The Guardian’s Phoebe Greenwood ignores Arafat Jaradat’s terror affiliation

Israeli pathologists involved in the autopsy of a Palestinian prisoner named Arafat Jaradat, who died in Megiddo Prison on Saturday, are awaiting the results of toxicology tests (that might take weeks to receive) which may definitively determine the cause of death.

The death of Jaradat, who was arrested on Feb. 18 after residents in his West Bank village reported that he “was involved in a rock-throwing attack” that injured an Israeli, sparked rioting in Hebron and other cities in the West Bank – a characteristic rush to judgement by Palestinian radicals which mirrors the journalistic rush to judgement by Phoebe Greenwood.

Greenwood led her Feb. 24 Guardian report with unsubstantiated claims by the Palestinian Authority that Jaradat died as the result of torture.

greenwoodHere’s how the story is presented on the Guardian’s home page, employing inverted quotes around the words “tortured in prison” and deleting the qualifier, “says Palestinian Authority”.


Greenwood’s piece begins thusly:

A Palestinian prisoner whose death in Israeli custody fanned violent clashes across the West Bank over the weekend was tortured before he died, the Palestinian Authority has said.

The results of an autopsy conducted in Tel Aviv were revealed at a press conference in Ramallah on Sunday evening after a day of angry protests across the West Bank and Gaza in which dozens were injured.

The findings contradict the Israeli prison service’s claim that Arafat Jaradat died on Saturday from a cardiac arrest.

A Palestinian doctor’s investigations found that while Jaradat’s arteries were clear, the state of his body suggested he had been beaten in the days before his death.

It isn’t until the fifth paragraph that the Israeli version is emphasized.

That contrasts with an Israeli health ministry statement that said that the autopsy found “no signs of external trauma … apart from those pertaining to resuscitation [attempts] and a small graze on the right side of his chest”.

It said: “No evidence of disease was found during the autopsy. Two internal hemorrhages were detected, one on the shoulder and one on the right side of the chest. Two ribs were broken, which may indicate resuscitation attempts. The initial findings cannot determine the cause of death. At this stage, until microscopic and toxicology reports are in, the cause of death cannot be tied to the autopsy findings.”

Then, we’re treated to Greenwood’s selective bio of Jaradat.

The 30-year-old, a petrol station worker and father of two, was arrested on 18 February in relation to a stone-throwing incident in November during which an Israeli was slightly injured. [emphasis added]

However, unbeknownst to those who depend on the Guardian as their source for information on events in the Palestinian territories, when Jaradat wasn’t working in a petrol station and providing for his two children, he was evidently involved in other, far less noble pursuits.

According to multiple sources, including even the BBC and Arab sites such as Ahram Online, Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya, Jaradat was a member of Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade – the terror group affiliated with Fatah.

Here’s the relevant passage from Ahram:

Al Aqsa brigades, the armed wing of the Fatah national liberation movement, mourns with all pride its hero, the martyr of freedom, the prisoner Arafat Jaradat,” the statement said, in reference to Jaradat’s membership of the group.

Here’s Al Jazeera:

Palestinians said Jaradat was a member of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the armed wing of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah movement.

Remarkably, even Wafa, the official Palestinian Authority news agency, reported on Jaradat’s ‘suspected’ affiliation:

Violent clashes with Israeli soldiers broke out after the death of prisoner Arafat Jaradat, a father of three and charged of affiliation with al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, in Megiddo Israeli prison Saturday as a result to possible torture during interrogation.

Whilst the PA’s motivation for propagandizing about Jaradat’s death is clear – and thoroughly consistent with what many believe has been their tacit encouragement for the increasing number of violent Palestinian confrontations with the IDF in recent weeks – Greenwood’s putative role as a professional journalist requires that she avoid ideologically inspired, selective reporting.  

Though we likely won’t learn the cause of Jaradat’s death for weeks, until that time we can be assured that subsequent Guardian reports on the incident will continue to ignore information which interferes with desired narratives invariably showing the deceased Palestinian prisoner in the most favorable light.

