The Guardian: Confirming an obsession

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Verb: Confirm 

Establish or strengthen as with new evidence or facts

I was just making sure (establishing) that I understand the meaning of that word.

Anyway, looking for an old post on this blog, I have stumbled on another old post of mine (almost 6 years old). That post – Measuring an obsession – shows quite clearly the mind-boggling overabundance of Israel – related articles on the Guardian’s CiF (Comment is Free). It has to be read to be believed, I can assure you.

The obsession, as I said, is unbelievable. I doubt there is another non-Jewish media outfit dedicating so much space and effort to Israel – or to bashing Israel, to be precise. Of course, I clearly understand that this phenomenon is not necessarily mirroring the general sentiment of British society, which, by and large, couldn’t give a flying donut about Middle East in general and Israel in particular. I understand that Guardian, catering to a specific slice of British population, does what it has to do to keep its congregation happy, other means of entertainment like boob shots and juicy scandals being cornered by other media channels. Still, one would prefer the Guardian scribes and the multitude of CiF contributors to enjoy the said bashing of Israel a bit less obviously. But it’s a moot point anyway. 

So, for confirmation sake, I’ve decided to take a look at the last few days of the Guardian’s output, to see if something changed. Here come a few of the headlines for three days, from February 13 to February 15:










Three days and nine articles, all of them strictly negative, and this is only a partial selection! Now you tell me – is it sick or is it sick?

So, the conclusion cannot be anything but a confirmation: indeed, in our ever-changing world there remains at least this one steady and permanent fixture: the Guardian relentlessly whacking the Zionist entity, no matter what. And you can take it to the bank – not that the banks, owned by the Elders, as it is well-known to the readers of the Guardian, will take it from you as a collateral for anything.

Now, you may ask: how could a minor newspaper with a limited customer base be of any significance in this big and busy world? The answer is: this small newspaper with a relatively minuscule customer base punches way above its weight. This is one of the remaining paradoxes related to the twilight of the British Empire: even powerless and reduced (more or less) to confines of that wet island, its press has an influence that still transcends borders. When BBC barks, people still listen. When Guardian yaps, people at least check their shins for damage. 

You may be sure that any “criticism” of Israel that appears in the Guardian will be widely disseminated by eager followers of the same ilk. And even by people who are (ostensibly) Guardian’s enemies, such as assorted right wing extremists, neo-Nazis and other gutter life, who know a good thing when they see one. 

So you can now better understand why a CiF Watch post about the Prisoner X affair starts with: 

Peter Beaumont, foreign affairs editor at the Observer (sister publication of the Guardian), has already authored, or co-authored, six separate reports (totaling over 5000 words) in less than two days at the Guardian on the row over ‘Prisoner X’.

(Emphasis mine).

Now remind me again: is it sick or is it sick?

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        • Much as I find Fritz’s cut and paste replies to you irritating, Nat, your faux concern for the memory of the victims of the Shoah any time anyone mentions the word holocaust or nazi is just sickening.

            • “Labenal, what I find sickening is people who trivialize the Holocaust and those who support them.”
              Like the Palestinian Arabs, and you?

            • I don’t believe you. I don’t believe that you are capable of putting fingers to keyboard other than for effect.

            • Adam, please remove this antisemite from this site. It (he/she) is not respecting the one rule your site asked that we respect: “that at CiF Watch we support open and honest debate about the Israel/Palestinian conflict including harsh criticism of Israel as long as the criticism of Israel is similar to that leveled against any other nation of the world.”

              Remove Nat. All who agree respond to this post and let Adam know that she is not respecting the rules and should be removed.

        • Antisemites are not allowed to talk about the Holocaust. Just the word “Holocaust” emanating from your lips or fingertips is antisemitic and vile.

          Adam, please ban Nat. Everyone who agrees, tell Adam in response to this post that you want him to ban this antisemite so we can share information and further our research in peace and tranquility.

      • CIF Watch is crossposting “Simply Jews” today. That really is a classy website, between its obscene logo which defames the Israeli flag, and its tagline “Simply Jews – a gang of critically undermedicated”. I wonder what mr Levick was thinking.

        • A message from Simply Jews:

          Anti Zionists: who are you?

          SimplyJews’ usual response would be, who gizza fuck. However, having rethought our position on this issue, while considering our Zionist Hasbara duties, we take the opportunity to let you know that we respectfully acknowledge you, and have taken the trouble to thoroughly stereotype you into practical categories. With the assistance and funding of our Elders, their operations department (Ha’Mossad lebituach Leumi), we have compiled a simple yet intuitive guide that’ll let you effortlessly categorize yourself into easily workable titles. If you don’t feel comfortable in the provided categories, let us know. However, before you do that, make yourself acquainted with our Charter, and take particular note of the advice given under item number 2.


