The Guardian’s lethal narrative about snipers who murder innocent children.

On Mar 26, 2001, an Israeli named Shalhevet Pass, age 10 months, was killed by Palestinian sniper fire at the entrance to the Avraham Avinu neighborhood in Hebron. Shalhevet was shot in the brain, while in her stroller – with her parents by her side.  


Shalhevet Pass

Chillingly, an investigation ruled that the the infant was shot deliberately.

The Jewish baby was one of dozens of Israelis who have been murdered as the result of Palestinian sniper fire emanating from Gaza or the West Bank since the early 90s.

Pass’s murder came to mind when I first read a 2012 report by the Guardian’s Chris McGreal suggesting that IDF soldiers deliberately took aim at Palestinian kids – a narrative of Israeli cruelty which actually paled in comparison to a 2005 story he wrote which was even more explicit in evoking the image of such sadistic villainy.

In ‘Rachel Corrie verdict exposes Israeli military mindset‘, Aug. 28, McGreal, in an effort to contextualize the death of Rachel Corrie, and dismissal of the Corrie family lawsuit, as symptomatic of something much darker, argued that “the state of the collective Israeli military mind…cast the definition of enemies so widely that children walking down the street were legitimate targets if they crossed a red line that was invisible to everyone but the soldiers looking at it.”

McGreal’s 2005 Guardian reportcross posted at one well-known conspiracy site – was titled in a manner leaving nothing to the imagination:


Here are some passages from McGreal’s tale.

“It was the shooting of Asma Mughayar that swept away any lingering doubts I had about how it is the Israeli army kills so many Palestinian children and civilians.

Asma, 16, and her younger brother, Ahmad, were collecting laundry from the roof of their home in the south of the Gaza Strip in May last year when they were felled by an Israeli army sniper. Neither child was armed or threatening the soldier, who fired unseen through a hole punched in the wall of a neighbouring block of flats.

the army changed its account and claimed the pair were killed by a Palestinian, though there was persuasive evidence pointing to the Israeli sniper’s nest.

In southern Gaza, the killings take place in a climate that amounts to a form of terror against the population. Random fire into Rafah and Khan Yunis has claimed hundreds of lives, including five children shot as they sat at their school desks.Many others have died when the snipers must have known who was in their sights – children playing football, sitting outside home, walking back from school.”

McGreal provided no source for the fantastical story – which was, perhaps, inspired by dispatches in 2001 from Gaza by the discredited American reporter Chris Hedges – and certainly nothing resembling actual evidence that Israeli snipers fired on Palestinian children.

Of course, the most iconic image, preceding the reports by McGreal and Hedges, purporting to characterize unimaginable Israeli malevolence – that Israelis deliberately kill innocent and defenseless children – was the reported death, in Sept of 2000, of Mohammed al-Durrah.

The incident – illustrated by a video purportedly showing a father standing by impotently as the Israelis shot down, in cold blood, his terrified son – was quickly framed in the West  as a justifiable source of outrage for “a beleaguered Palestinian people fighting for their independence“.

Despite the fact that the evidence of the case overwhelmingly demonstrates that al-Durrah was almost certainly not shot by Israelis, and, in fact, in all likelihood, was not shot at all, what Shelby Steele describes as poetic truths triumphed over the empirical evidence, and a lethal narrative about Zionist brutality, which continues to incite Jihadists to this day, emerged victorious.

This one incident became an icon of hatred towards Israel.  

Countries had postage stamps honoring al-Durrah. Daniel Pearl was killed to avenge his “death”. Osama Bin Laden used the incident to incite before 9/11, and town squares & academies have been named after him.  Al-Durrah was even referred to in the Arab media as “a tiny sleeping Jesus“.

In short, he became a poster child for the Intifada, and as proof of Zionist malice.

More recently, a French Jihadist named Muhammad Merah murdered Jewish school-girls in cold blood outside their school in Toulouse to avenge the murder of Palestinian children at the hands of Israeli soldiers. 

Yet, how many people in the West even know the name ‘Shalhevet Pass’?

Indeed, no matter how absurd the charges that the IDF targets innocent Palestinian kids, such morally reckless narratives evoking the specter of unimaginable Jewish malevolence has become so ingrained in the Islamist and extreme-left imagination that the facts regarding such libels have become largely irrelevant.

