How big is E-1? The geographic reality of an alleged “impediment to peace”

A guest post by AKUS

There’s been a lot of talk at the Guardian – and in the mainstream media – about the tiny area of land (known as ‘E-1’) outside Jerusalem (encompassing a mere 12 square kilometers of land out of more than 5,600 square kilometers of territory in the West Bank), so I thought it might be worth putting it in perspective:

Here’s a map showing E-1 taken from Ha’aretz (Q&A: What is area E-1, anyway?) which has the advantage of showing E-1 in bright red:


Here is the same image overlaid on a true map of Jerusalem and surroundings.  The guide in the bottom left hand corner gives a better idea of the distances and area involved – about 2 miles/4km from central Jerusalem, and between Jerusalem and Ma’ale Adumim:


For clarity, here is the E-1 area extracted from the map provided by Ha’aretz and overlaid on the same map of Jerusalem and surroundings:


By way of comparison, here is the E-1 area overlaid on a map of Manhattan – it is less than 4 times larger than Central Park:


To make the scale of E-1 a little more obvious, let’s zoom out to include most of Manhattan and surroundings:


And here is E-1 overlaid on a portion of the map of Israel to the same scale:


Is the world-wide fuss over an area between Jerusalem and Ma’ale Adumim, less than four times the size of Central Park, and a fraction of the size of Manhattan, that the Palestinians know will be included in the area of Israel if an agreement is ever reached, really worth making?

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  1. AKUS, here’s some perspective for you: E1 is in Palestine. It includes land privately owned by Palestinians (http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/israeli-security-forces-evacuate-activists-from-palestinian-tent-outpost-in-e-1-area.premium-1.493531), and the entire area comes within the territory recognised as Palestine by the UN. It’s territory illegally occupied by Israel, and building there would be yet another violation of international law by Israel. It’s not really that complicated. Perhaps if you spent more time learning about the context as the entire international community sees it, and less time making silly maps of Manhattan, you’d understand what the “world-wide fuss” is about.

    • Perhaps it’s you, who needs a better education:
      The UN cannot create states, nor can it assign territory from one state onto another.
      No land in E1 is “privately owned”. This is a typical obfuscation tactic by the Pals.(The Supereme Court dismissed their ridiculous contentions).
      The Oslo accords delegated E1 to “Area C”, where Israel has full civil authority. The PA signed that treaty, and violated it, when it sought that stunt at the UN.

      • Thanks, Commentary101. I’ll take those in reverse order:

        1. Israel built illegal settlements in the West Bank *throughout* Oslo; talking about the Palestinians “violating” the accords a few months ago is rather redundant. Moreover, Area C was supposed to be *temporarily* managed by Israel before being handed over to Palestinian control – instead, Israel has built illegal settlements, demolished Palestinians homes, and created an apartheid system in which Israeli settlers live under Israeli civil law while Palestinians live under military law, and has generally refused to accept its responsibilities as an occupying power to meet the basic needs of the population it is occupying. (All of that and more is evidenced in recent reports by the EU: http://www.jpost.com/DiplomacyAndPolitics/Article.aspx?id=253305)

        2. If it’s a typical obfuscation by the Palestinians, then it’s also one that has managed to trick not just myself, but also Haaretz and the Israeli Civil Administration – as you would know if you’d bothered to read the source I provided.

        3. I said the UN recognised Palestine, not “created” it. But you’re quite right, states declare themselves – as Israel did, unilaterally, in 1948.