          You are the traditional Jew haters adopting the trendy, politically correct Anti-Zionist (AZ) umbrella. Your language is self limited to insertion of the Jew word every now and then, while still enjoying the relatively safe protection afforded under the AZ shield. You are often heard in reference to ‘The Protocols’ and ‘Zionist World Domination’, you casually apply the term Neocon before Zionist, when the Jew word is not suitable. You count Jews in influential places, fire off-the-cuff, a staccato of Jew names at the Pentagon, in the White House, and on Capitol Hill. You’ll add the odd Jewish sounding names to the list, and argue that these definitely have latent Jew genes. Your type of AZ amalgamates well with the extreme left and right.

          A word in your ear:
          If you recognize yourself, as described above, we’d like to let you know that we Love You to bits. In fact, come over sometime. The experience will be life altering, we are acquainted with just the right guys, to show you a really good time, we are constantly on the lookout for new genetic material (See Project Zchug for details).

          Another issue we’d like to set straight for you, is that you were right all along. The Elders were resurrected along with the ‘Zionist Entity’ in 1948, and founded their HQ three hundred feet beneath Solomon’s stables below the Temple Mount.

          Economic World Domination;
          An example of the Elders recent successful forays into World Domination, which we freely acknowledge, and some of you have suspected all along; yes, it was the Elders who were behind replacing Greenspan at the top of the money mountain with another Jew Zionist, Mr. Ben Shalom Bernanke who’ll be taking the reigns, and will control the world economy and your money according to Zionist interests. We have equipped Mr. Bernanke with a copy of our World Domination Software; Promis Administrator License.

          Nuclear Weapons vs. Project Zchug.
          Here’s a red herring you walked blindly into. At one of the first Elders conference, we came up with some creative diversion tactics, and yes there is a Messada contingent, however it has a twist – this time we take the proverbial Romans along with us. We are indeed stockpiled to encompass the globe. Conversely, and this is where you stepped into it, the Nuclear issue is redundant. Our source of pride for the last five decades is in the field of Genetics and Biotech. We have been able to mark you genetically. We have the capability deliver a silent targeted eradicator, we know it by the code name Project Zchug.

          The Anti-Israelis:

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          Some useful information for you;
          · Our IDF D9 Caterpillar operators have all been diagnosed with acute tunnel vision. They are trained to move hard forward using day glow coloured markers that coincidentally match those worn by the ISM.
          · Our snipers are trained using the same methods.
          · Cannabis is cheapest in Sharem El Sheikh, Egypt.
          · Palestinian men are not that well hung, but on the positive side, they’ll mount even the sloppiest foreign dog slapper.
          · Never say fence when you can say wall instead.
          · Not everyone gets a musical as a reward for their hard work.
          · Druze IDF Border Guards are the gentlest of creatures, you should always target and direct your anger at them, they’re guaranteed to respond with kindness and love.

          Anti Occupationiks.

          You are genuinely concerned for the plight of the Palestinians and the Middle East conflict. You tend to get bewildered by the banter and vitriol, spewed by the former types. You keep in focus and steer away from the arguments and anger produced by the Jew haters and Anti Israelis, and have adopted your own label to differentiate yourselves from the AZ. You are also the most action driven group by far, you are active under the Anti-Occupation campaign. You seek a fair resolution to the conflict, one which would produce a state, a homeland for Palestinians, while leaving space for Jews in the Middle East. Some of you support a just, two-state-solution, while others believe in a multi cultural single state.

          Some Advice:
          Understandably you may feel genuinely confused at this stage. So, we took the trouble to help you listen in for some tale-telling nuances;
          Occasionally the Jew haters adopt the language and partial ethics of the Anti-Occupation campaign. What usually gives them away, are a select number of terms, banners, and half truth stories. Their language is one of hate, some outright but mostly tacit. They will speak of Israel’s politics and military tactics as Nazism, use words like Ethnic Cleansing, Apartheid and Mass Murder in macro detail, but are totally blind to such real world injustices where other countries are concerned. They use words like Hasbara (Hebrew for Information, Publicity, Explanation), the term coined for Israel’s PR campaign, to explain the secret Jewish Plots for evil manipulation of the world as a whole, which is merely an up to date version extended version of the protocols “myth”.

          Jewish Anti-Zionists (Self Serving Jews).

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          Gideon Swart.

  1. Incredible… the Guardian as published several articles on the “Prisoner X” affair?

    So did the New York Times, the Sydney Morning Herald, the Washington Post, USA Today, Haaretz, the Jerusalem Post, the Los Angeles Times, YNet News, the Independent, the Daily Telegraph, the Australian, Le Monde, Volkskrant, El Mundo, El Pais, Figaro, Maariv, the Financial Times, the Washington Times, Mac Clutchy…

          • Fritz, by calling “Nazi” anyone who supports the two-state solution in line with the Road Map for Peace, you’re insulting the memory of the millions of Jews who died at the hands of the Nazis and of their cronies during the Holocaust. You make me sick.

