Peter Beaumont’s absurd political analogy regarding Israel and ‘Prisoner X’

Peter Beaumont, foreign affairs editor at the Observer (sister publication of the Guardian), has already authored, or co-authored, six separate reports (totaling over 5000 words) in less than two days at the Guardian on the row over ‘Prisoner X’.

part 1

part 2

Prisoner X is believed to have been a Mossad agent (reportedly an Australian Israeli dual citizen named Ben Zygier) jailed by Israel because he was about to reveal Mossad secrets to Australian authorities or the media.  He reportedly committed suicide in his cell in 2010.

Due to the secrecy involved in any alleged spy case, there is a relative dearth of verifiable facts regarding Prisoner X’s background and incarceration.  However the absence of such information hasn’t prevented Beaumont from advancing the desired Guardian narrative regarding alleged Israeli violations of human rights and international legal norms.

Though the Observer is supposedly the more moderate of the two Guardian Group publications, Beaumont’s framing of the spy row has included one particularly hysterical political analogy, casually leveled without even an attempt to support its validity.

One of Beaumont’s reports from Feb. 14 includes the following passage:

“The latest revelations come amid a growing outcry over the case in Israel, with some comparing the treatment of Zygier to that meted out in the Soviet Union or Argentina and Chile under their military dictatorships.”

Naturally, Beaumont doesn’t inform us who specifically is making such a comparison, and even a cursory look at the judicial process, and the rights afforded Prisoner X, makes a mockery of the charge.

First, the prisoner’s incarceration was supervised by the Israeli judiciary, the original arrest warrant was issued by the authorized court, and the proceedings were overseen by the most senior Justice Ministry officials. We also now know that Prisoner X was legally represented by a top Israeli lawyer who reported, after meeting with his client, that he was in good health, was considering a plea bargain and didn’t appear to have been mistreated.

After the prisoner was found dead in his cell roughly two years ago, the President of the Rishon Lezion Magistrates Court held a coroner’s inquest into the cause of death and, though it was determined that suicide was the cause, “the Presiding Judge sent the file to the State Attorney’s Office for an evaluation regarding issues of [possible] negligence” by prison authorities.  

Further, the prisoner’s family was notified during the course of his incarceration, and Australian officials knew of the proceedings.

Though Prisoner X likely represented a serious security risk for Israel, he was afforded due process in a manner which certainly seems consistent with democratic norms.

To evoke a comparison with the USSR – where, for instance, several million Soviet “enemies of the state” died (due to overwork, starvation, torture or summary executions) after being sent, without trial, to Gulag camps spread out across the entire country – is beyond parody.

Indeed, it’s likely that the true identity of Beaumont’s unnamed commentators comparing Israel’s handling of the spy case to that of the most repressive totalitarian regimes of the 20th century will prove to be far more elusive and mysterious than the identity of Prisoner X himself.

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  1. Given that Israel is well versed in the diabolic arts relating to cloak and dagger situations one must conclude that Mr Beaumont is spot on! As usual!

    • Typical of antisemites to reach for the connection to the devil (“diabolic”) with respect to anything connected to Jews. The modern far leftist equivalent of devil analogies is to compare Israel to totalitarian regimes. Usually they go for Nazi Germany, but here we have the Soviet Union.

      • Diabolic as in oblivious to the human rights of anyone who stands in their way! As for your reference to the Soviet Union ( Where that came from I don’t know!) one could use the same language to describe the activities of a number of regimes including the French,British and above all the Americans. Check out the definition of diabolic.It implies something bad not semitic!


        • Check out the article above– raise your eyes just a few inches on this page– to see the references to the Soviet Union.
          Check out the history of antisemitism– it includes frequent devil references, as Jewish evil is consistently inflated to cosmic proportions in antisemitic discourse.

          • Never mind, Dan, this snottyville is just another professional Jew-hater that drops by from time to time to make company to ‘nat’ and other pedantic morons.