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  1. “Israeli pathologists involved in the autopsy of a Palestinian prisoner named Arafat Jaradat, who died in Megiddo Prison on Saturday, are awaiting the results of toxicology tests (that might take weeks to receive) which may definitively determine the cause of death.”

    But Adam you already know the cause of death. It was a heart attack. Why don’t you just pass your knowledge onto these pathologists and save them a whole heap of trouble?

  2. “Though we likely won’t learn about the cause of Jaradat’s death for weeks…..”

    But we know it was a heart attack. You told us so yesterday.Remember ?

    • This is all getting very unoriginal on your part, Armbach/RealZionist/Leonidas/Metrognome, &c…
      I can only assume that you’ve yet again been banned somewhere, and therefore skulking here, with your kit of whataboutery close at hand.
      We do know you personally believe Israel gutted the deceased like a fish, and then sold his organs. This much we know, about you. What we don’t know however, is why the Israeli medical report(and Ministry statement on the subject) is not mentioned alongside the Palestinians’ claims, and why Ahram(by all means not a ‘pro-Israel’ source) would correctly identify his ties to the “Al-Aqsa martyrs” and the Guardian wouldn’t…

      • commenthairy what a lot of tangents you go off on I merely am saying that yesterday Adam was telling us the cause of death and merely asking why doesn’t he tell the appropriate authorities and save them a lot of hassle.

        • And the reason you’re trolling here with this, is?
          Can’t you keep your plentiful ‘advice’ to Mr. Levick to yourself?
          I can clearly see you’re deprived of posting this drivel somewhere else; showing signs of withdrawal already?

      • And I decided I didn’t want to be a real zionist any more I wanted to go home to my mum. And if I told you who metrognome was you wouldn’t believe me so I won’t bother.

        • I see. You’ve taken the sock-puppetry to a new level: Split-personalities; or have they always been there? I don’t see much of a ‘split’ in any of your other ‘characters’: they’re all fairly idiotic…
          So you’re no longer a “real Zionist”? And when exactly were you one? I’ve always thought of you as a poor excuse for an “Elf-ist”(is that you call yourselves?), but that’s just me…

            • Of course not, poor dear, you *actually* believe yourself to be divorced from Armbach/RZ/&c.
              It’s getting old, this shtick… Try thinking of something a bit more creative.

  3. Noteworthy is the, least to say, misrepresentation of Greenwood.
    “A Palestinian doctor’s investigations found that while Jaradat’s arteries were clear, the state of his body suggested he had been beaten in the days before his death.”
    According to the Standard whose headline of the article is also claiming the death due to torture, sharing the bias of the Guardian,
    the Palestinian chief pathologist was allowed to observe the autopsy.
    “Ein in israelischer Haft ums Leben gekommener Palästinenser ist nach Angaben des Chef-Pathologen der Palästinensischen Autonomiebehörde in Ramallah an den Folgen “extremer Folter” gestorben. Saber Alul äußerte sich am Sonntag, nachdem er einer Autopsie israelischer Experten des am Vortag gestorbenen Arafat Jaradat beigewohnt hatte.”
    No investigation at all, just assumptions.
    I wonder what Greenwood will invent to defend her non existent investgation.

  4. For those not familiar with Phoebe Greenwoood, she actually wrote an article in support of the Islamo Nazi Ahlam Tamimim who was behind the Sbarros massacre which murdered 15 Israeli civilians including 8 children.
    Frimet Roth responds to Guardian story sympathetic to terrorist responsible for her daughter’s murder
    October 14, 2011

    The following was written by Frimet Roth.

    The letter is a response to a Guardian report, “Palestine families wait to hear prisoners’ fate“, Oct. 13, by Phoebe Greenwood, about the Palestinian terrorist (Ahlam Tamimim) serving 6 life terms for her major role in carrying out a suicide attack at the Jerusalem Sbarro’s in 2001 which killed the Roth’s 15 year old daughter Malka.

    Tamimim is reported to be among those terrorists who will shortly be released by Israel in exchange for Gilad Shalit.