            • We’ve been over this, idiot:
              As you support boycotts against Israel, its economic destruction, and its physical annihilation, you clearly don’t support the “Road Map for Peace”, or the two-state solution.
              I’m not sure if your handlers have filled you up on this, but paid trolling against Israel is also not promoting any of the above.
              So… stop trolling.

              • Commentary 101, as usual, you’re LYING and committing LIBEL.

                I have NEVER supported boycotting Israel, I’ve NEVER supported its “economic destruction” and I have NEVER supported its “physical annihilation”.

                What I’ve supported and what I will always support is the two-state solution, in line with the Road Map for Peace. Let me remind you that there is a clear majority among the Israeli public that supports a Palestinian state existing side by side with a Jewish one.

                I feel deeply sorry for you. Why can’t you engage in a respectful debate? Are you intellectually unable to articulate your thoughts?

                • Oh really…? We have pages sprawling with your diatribes against Israel, Jews, but most importantly, support for Boycotts against it.
                  You keep, along with your trolling protocol, to bang on about “A clear majority in the Israeli public…”…
                  But is there such a Majority in the Palestinian public? Recent polls have demonstrated that most Palestinian only support a two-state solution, as a prelude to a “one-state” solution.
                  In fact, 6 out of 10 Palestinians reject it, outright.
                  73% agree with Hamas Charter.
                  So why don’t you focus on that, eh, trolling scum, instead of Boycotting Israel?
                  It’s against official Dutch policy, you know…

                • “We have pages sprawling with your diatribes against Israel, Jews, but most importantly, support for Boycotts against it.”

                  Commentary 101, you are LYING and what you’re writing is LIBEL.

                  I’ve never supported boycott against Israel, and I’ve never written “diatribes against Israel, Jews”. What I’ve written about is my commitment to a two-state solution, like a clear majority of Israelis.

                • Oh is that right?
                  Tell us then, what is this?:
                  This is consummate proof, 4 of your formulaic comments long, of how you praise boycotts against Israel.
                  It’s revolting, just like you, and your trolling.
                  Would you mind, if you can take a break from your paid exercises here, responding to a simple question directed at you:
                  Why don’t you seek the same majority for peace on the Palestinian side, which clearly, DOESN’T EXIST(Jpost article above)?
                  And what does this have to do with you, since you’re Dutch, hate Jews and Israel?
                  Non-facsimiled reply would be appreciated; but I am not counting on it.
                  By the way, general query: You are trolling here much longer than usual, today. Have they raised your salary? How much is it now, per comment?

                • 101, once more, you’re distorting what I wrote.

                  Check the link you posted: I wrote that “Boycott is a peaceful weapon, used by Martin Luther King in the USA, Gandhi in India and Nelson Mandela in South Africa”.

                  I did NOT write that I supported boycotting Israel. I never wrote such a thing.

                • I am not “distorting” anything, idiot.
                  Anyone with the basic ability to read(not you, of course), will be able to click on that link, and see, how you grotesquely advocate using Boycotts against Israel, and throwing in the occasional lies about MLK, all for the sake of promoting your repellent and nauseating views.
                  Of course, you have left out the most important bit of my question:
                  How much are your wages now, for trolling? How much are you getting per messages? You’re staying quite late today, and the jingling of Euros must be the reason why.

                • 101, once more: you’re distorting what I wrote. I never called on boycotting Israel. read the links you gave us: there’s not one line in which I write that I support such a boycott, because I don’t.

                • You are really a lumbering fool, aren’t you?
                  My only surprise here, is why would anyone hire you to troll? (The Netherlands surely has finer stock…).
                  We have evidence, concrete, about your enthusiasm for boycotting Israel and destroying it!
                  How can you therefore deny, what you’ve explicitly written, and suggested?
                  You can’t turn back time, moron!
                  Next time, if you’re quite so worried about the ramifications of your copy-paste screeds here, perhaps you should heed age-old wisdom:
                  Stop trolling, you pathetic, Dutch oaf.

                • You may not have, in so many words. Yet, if we peruse your comments we are sure to see that you clearly do not support Israel in any way, and you do so by allying yourself with terrorists and genocidal maniacs whose charters are riddled with genocidal articles and non-recognizance of the sovereignty of Israel, etc, etc.

                • @Nat You haven’t written anything about supporting a two-state solution. Well, I mean you mention “two-state solution,” and you say you “support” it. But that’s it. That’s all you say about that. You never go into detail about the Road Map for Peace you keep bringing up.