        • Why oblivious to human rights. He had lwayers , his family knew were he was. The Australian knew were he was. I guess you could say that they were also anti human rights becasue they knew of his situatin and did nothing.

    • “…well versed in the diabolic arts…”
      Matthew, that doesn’t sound like Israel, it sounds like you and your fellow travelers.

      • The difference being that i sleep easy at nights but Mr Netanyahu doesn’t.I can just about squeeze through the eye of a needle .He definitely can’t!


        • So spratty, you know how Bibi sleeps?
          Are you his personal assistance now?
          Nice of you to inform us of your fantasies.

            • So you allege to know Bibi’s sleeping pattern and now you allege to know my blood count.

              How nice.
              I think it tells a lot about your allegations.

                • Hmmm, back to your kindergarden-teacher mood, eh, snotty. Sooner or later you will make your English language blunders, as before. Will be a great laugh. Be extra careful, now.

                • BTW, snotty, I’ve noticed you made your blunder already: it should be “you’re”, not “your”. What a pathetic moronic loser.

                • Having trolls like you on this site is actually fantastic–the opportuity to directly point out the legion ways your side is a ruined, lying failure on direct statements is a gold mine–but for future reference, could you please either take a remedial English writing class or hire/blackmail someone into turning the manure in your head into something that’s not just painfully bad writing?

            • It seems that insecure douche-bags such as yourself, snotty, use Jew-hatred to compensate for your shame of peeing in bed at night.

        • Spratt: “i sleep easy at nights”

          That’s because you are a self-righteous nobody. In essence, a coward who feels better about themselves by having a crack at the Jews. And where’s the comeback from that? You know the ‘zionists’ (however diabolical you proclaim) aren’t coming round your house to teach you a lesson, so you can play the hero, induldge in some harmless Jew-baiting and like you say, sleep easy at night.

          • I like to bait bully-boys,cowards,murderers,racists,bigots and hypocrites! Take your pick! Grow up and stop playing the victim.The laughter is deafening!


        • Spratty: .”I can just about squeeze through the eye of a needle”,

          That’s it, bring on the Christian morality! So visceral you don’t even know it, but don’t it feel good being better than those irredeemable yids?
          (Sorry to piss on your parade, but you’re about as progressive as your racist grandparents.)

    • “Peter Beaumont, foreign affairs editor at the Observer (sister publication of the Guardian), has already authored, or co-authored, six separate reports (totaling over 5000 words) in less than two days”

      And… ? This is also the case in nearly all the world’s newspapers, including Israel’s, as the “prisoner X” scandal rocks the planet.

      The real question is: why does Mr Levick feel the urge to criticize Mr Beaumont for doing his job as a journalist, but does not feel any urge to write about the shameful detention of a man in a secret cell in violation of basic human rights, or about Netanyahu’s appalling attempt to censor the press in Israel?

      • Nat – your hypocricy knows no bounds. You go on and on and on about how Adam Levick is merely a blogger and is soooo inferior to those saintly people blessed with the possession of a press card and a pay check from the Guardian, then you claim (with a straight face) that “the real question” is not the egregious use of a patently absurd analogy published by a major newspaper, but whether the said blogger chooses to write about what YOU want him to write about (when he has just written two articles on that very subject).

      • “Why does Mr Levick feel the urge to criticize Mr Beaumont for doing his job…”
        Why does Nat believe that journalists (or anyone else, for that matter) should be immune from criticism?

      • “This is also the case in nearly all the world’s newspapers, including Israel’s, as the “prisoner X” scandal rocks the planet.”

        Really ‘Nat’.
        If you bother to check you will find that the murder charges against an Olympic and Paralympic athlete in South Africa are far more prominent, and online it is the photos of the meteorite shower in Russia that rocks the planet.
        So answer me this question ‘Nat’ when you write such garbage in emotive terms is it because you are ignorant or just stupid?

        No wonder your organ grinder only pays you with peanuts.