Richard Landes explained the significance of the media’s unfathomable credulity in the face of such crude propaganda, thus:

“One of the key functions of the mainstream news media is to serve as a dialysis machine, filtering out the poisons that can weaken the civil polities in which they operate. At least in the Arab-Israeli conflict, they have, alas, played the role of injecting the poisons of lethal narratives into the information stream of the West.” 

When Chris McGreal conjures the grotesque image of bloodthirsty IDF soldiers ruthlessly taking aim at innocent Palestinian children, the already powerful Judeophobic antipathy – nurtured continually in the Middle East – becomes that much more impenetrable, and violence directed at Israeli and non-Israeli Jews that much more probable.

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        • It’s a question that pokes directly through your empty kumbaya-mentality. In the UK there were cases of children being incarcerated for murder, don´t you know that? It seems that the law in your country doesn´t agree with your feel-good generalization about children. Real life is more complex than you PC-world.

      • Good question. Last year, several settler children were arrested for throwing a firebomb at a Palestinian car, severely injuring a Palestinian family, including children. Were they innocent, SerJew?

          • If they were reacting to “innocent” palestinian suicide-bombers, they surely were., “hadara”. Or is it “ariel”? Whatever.

        • Note “Hadara/Nat/Ariel” that they were arrested

          Rather than hailed as heroes in their home villages.

          Now what should that tell even an ignoramus like you?

        • Were they convicted? If so, I would say definitively no. How old were these ‘children’?

          People, can we stop being snide about this? Children are children. Some of them do hideous things, usually because adults have shown them how, or tell them to. If children are NOT innocent, it’s normally because we, the grown-ups, have screwed them up. And then we use the screwed-up children to one-up each other on the Internet.

          If children are not innocent, it’s sad.

      • When will CIF Watch write about the Israeli army officer who repeatedly shot a 13-year-old Palestinian girl in Gaza, dismissing a warning from another soldier that she was a child and saying he would have killed her even if she was three years old? Why wasn’t this officer sentenced, even though his soldiers testified against him?

    • Some years ago, Mr Adam Levick made Aliyah. After several years working as a PR for NGO Monitor, he was probably hoping to make it in journalism – he introduced himself as a journalists in interviews he gave to a variety of newsletters writing about new migrants.

      Years later, he is not working as a journalist and still works as a PR, this time for CIF Watch.

      I sometimes wonder if bitterness could be the reason why he keeps complaining about journalists working for the Guardian?

      • “Hadar” (can’t even spell it’s own alias now) is so obsessed by and jealous of Adam’s success that he has lost all insight into how utterly moronic are his posts.

        Hey! wakey wakey idiot! You’re wasting your time except and making yourself look stupid

        If you can’t help yourself, then for heavens sake take yourself off and get help

        • Indeed. Nothing better proves the increasing success of this blog than the presence of disgruntled Jew-hating desperados. They are truly upset.

      • So writes a new sockpuppet of a person who used to call itself ‘Real Journalist’ but
        earns its living by acting as a professional troll on other peoples’ blogs – it hasn’t even the personal wherewithall to start an run its own blog. How low its that in journalistic terms? Rock bottom, I’d say.

  1. fuck and here was me thinking I was banned. Adam are you trying to fuck up my street cred ? Ban me NOW ( and yes I am used to being obeyed ask my wife hum on second thoughts ….)

    • Who funds yourself? What is your day-time job? Why don´t you never address the relevant issues and always tries to disrupt the threads with diversionary BS?

    • “Who funds this site? Does it have full time staff and how are they paid? Is no one else curious?”
      Again ( as I replied to you yesterday), if you’re curious go to the link at the top of the page which says “Contact Us” and ask. Stop bothering the rest of us.

    • Mr Levick refuses to disclose who funds this website, he never, ever answers questions as to where he gets money to run this website.

      Whoever funds this website must not be very proud of it – they asked to remain anonymous.

      • I don’t see why it costs anything more than the domain name to run this site, which is hardly expensive. But for your information (and this is a secret) Jew-lizard zionists sell special edition mind-control helmets with 10% of all proceeds going to this blog.

        You will also understand by this information that the Jew-lizard technology only works on minds, thus explaining the large amount of left-wing progressives not controlled.

        • There’s this little thing called ‘labour’. Someone has to produce the ‘content’ on the site. Maybe, like Elder of Ziyon, this is a site fully run by an amateur (not amateurish, I hasten to add, as some might say is the case here) enthusiast, who pays for it through donations solicited via a paypal link. But the question of who pays ‘the Editors’ or indeed if they are paid at all, that’s an interesting question.

