Hate at Trafalgar Square: Palestine Solidarity Campaign activist says he wants to kill Israelis

The following is a first hand account by the London-based blogger, Richard Millett


Protesting for Samer Issawi in Trafalgar Square.

Yesterday, in case you missed it, was the 24 hour worldwide mass hunger strike for Samer Issawi. Sympathy hunger strikers collected in Italy, Egypt, America, Gaza and Jerusalem. I popped over to see how the London leg of the hunger strike was going in Trafalgar Square. When I arrived at 6pm there were about 10 demonstrators handing out leaflets which stated:

“Samer Al-Issawi, a Palestinian from occupied Jerusalem is incarcerated without charge. The political prisoner close to death was assaulted while handcuffed by Israeli police in Jerusalem on 18 December. Issawi is held without charge under the notorious administrative detention and is on hunger strike against it. Israel reneged in the Shalit prisoners deal when it rearrested Isawi (sic.) Samer’s brother was murdered in the Cave of the Patriarchs massacre in 1994 by the mass murderer Baruch Goldstein, an American-Israeli Kach settler in occupied Hebron. Don’t let the Israeli state kill Samer.”

Issawi was released as part of the agreement where 1,027 Palestinian prisoners were exchanged for Israel’s Gilad Shalit. Issawi was then rearrested for allegedly defying the terms of his release that required him to remain in Jerusalem.

Issawi was originally sentenced to 30 years in prison in 2001 for shooting at Israeli soldiers entering his village of Isawiya, east Jerusalem. He is a member of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine and he has now been on hunger strike since 1st August from when he has ingested only water and salt.

When I arrived in Trafalgar Square none of those demonstrating for Issawi were on hunger strike. It can’t be easy for some of them to give up their daily visit to the local bistro for a bowl of steamy mushroom soup with baguette and a glass of Merlot.

Some of the demonstrators wanted to chat with me, mostly telling me that I wasn’t welcome and that I wasn’t allowed to take photographs of their demonstration.

I did have a polite discussion with a 23-year-old who had just finished studying accountancy. We talked about the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Needless to say we disagreed on everything but he did tell me of his future plans.

He wanted to leave his family and head to Pakistan to start-up a political party that would “bomb the whole of Israel”.

Here’s a clip of him reiterating his desire to bomb Israel. When I asked him what would happen to all the innocent Israelis if he bombed Israel he replied:

“Whoever is innocent there I will rescue them, so that Benjamin Netanyahu dies and people like you as well.”

This isn’t a surprising sentiment for a Palestine Solidarity Campaign activist as their hate for Israel’s supporters far surpasses any faux concern they claim to have for Palestinians, including Samer Issawi.

More photos from the protest:




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  1. Great work!
    Can you confirm whether this event was organised by the PSC and/or this nasty imbecile belongs to the PSC?

      • I thought this was a blog about the Guardian and Comment is Free? Surely the writer should have posted this piece somewhere else instead of wasting our time. We want articles about the Guardian, how disappointing.

          • Once again your hypocrisy is showing. YOU were the one that introduced a “digression” (in fact, a diversion) with your paranoia about Israeli goverment sponsoring this blog. Will you apologize for that “waste of our time”?

          • OK, I retract the above comment. You said you do NOT suspect this blog is sponsored by the Israeli gov. My blunder and I apologize.

          • I was just pointing out your hypocrisy actually: you hate my digression, but when Levick does it you can’t jerk off enough about it.

      • Adam Levick’s blog is about the Guardian’s CIF. What does a protest in Trafalgar Square have to do with CIF?

    • Al-Guardian and Comment is Free provide the manure in which this sort of hatred grows vigorously and threatens to overrun decent and intelligent discourse, thereby making it acceptable. I am surprised that CiF hasn’t had a spate of articles praising the bravery of these “people”

  2. Richard, was the accountant you spoke to a Muslim? (I can’t see the film clip) If not, it’s interesting that he would want to go to Pakistan, that bastion of peace and brotherly love in the world.

    • Pakistan is a Muslim country. It broke away from India on those grounds.
      Why would a Muslim wanting to go there be a surprise?
      Unless you meant Arab rather than Muslim?

      • It’s just that so many Pakistani Muslims are eager to stay in the UK. Why should he want to go back, unless to train to come back to the UK as a terrorist protected species so beloved of the current UK government.