Sounds of Purim: Rapping poetical about Haman and Ahmadinejad

This week’s video is titled ‘Purim Poetry Slam’, and written and performed by Ari Lesser.  Lesser is a singer, songwriter, rapper, and spoken word artist from Cleveland, Ohio.  He recently spent time in Israel studying at Yeshivot in Tzfat and Jerusalem, and has performed all over the world.


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  1. He has great voice.I will sent him letter.I uploaded 363 israeli singers/bands but still don’t find local Matisyahu.I guess,Ari is best applicant and if he don’t mind to see themself as israei singer,I will upload his song “King Solomon” soon.

  2. Harvey – Queen Balfour was just following the old English tradition as portrayed by Robin Hood robbing from one to give it to the other