          • Well done. Now all we need to know if a few people could, in their spare time, produce the content of Cifwatch. And the answer is yes, especially when we Jew-lizards can use the mind control helmets to make others do the typing for us….

          • Well, there are basically only two people who write posts on this blog. If it were an effort of a big team,that would be different but it’s not. Also, someone pays for the propagandists on the website to fly around going to conferences. Who pays for that?

            By the way, your comments about lizards are borderline offensive and antisemitic.

          • Several posts are published by Adam Levick on his website every day. Unless he relies on Israeli social allowances to make a living, he needs donors ro run it. The real question is: why doesn’t he disclose the identity of his donors? Surely they must be proud of his work and therefore willing to acknowledge funding him, mustn’t they?

          • My comments about lizards are borderline anti-semitic?
            Anti-reptilian I would have thought.
            In any case I suppose it is the borderline that bothers you.

          • Matzoh Maker, what bothers me is racism like the type you purvey on this site from time to time.
            SerJew, I have not set up a website purporting to be an outfit of repute for dealing with antisemitism. I’m merely a lowly blog-passerby,much like you it seems, but with a better sense of humour. Commenting here is not ‘labour’ but ‘leisure’. You should take econ 101 for a lesson in that sort of stuff.

          • Hey, inSanity, your little story of a “committed anti-racist” sounds really edificating. Hard to believe you have the credibility or ethical/moral clout, though, as your shameless sanctimonious hypocrisy demolishes your little theatre.

          • Absolute classic! “Sanity” and “Hadara” find Matso’s comments about Jew-lizards “offensive” and “borderline antisemitic”, and then … Sanity claims to have a “better sense of humour”!

            Talk about ironic!

          • What is even funnier is that inSanity is so in love with his anti-race-defilement crusade that he seems to be oblivious of his/her recurring hypocritical blunders. Just amazing.

          • “But the question of who pays ‘the Editors’ or indeed if they are paid at all, that’s an interesting question.”
            Maybe. But it’s not a question that has anything whatsoever to do with why Chris McGreal tries to slander and brand the IDF, the State of Israel, and Israelis as wanton child murderers. There is no question that such charges have no sound foundation, and that they are anti-Semitic in nature. I can understand why you would so desperately want to change the topic to CiFW’s funding, because the real topic comes a little to close to rupturing you fantasies, leaving you with that reality hangover. But no one here but you and various iterations of “Nat” give a f___ about your acute pathological need to go off topic just because one of your friends got caught red-handed race baiting.

          • Jeff, you’re right, it doesn’t have anything to do with Israeli snipers murdering children. But since the topic isn’t addressed on the pages of this site, we have to make a space for it somewhere. If it’s very distracting to you I’m sorry. But it’s an important topic, as you acknowledged.

          • Jeff: “But the question of who pays ‘the Editors’ or indeed if they are paid at all, that’s an interesting question.”


          • Sanity, get real. There are many very professional blogs out there that are written by one or two people who do it as a hobby. The notion that someone would need to be paid to produce this is…well, it’s something you’ve fixed on because you like the idea.

            Follow the money. Report back if you find something.

          • Matzoh Maker,sure, possibly this site is run by a lone ranger. Perhaps Adam pays for the web address by himself. Like Elder of Ziyon. However, EoZ declares that without having to be asked, and also solicits donations, and explains he has a day job.

            I wonder what Adam Levick’s day job is?

      • You would want to think twice about the results of a study that purports to show the health benefits of eating rice if, say, it were paid for by the rice industry in Thailand, for example. Quite simple, right? It would also concern me to read research about the dangers of democracy in the Middle East if, say, it were funded by Saudi Arabia.

        Have you asked him the question directly?

        • I told you it’s the Jew-Lizards. There is another source of funding of course, but it is so immoral we don’t usually like to say, but here it is- we get paid by all organisations suffering trolling so trolls such as ‘Sanity’, ‘real zionist’ are to busy trolling here than the customers sites.

          • “the Jew-lizards”

            Matzoh Maker, your antisemitic comments show what kind of person you really are.

          • “You are disgusting, you know?”

            Well, you are entitled to your opinion. I happen to think you are a shameless hypocrite. And you are way too sensitive to criticism, Try growing up.

          • “Matzoh Maker, your antisemitic comments show what kind of person you really are.” hadara/ariel/nat

            And your sock-puppeteering shows you are a repelent coward.

        • “I’m sensitive to antisemitism and other racism. Vulgarity I have little problem with.” inSanity

          You are very sensitive to challenge and criticism. But you are totally blind to your nauseating sanctimonious hypocrisy and double standards (which are pretty vulgar traits, BTW).

