Guardian reports on UK terror plot ignore facts regarding potential Jewish targets

A Guardian report on Feb. 21, Three would-be suicide bombers found guilty of terror plot, by Sandra Laville, the paper’s crime correspondent, began thus:

Three would-be suicide bombers have been convicted of plotting to carry out terror attacks in the UK which would have been more deadly than the 7/7 bombings in 2005.

The three men, Irfan Naseer, Irfan Khalid and Ashik Ali, Laville explained, were key figures in a Birmingham-based terror cell which planned to detonate multiple suicide bombs which, according to prosecutors, could have caused “death and injury on a scale greater than the 7/7 bombings”.

Irfan Naseer, Irfan Khalid and Ashik Ali

Irfan Naseer, Irfan Khalid and Ashik Ali

All of the three convicted men had ued online material from Inspire, “a self-help guide produced by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP)”, while two of the men had visited Al Qaeda training camps in North Waziristan.

Laville actually published three separate reports (and over 3000 words) on Feb. 21 at the Guardian on the terror plot, but one piece of information wasn’t available: any details on the targets the three had selected.  

Here’s what Laville wrote in one of her reports:

Although no target was ever discussed, their ambition was to outdo the bombers from the 7 July 2005 attacks in London. Naseer told his associates the plan was for “seven or eight [bombs] in different places with timers on at the same time, boom, boom, boom”

Interestingly, however, as the CST and other media, including the Telegraph, reported today, the three had indeed mentioned Jewish institutions as one of their possible targets.

Tom Whitehead, the Teleraph’s Security Editor, noted,  in a Feb. 21 report, that the British jury in the terror case heard how Naseer justified attacking non-believers because they “act like animals”.  Whitehead added the following:

Conversations between them and others were secretly recorded by the police. 

In one Naseer…talks about other methods of killing people he was taught about while allegedly undergoing terror training in Pakistan.

He said: “Make it and put it inside like, you know like Vaseline or cream like that, like Nivea cream and put it on people’s cars.

“You know like the door handles on a whole, imagine putting it on whole like area innit overnight and when they come in the morning to work they start touching the, they open the door and then five minutes they die man, all of them start dying and that, kill about 1,000 people.”

He added: “Even if we can’t make a bomb, get guns yeah from the black geezers, Africans and charge in some like synagogue or charge in different places.”

The CST noted that this latest terror conviction represents the third recent case in which Islamist terrorists have targeted British Jews.

The Guardian’s curious omission is not insignificant, as the targeting of Jews worldwide is clearly part of Al Qaeda’s strategy.  

A cache of evidence found on the body of  slain Al Qaeda terrorist Fazul Abdullah Mohammed, killed by Somalian forces in 2011, noted the need to inspire young Muslims to initiate attacks against Jews in the UK, and included one document with the following instructions:

 “Our objectives are to strike London with low-cost operations that would cause a heavy blow amongst the hierarchy and Jewish communities.

The document also outlined specific plans to attack the Stamford Hill and Golders Green neighborhoods in London, areas in which, the terror group chillingly noted, “tens of thousands of Jews” are “crammed in a small area.”

It’s curious, to say the least, that the Guardian reporter covering the terror plot, by self-radicalized Brits intent on causing mass casualties in the UK, evidently didn’t find it of interest to note that one particular often-targeted religious community was again singled out by the Jihadists for murder. 

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  1. Why is it so curious that the potential Jewish targets were not fit to e mentioned?
    Had the targets included the Israeli Embassy, no doubt the Graun would have been eager to point that out. What horrifies the Graun is that ‘innocent British civilians’ were targeted – oh and some Jews…

    I find this similar to the way left-wing papers always fail to report on Iran’s credible threats to destroy Israel. It is as if the Graun is cheering the Iranians on.