                  Come to think of it, all you really do is skim through the CiF articles to find keywords that your terrorist handlers have locked on google analytics in what they call electronic intafada and post dumb responses and get shot down. Then you have the gall to jump from topic to topic to try and “catch” us while conveniently washing your hands of admitting you were dumb to post the first thing to begin with. Here is your first post on this particular article: “‘CIF Watch’: confirming a morbid obsession with British journalists.” Now what does this, pray tell, have to do with a two-state solution?

                • @Nat To add to what Commentary 101 said regarding your post about Romain and boycotts.

                  First of all, the article is about leftard journalists rationalizing antisemitism. What does that have to do with Israel, one? And, two, what does that article have to do with a Road Map for Peace? It was about antisemitism and you showed up in full regalia to support it like the loyal troll you are.

                  Second, Chris James Cox was getting into it with Peter the Hungarian about what constitutes antisemitic and terrorist organizations. You jumped in to back up your fellow lackey by saying, “Boycott is not ‘terror.'” C101 asked you if you support it, and you twice replied outlining the “virtues” of boycotting and how it’s non-violent” “resistance.” He then asked you again, to which you reverted back to your “be polite” taunt, and you continued to outline its “virtues,” equating this bigoted, genocidal movement with the likes of Ghandi and MLK. The audacity you have! And you sit here and lie?! Get lost you piece of S*&T antisemite.

            • Unbelievable chutzpah. Nat, you know very well that Fritz is not calling you a “Nazi troll” because you “support the two-state solution in line with the Road Map for Peace”, but because you are a pathetic troll with a pathological need to falsify, exaggerate and dwell on anything you can find that shows Israel in a negative light.

              Now YOU stop insulting the memory of the millions of Jews who died in the Holocaust by invoking them to support your incomprehensible ramblings.

              • Lebanal, I despise those who trivialize the suffering of millions of Jews at the hands of Nazis, and I despise those who support them. You should be ashamed. The Holocaust is a tragedy for the Jewish people, it’s not something one can use to push forward his own political agenda. That’s sickening.

            • What do you know about the two-state solution? You keep saying “the Road Map for Peace.” What do you know of it? Can you summarize it for us and give us a few details as well as a timeline? While you are at it, fill us in as to how officials on both sides view this actual plan and the rhetoric of both sides before, during, and after this “Road Map for Peace” thing was put into motion, which you will be explaining to us right now. It’s time to flex your brain muscles, Nat. Good luck.

        • You wouldn’t know suffering if it hit you in the back of your head. Do not speak of what my people had to endure under your grandparents and their grandparents and so on. You are scum.

    • How, by listing all the media outlets that are covering “prisoner X,” does that diminish what Adam is saying. The issue is the amount of negative attention given towards Israel. It could be that some of the outlets you listed are also of that typical left-wing antisemitic bias too. So what exactly is your point, genius?

  2. “Three days and nine articles, all of them strictly negative”

    You know, it’s a bit difficult to receive praise for detaining a man in a secret, suicide-proof cell where he reportedly committed suicide despite being under video watch 24/24.

  3. “How could a minor newspaper with a limited customer base be of any significance in this big and busy world”

    … if it’s a minor newspaper, why does ‘CIF Watch’ people spend their lives attacking the Guardian?

  4. How very apt that Nat should open the comments section on an article about obsession … with four posts in five minutes.

      • By the time of my first post, all four of Nat’s comments had one 5-star rating each.
        I might be full of shit sometimes – but a liar I am not.

        • I can personally attest that that trolling little Dutch miscreant, “Nat”, had indeed up-voted most of his pathetic, cut-and-paste scribbles.
          Fortunately, many people can see them straight-away for what they are — the screeches of a paid troll.

          • Humour isn’t your strong point, is it? Self-deprecation neither.
            Add the bigotry – and you have three classic hallmarks of an individual with significant insecurity issues.

            • Church-lady and his hysterical projections. In fact, you calling “bigots” people that can’t put up with your insufferable moralizing crap is the one true sign of a insecure twat. But if you want to have your ego massaged all the time, do what I say: go create your own blog of neurotic PC robots; invite your soul mate “sanity” and your heroe “nat”. Now, go for it.

              • Nat is my “hero”?? And you call me “hysterical”?

                Any idea how ridiculous you look?

                Suggest you check into the clinic together with Nat and Sanity. Could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship …

                • I think you can be the Second Knight of Hypocrishire, church-lady. And dont worry so much about the little stars lest your hemorrhoids burst.

  5. As to the wider question: why is the Guardian obsessed about Jews? – I take it, pretzelberg, you share the CW consensus that it’s profoundly unhealthy and smacks of antisemitism?

      • Jews/Israel = the same unhealthy obsession at the Guardian.
        I am disappointed you keep defending the abovementioned rag and have concluded that you like playing devil’s advocate.

        • I agree that the Guardian’s coverage of Israel is excessive.

          But where is the “obsession with Jews” that you suggest? Is its Sounds Jewish podcast part of that?