          • You haven’t done anything to emonstrate my supposed hypocrisy. How about some evidence? And please use analagous examples, of course.

          • Recall that you defined yourself as the blog-moralizer, but not only you don’t go after the Jew-hating morons infecting this site, but you kept diverting discussion of real issues with your idiotic paranoid thing about the blog-finances. Moreover, you say you dislike vulgarity in one post and right at the next you come up with plenty of it. In sum, there’s abundance evidence of your sanctimonious hypocrisy.

          • I constantly call people out for antisemitism on this site, your Nazi analogies and Matzoh makers disgusting trolling antisemitic slurs being cases in point. Your problem presumably is that I’m too impartial for your warped tastes. And even if I were a hypocrite, that doesn’t detract from the truth of my statements.

          • How can you be impartial while being a complete hypocrite? Your fondness of self-contradictions can have at least two explanations: you notice them, but you are intellectually dishonest (or plain stupid) to recognize it; or you don1 even notice, which means you are a true fundamentalist crusader. In both cases you are a total loser.

          • Basically you don’t like that I called you out for using antisemitic themes. You’re sore and you’re a loser. Grow up, stop using antisemitic themes and then maybe we can get on.

          • Nah, nah. YOU quit your sanctimonious hypocrisy and your paranoid diversions and then, maybe, some vulgarity aside, one can move on to substantive discussions.

      • “Whoever funds this website must not be very proud of it – they asked to remain anonymous.”
        People donate anonymously to all sorts of things. It doesn’t mean they’re not proud. That you say so means either that you’re mean spirited or just stupid. I vote for the latter.

    • No. It’s doing excellent work to undermine Cesspit is Free

      Is this latest idiocy from a prelude to a barmy argument that CiF Watch is funded by the Israeli government, perchance?

      Why do I ask? Well, because I doubt that you are “curious” about anything much except how best to cause trouble.

      • I suspect the Israeli government isn’t funding this site. But I could be wrong. Nonetheless, it’s an interesting question. How is it causing trouble to ask about the financing? Transparency is a good thing. Period.

        • This is paranoia about “nefarious Jewish powers”. Another example of your ridiculous hypocrisy. How can you be so dishonest? Do you hate yourself so much that you can´t stand a modicum of self-criticism? Good grief.

          • Please explain. I said I think it isn’t funded by Israel. You are projecting your views onto me. Grow up and don’t be a loser.

          • It’s self-explanatory. Why do you think this site is funded by Israeli goverment, except for conspiratorial paranoia? And why would you keep coming to a site you think is funded by people that you hate? Are you masochistic?

          • You need to read more closely. I DO NOT think this site is funded by the Israeli govt. Please, read what I write not what you think I write.

    • Sanity: “Is no one else curious?”

      Er, no. We’re bored shitless with your sanctimonious drivel. Your indefatigable heroism in the face of nefarious ‘Jewish power’ and the mysteries of how much moneyJews spend in pursuit of their dastardly agendas exists only in your own screwed up head. But don’t feel bad, you can take solace in the fact that there are plenty of bigots out there just like you, all jockeying to show the world that what they do for humanity really makes a difference.

      • I don’t believe in any “Nefarious Jewish Power” or anything of the sort. You are attributing racism to me and that’s offensive. You have no proof of it. Please cite a single example where I have talked about “Nefarious Jewish Power” and provide the link. Otherwise shut up.

        • You pathological obsession with this blog finances is just that. And your “shut up” is pure intimidationg. More hypocrisy from inSanity.

          • No, I just believe in transparency. I’m also interested in who funds the NRA and who funds the Labour Party in the UK. It’s important to know who funds and transparency is good.

          • This is just a blog, not a political party. And, again, as you are demanding transparency, you should be total transparent yourself: begin by disclosing your employer’s ID.

          • Well, aren’t you a self-styled campaigner, nay, a true crusader of sanctimonious anti-racism? Yet another example of your hypocrisy. And counting.

          • Yes, I’m a free-rider, I don’t have a blog, I just post on the spaces that other people have paid for and built up. I have no resources behind me. I have explained this many times. My operation is clearly amateur though not amateurish!

            CiFWitch(Hunt) is clearly a different beast. Vast amounts of energy, time, labour, etc. clearly go into this. So it’s useful and important to know, is it funded?