          • You are too modest Nat. You are simply the most valuable asset for not only Cifwatch but for any other website you are trolling on.
            Every one of their readers see the hypocrisy, ignorance, immorality and idiocy of the anti-Semitic so called “ant-Zionist” posters obsessed with Israel and Jews – in its pure and distilled form. For me personally your bests are your crocodile tears about the dead children of Gaza, your faux naive indignation about mentions of the Holocaust and your bests the declaration of a non existent Palestinian state combined with you masquerading as an Israeli without having the slightest idea about it. I agree that you have some serious competitors here but relax Nat your demented lies and whining are unbeatable.

    • The prisioner was consulted and chose to hide his own identity.
      He has seen his family and lawyers as any other prisioner.

      Mr. Thayer, given your statement it is evident that nothing Israel will do will please you except self distruction.

    • As opposed to, what, the diabolic arts of taking hostages, keeping them like animals if they are not beheaded with rusty knives?

    • The World Press Photo Award 2013 has just been awarded to Paul Hansen for his photo showing two small children being buried after there were killed in an Israeli airstrike on their house in Gaza last November.

      Surely another conspiracy from The Grauniard…

      • It only shows that Hansen knows very well how to choose the subjects of his “art”in order to get international press awards.
        Photographing a Fajr rocket falling in Sderot at a school building would bring him nothing an he knows it very well – he needs to serve your kind of whining Jew-hating assholes if he wants to achieve international respect.
        BTW How Hansen’s award is connected to the subject of this article?
        Explaining this you could show an example of the inner workings of the non-existent intellect of a demented anti-Semite troll…

        • A few rockets damaged some schools in Southern Israel last November, but no child was killed, happily.

          More than 33 children were killed in Israeli airstrikes on Gaza last November. The youngest was not even one year old.

          • You’re quite a piece of execrable trolling trash.
            A family of three was killed, an infant badly injured, and scores of others wounded, their property damaged, and their lives made a living Hell, in Israel.
            How dare you denigrate their memory?!
            Do you get paid extra to whitewash Hamas’ war crimes?
            Even the Palestinians claim that less than 30 children were killed(and they define a “child” rather loosely), so you’re in effect, lying worse than most Palestinian prevaricators(the actual number of civilian casualties is thankfully much lower).
            You’re a revolting, terrorist-supporting, trolling scum.
            Let me try that in Dutch, just for you:
            Je bent een walgelijk, terrorisme-ondersteunende, trollen uitschot.

              • So, imbecilic troll, do you think that Israel should waint till pals kill the same no. of Israelis? What a moron. Why don’t YOU sacrifice yourself for them? Go jump out of hour window, nazi troll.

                • SerJew, you keep calling more or less everyone who supports the two-state solution a “Nazi”. Are you intellectually unable to engage in a respectful debate?

              • “Nat,”
                When the bad guys lose a war they started, it is often accompanied with a higher casualty rate inflicted on their side. Hamas is known to excel at breaking the rules of war, i.e., everyone here knows how so I won’t even bother going into it. Are you saying that a higher death count is ipso facto evidence of a war crime? Everyone here knows that that’s nothing but prima facia hogwash. So, what’s your point? You are a well-known fraud and Nazi sock-puppeteer.

                • You clearly watch too many Westerns. Of course there are interesting comparisons to make between the so-called “opening-up” of the West and Israel’s colonial enterprise in Historic Palestine.”Good” guys and “Bad” guys,cowboys as victim-that sort of thing. Presumably you prefer black and white movies?


                • I haven’t seen many westerns at all. Stop with the pop psychology already. You’re not qualified to talk about what I’ve seen too much or too little of, or what I prefer. It’s bad guys as in Hamas are bad guys, to put it mildly, i.e., bad for Jews, bad for Arabs, bad for Muslims, bad for Christians, bad for women, bad for gays, bad for individual freedom. What I have seen too much of is your asinine comments on this blog.