          • Then why the Guardian – a British newspaper – is obsessed with the subject?
            And i would ask you – not the first time – why are they obsessed with the Jewish state?
            Please state only one possible reason apart from their anti-Semite tendencies why is their Israel coverage “excessive”? They are obsessed with the Jewish food? With Klezmer? With rabbinical wisdoms?
            They simply exploit the anti-Semitic traditions of the British establishment and the bigotry of their readers to bash the only free-market and extremely successful democracy of the ME.
            Publishing the most disgusting classic anti-Semitic tropes (Deborah Orr, Steve Bell, Carolyn Churchill etc.) they can show their Sounds Jewish podcast in their collective arses and pump up the volume…

            • They are obsessed with the Jewish food? With Klezmer? With rabbinical wisdoms?


              It’s about Israel.

              • I see Pretzel The Seven Jewish Children by Churchill and the chosen people crap by Orr, the promotion of Atzmon’s book – all of them were about Israel naturally. Maybe one day you will pull out your head from the sand…

                • You are right to bring those issues up, peter – but given the time-frame involved I don’t see they add up to an “obsession with Jews”.

                  On most days the G. homepage – extending to a good 100 links – makes no mention of either Jews or Israel.

    • “As to the wider question: why is the Guardian obsessed about Jews?”

      The Guardian’s articles are not about “Jews”, they’re about the politics led by the current Government of the State of Israel.

      As to the wider question: why are you obsessed with the Guardian?

        • Artur, why do you consider tht anyone criticizing the policies of the current Government of Israel “hates Israel”?

          Don’t you feel slightly ridiculous, telling us that Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennett “hate Israel” because they criticize the policies of the current Government?

        • Good question Snuffy. But I think Nat would agree that the REALLY important question is why you are obsessed with people being obsessed with people who are obsessed with people who are obsessed about Israel? I demand to know immediately which branch of the Global Je… Zionist Conspiracy funds you and what your real name and address are.

          • Labenal, CIF Watch’s Adam Levick spends time criticizing the Guardian and its journalists.

            It’s only fair that he and his website should be criticized as well.

            • Trolling and polluting this site, is not “criticising Adam Levick”.
              Especially doing so, for money, at the behest of some unknown entity.
              Stop littering here, and focus on your own Netherlands first.
              Oh, and in general: clear off, trolling scum.

              • What are you waiting for to tell Fritz to “clear off”? he spend most of his time calling people Nazis, which is sickening.

                • “Nat”,
                  Smoking all that Marijuana in Amsterdam’s rowdy cafes has clearly had a pronounced effect on your cognition:
                  You’re the troll, not him.
                  It’s your job to piss off from here, not his.
                  And you’re getting paid for trolling, not him.
                  So, in conclusion, clear off. Now.

                • SerJew, supporting the two-state solution in line with the Road Map for Peace, as a clear majority of Israelis do, is not “antisemitic”.

            • What is this fixation on Adam Levick, Nat? What’s that about?
              Do you invariably have difficulties with higher-status males than yourself?

  6. “Three days and nine articles”

    CifWatch contributors continue to have problems with maths. There are eight stories; the ice-cream piece is included twice.

    • Oh I see… If it’s eight, then that makes it A-Okay… (/sarc)
      I suppose you are, on top of other fancies, an octal fanatic…
      Now, Heaven forfend asking why the British public would be interested in Netanyahu’s icecream, in the first place… But as long as it’s eight…

      • 101, ALL newspapers in Israel and in the world have published several stories on “Prisoner X” because so far, it’s the story of the year.

        • Are you really that stupid, or is this part of your trolling “get-up”?!
          All major newspapers the world over have stopped peddling this nonsense. Only the Guardian remains obdurate — and we know why; probably the same you’re trolling here.
          Still, the true affair now tantalising everyone, the actual “story of the year”(Even in the Dutch Telegraph) is Pistorius’ homicide…
          Shame you weren’t his girlfriend…

      • Obviously the British public is much more interested in Bibi’s vanilla ice cream – it is much tastier than the horseshit stolen from them by one of their own representative. Bibi is using his own crystalbowl to to the pistachio not like MP Gerald “my grandmother didn’t die” Kaufman who prefer to buy them using public money.

        • Obviously the British public is much more interested in Bibi’s vanilla ice cream …

          I can assure you that said public has no such interest.

        • Peter, exactly.
          Though knowing the British populace first-hand, I must say I’m inclined to give most of them the benefit of the doubt.
          You see, they’ve just discovered that all beef they’ve been eating for the past 5 years or so, was actually Horse and Donkey meat!.
          They’re bound to grouse a little — and lash out at the easiest, and most common victim: the Je… I mean, “Zionists” ;).
          And judging by the state of our local ass — “Nat” — I am surprised they haven’t contracted something more serious…

    • Mm… you are right technically, sencar, there is a mistake with uploading the post here, but to repeat: it was only a partial selection. There are more, as you can check for yourself.