  2. Come to think of it, there was also the case of those terrorists in Mumbai a few years ago, when tourists were besieged in a hotel by Islamist terrorists from Pakistan.
    The press was curiously slow to report that one particular terrorist target had been the local Lubavitch House. Once again it was a case of innocent Western tourists, and Jews – who, by implication, were not so innocent because “Zionist”…

  3. One must bear in mind that Muslim animosity towards Jews began 1400yrs ago when Jews refused to convert and Muhammad got the hump and gave orders to kill them. This has nothing, as Lefty progressive would have us believe, to do with the Jewish state of Israel or Palestine. The fact that BBC/Guardian would want to keep this quiet is not surprising as their main agenda is to soften us up to accept Islam as the word of god and Muhammad as the true and last and only prophet. The fact of the matter is that Islam mandates and has codified Jew hate within its religious strictures, which plays very nicely with Lefty progressives BBC/Guardian as it appeals to their innermost sentiments of anti-Semitism.

    They’re hoping that with the emergence of Islam in the West and Obama’s victory as the most powerful man in the world, the task of a Jew free world that began with the Romans, accelerated through the creation of Christianity, through Muhammad and then, after periods of stops and starts until Hitler, now at last has some legs. This for them is the last chance saloon; they don’t want to wait for another half of millennia until someone else has a go at it. Let’s finish it while the iron is hot.

    • You are mistaken. Muhammad said no such thing. According to the Qoran a certain tribe betrayed him.
      Even afterwards he still shown higher respect to the Jews than to others. The actions of Salah-A-Din towards the Jews were better than any Christian until the late 19 century.

  4. June, you are voicing what some of us wish to hear, but I think you may be overstating the case – certainly as far as our PC-lurkers would have it.
    I was thinking about replying to your previous post along the same lines – ie. that the media are embarrassed by these outbreaks of antisemitism and try not to report them for a number of reasons, mostly because, au fond, they are passive bystanders who allow and enable the terrorists to commit their atrocities. Another telling example was last year after that French-born jihadist Mohammed Merah murdered some Jewish kids and a teacher in a Toulouse school. He was dubbed a ‘lone-wolf’ as if this murderous antisemitism was unique in the Muslim world.
    It seems that it’s fine to condemn what happened to Jews during the Nazi period, but not today. When Jews were weak and helpless it was OK; when Jews are strong and independent, it’s not OK.

    The Guardian and the BBC need to examine their consciences and ask themselves why they don’t dare to call a spade a spade…

  5. Vile and evil men who really should do hard labour and if they or their parents were not born in the UK they should be shipped to country of origin. What an absolute disgrace and as for the Guardian it would be good if they went into liquidation. We are living today in an almost Stalinist Britain with Islamists being given far too much leniency and credibility. Al Beeb and Al Guardian are complicit up to their eyeballs in it. Evil men hate it is not poverty but it is hatred which becomes a psychosis and which is encouraged by imams and the like. How we need men of the ilk of Churchill in government but we have none of that calibre. Our universities are full of academics who have sold their souls to Islam. I as a mature student attend a uni and frankly am nauseated by weak and inaccurate comparisons made with Islamophobia when studying history when the debate at the very least should be about democracy and liberty, freedom of speech and Islamic religious political fascism. I wonder how many young and gullible students take on board the nonsense and the bad comparisons. How many are being taught and encouraged not to ask questions about those who want to kill and who are being given a free card in our midst. Thankfully these vile would be mass murderers were caught and uable to carry out their cruel campaign of terror. I am not Jewish but I support Israel and the Jewish people. I have been to Israel once and it is a dynamic wonderful country despite the lies and inaccurate representations made about it in the propaganda war. When will people in the UK, etc wake up and acknowledge the reality and stop sitting on the fence, or even worse siding with those who hate, who want to destroy the chosen people.

  6. it was mentioned in the print edition:

    ‘No firm targets were ever identified by the police and security services although the plotters made various threats against groups including soldiers, women, anyone in crowded places and synagogues.’

    • Thanks Ian. I think this is one of those occasions when CifWatch is being a little over-dramatic. It is clear that, though these ghastly and diabolical scum did mention synagogues, this quote hardly represents a dramatic plan to attack “Jewish targets” as alleged in Adam’s article. It seems like this was just one of a number of potentials thrown into a conversation about their general plans.

      I don’t think it is remarkable or “curious to say the least” that the Guardian didn’t list all the potential targets, and I don’t think that (on the basis of this single garbled quote) you can genuinely say that “one particular often-targeted religious community was again singled out by the Jihadists for murder.”

  7. They only mentioned Stamford Hill and Folders Green. No specific targets. These guys idolised the four lions characters which shows their IQ.