‘Comment is Free’ editors finally suspend user privileges of white supremacist

On Jan. 16 we posted about a Guardian reader whose commenting privileges were not suspended despite the fact that he made racist remarks, including the promotion of Holocaust denial, beneath a Guardian story about Holocaust education in the UK.  We additionally noted how peculiar it was that his user profile remained at ‘Comment is Free’ despite the fact that it contained a link to a white supremacist site called ‘British Resistance‘.

We identified the right-wing extremist – who uses the online moniker of ‘CorshmCrusader’ – as Mark Kennedy, a Nazi sympathizer who is actually the deputy editor of ‘British Resistance’, and asked CiF Watch readers to consider contacting ‘Comment is Free’ editors to inquire why he hadn’t been banned.

Today we finally learned that ‘CorshmCrusader’s profile has indeed been removed by ‘Comment is Free’ editors.

Here’s what you see when try to open the user’s link:

profile not available

Many thanks to those of you who responded to our request, emailed CiF editors and helped us get this extremist removed from the Guardian.


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  1. Well done to CiF and well done to readers.

    FYI and you may be aware of this. The Guardian is to launch and Australian Edition. I have no idea when. This will be a great partner for the Age and the Sydney Morning Herald

  2. So Cif Watch did the job that should have been done by the Guardian. Perhaps they knew all along who this guy was and only removed him through outside pressure. The only sure way to keep these elements silent is for the Guardian to close, only then will these racists be devoid of their fuel.

      • Wow. Even on this entirely non-controversial item, Nat still tries to have a pop. Ever heard the saying “pick your battles” Nat?

      • So Nat? What’s your point?

        The Guardian doesn’t like hearing the truth. When you get deleted or banned you know you’ve hit the nail on the head.

        • Have you ANY idea how ridiculous that comment appears? Keep it up! Shoot yourself and by association the site, in the foot.

          • Actually Alex “Have you ANY idea how ridiculous YOUR comment appears? ”

            I speak from experience. Most likely a good deal more than you too.

            When a person is blocked/banned, it usually means they’ve hit the nail on the head and the website/blog owner doesn’t like it.

            Recently Greta Berlin had Facebook take my ID away. When I explained the truth of the matter to them, which she didn’t like, it was reinstated

      • Your comment is lowest of the low Nat:false indignation to make out that there is no difference between white supremacist trash and Adam, is what you want the reader of of your crap to deduce, is it?

        Well I remove my gloves and will call you a bigot each time you scribble something like this on this blog . You are not controversial or balancing any argument, you are intent on offending. Idiot.

        • I’m extremely happy any time someone denying the Holocaust online is banned from a website. That said, it’s a bit strange to see Mr Levick, who was banned from CIF himself, comment on someone else being banned. He should have asked Hadar Sela to write this note.

          • I don’t like saying that any poster is a worthless troll…but if you’re too thick to truly not get the difference between being banned in a fit of pique for accurately reporting on the sickness at a website, and being banned for BRINGING sickness to the website in the form of neo-Nazi cheerleading, then yes, the tag above fits. You’ve been a jerk for your entire CifW posting history, congratulations for sinking beneath that into being a detriment to your pet cause. You’re an idiot.

      • Nat, interesting that you wouldn’t know the difference between a Jew and a Nazi. You are both malicious and simple minded.

        • Mr. Levick was banished for doing what is right; for standing up against hate, against anti-Semitism. White Supremacists advance hatred. The distinction is quite clear.

  3. Again: CorshmCrusader is as much a “Guardian reader” as his trolling pals “corshams mate” and “Steve” are “CiFW readers.”

    OK, you don’t like the Guardian because of its coverage of Israel. Fine. But there’s no need to go that low.