        • Another disingenuous reply from you(not that I expected any better):
          From the benignly frivolous to the patently absurd:
          1. Where, in your “source”, does the party claiming to own land in “E1” actually proffer any evidence, in fact? That is the reason why the Supreme Court allowed those provocateurs’ eviction. They thought their “word” was good enough. In matters of law, it naturally isn’t.
          If they actually want to contest the ownership of the land, let them do so formally, before the magistrates.
          Oh, and speaking of which, how you love to flaunt those charges of “Apartheid”…
          Have you ever considered, that over 97% of the Palestinians actually live in Areas A & B, administered by the PA, and subject to its laws(therefore, don’t deal with Israel)? Whose courts, by the bye, gleefully sentence people to death, for selling land to Jews. What kind of a legal system would that be?
          2. Oh, so those measures are “temporary” now? Let’s go along with that(Let it be noted, that you’re moving the goalposts). Who, then, destroyed the final status negotiations, at Camp David, in 2000? I’ll give you a hint, it was certain “Chairman”, who had a frenzy for starting Intifadas…
          * Thank you for the correction. I do apologise for saying that the Palestinians have violated the Oslo Accds. only just recently. My bad. What I should have said was: they have been vitiating Oslo, since at least 1994(when Arafat called the treaty — “Khudayva-like”, and since then, conducting a ruthless campaign of terrorism, incitement, delegitimisation(all explicitly forbidden by Oslo), against Israelis & Israel. I stand corrected.
          3. Ah, Israel “unilaterally” declared its independence. No, my dear fellow, you got it all wrong. Israel fended off an onslaught of six Arab armies, whose sole purpose was destroy the nascent state(declared in accordance with the conclusion of the B. Mandate, & UNGA181), then fought bitterly for Intl. recognition thereof, and was finally admitted in 1949(!) to the UN, by writ of the Security Council(whose resolutions mind you, and only Hers, constitute bodies of Intl. law).
          So yes, Israel exists; after having laboured through(extensively) the normal channels of coming into being. While the likes of you strive to extirpate it, often using base lies and prevarications of various kinds.
          Eppur si muove

      • If the UN cannot create state… you’re implying that Israel is not a state.

        Israel exists as a legitimate state today because a UN vote acknowledged its existence. No UN vote = no Israeli state.

        Either we have two states – Israel and Palestine, both recognized by the UN – or we do not have any state.

        • “Nat”, this was a conversation for adults, not trolls like yourself.
          Now, be a dear, and troll somewhere else, scum.

          • Commentary 101, I am dismayed by your lack of respect for people who don’t agree with you.

            Israel is a democracy committed to freedom of speech and pluralism. Why do you get out of control every time you see people who are committed to pluralism and freedom of speech?

          • I don’t “respect” trolls,”Nat” , it’s that simple.
            Especially those who are paid for their shilling.
            Now, run along, vermin.

          • Commentary 101, the insults you use, your aggressiveness at anyone who disagrees with what you write seem to suggest that you were not raised in Israel but in some violent dictatorship or authoritarian regime.

            I am dismayed by your lack of respect for people who don’t agree with you.

            Israel is a democracy committed to freedom of speech and pluralism. Why do you freak out every time people disagree with what you say?

      • Shimon Peres said that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was one of the only Arab leaders with whom Israel could reach an agreement. He said that there was “no alternative” to a two-state solution and called on Likud to state this explicitly in the party platform. He added that there was a clear majority among the Israeli public that supports a Palestinian state existing side by side with a Jewish one, and that the idea of a binational state endangers the Jewish, Zionist and democratic nature of Israel.

        Commentary 101, all you’re giving us is a binational state where Jews will soon become a minority.

        • I am not giving “you” anything, you disgusting troll.
          And stop copying and paste the same ridiculous message, so many times over!
          How the hell did you contrive Peres into any of this?
          Now get lost, troll.

          • Commentary 101, your aggressiveness at seems to suggest that you were not raised in Israel but in some violent dictatorship.

            Israel is a democracy committed to freedom of speech and pluralism. Why do you freak out every time people disagree with what you say? Why no try to debate peacefully with them?

          • “Nat”, your drivel here suggests you’re paid.
            How much then? Who’s transferring the cash?
            Please answer.

          • Again with copying and pasting, you fool?
            When will you stop trolling,is what I’d like to know?

        • Minortiy? I guess you belive Palestinain saying that they will be the majority until 2020. probalem is that as allways their facts are fabricated.
          The Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics’ demographic data arrived at its data not through objective scientific inquiry but rather by overstating the size of the Arab population residing in the territories administered by the Palestinian Authority.

        • The international community says the development of E1 will damage the prospects of a viable Palestinian state by almost bisecting the West Bank, effectively cutting it off from East Jerusalem, which is intended to be the future capital of a Palestinian state.

          This means that we will be left with the one-state solution – a binational state in which Jews will become minority.

          Settlements are not compatible with the survival of a Jewish state.

          • Territory swaps between the states of Israel and Palestine are likely to happen as part of peace negotiations, but they will only include major preexisting settlement blocks such as Gilo. E1 is never gonna be part of it, ever, because it is located right between East Jerusalem, which is meant to become Palestine’s capital (while West Jerusalem is meantt become Israel’s capital), and the remainder of the West Bank.

