Following CiF Watch post, Guardian corrects story on protest at Bab al-Shams


On Jan. 13, we criticized a story by Harriet Sherwood (‘Israel evicts E1 Palestinian peace camp activists) about Palestinian protesters who set up a tent city named Bab al-Shams – in the area between Jerusalem and Ma’ale Adumim known as E-1 – and who were removed by Israeli police.  

We noted that Sherwood’s report included the false information that “all” of the Palestinians were arrested when, in fact, nobody was arrested.

Here are the two relevant passages in Sherwood’s report:

According to activists, a large military force surrounded the encampment at around 3am. All protesters were arrested and six were injured, said Abir Kopty.”

Palestinian legislator Mustafa Barghouti, who was among those arrested, said the eviction was “proof that the Israeli government operates an apartheid system.

The strap line for the story also reported that protesters were “arrested”.

We noted that Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld confirmed that there were no arrests made — a statement (which he later confirmed to CAMERA) accurately reported by several Arab media outlets. According to Rosenfeld, a few activists were detained briefly, and then released.

We asked our blog’s followers to contact the Guardian’s readers’ editor to request a correction and, sure enough, less than 24 hours after our post, the story was revised, and the language about “arrests” removed (including in the strap line).

Sherwood’s report now includes this footnote:

This article was amended on 14 January 2013. Activists were detained but not formally arrested. This has been corrected.

As always, many thanks to our loyal readers for working with us in our ongoing efforts to keep the Guardian accountable to basic standards of accuracy.

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      • Commentary 101, why do you want to ban anyone who disagrees with you right-wing view of the world?

        Why can’t you accept the fact that Israel is a democracy where freedom of speech and freedom of the press are paramount?

        Were you raised in North Korea?

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          • Commentary 101, what’s illegal under Israeli law is to insult people and post racist comments.

            It’s high time you realize that Israel is a democracy where both freedom of speech and freedom of the press are paramount.

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          • No one has made any addmissions. But if you like, tell us specifically which activities are illegal under Israeli and international law. Please cite the relevant legal codes, treaties, etc.

            Some might say that threatening legal action / trouble is intimidation…

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            You have a lot to learn about respecting others and their freedom of speech, something which is paramount in Israel. Agreeing to disagree is certainly more fruitful than insulting people.

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          • No Commentary101, all I asked was for you to give EVIDENCE not just use loaded words like terrorism or Islam to brand people the way you want to.Such behaviour is the beginning of the raod towards racism. So if you don’t like it, fine, but I notice you didn’t address any of the other points I made which I guess means either that you are an idiot or that you have no more ideas worthy of sharing on this site.Which I guess means you won’t be posting here again! Brilliant!

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          • Wrong again. I didn’t say it was racist, I said that is was starting along the road towards racism. And I said that branding groups of people that way was such.

            So, please, read what I say not what you think I say or what you wish I had said (SerJew has already made this mistake and had to make multiple apologies).

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  1. Yes, because there’s such a big difference in terms of making ordinary people’s lives a misery, between arrest and detention! You don’t get it. It’s harrassment either way, that’s the point.

  2. Nat….. its just like school all over again isn’t it !?!?!.As someone who studied social beahviour it is very easy to spot an inability by some to connect with ‘normal people’ …. so you feel the need to be more ‘you’ …… but deep down you know that everyone hates ‘you’, everyone either pities or laughs at you so you make yourself more ‘you’ as a defense mechanism – regardless of how much you are laughed at, pitied or ignored……………

    You can only break this cycle of self hatred and loneliness if you change your bevaiour… screeching like a village idiot “donors” on every post is not changing that self destructive behaviourial pattern is it??

    • Dear TheNews, the real question is: at a time when there is a clear majority among the Israeli public that supports a Palestinian state existing side by side with a Jewish one, and when most Israelis are fiercely attached to the democratic character of Israel, why do some far right wing activists come here to criticize such basic freedoms as freedom of speech or freedom of the press?

      • What does democracy in Israel has got to do with your pathetic trolling and llies? Try another tactic, “nat”.

  3. Nat – if whatever garbage you typed (I, like most, stopped reading your endless off-topic screeches) is the ‘real question’ why on the first post of this article did you write “Will this information be included in CIF Watch’s donors’ report?” – joking aside… as mental illness is not a laughing matter…what is wrong with you?!? why are you lying to yourself? where are you based ?shall i recommend someone to help you?

    • I assume that CIF Watch has donors who fund Mr Levick’s salary. All donors request donors reports stating which results was achieved with their money.

        • SerJew, Nat has not started a blog to inflict his views on the world,and to harrass Guardian people who have to respond to his endless complain letters, and those he encourages lemmins like you to make, too. He has made himself into an apartheid-supporting public figure, so it’s important to know what his funding is.

          • You fancy yourself as a crusader of anti-racism and behave like a shamless sanctimonious hypocrite, always demanding, demanding, demanding, like a spoiled brat. This is nothing but trolling. So, you tell us who is your employer, or else go drink your macchiatto.

          • As I’ve already told you, mine is a Turkish coffee.

            You can call me shameless, sanctimonious, etc. I don’t care. Really.

            I am not ‘demanding’ anything at all, just asking questions. Questions shed light on issues, especially when they get anwers, but sometimes also when they don’t. I guess you probably left school at 11 so I’m not surprised you don’t understand this.

          • Of course you don’t care. That’s why you are a shameless hypocrite. As for your “questions”, you are just obsessed with this blog and with your moralistic crusader fantasy. It’s very laughable and nat-like.

          • There are a few other blogs I post on but they are not Israel based. So to say I’m obsessed is actually wrong.

            Anyway, my questions are not directed to you, so why do you bother responding? Why not just take Labenal’s advice and toodle off and have a wank?

          • Same can be said to you? Why don’t you just piss off? But I like making fun of your sanctimonious tantrums.

          • “SerJew, Nat has not started a blog to inflict his views on the world,” sanitary, the Knight of Hypocrishire

            No one is forcing you to join or read this blog. You seem to be permanently unhappy with it, but you keep posting here anyways, Are you masochistic or just can’t resist your trolling urges?

  4. and that has what to do with the price of eggs…. ?!?! you just dont get it do you Nat………. your lack of social awareness is startling.

    • You fancy yourself as a crusader of anti-racism and behave like a shamless sanctimonious hypocrite, always demanding, demanding, demanding, like a spoiled brat. This is nothing but trolling. So, you tell us who is your employer, or else go drink your macchiatto.

    • TheNews, why won’t you engage in a fruitful debate, in which people may disagree but still respect each other? It’s called “agreeing to disagree”, and it’s what makes discussing on forums online so interesting – you get a chance to listen to other people’s ideas.

      • You the heck can you engange your condescending BS about “fruitful” debate, when YOU only disrupts discussions with off-topic nonsense and your sock-puppeteering? Good grief, what a nauseating hypocrite!