Guardian analyst laments that Israel’s ‘far-right’ gov’t won’t make peace with global jihadists

A recent edition of the Guardian’s ongoing Middle East Live Blog (edited by  and ) added a bit of analysis to recent reports that the IDF has been striking sophisticated (possibly Russian made) weaponry which was reportedly on its way to the Iranian backed terror group, Hezbollah in Lebanon.


Version of the advanced anti-missile system that Israel reportedly intercepted in a Syria which was heading to Hezbollah

The reported strikes would be consistent with previous warnings by Israeli leaders of the possibility of military action to prevent the Syrian regime’s arms – including chemical and biological weapons – from falling into the hands of Hezbollah, or “global jihadists” [such as al-Qaeda-linked rebel groups in like Jabhat al-Nusra], fighting inside Syria, especially in light of the increasing instability of the Assad regime.

The Guardian report notes the following:

Expect to see more Israeli air strikes against Syria, warns analyst Nicholas Noe, who is concerned that the crisis threatens to escalate into a regional conflagration.

Noe, co-founder of and expert on Hezbollah, said: “Unfortunately if the past is any guide to the future we are in for more Israeli air strikes, and a political process to settle this is not going to be forthcoming.”

Noe then is quoted thus:

“Unfortunately I don’t think this extraordinarily right wing Israeli leadership is interested in sending messages of peace.

They see some of the greatest enemies to the north, Hezbollah and Syria, as very vulnerable and I’m greatly concerned that there is a strong desire among parts of the Israeli establishment who want to use this opportunity to strike some strong blows against their strategic enemies.

Noe, a ‘Comment is Free’ contributor, would evidently have us believe that, if not for the “extraordinary right wing Israeli leadership”, peace between Israel, Syria, al-Qaeda affiliated groups and Hezbollah could possibly be forthcoming. 

This sage commentary by Noe, an “analyst” who has shilled for Hezbollah previously at CiF, suggesting that it is Israel which is the the military aggressor, represents yet another in a series of increasingly hysterical characterizations of Israel’s alleged “extreme right” political orientation – a specious and misleading narrative in the political context of the region, and one which evidently hasn’t been modified by contradictory evidence produced by the Israeli elections.

“Progressive” global jihadists and “liberal” Hezbollah leaders are no doubt increasingly depressed about the prospect of having their peaceful acquisition of sophisticated Syrian arms stymied by the belligerent Jewish state. 

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  1. Hezbollah would turn their rockets into ploughshares overnight if it weren’t for that darned extraordinarily right wing Israeli leadership. Right?

    Although to be fair to Noe, he’s not actually suggesting that. His focus is very much on the chemical weapons stockpiles, the radical Islamists and the “catastrophic mix that the Israelis are facing.”

    • The newspaper speaks of Hebollaz, a Lebanese organization, not of “global Jihadists”. Only CIF Watch does.

      PS: the European Union does not list Hezbollah as a “terrorist organization”.

      • Oh yes, Nat. If the EU says that they’re not terrorists, then surely they couldn’t be, could they?

        • The EU funded Palestinian “refugees” to the sum of EU 410,000,000 since 2011 but all enquiries to MEPs as to how these monies have been accounted for by the Palestinians who received them have so far been fobbed off.

          If I am paying money to this shower I want to be assured beyond doubt that it is not lining the pockets of corrupt Hamas or PA officials.

          • Snigger I don’t know when you last asked your MEPs, but remember that they are ALL up for election in 2014. When they are approaching an election politicians tend to be more receptive to questions and requests.
            Remember Chuck Colson’s famous dictum, “When you have them by the balls…etc.”

            The pre-election period is when voters have politicians by the proverbials.

            • Quite recently, Gerald. I also told my MEPs that I would refer the matter to the EU ombudsman if they failed to come up with the goods

              • Dear ‘Nat’ it is in Europe’s interest not to waste money on bogus refugees. It is definitely in Europe’s interest to cut off the funding of and support for terrorist groups.

                • it is in Europe’s interest not to waste money on bogus refugees.

                  Perhaps I missed something on the thread. What does this have to do with the topic?

              • Nat, My tax money goes to the EU. I shouldn’t need to pay for blood sucking organisations like UNRWA.
                If you want to donate do it privately.

          • All the details on EU funding are available on the EU website, Snigger.

            One Gerald Steinberg, reportedly working for NGO Monitor, sued the EU, pretending that he could not access these data. The Court dismissed his request as “manifestly lacking any foundation in law”.

      • PS ‘Nat’ but the European Parliament* passed a resolution calling for Hezbollah to be added to the EU list and there are European countries who already designate Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation.

        * note for ‘Nat’ the European Parliament is the democratically elected body that all the member states of the E.U. elect members to.

        • So far Hezbollah is not considered a terrorist organization by the EU, even if things may change in the future. It’s perfectly normal for a European newspaper to use the European classification, just like an American newspaper will use the American classification, and an Israeli newspaper an Israeli classification.

      • For the European Union leaders killing Jews, launching rockets at Israel, threatening it with chemical weapons is not terrorism. This is only natural.
        Please anybody (with the exception of Nat and his trolls de jour) who gives a flying shwarma about Europe’s opinion on anything connected to Jews and Israel lift his/her hand!

        • Ah .. shwarma with chips/fries in the pitta! Genius invention. Ah … memories of Israel …

          • Have you never set foot in Europe?
            Never Nat. As you must know Hungary is in Oceania.
            Have you considered already the option you being a total cretin? You should.

            • Brilliant.
              But what does Nat mean when referring to Jewish “European leaders”?
              Probably best not to know.

        • peterthehungarian you have left out paying money to “refugees” and refusing to account to those from whom they take it exactly how it is spent – see my reply to Nat above

        • Peter, the European Union has repeatedly condemned rocket launches from Gaza towards Southern Israel. Targeting civilians is a violation of international law and is unacceptable. There are countless EU press statements calling on Palestinian armed groups to stop targeting Israeli civilians.

      • This is only for you Nat.Shoshana whatever you are calling your trolling self today:

        Hezbollah may not be included on the European Union’s list of terrorist groups even if it did bomb Jewish tourists in Bulgaria, the EU’s top counter-terrorism official reportedly said….
        There is no automatic listing just because you have been behind a terrorist attack,” de Kerchove is quoted as saying. “It’s not only the legal requirement that you have to take into consideration, it’s also a political assessment of the context and the timing.”

        Europe’s gift to the Jews on Hlocaust remembrance Day…

      • “PS: the European Union does not list Hezbollah as a “terrorist organization”.”

        1) Why the quotation marks around terrorist organization, trollster?
        2) Hezbollah is part and parcel of that movement.
        3) Shame on the E.U. and shame on you.

      • I have to agree with Nat. Hizbullah is not a global jihad org. they use global operatives financed by other Shia actors like Iran Quds force but that’s it. the only thing that connects them with Mihali islamists, salafi militants, Sunni militants, kurdish militants, Christian Arab militants, Arab marxist militants, and other Arab militant elements is their hatred of Israel the US and some tactics.

  2. Nat I suggest you to enroll a course understanding very simple texts. (Probably no such course would accept an intellectual bacteria like you, but you should try anyway.

  3. “Noe, co-founder of and expert on Hezbollah…”

    They make Nicholas Noe sound like an impartial observer, when the money-grubbing little twat is nothing but a Hezbollah stooge whose business depends on keeping in their good books.