  2. Adam, I’m afraid your conjured up theories about where I may have got my information are wrong. The basis for the information in the 2005 comment piece you complain about was a report I did from Gaza in 2003. It contains references, including the names of the children killed, to all of the cases you call “fantastical”.
    This is the link:

      • Dura’s father never “lied” about his scars.

        In 2012, an Israeli doctor came out from nowhere claiming that Mr al-Dura had lied and claimed that even though he had treated hundreds of thousands of patients, he specifically remembered treating Mr al-Dura… 20 years earlier and seeing scars.

        Not serious.

        • Hey, “Hadara”, are you “Ariel”, “Nat” or “realzionist”? Or maybe a grotesque combination of them? Just curious.

          • You’re right on the money.
            “Nat” = “Ariel”, and now this foul regeneration.
            Pity though he didn’t factor in, like the moron he is, that “Hadara” is not an actual Hebrew name.

          • Isn’t it just funny what such a coward sock-puppet keeps posing as a moralizer, hectoring about “Jewish values”, etc? How can he stand this humungus hypocrisy? Just a deep-seated hatred can explain that.

          • You shouldn’t be surprised, really.
            “Nat” is paid, hence he does what he can to disrupt.
            Also, great job on jabbing “Sanity”.
            The only reservation I have though, if you hadn’t nested the threads, his screeches would’ve been quietly removed. Such as it is, his plan has succeeded:
            He managed to divert attention from the points ATL, to his nonsense.

          • Thanks, and I´ll be more careful next time. Hey, did Adam gave you a raise? I´m still waiting for the Mossad pay-check.

          • Maybe we should go on a strike. Nah, we’s miss the fun of making fun of “nat”, “ariel”, “hadara”, “realzionist” and prof. “sencar”. 😉

    • Dear Chris,

      I read the Guardian quite a lot, and usually enjoy it. Unfortunately, there are a few exceptions, and you are one of them. Your reports are always biased, distorted, and in many cases composed of blatant lies and misinformation.

      When reading your columns, the only memory that floats is that of Joseph Goebbels. Do not think that others, including those who work for the Guardian, feel differently.

      • the only memory that floats is that of Joseph Goebbels

        My, what a tiny-minded world you live in.

      • Rob, the very fact that you would quote Goebbels and use the suffering of millions of Jews at the hands of the Nazis and of their accomplices during WWII to push your own extremist agenda is an absolute shame.

        You bring shame to the Jewish people and to all of those who suffered at the hands of the Nazis.

        • Who he heck are you to pose as a moralizer? You are enabling Jew-hatred with your idiotic sock-puppeteering and that’s a Goebbelian technique indeed. If you don’t want to be identified as a Jew-hater, just don’t behave like one.

        • Not as much shame as you bring on whoever spawned you by your blatant hypocrisy.

          Al-Grauniad’s anti-Israel is reminiscent of the sort of cack published in Nazi Germany. You’d have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to make that connection.

    • Dear Mr Levick is not a journalist, and does not seem to have done any research before writing yet another piece complaining about people who are journalists.

      • I am so deeply sorry that Adam offended you by…well, you tagged it with the perjorative term “complaining” but the more accurate turn of phrase would be “outlining in great detail something that offends the my way-or-the highway mindset of CIF writers and their bootlickers”. I nearly wept at realizing I had caused you such an intense mix of pain and stupidity. Those were the most difficult 15 seconds of my life. Then I thought it over for another 15 seconds, decided you were an embarrassment to your cause and hoped that you would keep posting here and helping us out in perpetuity (that took 30 seconds), and moved on laughing to another post. In short, thanks for 60 useful seconds that your presence on CiF Watch provided, a memory that you should savor because based on your skills that positive bounce from your writing isn’t likely to ever be replicated.

      • Get help Hadara/Nat/Ariel. I recommend a long period of Freudian analysis to help you deal with your Oedipal rage

      • “Dear Mr Levick is not a journalist, and does not seem to have done any research before writing yet another piece complaining about people who are journalists.”

        yep. That’s our “Nat.”

  3. Chris Mcgreal:

    “Adam, I’m afraid your conjured up theories about where I may have got my information are wrong.”

    The source of your information is merely a technicality. Meanwhile you fail to respond to the substance of this post, which is that you are a propagandist, portraying the Israelis as guilty of the crimes the Palestinians are in fact guilty of: the deliberate terrorist murder of children. But unlike the Palestinians, the Israelis do not hold their dead children up to the gullible gaze of Westerners such as yourself – useful idiots only too willing to believe the worst about the Israelis while pandering to the Palestinians.

