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Turn David Ward’s vile charge on its head


As CST and others have reported, British MP David Ward (Liberal Democrat, Bradford East) recently decided to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day, observed internationally on Jan. 27 (the day, in 1945, that Auschwitz was liberated), by grossly debasing Holocaust memory.

On his website, there is an entry with the following title: ‘Bradford MP condemns Israel for treatment of Palestinians on the day he signs the Holocaust Memorial Day Book of Commitment’.

It begins thus:

Sunday January 27th will mark the 68th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the Nazi concentration and extermination camp which is the site of the largest mass murder in history. In the weeks running up to the day, the Holocaust Educational Trust placed a Book of Commitment in the House of Commons, giving MPs the chance to honour those who were persecuted and killed during the Holocaust and encouraging constituents to work together to combat prejudice and racism today.

Then there is a quote from Ward himself:

Having visited Auschwitz twice – once with my family and once with local schools – I am saddened that the Jews, who suffered unbelievable levels of persecution during the Holocaust, could within a few years of liberation from the death camps be inflicting atrocities on Palestinians in the new State of Israel and continue to do so on a daily basis in the West Bank and Gaza.

While some have rightfully focused on the morally obscene comparison between casualties as the result of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and the Nazi extermination of six million Jew, there’s an element of Ward’s quote which is even more disturbing. It is the “they-of-all-people” argument: the suggestion that Jews, having faced unimaginable persecution, should know better than anyone not to be oppressors.

As Howard Jacobson argued, the argument leaves the Jewish people doubly damned: to the Holocaust itself and to elevated moral scrutiny as a result of it.  By this logic, Jacobson argued, “the Holocaust becomes an educational experience from which Jews were ethically obliged to graduate summa cum laude, Israel being the proof that they didn’t.”

Further, as Chas Newkey-Burden so eloquently argued, those who employ the “they of all people” argument are, in essence, saying that it is Jews, and not the antisemites, who have lessons to learn – that it is Jews, not the antisemites, who need to clean up their act. 


“The Holocaust followed centuries of slander, persecution, violence and murder committed by gentiles against Jews. So it is not you who have an increased responsibility to behave morally, but us.

For instance, something that we gentiles should know better than to do is lazily accuse Jewish people, or the Jewish state itself, of any misdemeanour. We have seen what centuries of slander against the Jewish people led to during the 1930s and ’40s. We see the hatred, heartbreak and bloodshed that such anti-Jewish libels continue to provoke, particularly in the Middle East.

Yet much of the world still continues to delight in damning Israel with indecent haste. From Al Dura (the false claim that Israeli forces murdered a boy in Gaza) to Jenin, from the Goldstone Report to the Gaza flotilla; time and again the world has found Israel guilty of a particular crime before all the evidence was available. When the full picture emerged and exonerated Israel it was too late to undo the damage. We gentiles, of all people, should know better.”

Newkey-Burden’s urgent moral plea to resist those who would so debase Holocaust memory ends thusly:

“Let us strip the “they-of-all-people” argument down to its very basics: gentiles telling Jews that we killed six million of your people and that as a result it is you, not us, who have lessons to learn; that it is you, not us, who need to clean up your act. It is an argument of atrocious, spiteful insanity. Do not accept it; turn it back on those who offer it. For it is us, not you, who should know better.”

Turn David Ward’s vile charge on its head!

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  1. It seems that the Lib-Dems seem to have a worrying amount of members who subscribe to the same disgraceful views as Mr Ward. The despicable Jenny Tonge who was forced to resign a few years ago for supporting suicide bombers (although the Lib-Dems still felt her worthy of being promoted to the HoL and receiving the title Baroness) was quick to come out with this statement “David is a fine MP and understands the issues, and deserves our support.”

    For a party which is supposed to be all about social equality and liberalism, the abuse that they pour on the only country in the Middle East which could be described as democratic is astounding.

    Mr Ward is either A) guilty of pandering to his local constituents, the majority of who are Muslim and felt this would enhance his chances of retaining his seat or B he is yet another of the useful idiots who seem to have swallowed the Palestinian propaganda hook, line and sinker.

    • Your option A) is more likely than anything.
      The LibDems are in dire straights given that Clegg is the best they can do for a front man and will look under any stone and trawl any cesspit to get votes and seats in parliament.

      And he is a useful infidel for Islamism in the UK, alongside his forked-Tonge oppo

  2. I suggest that david ward should do some serious research on the Holocaust and the Nuremberg Laws And then follow it up with a good study of the quran and in particular all the anti jewish/sematic verses therein

    • I agree Joginder Singh, but I’d not have him study the antisemitism in the quran, rather what sharia decrees for infidels.

      Why else do you think that Gorgeous George Galloway converted to Islam? It cannot have been for the benefit of his mental health.

  3. Yes, we all know that David Ward and his colleagues in the Coalition government have ‘learn lessons from the holocaust’, hence their slave labour programmes and demonisation of already marginalised minority groups whom they blame for the current economic depression.

  4. How many visits to Auschwitz do you think it should take to teach David Ward that each Jew, just like anybody else, is an individual human being and not a faceless member of a group?

    • How many visits to Auschwitz do you think it should take to teach David Ward …

      Maths and stats ace that I be, I think I can be pretty specific on that one.