                  • You really are scared by these Hamas folks! Pussy cats compared with Hizbollah though! Now that’s a real army as they proved in 2006 when the bravest army in the universe got its ass well and truly kicked! Were you one of the IDF heroes who scuttled back across the frontier with your tail between your legs? What you should really worry about is the fact that the IDF have gotten sloppy and unprofessional ,donkeys led by donkeys. This often happens with an army of occupation.It gets a bit tedious and boring if all you have look forward to every day is annoying pregnant women at check-points and torturing small boys in chains, in what passes for your prison system.What are you really fighting for? New ways to frighten elderly folk at the point of a gun. Or just with your ugly and ill-fitting military fatigues?


                • Yeah, right snotty,
                  With the casualty figures from Hezbullah’s “victory” in mind, if they have too many more such “victories” they won’t have anyone left to fight the Joos.

                  • Your confusing battlefield casualties with deliberate genocide caused by high-velocity fire-power. To judge from the response to some of the flakier remarks by right-wing politicians in Israel there is quite a genocidal urge stalking the land! Very worrying for Israel’s neighbours!


              • I see the Dutch hasn’t registered through, yet.
                I’ll give it more time. You are, after all, “on the clock”. Maybe the troll within you is trying to buy time, who knows…
                The Palestinians report, themselves, that *only* 30 children have died during Pillar of Defence.
                Of these, at least two(which they acknowledge), are due to Hamas’ own firing tactics(Premature rocket explosions).
                The actual figures approach 58, as a total of Palestinian casualties, bringing the Combatant-to-civilian ratio in this conflict to less than 1:1; Unprecedented in modern warfare.
                Meanwhile, Hamas fired over 2,000 Rockets on Israeli soil, all were directed at innocent civilians, causing deaths, injuries and significant harm to property — a blatant war-crime.
                An Israeli family of three was murdered, you terrorist-supporting vermin. These are official figures.
                I repeat:
                Je bent een walgelijk, terrorisme-ondersteunende, trollen uitschot.

              • when people shoot they must be ready for teh result and not cry that the results are not fair., Israel also relase 1000 palestinain for 1 Israeli soldier

                • You can come up with an infinite number of pathetic excuses to justify the killing of children. I just hope you haven’t any of your own because they are going to suffer some acute embarrassment at some point.


                • What’s this snotty? A little post discussion trolling?
                  snotty, the only thing that’s pathetic here is you and “nat” trying to defend Hamas who targets innocent civilians, and boasts of their ability to terrorize populations and brag about their readiness to throw their own people’s lives away in an insane program to institute strict Sharia and murder as many Jews as possible with Christians not far behind.
                  On the other hand, the IDF has the best record in the world of avoiding unnecessary civilian casualties. I repeat, the best in the world, bar none.
                  Those are the facts and they’re not in dispute.
                  That you’re here trying to pass on this bs while literally thousands of people are dying in Syria at the hands of a heinous regime is a testament to your disdain for Jews.
                  Now clear out and do wipe your nose.

          • A few rockets damaged some schools…
            For you thousands of rockets are only a few. I see.
            …but no child was killed, happily.
            You are lying Nat. An Israeli child has been killed by your Hamas friends. Not by rocket but a by an RPG fired at a yellow school bus. At the time of his funeral Hansen was busy elsewhere and anyway photographing itl wouldn’t bring him any award.
            The very low number of civilian deaths shows that Israel makes everything possible to protect its own civilians and to minimize the number of casualties in Gaza too
            And the connection to the subject of this article? Don’t be shy Nat I really want to learn something about your dementia…

            • Peter, only a couple of rockets launched from Gaza fell on or near school, which were damaged as a result. Not “a thousand”.

                • It’s unacceptable to target civilians, as Hamas did when launching rockets.

                  I NEVER said that rockets were harmless, they are not, they killed people last November. You’re distorting what I wrote.

              • “Peter, only a couple of rockets launched from Gaza fell on or near school, which were damaged as a result.”
                Two is a couple. Are those official numbers? Hamas fires rockets at schools. There are no rocket launchers near Israeli schools. Therefore no rockets should have even come close to schools. Ever here of Iron Dome? Not even a defensive weapon, just a defensive shield to protect the innocent against aggressive weaponry and the genocidal Jew haters that launch them.