      • I don’t deny that the Guardian is unhealthily obsessed with Israel and, more importantly, unhealthily over-critical of Israel, but I do deny that this “survey” proves anything one way or another. Neither, I’m afraid, do I find your original post “Measuring an obsession” very helpful either.

        A sample as small as 9 (or 8, little difference) over 3 days from one newspaper is simply not conclusive – especially at a time when (as Nat points out in one of his rare semi-lucid moments, there is a story raging that is covered widely by the rest of the media too). It doesn’t show a trend over time, there are no comparitors and it is frankly simply lazy.


        • Now Labenal, that’s not exactly correct, I’m afraid.
          Most papers, and indeed other outlets had had their filling of this little saga by the second day of its run, and switched to other more prominent, British-oriented concerns: You know, By-election coming up(Eastleigh), MP’s expenses, and for Heaven’s sake, the Horse meat scandal I allude to below has not yet blown over!
          It is only chez Rusbridger that we’ve had this little drama, of no concern to Britain, nor of any verifiable detail, nor with any novel developments — covering a two-year old event, blaring across the front page, with so much babble(most of it, unintelligible), that all solicited a “Stick it to ’em” attitude, and a feeling that here’s a smear against Israel that they could really milk for all it’s worth.
          All the subsequent clarifications, about the Prisoner receiving full legal representation, about his rights being punctiliously observed, about the contact he’s had both with his family, and the Australian consulate, were markedly absent from any of the Guardian “reporting” on the case.
          And I ask, how can you remain equanimous about all this, and most of all, using a troll, “Nat”, to validate your stance?

          • 101 – I am far from equanimous about all this, and have made various posts on the Prisoner X stories on this very site to demonstrate that fact. Sorry if I gave that impression. I don’t really want to side-track this thread with yet another dicussion about the alleged facts about Prisoner X.

            As I said at the start of my post, I very much accept that the Guardian IS over-critical of Israel. I just think that CifWatch has departed from its usual high standards by publishing what is really a very poorly-researched article.

            • Labenal, absolutely…
              And I am sorry if I came off as too argumentative.
              It’s just that some people are ready to brush off what is most definitely a problem — compulsive, drudging, monotonous coverage of all things Israeli, carried to a particular pitch to incite certain attitudes and feelings, against Israel.
              It’s what Ben-Dror Yemini(with whose writings I am sure you’re familiar) has called a “slouching delegitimisation”; it must be fought.

              • Cheers 101. I didn’t think your post was aggressive. Just constructive discussion, which is a refreshing change. But you give me too much credit – I haven’t read Ben-Dror Yemini, but I will look him up. Thanks for the tip.

          • “Most papers, and indeed other outlets had had their filling of this little saga by the second day of its run”

            Not true for the serious UK press. The Telegraph and Independent have had Prisoner X stories almost every day for the last week. The Times seems to have stopped after about three days – but then Rupert Murdoch, its owner, is a ‘great friend of Israel’.

            • Ah… it’s all Murdoch’s fault… Yes; that owner of a newspaper(Sunday Times) that published a truly macabre and heinous cartoon of Netanyahu, on HMD, involving a very careful selection of age-old anti-Jewish tropes and themes; of course
              And by the way, in case you’re actually interested in what the Newspapers ran with, this past week, visit:
              None of them have had this plastered on their front pages(Not even your precious “Independent” — a newspaper so ‘serious’, it’s going out of business faster than the Guardian) . The Telegraph, on Thursday, had a brief notice of this non-story on their website, and then tucked it away… Yesterday, they published a very even-handed commentary by Robert Spencer, and that’s about it.

        • Labenal,

          Since you have referred to that old post of mine, I feel beat. When Israeli – related articles in a British newspaper come up to beat any other subject (for instance Britain-related are only 10% of the Israel-related), and you consider this not enough proof – it is me who is sorry, I seem to be unable to convey the message, so I failed.

          When a British journo (meaning Beaumont) pens 6 (six) articles in 2 (two) days, and you consider it normal – we all have failed again.

          Too bad.

          • Britain-related are only 10% of the Israel-related

            Eh? Which Guardian are you reading? There must be a couple of dozen UK-related articles every single day – and on most days no mention of Israel.

              • Then your stats are wrong. I mean seriously: 10 times more Israel-related articles than UK-related articles?

                You’re having a laugh.

                • That’s my point when I say that I don’t find Snoopy’s original article helpful. In that, he takes some raw stats (which themselves don’t seem to stack up to reality) then guesses that random percentages of other stories (such as on Iran) will relate to Israel and adds those stories on to the number of stories directly about Israel.

