What the Guardian didn’t mention about their Palestinian ‘prisoner of the day’

H/T Al-Gharqad

While we often post in response to Israel related news stories and commentary at the Guardian and ‘Comment is Free’ which are biased, misleading or inaccurate in some manner, often a Guardian ‘photo of the day’ can similarly serve as a vehicle for propaganda due to the emotive strength of the image, along with a paucity of relevant context.

The following was included in the Feb. 11th edition of the Guardian’s ‘Best Photos of the Day’.

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Here’s the Guardian caption:

Palestinian women hold pictures of prisoners jailed in Israel during a rally calling for their release in the West Bank city of Ramallah. Photograph: Nasser Shiyoukhi/AP

Now, here’s what a Guardian reader casually glancing at the Palestinian “prisoner” wouldn’t have known.

A friend who’s fluent in Arabic read the poster and identified the ‘prisoner’ as Ayman Ismail Al-Sharawna. 

Al-Sharawna was jailed in Israel because of his involvement in a terrorist attack in in May 2002, in which two Palestinians placed an explosive device near a group of civilians in Beersheba and fled the scene. Eighteen Israelis were injured in the attack. (A technical fault prevented the bomb from exploding fully.)

He was sentenced to 38 years in prison, but released on October 18, 2011 as part of the Gilad Shalit prisoner exchange deal.

On January 31, 2012, the IDF re-arrested Al-Sharawna, resident of a Palestinian town near Hebron, on suspicion of having returned to terror planning with a Hamas cell in the West Bank.  He recently began a hunger strike.

Al-Sharawna is a “prisoner” because he tried to murder innocent Israelis, and, after his release, is evidently determined to try to murder again.

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  1. It’s amazing how a little bit of airbrushed detail when factored back in, changes the whole story.

    • What CIF Watch did not mention: the REAL ‘prisoner of the day’ was prisoner X, who was buried alive in an Israeli cell, denied access to a lawyer, denied visits from his family, and whose very existence was censored by the military in blatant violation of freedom of the press.

      Does THAT disturb Mr Levick? Not for a minute, it seems.

      • What CIF Watch did not mention

        I recall the very same phrase from you re. CiFWatch allegedly not mentioning Gerald Scarfe’s critical cartoons of Assad.

        And CiFWatch certainly did mention said cartoons – as well you know.

        So basically: you’re a laughing stock.

      • Quite right Pretz. The usual trolling diversionary tactics from Nat.

        And in addition, Nat has posted this very post, almost word for word, on the story on CifWatch about Prisoner X. So it is hard to see how Nat can use the “What CifWatch did not mention” lie again here and even pretend to retain any shred of credibility.

        • If Nat were to claim that the Earth revolves around the sun, I’d have to check that out.

          Yes, it’s that bad.

      • YOu just forgot to mention that the Australian embassy in Israel knew of him being imprison as well as his family. Why were they quiet?

  2. The depiction of this photo and the manner of it suggests to me that for the BBC/Guardian Al-Sharawna is a hero, a freedom fighter and someone to be admired. The fact that he wants to kill innocent Jews, women and children, does not matter to them. The Left believes that innocent civilians, if they happen to be Jews (or other non-Muslims), do not matter. To my mind, if Joseph Mengele had been imprisoned by the Israelis and if his relatives had been carrying similar placards, BBC/Guardian would have felt sympathy for the Doctor’s kith and kin. That’s the Nazi Left for you.

      • Nobody’s trivialising anything, pillock.
        Your trolling tactics are not going to work here.
        Stop trolling, and clear off.
        Surely Holland has other sites for you to troll?

        • But they ARE working. They are getting all of you riled up which is part of this poor fool’s mental being in the world.

          His animus towards Adam himself is very clear and that itself indicates disturbance on Nat’s part.

          Adam, in what way precisely do “Nat” ‘s or his aliases’ contributions here further debate? We could manage very well without his questionable infantile contributions, couldn’t we?

        • Fritz, your comment made me want to throw up.


          • One of the typical dirty tricks for the postmodern Antisemites is to misuse the murdered Jews against the living ones, you lowlifer.

              • The family on my father`s side was almost extinguished by his nazi buddes.
                I would like to get his clear name to set the record straight, with nuttie the hisbollah darling.

                • My family hid from the Nazis during WWII. That’s why I say that trivializing the Holocaust is unacceptable, especially at a time when the last survivors are dying, and when we need to keep watch and fight Holocaust denial. This is a serious matter, not something to trivialize.

                • Your family, idiot, willingly cooperated with Nazis in the Netherlands.
                  You were part of a network support Hilterism through and through.
                  You were trolling then, as you are now.
                  Must run in the family, I guess.

                • Shut up, you Nazi, faking your history every half year.
                  I promise you if I get your clear name you will get a personal history.