    Contrary to what Phoebe Greenwoood writes from Ramallah, Ahlam Tamimi did not drive the Sbarro restaurant suicide bomber to his target.

    On the day of the massacre (which killed 15, and injured 130) she personally transported a bomb weighing 10kg from a West Bank town into Jerusalem. The bomb was concealed inside a guitar case. She arranged for a taxi to bring her and an accomplice by the name of Al Masri, a young newly religious fanatic, to an Israeli security checkpoint. To reduce suspicion, they were dressed to look like Israelis. It worked. The bomb was not detected, and Tamimi led her “weapon” – Al Masri – to the target that had been carefully selected by her.

    That target was a pizza restaurant, selected because it was located in the heart of Jerusalem and on a hot summer vacation afternoon it would be teeming with women and children. Tamimi instructed Al Masri to wait fifteen minutes before detonating the explosives to give her sufficient time to flee the scene safely. He followed her orders.

    Our precious daughter, Malki, who was 15, perished in the ensuing inferno.

    The contention, in Greenwood’s report, that Tamimi was pressured into committing this barbaric act that took the lives of seven men and women, and eight children, and left a sixteenth woman in a coma until today, is patently false.

    Since being sentenced to 16 life terms, she has been interviewed twice, once for a full-length documentary. She has repeatedly stated that she does not regret her actions. She smiled to the camera when she learned that she had murdered eight children; she had been under the impression it was fewer.

    Tamimi was also found guilty of a failed attempt at a terror attack several months before her “success”. On that occasion she planted a bomb in a wastebasket in a large Jerusalem supermarket. Fortunately, the bomb did not explode.

    Now, I ask you, are these the deeds and words of someone who simply “was a perfect target” for Hamas and who hadn’t “fully thought through what she was doing”, as her brother contends in the Guardian story?

    Mention of the egregious injustice and betrayal that is now being perpetrated upon the families of Israeli terror victims is the least that the Guardian could do in reporting this news event.

    Frimet Roth, Jerusalem

  5. Islam is “a religion which requires her to hate Jews”?

    What a load of bigoted bollocks.

    Gets the full thumbs-up here – sadly but not surprisingly.

    • I don’t know that Islam actually requires one to hate Jews, since Islam and Jews have been known to have civil, albeit unequal, relations, but Lauren Booth didn’t get her ideas from a vacuum either. That fact that she, as a recent convert, feels the need to endlessly, ignorantly and hatefully go on and on about the Israelis would lead one to believe that there is something to this.

      • Lauren Booth didn’t get her ideas from a vacuum either

        She sure didn’t get them from the Quran – because she’d never read it when she converted!

        That fact that she, as a recent convert, feels the need to endlessly, ignorantly and hatefully go on and on about the Israelis would lead one to believe that there is something to this.

        Clearly she hated Israel beforehand.

        Is it so hard for you to call out SerJew’s bigotry?

        • “Is it so hard for you to call out SerJew’s bigotry?”

          Serjew? I was reacting to the exchange between you and Matzoh Maker and then adding my own take.

          “She sure didn’t get them from the Quran – because she’d never read it when she converted!”
          pretzelberg, most muslims have never read the Quran. (And I dare say most Christian anti-Semites throughout history, if you were to add them all up, never read the New Testament.) And yet here she is. Obviously she thinks that being a Muslim is a good location for her to slander Jews from. It doesn’t much matter what the Quran says, it says lots of things. What matters is what noxious bs people are taught.

          • It doesn’t much matter what the Quran says

            Now you sound like George Galloway re. Israelis.

            And while you’re there: are you OK with SerJew’s bigotry?

            • I sound like no such person re. no such people.. You sound like someone who’s not really listening to what I am saying. Instead you’re cherry picking.
              You seem to be more interested in drawing me into a feud you’re having with another commenter over a comment you say exists, but I’ve yet to see.

        • More anti-gentile bigotry from the incorrigible SerJew. Gets the thumbs-up from the usual mental midgets, of course.

  6. Once again Matzoh Maker surfaces to make racist comments.Against muslims this time, not Jews but no better for it. Disgusting.