                  Firstly, this is not research, it is a random guess. Secondly, it is invalid if you don’t repeat the exercise for all other combinations. So for example, if there are x number of articles about “George Bush”, surely y% of the articles about “unitedstates” will also have been about George Bush (seeing as he was the president at the time).

                  Sorry, Snoopy, but as I say, I need no convincing that the Guardian is unhelathily antagonistic to Israel, but you do nobody any favours by wildly exaggerating – as Pretzel says, it is patently absurd to suggest that the Guardian published more articles about Israel than the UK.

                • Seemingly there are people out there who are desperately trying to believe – or at least claim – that the Guardian has 10 times more Israel-related articles than UK-related articles.

                  Why no feedback from snoopythegoon re. his nonsense stats?

                • Obviously, Pretzelberg you didn’t really read that post, just browsed it (if at all). Try again. And I surely could have a laugh with you showing the lack of reading comprehension – if you did. Check the numbers, check the numbers.

                • Labenal – re “a random guess”. I didn’t pretend to more than a guess, and called it “conservative” to boot.

                  As for “wild exaggeration”: even if you take the original numbers, provided by the Guardian itself (and which you say “don’t seem to stack up to reality” – apparently your perception of reality differs with the Guardian’s own stats) – they may look wild. They are wild – but true, since no one (including the Guardianistas) but you seems to have trouble with them.

                  And of course, you didn’t notice that the numbers are not about the Guardian as a whole but about CiF.

                  Oh well, I think that it is enough investment in that story for now.

    • June,

      If you check this sentence: “And even by people who are (ostensibly) Guardian’s enemies, such as assorted right wing extremists, neo-Nazis and other gutter life, who know a good thing when they see one.” again, you shall see that it doesn’t go into classification of neo-Nazis (or Nazis, for that matter) according to any other criteria but “gutter life”.

      So your ire is misplaced, and I really don’t want to go into that thorny question you seem to be so excited about.

    • “Correction: Neo-Nazis are not of the extreme Right, but Left”

      June, if you seriously believe that National Socialism was a “leftist” ideology, you need not only to go back to highschool, but also to be shunned for not learning the History of the Jewish people and the Holocaust.

      • I find this obsession with labelling people, attitudes or opinions as “left” or “right” annoying and pointless. It is obvious that the further to either extreme you go, the less difference there is. There is plenty of rhetorical contrast, but hardly any practical difference between a fascist dictatorship and a communist one.

        So please, stop bashing anyone you disagree with as “lefty” (as June does below) or “Nazi” (as Fritz does every single time Nat posts anything). These labels are practically meaningless and simply show the accuser’s own prejudices.

        It is far more useful to critique the attitude, actions and opinions of a person or party than to label them “left” or “right”.

        • Labenal, June is the one who has a compulsive disorder, leading her to label anyone she does not like a “leftist”.

          Fritz has another compulsive disorder, leading him to call “Nazi” anyone who supports the two-state solution in line with the Road Map for Peace, trivalizing the Holocaust in the process, which is sickening.

          • Nat – as you will see in my post I criticize June, so what’s your point?

            As for your second paragraph, I direct you to my comments above, and repeat that YOU are the one insulting the victims’ memories by invoking them as part of your dispicable trolling.

            Thanks for adopting my “sickening” terminology though and incorporating it into your cut-and-paste rant. I will take that as flattery.

              • Of course, I was referring to Labenal’s comment about the not constructive practice of labeling people and critiquing the comment rather than the person.
                Exception: “nat” the troll.

          • Nat, putting our differences aside, tell me this: do you consider yourself (broadly) as Left or Right winger. If you say neither, we’ll know for sure you’re nothing but a troll.

            • June, you’re the only troll here. Someone who writes that National Socialism is a “leftist” movement can only be a troll.


                “We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions.” –Adolf Hitler

                (Speech of May 1, 1927. Quoted by Toland, 1976, p. 306)

                • So pretz, you’re saying the world was right not to take Hitler seriously when he talked about “the final solution”?

                  … Just like we shouldn’t believe the Iranians when they say they’re going to wipe Israel from the map?

                • Bio – you know that’s not what Pretz means. Why people on this site (and in the blogosphere in general) insist on reacting to a comment simply because they have taken against the person making it never fails to astonish me.

                  Is it not possible to agree with Pretz on some things and not on others? Read what he says, not who he is!

                • @ Biodegradable

                  you’re saying the world was right not to take Hitler seriously when he talked about “the final solution”?

                  Good God. Are you trying to rival Nat and SerJew on the devious-lies front?

                  Of course not, you idiot.
                  What kind of warped minds recommend this BS? Please do step forward.
                  (not that these cowards ever do, of course)

                • SerJew
                  And [Hitler] also said he had nothing against the Jews.

                  Obviously he didn’t.

                  Can someone explain what point SerJew is trying – and presumably failing – to make?