      • No Nat. June is lampooning the Guardian’s adherance to propagating a lie and or misleading its readers into believing someone is innocent when he clearly has a lot of blood on his hands.. It’s not trivialising the Holocaust but expressing the point in such an absurd manner to make a point.about the guardian’s conduct.

        The only thing trivial here is your comment (as usual).

  3. Note the faceless, identity-less female holding the photo.
    Subservient and second class except, as Fathi Hamad proudly declares, when it comes to being a human shield:

    Says it all really

  4. Arnold Roth who lost his daughter in the Sbarros massacre in 01 to one of these Palestinian Nazis, wrote a great article about the Terrorstinians prisoners.
    Op-Ed: PA Prisoners Are Hungry, But For What?
    May 14, 2012

    Fewer (much fewer) than 1% of the Arab prisoners hunger-striking in Israeli prisons are administrative detainees. Almost all were charged, tried and convicted for the most serious offences you can think of.

    Arnold Roth
    The writer is a lawyer who made aliyah from Australia and lives in Jerusalem with his family. His daughter, Malki, was murdered in the horrific Sbarro terror attack.

    The media are filled with reports about a protest strike by Palestinian Arab prisoners and their friends. What’s it about?

    Two terms keep coming up in almost every report: the strikers are “unjustly imprisoned” and it’s a “battle for freedom and dignity”. But this is not about justice or dignity. Those key terms ought to mean something but as happens so often, they have been hijacked in the name of a vicious war and turned on their heads.

    Some of the talking heads say/scream/shout that this is about administrative detention. But fewer (much fewer) than 1% of the Arab prisoners hunger-striking in Israeli prisons are administrative detainees. Reliable statistics we have seen say there are between five and ten such individuals among the 1,500 to 2,000 hunger strikers. [The protestors estimate that overall there are about 300 administrative detainees in the Israeli prison system.]
    The two who began hunger-striking in March are men called Bilal Diab and Tha’er Halahlah who are administrative detainees, held so far for nine months and 22 months respectively. Their petition came before the High Court of Justice on Monday and was heard and rejected.

    The court pointed to the ongoing ties of the petitioners to terrorist funding and terrorism and that they are a clear and immediate security risk to Israeli citizens. It added (which is also significant) that the Israel Prison Service is meeting or exceeding the standards required by international law regarding prisoner treatment already.

    Diab and Halahlah are in fact leaders in Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ). The angry voices are demanding that we think of them as unjustly shunted off to prison for the equivalent of failing to pay for a television license. The media and the ranks of ‘activist’ NGOs are currently filled with such voices.
    Of the other strikers, almost all were charged, tried and convicted for the most serious offences you can think of. Hundreds are in prison for murder. Quite a number of them are unrepentant multiple murderers.

    We are tracking the online news photographs (there are many) being pumped out by the wire services to enhance the global impact of this protest. We ourselves have more than the usual amount of familiarity with some of the names and faces.

    When we look past the sad-faced mothers and the photogenic children in the foreground, what we see (and most others don’t notice) is people like Abdullah Barghouti in the posters at the back. This places the whole affair into a different perspective.

    That particular prisoner (see our post: 10-Apr-07: Regarding Abdullah Barghouti) made the bomb that stole our daughter’s life from us. He has never denied the charges against him. On the contrary, like so many jihadists, he was proud of them before he went to prison; he remains proud of them now.

    That particular prisoner, Abdullah Barghouti, made the bomb that stole our daughter’s life from us.
    He says publicly – on US television, for instance – that he will kill more Jews when he gets the chance. More than that: he regrets that the bombings he carried out did not kill more Jews. In his own unforgettable words, “I feel bad because the number is only 66”.

    Prisoners like Barghouti, and not some mythical jaywalkers capriciously locked up administratively by the vindictive Zionist entity, are the cause for whom the Palestinian Arab protestors and their many supporters are out there shouting and burning tyres. The evidence is there in front of your eyes.

    And if you ask: which editor would want to be seen fanning the flames of protest in support of a convicted psychopath like Barghouti serving 67 life terms, then a partial answer is: maybe the editors at UPI, APF, Daily Star – Lebanon, Scoop New Zealand and numerous others. Click on any of the links int he previous sentence to see pictures of hunger-strike protestors standing in front of Abdullah Barghouti’s grim portrait.

    What would you say to the people demonstrating for rights, justice and dignity for Abdullah Barghouti and the hundreds of other convicted murderous thugs?
    Is theirs the cause that gets you up every morning?

    Is the shortage of cable movie channels in their [prison] lives something that gets your adrenalin going?

  5. That photo…. it could easily be one of arch- taqiyya merchant, Tariq Ramadan, whose tenure at St Stephens in Oxford, was “encouraged along” no doubt by the Saudi money which was paid for various projects there.

  6. If they feel that DEATH is glorious that is their problem – It is no skin of my nose as long as they leave us alone- Who are they trying to impress by being so exuberant about killing children women old people ? If that is their desire It would really be a woth while sacrifice if their leaders show the way – The top echelon first and not the puppets .