              • “Nat,”
                Hamas targeted Israel’s civilian population with thousands of rockets, i.e., a real war crime in the real world. It was/is an attempt to murder and terrorize. That’s called terrorism. Hamas brags about it.
                No matter how much your handlers pay you, there is just no way around it.

          • ‘A few rockets damaged some schools in Southern Israel last November, but no child was killed’

            Of course, because these rocket attacks against schoolchildren were just performance art.

            You cunt.

      • Surely it comes as no surprise that the consequences of a blatant war crime would touch a common chord. Something very thin on the ground in this neighbourhood!


        • It seems you still pee in bed at night, eh, snotty? That’s giving you rashes and you get all excited, it seems.

        • Spratty: “Were you one of the IDF heroes who scuttled back across the frontier with your tail between your legs?”

          As opposed to what? Some false hero who sits in their armchair with their dick in their hands, fantasising about the yids taking a beating from Hizbollah. Praise be to the new fascists and their sychophantic left-wing cheerleaders! You really are a poster boy for Europe’s new progressive values. Just as malicious as your racist ancestors, barely able to conceal your glee at the thought of violence getting the upper-hand against the Jews.

          • We call them freedom -fighters as well as IDF ass-kickers.Did you get your ass kicked? The Aggressors always get a bit grumpy when the tough gets going.


            • IDF did such a bad job in Lebanon that Nassrala said that had he known that kidnapping those soldiers whould bring about the Lebnan war of 2006 they wouldn;t have kidnapped them. And he still sit in the Bunker.

                • In war, people die. Sad, isn’t it, snotty? Go complain to the arabs. Beginning with their hero, the nazi criminal al Husseini.

                  • You said the IDF didn’t do a good enough job in their invasion of the Lebanon. What constitutes ” a good enough job” when you invade someone’s country,destroy most of the infrastructure and kill 20000 innocent souls?


                    • I said the IDF didn;t do a good enough job? where?
                      I said Nassralla said they did such a good job that he regret having started it at all.

                • Ah, we’ve tread this path before, Snotty:
                  The Second Lebanon war started, with Hezbullah abducting two Israeli soldiers inside Israel.
                  And the total number of casualties was, about 1,200, not 20,000 as you would have, mostly yourself, believe.(of which, at least 800 were Hezbullah combatants).
                  So why do you lie, is the question, when these facts can be so easily verifiable and traced?

                  • So sorry Room! Will 1st Lebanon war do? I’m a good catholic boy,lying is not in my DNA! What kind of mickey-mouse outfit goes to war because 2 dumb grunts get themselves kidnapped? Even if we accept your casualty figures,your saying that a double kidnapping deserves 400 deaths in reprisal? This is the sort of mathematics of revenge operated by Genghis Khan!  Is this how far Israel has come morally since the 13th century?


                • What I don’t understand, Snotty, is why you would rail against the result, but not the actions themselves:
                  The soldiers did not get “themselves” kidnapped!(How is that even possible?)
                  They were purposely abducted by Terrorists, who crossed the border into a Sovereign state, in order to carry out their nefarious acts. And by the way, the also killed them.
                  Israel responded with vigour, because, in tandem with the kidnapping, Hezbullah commenced massive shelling of Israel northern towns.
                  Why can’t you condemn that?
                  But then again you are here to defend terrorism, aren’t you?
                  Like the “good, Catholic” boy, you are. Tell us, did you have a nasty run-in with a Priest, that you rage like so here?

                  • What a dirty little mind you have. Sad paranoid and racist. 20000 lives lost and to you they might as well be cockroaches. And still you defend dragging children to prison in chains.


                • A good catholic boy, eh, snotty? Maybe you were molested too. And decided to blame the JOOOOZZS instead of your priest. That my also explain your peeing in bed at night.

