Palestine’s cities are Jews. Others are catholics, budhist, atheist…

      Abbas said that the ILLEGAL ISRAELI SETTLERS who live in settlements built in the territory of the state of Palestine in violation of international law would have to leave.

      If an Israeli citizen goes and live in the USA without a proper visa, he will be expelled. If an Israeli citizen goes and live in Palestine without a proper visa, he will be expelled too.

        • … which shows that you were lying. Abbas said that Israelis could not live in the state of Palestine – he NEVER mentioned Jews.

          Abbas said that the ILLEGAL ISRAELI SETTLERS who live in settlements built in the territory of the state of Palestine in violation of international law would have to leave.

          If an Israeli citizen goes and live in the USA without a proper visa, he will be expelled. If an Israeli citizen goes and live in Palestine without a proper visa, he will be expelled too.

          All Israelis are not Jews, and all Jews are not Israelis.

          • Besides, your link sends people to a website which is a joke. It says that “The Druze in the Golan, for example, have virtually all accepted citizenship”. This is 100% false -nearly all Druze in the Golan have retained their Syrian citizenship, which is logical since the Golan is in Syria, not in Israel.

          • “All Israelis are not Jews, and all Jews are not Israelis”

            Most Israelis are Jews, though 1.6 millions are pal-arab citizens. In Jordan (the real “palestinian state”) there are no Jews. Aren’t you concerned about that? Why are you obsessed with Israel? (that’s just a rethorical question, we all know you are a lunatic Jew-hater).

          • So if a Jew moves to that area, how would he not be defined as a “settler.” It’s such stupid and flimsy logic that you’re trying to pass off as reasoned fact that it makes your lie so much more ludicrous.

          • SerJew, there are Jews in Jordan. Many Westerners live and work in the Hashemite kongdom, and some of them are Jews.

        • Why would Abbas want to see an Israeli in Jerusalem? They wear those funny khaki uniforms and go around brutalising and murdering Palestinians with complete impunity!


          • So, snotty, why don’t you quit your couch-potato activism and move to Gaza? Go help your beloved palestinians, just go.

    • 5. Report that it is the Palestinian Arabs – not Israel – who refuse to negotiate peace.

      How are PALESTINIANS supposed to negotiate peace with Israeli rightists who refuse to recognize their existence and their right to self-determination? How can you negotiate with someone you refuse your basic right to exist?

      • 5. Report that it is the Palestinian Arabs – not Israel – who refuse to negotiate peace.

        How are Palestinians suppose to negotiate peace when the current government of Israel continues to confiscate large chunks of land inside the state of Palestine to build settlements in violation of international law?

        The Brits made peace with India the day when they agreed to stop occupying this country.

        • Because that land does not belong to a non-existent entity. That land is Israel until there are good-faith negotiations with the “Palestinians” acknoweledging that the won’t get everything they want. Learn to cope with reality or get another hobby.

        • What’s a ‘fake’ people? Do they all wear disguises? Funny wigs? Moustaches? Are they called names like Imposter? Alias? AKA? Do they all have fake tans for instance?


          • Hmmm. what about their aim, the destruction of Israel? You have no qualms with that, it seems. Makes sense. But then don’t whine when people call you a pathetic judeophobe.

            • You need to get out more and lighten up ( no pun intended) Israel is not going to be ‘Destroyed’ any day soon! But it is going to have to change. And the first change has to be to get rid of this mind-numbing paranoia which sees an Antisemite within every nook and cranny! Nobody likes being unpopular but it just might be a case of changing the mouthwash!


              • Listen, snotty, no one needs your pathetic moralizing. And if you don’t want to be seen as an obsessed judeophobic nutter, stop behaving like one. Moreover, your monomanical focus on Israel, settlers and all that jazz is a true sign of paranoia, which shows you are projecting your mental disturbance onto others.

    • 10. Report that both the Hamas charter and Fatah constitution call for the destruction of Israel.

      When will CIF Watch report that Likoud rejects the establishment of a Palestinian state and that it charter officially states that Palestinians must remain subjected to Israeli rule, in blatant violation of international law?

      • Just another of your lies. Show proof of where the official Likud platform calls for the rejection of a Palestinian state.

  3. BTW, let’s not forget how Israel is the only country that has shamelessly banned anorexic modeling. Terrible how Israel takes away the inducement for a woman free choice to starve herself.

    • Seriously, Michael… The first thing that Israeli girls who have a shot at modeling do is to take a flight to Europe. There is no serious modeling industry in Israel.

      • Oh, yeah, there are more serious industries in Israel, though, like high technology, that your type dare not boycott, for then you couldn’t use computers to spread your Jew-hatred.

          • Oh that’s right, all Israelis and Jews hate goys. But wait, I thought that it was considered a vice to stereotype. Well golly, it looks like that’s what you like to do isn’t it?