    There is a powerful irony in the fact that Palestine, if it ever becomes a state, will be a dangerous place for Christians – judging by the oppression they already suffer at the hands of their Muslim brothers thoughout the Arab world, including Gaza, Bethlehem and elsewhere in Palestine. That will almost certainly include you, Chris, once your useful idiocy has run its course and you are no longer needed.

      • Hadara, you should differentiate formal and actual. Formally it is a state, actually it is a hoax. Quite similar to you, isn’t it?

      • No it didn’t, mutt.

        It got “recognition” to shut it up, in the same way as you would give a screaming baby a pacifier.

        Not will it get statehood until it shows that it can be civilised towards its own people, let alone towards its neighbour.

        You really are an idiot aren’t you?

  4. Samples of McGreal’s propganda:

    “Weeks passed and another Israeli bullet [my emphasis] shattered the life of another young Palestinian girl. Huda Darwish was sitting at her school desk when a cluster of shots ripped through the top of a tree outside her classroom and buried themselves in the wall.”

    Where is the evidence that it was an Israeli, and not a Palestinian, bullet?

    And: “Sinwar dragged Huda from under her desk and ran with her across the road to the hospital, itself scarred by Israeli bullets.”

    Again, where is the evidence? McGreal would have people believe that the Israelis deliberately shoot at hospitals, perhaps just for target practice.

    McGreal would never expose Palestinian terrorist culpability in the deaths of their own children – whether by firing rockets that fall short of Israel or deliberately firing from amongst their children to draw Israeli return fire. That would interfere with his propagandist agenda.

    • Truetoo, let’s make it simple: the state of Israel occupies the territory of its neighbour, the state Palestine, not the other way around.

      • What state is that? Did it existed when Jordan was “occupying” it, while destroying synagogues for fun? BTW, are you “ariel” or “hadara”? You have a serious multiple-personality disorder, dude. What unifies your characters is relentless Judeophobia.

      • Nat: Even if your over-simplistic “analysis” of the situation was correct, does it mean that McGreal is free to make any claims he likes about the behaviour and attitudes of Israeli soldiers without having to resort to those old-fashioned journalistic standards of research, finding evidence, balance and context?

        In other words – and, as you put it, to keep it simple – what does that have to do with anything currently under discussion?

  5. We may all be labouring under a hoax.

    How can we know that the poster above is actually Chris McGreal. If I was him, I would not provoke responses as he has here unless it would be within the ‘protection’ of CiF ‘moderators’.

  6. McGrealy? The fanatical Anti-Zionist?
    Hannah Arendt once said the only correct answer of Jews to Antisemitism was Zionism.

    • Rivka Mitchel , Israeli actress, once said…..

      This is no longer my country, I can’t even bear to look at it any more.The injustices done to the the Palestinians, the Bedouin. All kinds of scum arriving from America and Russia, taking land in the territories and declaring it to be their own.. I can’t do anything about it. All I can do is leave and watch as it goes to hell without me.

      • So what, episstemologist? Gerard Depardieu just left France for Russia. Does that mean France is made of scum? You do have a problem with Jews, eh?

        • No Serjew in fact I am probably much more of a Zionist than you. I am perfectly happy for anyone to live anywhere they want. My problem ( one of them ) is the thought that Zionism, real Zionism, was never meant to be the subjucation of one people by another.

          • Real Zionist? Real nutcase 🙂

            The Jews treat minorities better than any nation, but you know that already… You are just spreading hate because you (justly) hate yourself…

          • Awww, you are such a humanist, pseudo-zionist. But, yes, you are full of problems: mental, moral, ethical, etc. Go back to your episstemologist mode, now.

      • “Rivka Mitchel , Israeli actress, once said…..”

        Please do take a good look at what she said, rz. Palestinians and Bedouin = good victims.
        What arrives from America and Russia? “Scum.” Not very flattering…to her.
        Question: Why don’t those deplorable comments set off your race-o-meter?

        • Touché!

          Man, these Jew-haters posing as humanitarians and anti-racists are so incompetent…and fun. This rz also likes to show off as smart and “intellectual”. But he just makes blunder after blunder, like the true ePISStemologist that he is.

      • You leave Great Britain? Good idea, maybe the Islamic Republic Iran will do it for you. Or Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, …

  7. The Guardian was never as lethal as that Israeli sniper, it takes great skill to put a bullet through a babies head at more than 100 metres.
    I bet he got a medal for that.