                  And lying is your great speciality, we all agree on that.

                • “This is the sort of mathematics of revenge operated by Genghis Khan! Is this how far Israel has come morally since the 13th century?”

                  The words of a garden variety anti-Semite.

                • So I take it we’re not going to have a reputable source for those “Children dragged in Chains” nonsense, are we?
                  And in effect, you’ve just confessed to lying, most brazenly…
                  I see.
                  And still pushing the 20,000 lives bit, eh? Even for First Lebanon War, the total killed rank about 8,000(at higher estimates) — of which, at least one-third were killed by internecine strife.
                  So, did any of that sink in? Or are we going to hear how Israel kills in the billions, next?(Also, observe that the majority of those actually killed in the conflict, were, as expected, combatants — not “innocents”(the PLO, for instance, were not “innocent”, though you’d obviously support and condone this, or this).

                  • Another day another rant! Still spewing out the standard Israeli historical fabrications to justify War Crimes. Presumably you got your information from the twisted text-books they gave you to read at school (assuming you went to school). Or was it straight from Mother’s milk? Either way more of the same nonsense. As for Palestinian children in chains,you obviously couldn’t cope with the three extensive accounts I sent you. When the truth hurts its easier to rant and cry antisemite!


                • Another night and yet another monomaniacal crap from a neurotic anti-Semite with a bad case of enuresis. Just piss off, snotty. Literally.

            • YOu mean the heros who hide their rockets under civilain houses, school, hospitals, mosques fire them and than run away? yes we saw many heros like that in Gaza as well.

              • You didn’t see them as the cowardly IDF only has the guts to vaporise innocent children while it’s hunched behind it’ play-station technology. The bravest army in the Universe has lost its “bottle” largely as a result of their treatment at the hands of the “Party of God”


                • Well I guess if those ‘ freedom fighters ” woulnd;t hide their rockets behind those children non would be killed. Party of God?

                  • We heard a lot of this “human shield” justification for killing innocents during the last conflict. You wouldn’t use this argument in a hostage situation in Tel Aviv. Such an approach cannot be justified either morally or in terms of  international  law.Even in a conflict situation.


                    • If I understand you than Israel should have done nothing becuase hamas were shooting from between civilains? Is that what you are saying?

                    • why can;t you answer my question . Do you belive Israel should do nothing while its citizents are being bombed? How many Israeli should be killed until people like you will say we can stop it.

                • A hostage situation is totally different from war, snotty moron. Israel will defend itself if attacked and people will be killed, including some innocent ones. That’s the sad situation. If you are concerned about that, go complain to your Hamas buddies. You can even drink some camel piss with them.

                  • We seem to be adopting a rather high and mighty tone these days Pretz. Don’t you have anything more to say about Israeli war-crimes?


                • @ Labenal

                  Aye, it’s very reminiscent of the kind of juvenile crap you see on YouTube.

                  “Yo, ya p***y” … “We kick your ass, m****er f***er”.

                  Spratty and SerJew are probably both kids anyway.

                • snotty,
                  Again I see your not done with your post discussion trolling, presumably trying to get in the last word. I read on a current thread that “nat” was resorting to this obnoxious behavior and am not surprised to find you here doing the same.

            • Freedom fighters? so I guess you mean those who flew into the buildings in 9/11 were freedom fighters as well. those who bomed the trains in Lonodn and Madrid and the bombers in Balli were all freedom fighters?

              • No I wouldn’t call them freedom -fighters! There’s just the small matter of Israel invading their country and causing utter devastation over a a period of 18 years.Not to mention an estimated 20000 deaths!


                  • What do you mean ” the spanish are occupying spain? The 9/11 fanatics were virtually all Saudis! Their country wasn’t invaded by the Americans ! A handful of air-bases doesn’t constitute an invasion. Hizbollah are fanatical in their hostility to Israel because of the invasion and the calamitous devestation caused.They also see Israel as a persistent threat to their existence.You can’t compare them to a bunch of religious suicide bombers.Nobody can justify targeting civilians.Whatever the excuse.


