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Guardian print edition story on UK terror plot adds info previously missing about Jewish targets

Yesterday, we noted that Guardian reporter Linda Laville published nearly 5000 words (in four reports on Feb. 21) devoted to the recent conviction of three Birmingham Jihadists who were conspiring to launch a large-scale terror attack in the UK, and didn’t mention that Jews were among the possible targets.

Here’s the relevant passage in Laville’s account:

Although no target was ever discussed, their ambition was to outdo the bombers from the 7 July 2005 attacks in London. Naseer told his associates the plan was for “seven or eight [bombs] in different places with timers on at the same time, boom, boom, boom”

However, we noted that the jury in the trial heard recordings made by police of the three men (Irfan Naseer, Irfan Khalid and Ashik Ali) specifically mentioning the possibility of targeting a British synagogue, a fact which was reported by other news outlets, including the Telegraph.

Indeed, as we observed in our post, this latest plot represents the third recent case in which Islamist terrorists have targeted British Jews, and is thoroughly consistent with Al Qaeda’s broader strategy of targeting Jews in the West.

Last night, I had this exchange with the Guardian’s Laville. (Laville was responding to someone who re-tweeted our original post)

Interestingly, however, an alert reader in the UK informed us this morning that today’s print edition of the Guardian (scanned below) contained a slightly different version of one of the online reports by Laville.

As you can see, the story was the lead:


Here’s a scan of the specific story in the paper:



Here’s the passage we highlighted:

No firm targets were ever identified by the police and security services although the plotters made various threats against groups including soldiers, women, anyone in crowded places and synagogues.

So, why the change to the print edition version of the original online story?

Perhaps only Linda Laville knows for sure, but we certainly have our suspicions. 

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    • Let me get this straight. You’re presumably a Jew who lives in the UK and don’t think its relevant that British Jihadists who were planning a mass scale terror attack had casually mentioned that they may target Jewish worshipers?

      • In February 1970 seventy five people died within eleven days, in consequence of parcel bombs, an arson attack and a hijacking. The targets were Israelis and Jews.
        “When starts the fight against the holy cow Israel?” asked Dieter Kunzelmann, founding member of the left radical Tupamaros at that time. This is now the title of a new book by the political scientist in Hmburg, Wolfgang Kraushaar, bringing back the memory of terror attacks ‘fallen out of time’.
        The historical center piece of the book are the failed hijacking of an EL AL airplane on 10th of Februar, ending in a bloodbath in Munich, and the arson attack on a Jewish retirement home at Munich, bringing death to seven survivors of the holocaust.
        Qestions remain concerning the links between left extremists and the Palestinian terrorists of the Olympic massacre. Kraushaar gathered evidences for the links, but no proves.

        • Amendment
          a time line
          failed bomb attack on the Jewish community hall in Berlin by the Tupamaros during the commemoration ceremony of the 9th of November 1938
          10.2.1970 Munich
          attempt to hijack an EL AL airplane by three Palestinian terrorists, one dead Israeli, eleven were seriously wounded
          13.2.1970 Munich
          arson attack on the Jewish retirement home, seven Jews murdered, none was ever indicted
          three Palestinian terrorist were arrested before their effort to hijack an El AL airplane
          Allegedly Tupamaros threatened judges in a letter after a comrade was sentenced
          A parcel bomb detonated on an AUA flight from Frankfurt to Vienna, due to continue to Tel Aviv. The flight captain managed to land safely.
          A Swissair plane on flight to Tel Aviv crashed after the detonation of a parvel bomb, all 47 people on board died.
          Molotov cocktails were thrown at the house of the judge who sentenced the comrade.
          April 1970
          Kunzelmanns letter of the holy cow Israel
          September 1970
          Failed Asassination of Hussein of Jordania
          Hijacking of airplanes landing at Dawson’ s Field, Jordania
          6.9. EL AL Tel Aviv -Amsterdam: failed attempt
          6.9. TWA Frankfurt -New York
          6.9. Swissair Zürich-New York
          6.9. Panam Brussels-New York, hijacked, landing in Kairo
          9.9. BOAC Bombay-London
          16.9. Martial law in Jordania
          17.9. Start of Black September