                • “Is it not possible to agree with Pretz on some things and not on others? Read what he says, not who he is!”
                  Labenal, you are on fire today. I like it.

                • pretz, it seems that in defending your right to be right or wrong I’m taking somewhat of a risk here, i.e., as per the votes. That’s OK, I’ll risk it. : )

              • Someone who writes that National Socialism is a “leftist” movement can only be a troll.

                Then I’m in some very fine company indeed, which is more than I can say for you. Go read a book troll.

                • “Nazism, or National Socialism in full, was the ideology of the Nazi Party in Germany and related movements outside Germany. It is a variety of fascism that incorporates biological racism and antisemitism. Nazism developed in Germany from the influence of the FAR-RIGHT racist Völkisch German nationalist movement and the anti-communist Freikorps paramilitary culture which fought against the communists in post-World War I Germany. The German Nazi Party and its affiliates in Germanic states supported pan-Germanicism. It was designed to draw workers away from communism and into völkisch nationalism. Major elements of Nazism have been described as far-right, such as allowing domination of society by people deemed racially superior, while purging society of people declared inferior, who were said to be a threat to national survival.”


                • Finally “nat”, a cut and paste job you can be proud of !
                  Unfortunately, it doesn’t prove that June is a troll, like you.

  7. I doubt there is another non-Jewish media outfit dedicating so much space and effort to Israel – or to bashing Israel, to be precise.
    Snoopy you completely forgot about all the others – the neo-Nazis, most of the media in the Muslim world and the far left rags and websites – all of them are serious competitors for the “leading liberal voice”. The Guardian’s editors must be proud of their company.

  8. I really wouldn’t call this is a mere obsession. This is an assault, a war is being waged on Israel by BBC/Guardian and their progressive lefty Islamist sponsors.

  9. Adam
    Trolls such as Nat damage an otherwise fine blog . That’s their intention . Sometimes it’s worth keeping them to demonstrate the connect between the anti Semite and the anti Zionist . On that score there will be a new exposé very soon .
    In Nats case there is nothing to glean . Just essentially dim and dull witted . Best to simply bar him from commenting . Rich Millett eventually got round to banning Armbach . You should do the same

    • Harvey, precisely!
      I’ve been pleading with Mr. Levick for a long time to get that imbecile thrown out of here, not least because I have a very strong hunch, backed by “Nat”-‘s own conduit, that he’s in fact paid to disrupt — using standard trolling routines.

    • Harvey you want to remove the best proof of the total lack of moral and intellectual capabilities of an average Guardianista Jew-hater???

    • Harvey, CIF Watch and Adam Levick spend time criticizing the Grauniard and its journalists.

      It’s only fair that they should be cricitized as well.

      Do you really want to remain only with the likes of Fritz and Commentary 101 on this website?

      • What we’re all trying to do here, pillock, is keep this blog a troll-free zone.
        But congratulations, you’re on your way out…
        And a little post-script, for any future, paid operations you may carry out:
        Trolling is not “criticism”…
        Tell your paymasters that. They’ll be pleasantly surprised.

          • Is that so?
            Well maybe you should see your Psychiatrist about that; you may then perhaps be finally relieved of your need to troll, for cash…

          • Is that right?
            Then why don’t you visit your Psychiatrist on that count? Perhaps he could finally free you from your need to troll, for cash?

                • SJ – what is NOT bigoted about a comment that calls “the Arab world” paranoid? In SJ’s mind, is it ever possible to be bigoted AND support Israel? Why can’t you call bigotry out when you see it – whoever the “perpetrator” and whoever the “victim” is?

                • Lab, that was not my point. Fact is that Pretz-church-lady is one of these insufferable post-modern politically-correct hypocrites that think himself as the moral police. He whines about name-calling while he call people he dislikes “bigots”, “right-wingers” and “mental midgets” (this last one, an insult to hight-impaired people, btw). And he loves to tell peopl to “fuck off”. I’m just poking his humungus hypocrisy. If you don´t like it, dont read.

  10. I would be more inclined to take you seriously, pretzel, if you lived in the Middle East, but as I know you don’t, one can’t help smiling at your (im)posture of knowledgeable impartiality as regards the Israeli/Arab conflict. Why do you stick around this blog when you claim it’s full of “bigots” ?

        • Just the dozen or so CiFWatch articles based on my input/research.

          Feel silly? You and the mental midgets recommending your post should.

      • “Ever made any positive contributions to this website?” —

        I think I just did – by exposing your blatant hypocrisy and vanity.

        • My “blatant hypocrisy and vanity”? That’s your “positive contribution”??

          You’re a laughing stock.

              • Wow, you are really obsessed with the little stars, eh, church-lady? What an insecure control-freak! Quite typical of the post-modern PC moralizers that you represent so perfectly.