                    • You can think that america don;t occupy their country but Al quaeda people think that they do. The same way muslim belive that spain should become muslim again as it was when muslim ocuppy between 711 and 788.

                • Really, snotty? So go complain to Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hizbollah, Salafist and all that bunch of fanatic morons that are specialized in attacking civilians. And they will be punished by that. Deal with it.

                • “Hizbollah are fanatical in their hostility to Israel because of the invasion and the calamitous devestation caused.”

                  I think that when they passed the camel piss, you must have downed the whole pitcher. What a chucklehead.

                • @ sprattyville

                  Re. 9/11
                  Israel invaded Saudi Arabia?? Causing “utter devastation over a period of 18 years …” and “an estimated 20000 deaths” there?

                  Which parallel universe was this in?

                  Which “freedom fighers” ARE you talking about then?

            • Spatt
              “We call them freedom -fighters as well as IDF ass-kickers”.

              Well, that’s parochial middle-class SWP meetings for you. Always playing at being little boy soldiers, but never actually amounting to much outside the delusions of your own heroic self importance.

      • Well done to him.

        I wish that the photographer who captured the grief of the Fogel family could have received an award as well. I wish also there was a camera around to capture the grief of the Palestinians in Gaza whose family members were lynched last November, and dragged through the streets by motor bikes.

        I also hope that if some intrepid photographer makes it to Syria, and captures footage of Palestinians fleeing the shelling of Yarmouk, that he or she will also be honoured by her colleagues.

        The difference between me and you is that I deplore all of the above (including the needless deaths of the two children in the Gaza airstrike). But then I want a peace settlement, and you want genocide. And I care about all civilians regardless of ethnicity and nationality, whilst you only care about those killed by the IDF.

        • Spare us your paranoid crocodile tears and knee-jerk “peace flannel”! If you actually mean what you just scribbled DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! Stop hiding behind the standard antisemitic/genocide barricade.


          • Perhaps we can’t talk about those killed by the IDF because it’s a little uncomfortable. Is Jeff an IDF hero? Does he worry about someone he might have killed? Or is he just another run -of -the- mill coward?


                • LOL! Have you changed your diapers, snotty? Lotsa piss in your bed (and in your mind), eh? Don’t be so insecure. After all, you have the JOOOOZZS to blame.

                • snotty,
                  As one of your favorite people would say:
                  Why can’t you participate in a respectful democratic debate?
                  Your statements about the IDF are abhorrent.

                  • What you don’t seem to understand or recognise  is that the actions of the IDF are also abhorrent. In fact the word abhorrent does not do justice to the crimes committed by the IDF against a largely helpless population. Of course such a statement will act like a red rag to a bull because you and all your pals in the neighbourhood have demonised the Palestinian population.They are all tarred with the same brush.  There has been an ongoing dispute about the numbers of children slain in the recent conflict in Gaza. Someone says 33! Another says no, it’s only 30. The argument rages back and forth whilst both of them seem to be oblivious to the enormity of both statistics! 33 or 30 children dead! That is 30 something innocent human beings that will never see the light of day again.That is 30 something grieving families that will never stop grieving ever!


    • If you had actually been paying attention(not that you ever do, or ever will), this, like other Haaretz editorials remains unsigned. As it is, this disgusting statement about Israel, originating at Haaretz was heavily criticised by other newspapers in Israel, notably Maariv, for its anonymous smearing tactics — very reminiscent of you, as a matter of fact.
      And stop using Haaretz as a fig-leaf for any sort of bigotry, or nonsense you promulgate — Haaretz represents no one but itself, and its ever diminishing readership.
      Next thing you’ll be telling us that your stance is valid because you have “plenty of Jewish friends”…
      Oh, wait…

    • Chris a few seconds of research would have revealed that Ha’aretz is respected only by your kind – it is an anti-Israeli newspaper published in Israel – the home of the diabolical military censorship and the draconian oppression of the freedom of the press.

