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Steve Bell continues to giggle about antisemitism

Here are the last three cartoons by the Guardian’s Steve Bell:

Feb. 4

feb 4

Feb. 5

feb 5

Here’s his latest, on Feb 6.

Steve Bell's If… 06/02

As we revealed yesterday, Bell’s body of work includes several cartoons about Israel which employ the blood motif, and a few which depict Jews pejoratively as the ‘chosen people’.

His latest two cartoons evidently demonstrate that he finds the whole idea of antisemitic tropes (which he SO cleverly spells as “Aunty Semutic”) amusing, despite the fact that he was warned to avoid engaging in depictions which evoke classic Judeophobia by Guardian readers’ editor, Chris Elliott.


Steve Bell

I can’t wait to see his next schoolbook doodle about those overly sensitive, silly Jews. 

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    • “He’s an “artist” ”

      Yes Jeff to be more precise he is a ‘piss-artist’*

      * a slang term in the UK for a drunk.

      • Well, sure Gerald, he can draw, but maybe he should follow Elton John’s example and find someone to do his lyrics, because he really sucks at it.

  1. You’d think Steve Bell would lay off the silly caricatures given that he looks like one himself… But on a more serious note, it astonishes me that even the Guardian would employ someone so utterly infantile. His work is the intellectual equivalent of repeating what someone has said in a squeaky voice.

  2. He is revelling in it!

    Reminds of the plight of a woman in Coventry who, upon requesting her dustbin men not to leave her neighbour’s bins near her driveway as it meant that she had to move them all by herself before she could get her car out, found for next several months, the entire neighbourhood’s dustbins piled up outside her front door! Such are the fascists’ ways, your complaints only encourages them.

    • Indeed, he’s just like our own “prof” sencar. Anti-Semites these days are complete coward turds.

  3. A bad case of arrested development – Bell can’t move out of adolescence. This means he can never admit to himself, let alone to others, that he could be wrong about anything and therefore he can’t apologise – he can never experience the liberation (often painful) of learning and growing. To be always needing attention, to be always upping the ante – just begging for the grown-ups to draw the boundaries that he both needs and fears – stuck, stuck, stuck.

    Just ignore the poor benighted creature.

  4. “His latest two cartoons evidently demonstrate that he finds the whole idea of antisemitic tropes….amusing”

    As a student of English literature I am familiar with the term ‘trope’. Amongst other things it can mean ‘cliche’, which seems to be the sense in which Adam uses it here so regularly. But the point of a cliche is that, whilst not necessarily in the best literary style, it can carry some element of truth. Cliches are to be avoided not because of what they say but because of the way that they say it. Let’s take some examples as applied to Jews and Israelis. I am not agreeing with any of these statements necessarily, simply using them to make a general point:

    – ‘Jews are over-represented at senior levels in the entertainment industry’.
    – ‘Many very rich capitalists are Jewish’.
    – ‘AIPAC’ excercises considerable influence over many members of Congress when it comes to Israel/Palestine issues’.
    – ‘Israeli leaders such as Dayan and Sharon were predisposed to the use of violence in dealing with Palestinians and might reasonably be described as having blood on their hands’.

    A little research would determine the truth of these statements one way or the other. They may well be cliches or tropes but they may also be true. Isn’t it ridiculous to ban such statements from political discourse as ‘anti-Semitic’? You might as well ban discussion of the Spanish Inquisition as ‘anti-Catholic’.

    • Sure. It would be like replacing terrorists with “militants” for those committing terrorism, or trying to describe Islamic jihad without the use of the term Islamic jihad. No one would ever do that, would they?
      A little research would determine the truth of these statements one way or the other.

    • You are familiar with cliches, because as a prof-manqué, you use them all the time. Tropes can also have the meaning of “motifs”, hence anti-Semitic tropes are just that, political-racist motifs used endlressly by Jew-haters such as yourself to propagate resentful lies and/or hatred.

      So, lets see: ‘Jews are over-represented at senior levels in the entertainment industry’, so what? ‘Females are overrepresented in all levels of nursery industry.’ ‘Black people are overrepresented in basketball industry.’ That has to do with talent, skills, habilities and work. Do you have problems with that? Also, Jews are “overrepresented” in science, particularly physics and mathematics. Arent you upset about that too? Pathetic.

      ‘Many very rich capitalists are Jewish’: again, so what? Most rich capitalists arent Jewish. Many Jews are not rich capitalists. Again, are you against capitalism or just against Jews being successful?

      Now, your last example goes to the core of your type of modern anti-Semitic hatred, of lit-crit pseudo-pacifist ilk; for how dare Jews be predisposed to use violence in dealing with Palestinians just because such brave “freedom-fighters” want to exterminate the Jew? Yeah, better have blood in your hands than be DEAD in the hand of pathological terrorist fanatics. Now, thats a lesson Jews learned from the Shoah. Deal with it, “prof”.

      • As I would expect, SerJew, you completely missed the point. I have no problem with rich Jewish Hollywood producers, but in CifWatch circles even to make reference to their existence is to pander to ‘anti-semitic tropes’. I would seriously argue that Dayan and Sharon were ‘predisposed to use violence in dealing with Palestinians’ but will not present the evidence here since that wasn’t the purpose of my original comment. I was simply making the point that tropes can be true and that it is quite legitimate to associate particular Israelis with the unnecessary spilling of blood without meriting accusations of invoking that tired old cliche, the ‘blood libel’.

        • Listen, prof-manqué, we are used to your so-called “points”. And your purpose here is clear: to present these classical anti-Semitic tropes as if they were just innocent neutral “observations”, with no context nor history, so as to make them appear acceptable. Not surprising from a nauseating and intellectually bankrupt Jew-hater. Try next time.

        • To your examples of cliches and tropes containing “some truth” you forgot to add these:
          -Jews are greedy, they want everything for themselves (see rich Jewish capitalists)
          -Jews want to rule world (see their success controlling the media)
          -Jews are against society (see the huge number of Jewish revolutionaries)
          -Jews are using gentile blood and organs (see baroness Tonge)
          etc. etc.
          Why I’m not surprised that one Jew hater justifies an other one explaining to the Jews what is anti-Semitic and what is not?

        • Next up, ‘sencar’ tells us that it isn’t racist to describe black males as potential rapists, or East Asians as callous automatons. Then he’ll go on to tell us that it’s OK to hate Papists again.

    • Only for Antisemites like you it is important to differ between Jewish capitalists and non-Jewish ones and to elevate the specific background.
      Go and found the first left and international outfit of the EDL.

  5. Fat and ugly is no way to go through life, he obviously suffers from a lack of confidence. Let him wallow in his sorrow and take no notice of him, this last cartoon failed to gain any attention and he will disappear back into obscurity. The word that begins and ends with a ‘t’, and has a ‘w’ and ‘a’ in-between comes to mind.

  6. Wonder what his boss makes of all this …

    Oh wait, he’s too busy poncing around on his £25,000 piano to worry about his newspaper going down the toilet.

    • Ha! Tinkling while the Guardian burns…

      Meanwhile, this morning, Bell continues with his vendetta (twin evils – Murdoch and Israel, oooh) to stamp his feet and shout ‘look at me, look at me’.

      Ignore him

    • Yes, I see he has compared him with Chomsky and Finkelstein. Why doesn’t he just call Bell a liar and save some keystrokes?

      • I’m spotting some blubber-lips on Obama, and I’m not exactly sure why Wendi Deng’s been put into the frame.

        This ‘cartoon’ could have been drawn by some National Front scumbag on ‘Stormfront’. I am now seriously pissed off.