          • There’s no “state of palestine.” Quit trolling and move to Pakistan with your brothers ariel-the-moron and hadara-the-imbecile.

          • Dear SerJew, please show some respect to the state of Palestine, the same respect as we expect people to show to the state of Israel. Insulting our neighbour is not going to bring any peace in this region.

        • I was not making any comment or attempted determination of borders. In view of the fuss over this tiny patch of land, its valuable to see it in proportion.

          However, I do think Israel will fairly soon have had enough of all the gamesmanship, and will simply declare what its border with the WB will be, complete the fence around it, and let the Palestinians figure out how to deal with it, as was the case with Gaza.

          After 40+ years, enough is enough. This year is 40 years since the Yom Kippur War, BTW.

          • “However, I do think Israel will fairly soon have had enough of all the gamesmanship, and will simply declare what its border with the WB will be, complete the fence around it, and let the Palestinians figure out how to deal with it, as was the case with Gaza.”

            Unilaterally annexing another state’s land is forbidden under international law, Akus.

    • Israeli settlements in the territory of the state of Palestine (West Ban, including East Jerusalem, Gaza) are in contravention of international humanitarian law (article 49 alinea 6 of the Fourth Geneva Convention).

      • “Alinea”?
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        • Dear Commentary 101, Mossad people are busy defending Israel from hostile foreign governments and saving lives every day. They do not have the time to monitor far right wing extremists – this would be the work of the Shabak.

          • So you admit to being a “right wing extremist”? I.e., a Neonazi?
            I wondered about that too. Intellectually, you’re just inane enough.
            Still, “Nat”, keep my admonition close to heart, and, Zeg je gebeden, “Nat”.
            The Mossad may be right behind you.

          • Commentary, let me remind you that the Shabak have been closely monitoring all far right wing extremists ever since Rabin was assassinated. We cannot let another nutcase destroy peace and stability in Israel just because he feels like killing anyone who disagrees with his extremist ideology. Israel is a democracy, not an authoritarian regime.

          • “Zeg je gebeden” – Dear Commentary 101, are you aware that making death threats could land you in serious trouble?

            I don’t know what disturbing events you witnessed to have such hatred and anger in your heart, I just know that you need help.

            There is so much beauty in Israel – how could you let your soul become so full of anger? Israel is a democracy built by people coming from all over the world. They had to learn to overcome their differences and to work together. They managed to build a state because they respected one another, even when they disagreed. This is a lesson you should learn – there is strenght in our differences.

          • Perfect demopathic speech. BTW, how are your brothers “ariel” and “hadara”? Are you planning a family reunion?

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    • It does not matter how big is E-1.

      What matters is that E1 is an impediment to peace because of the geographic reality.

      Israel’s E1 settlement project is not located in Israel, it is located in the territory of the state of Palestine, in contravention of international humanitarian law. It is considered illegal.

      The Government of Canada is not trying to build illegal Canadian settlements in Manhattan, US territory; so why is the Government of Israel trying to build illegal Israeli settlements in E1, Palestinian territory?

    • There was never such a thing as a sovereign independent country called Palestine, nor was there ever a nationality, specific ethnic group of people called Palestinians, which as we all know, or should know a quite recent political – fraudulent invention. The Jewish people and Israel by extension have the historic, moral, spiritual and indeed the legal right on the land some by ignorance and/or by deceit call Palestine. The right of the Jews on the land has been acknowledged and legalized by the League of Nations which provisions and decisions must as per international law be endorsed and followed by the letter by the UN. Depriving the Jews (Israelis) of their right on the land is an illegal act in the first place. The UN and the international community must abide by the League of Nation’s irrevocable decision on the matter.

    • Chris, the reason why your propaganda line will have no effect upon Israelis and upon reality, is that too many people know the whole settlement herring has already been handled and resolved. Even the Islamophiliac WaPo admits it:


      “Mr. Netanyahu’s government, like several before it, has limited building almost entirely to areas that both sides expect Israel to annex through territorial swaps in an eventual settlement. For example, the Jerusalem neighborhoods where new construction was announced last month were conceded to Israel by Palestinian negotiators in 2008.”

  2. If E-1 were the size of my bathroom they’d be screaming. It’s never WHERE Jews live it’s THAT they live. Or history taught us nothing?