      • Peter, a few seconds of research would have revealed that Ha’aretz is respected both in Israel and in Western democracies.

        Sadly, the same cannot be said for “CIF Watch”.

        • Really? I thought Israel practiced censorship or some such BS, ‘nat’. Fritz is right: just shut up, Dutch nazi troll.

        • …that Ha’aretz is respected both in Israel…
          Thank you for proving again your total, absolute and unlimited ignorance about Israel. It is so respected that the public calls it the only Hebrew language Palestinian newspaper and it lost most of its subscribers thanks to its anti-Israel agenda. It became a serious financial liability for its owners – the only factor what keeps it running its politics free economic brother – The Marker.
          … and in Western democracies.
          You must be joking. 99.999999% of the Western public never ever heard of it, Its only Western readers are your and Cox’s kind of Jew haters
          Sadly, the same cannot be said for “CIF Watch”
          Why should be a media watchdog fighting anti-Semite bias in the Guardian respected by you and your Jew hating comrades?! .

          • Is there a jew-hater under every bed in your house? Maybe it’s the legitimate owner of the house who still has the front door key and lives in some shitty camp in Jordan,Lebanon or Syria. Is there a genocidal mob waiting for you under every stone in your ( sorry,his) garden? Your the expert on Israel and Hungary! Give us some more pearls of wisdom about the unequal struggle between little old Israel and the antisemitic hordes. Those denizens of the Guardian,Observer and BBC all preparing to drive all the inhabitants of Tel Aviv into the Sea!


            • Aww, what a pathetic little speech by snottyville. So, tell us: what are you expert on, besides Jew-hatred? I bet you can write a treatise about your enuresis. Why don’t you write about it and show it to your Gazan heroes: they like camel piss, so they might like your tale (and might like your tail too).

    • They’re all coming out of the woodwork today including Chris Cox, formerly chrisjamescox. Like maggots they think they’ve found some juicy carrion.

      • When you compare your opponents with sub-human species your treading on rather thin ice. It has a long and undistinguished pedigree as you probably know!


        • You surely are a coward trash of the worst kind. Maybe that’s why you pee in your bed everynight. Get some diapers.

              • You’d know all about that .Shooting in the head? During your spell in Universal Soldiers you probably preferred the knee-cap option. Sad that some people are so paranoid and scared.


                  • Oh yes! Scared of the laughing stock of the World. The bravest army in the Universe is only good for torturing 12 year-olds wearing chains and intimidating elderly people at check-points.You don’t get it the party is over. Israel will have to change and stop the constant bed-wetting!


                • Your support of Palestinian terror betrays you or are you a twelve year old wearing the chains of idiocy and being tortured by your otherwise gifted mind, Antisemite?

                  • Very poetic but,needless to say abusive. It may be that you believe that continually repeating the slur of antisemite means it must be true. But as with so many things you are wrong. You along with most of the contributors on this site are incapable of facing up to some uncomfortable facts. It is a fact that 90 Palestinian children ( some as young as 12 ) are held in prisons in Israel having been arrested and processed IN CHAINS through juvenile Military Courts. That is one fact alone which cannot be justified. .


                • You are surely pure anti-Semitic trash. Deal with it. Go join a neo-nazi party; or just drink more camel piss.

                • Hey Snotty-troll, we’ve been over this:
                  Where’s the link, or any other concrete proof of children being dragged up to Court/Prison in Chains?
                  You’ve run away from a similar discussion over at BBCWatch.
                  Like I said, you could always admit you were lying. But then again, that you would make you a really terrible propagandist, wouldn’t it?

                • And please, no “DCI-Palestine”‘s this time…
                  I’ve just taken out my trash, and have no time to spare for biased nonsense.

    • Did the prisoners in Argentina and the soviet Russia were represented by Lawyers? Did their families were told about their arrest as well as theri embassy?
      Respected? not in Israel. We don;t respact a paper that twist the facts to make us look bad.