    • germolene this is a man who would probably sell his granny on ebay if it was politically expedient and the price was right. I doubt that he cares that Jews are human beings or recognises that fact – no, he is so hell-bent on re-election that he is feeding the Israel/Jew-hating beast in his constituency what it needs. Having sold out what passes for his soul so publicly he dare not back down now.

      So he went to Auschwitz! So what, since he obviously learned not a thing.

  5. Let’s change only a few words in this typical British establishment representative’s crap like this:
    …I am saddened that the blacks, who suffered unbelievable levels of persecution during slavery and colonization, could within a few years of liberation from the colonial oppression be inflicting atrocities on each other in the new Rwanda, Congo, Nigeria,Ethiopia etc. and continue to do so on a daily basis in Africa.
    …I am saddened that the Muslims, who suffered unbelievable levels of persecution during the the colonial era and dictatorships, could within a few years of liberation from their oppressors be inflicting atrocities on religious minorities in Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan and Algeria, Sudan and continue to do so on a daily basis in the Muslim world.

    He probably would be ostracized not only by the Guardian but apart from the neo-Nazis by the entire UK political spectrum, would be immediately sacked from his party, even he could have been arrested for inciting racial hate.
    But saying this about Jews is not a subject of the UK media or the Liberal Democratic Party of Lady “Jhad” Tonge.

  6. David Ward demonstrated his absolute ignorance and prejudice. What a numpty hope he is sacked and deselected. With so many unemployed to have an ignorant mp who is a blatant propagandist and a clear anti-semite is beyond belief. Of course my hubby pointed out the obvious look at his constituency. The inversion of reality and truth is becoming all to common these days and it just shows how not Great, Britain is today. Perhaps numpties like Ward et al should look at the what is going on in Nigeria, South Sudan, etc and do a reality check. Childers who has inside knowledge stated that the real power behind Kony is Bashir and what religion is Bashir, certainly not a Jew and not a Christian. They will not because they are too servile to their paymasters and dare I say have imbibed the malevolent hitlerian spirit. Israel is a democracy, a wonderful country which grants toleration to all citizens, and the Jews well despite the hatred of those who hate the apple of God’s eye have given so much to the world in terms of science, advances and intellecutal contributions. Hatred of the Jews is hatred of the God who made the universe.

  7. I would ask the critics to read ‘Fortress Israel’ by Patrick Tyler and having absorbed the contents, perhaps they could re-consider their attitude and even apologise to the MP. Since its inception the country has been heavily influenced by its military leaders, many of whom became politicians.

    • I don’t need to read the rantings of a foreign journalist because living in Israel I know its politics, society and people much better than he ever would and his book is so full of bullshit, falsification of historical facts, ignorance and open hostility to Israel that I’m surprised the Guardian haven’t offered him a job. (BTW I suggest you to read this criticism of his book).
      But I see your point Brian – we Jews must apologise to a vicious anti-semite because he considers us arrogant due to the fact that after two thousand years of uninterrupted and unhindered persecution by Ward’s and your kind we said enough is enough and finally we stand our ground and protect ourselves. I understand your and Ward’s clearly expressed opinion about our hutzpah that after you taught us the rules of proper behavior in the death camps we somehow didn’t get it yet.
      Since its inception the country has been heavily influenced by its military leaders, many of whom became politicians
      Like David Ben Gurion, Menachem Begin, Yitchak Shamir, Shimon Peres, Golda meir, Levi Eshkol, Benyamin Netanyahu, Moshe Sharett, Ehud Olmert all of them Prime Ministers of Israel and not like Charles de Gaulle or Eisenhower.
      Thank you for proving your laughable ignorance and bigoted bias…
      And just a simple question: What is the connection between these two facts:
      1. A country continually being under existential threat by its neighbors and its only protection is its army whose leaders are experts in security policy chooses them as political leaders
      2. A Jew-hater British MP laments that the Jews didn’t get the message of the Holocaust and don’t behave according to his rules of proper behavior for victims.

    • I’ve read that book. There are good things and bad things I could say about it.

      But more to the point: specifically, what is there within the book which supports David Ward’s statement, or means anyone should apologise to Ward?

  8. An other pearll from this honourable MP:
    …It appears that the suffering by the Jews has not transformed their views on how others should be treated.
    Transformed their views!?
    According to the dictionary the definition of the word “transform”:
    a : to change in composition or structure
    b : to change the outward form or appearance of
    c : to change in character or condition : convert:
    The meaning of this sentence of this representative of British civilation couldn’t be clearer:
    1. Before “their sufferings” the Jews had very negative views on how others should be treated.
    2. ” Their sufferings” didn’t make them to change their behavior.
    Certainly the fellow is not an anti-Semite but an anti-Zionist…
    I’m looking forward to read the explanation why he’s not an anti-Semite in CIF penned by Jonathan Freedland and Linda Grant…

  9. That link from his website is puke-inducing.
    You can imagine his re-election agent saying: insert that “disclaimer” bit somewhere mentioning Auschwitz – but otherwise feel free to use and abuse the anniversary.

    A desperate, outrageous and morally degenerate example of vote-chasing. He should be kicked out of the party immediately. And f**k his MP’s pension.