Terrorist propagandizing – a beginners guide: By Ben White

Ben White, professional Israel hater, anti-Semite whisperer, and ‘Comment is Free’ contributor, may have landed a new gig.


White – a proponent of the one-state solution, and a Brit who’s arguably one of the the Guardian’s favorite BDS supporters  has previously romanticized about the bloodshed of Palestinian ‘martyrs’, so it’s not surprising that a commentary he published at Al Jazeera on Feb. 22, titled ‘What a period of relative calm looks like in the Occupied Territories‘, was recently cross posted here:

white at hamas

Hamas website

The piece highlights an “infographic” purporting to demonstrate the number of attacks in Gaza since the ceasefire agreement between Hamas and Israel in November – data which, per White, “lay bare the daily reality for Palestinians and the power imbalance between the occupier and an occupied, colonised people fighting for their basic rights.”

Whilst it’s unclear if White consented to being cross-posted by Al Qassam Brigades or not, the decision by an official Hamas propagandist manning the site to promote his anti-Zionist, post-colonial agitprop represents a perfect example of the political synergy between the British anti-Zionist left and the Islamist reactionary right (what’s known as the Red-Green Alliance).

Of course, such antisemitic, misogynistic, homophobic and anti-democratic Islamist movements like Hamas don’t give a damn about political “power imbalances” or “basic [human] rights”, but are often willing to cynically employ tropes which evoke such Western values when it suits their purposes.  

Fortunately for Hamas, they can continue to rely on a steady stream of putatively “liberal” ‘Comment is Free’ contributors like Ben White to run interference for this absurd ideological charade. 

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    • Adolf would be a better match…
      That trash like White exist is a fact of life and there is not much to do against this in a democracy. What is more worrying that in parts of the UK society he is considered an acceptable figure and the far left Jew-haters sitting in the Guardian’s office give him a forum.

      • If you don’t like others using Nazi references, don’t do it yourself. It shows what many now know; that crying ‘antisemitism’ is so much hypocrisy.

        • Alex, you show an arrogant colonial mindset. What do you know about Judaism, Jewish history, or just generally being Jewish when surrounded by shitty European Jew-baiters like yourself? F**k all my son, but here you are anyway, telling Jews what they can and can’t say about the most devastating experience in Jewish history.

        • Here’s a Nazi reference for you: the war criminal Haj Amin al Husseini, aka, Mufti of Jerusalem and Hitle´s buddy. See, your palarabs have a Nazi criminal as their most famous leader.

        • ACtually, I agree with Alex on this. I find the rush by some on this site to label anyone who is antisemitic (or says something that could be construed as such) a “nazi” distasteful to say the least.

          • It may be distasteful. It may be the easiest way to vent your anger and disgust toward the social actors who perpetuate this negative propaganda against the Jewish people. But to call it hypocrisy? Can you break that down for me? Because I can’t really see how the one use has anything to do with the other.

  1. Do you write your posts from a mental asylum? And why don’t you try actually responding to the data within the infographic rather than your usual banal racist nonsense.

  2. The images of Hamas thugs lynching a supposed informer and dragging his body through the streets of Gaza behind a motorcycle. As it turned out the people Hamas murdered were just rivals of Hamas.
    Ben White cant even bring himself to criticize Hamas barbarism.
    Hamas victim dragged through the streets of Gaza City Tuesday by motorcycle was no collaborator, widow says
    It was a sight that shocked the world — the corpse of Ribhi Badawi being dragged through the streets of Gaza City Tuesday by a motorcycle as Hamas gunmen fired into the air.
    Comments (26)
    Matthew Kalman
    NOVEMBER 26, 2012

    • I went to the link.

      Actually, Badawi, 37, had spent the last four years in a Hamas prison under armed guard. He was tortured for seven months into confessing that he was working for Israel.

      Someone should tell Glenn Greenwald (the Magnificent) on CiF.

    • And people call me racist or a bigot for calling these people savages? This PC culture is astoundingly hypocritical.

          • You calling my neighbour, former child mine, the head of haemek hospital, or the inventor of the mechanical nose sadistic people?

            • He’s not a Muslim. If he was he’s be following the Sunnah just like his faithful brethren in the al-Qassam Brigades or whatever other “militant” group.

              The first pillar in Islam is as follows:

              Faith (iman) in the oneness of Allah and the finality of the prophethood of Muhammad (indicated by the declaration [the Shahadah] that, “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah”).

              The finality of the prophethood of Muhammad is unique to Islam. Therefore, to understand Islam and what it means to be a Muslim, we must come to understand Muhammad as well as the revelations given through him by Allah, which make up the Quran.

              Look below for citations from the Koran as said by Allah through his messenger, the prophet Muhammad.

              Their opening prayer, the Lord’s Prayer, contains this passage:
              Guide us in the straight path (the path of Muhammad)
              The path of them Thou hast blessed. (the path of Islam)
              Not of those with whom Thou art angry (the Jews)
              Nor of those who go astray (Christians and pagans)

              What’s important is to gauge what they mean by straight path. Lucky the Sunnah, Sharia, and Hadiths were written. They provide the much needed context. Look below and see for yourself.

              • You quote Muslim texts and prayers as if they prove the ill-will of all Muslims. Anti-semites quote context-free and selected Jewish texts and prayers and use them as proof of the ill-will of Jews. What is the difference?

                Besides, it is hardly unique that Muslims believe their faith is the true path, or to ask their god to help them be “good Muslims” and avoid the paths of “others”. This is a theme that runs through Jewish text and prayer too, and I’m pretty certain is fairly common amongst all religions.

          • “murderous and sadistic mega-cult … primitives … polluting?”
            You and the idiots supporting your post are mirroring the language employed by the worst anti-Semites.

            • I quite agree, Pretz. Daniel – I ask you for what seems the millionth time – can you not see the difference between calling, say, Hamas, a murderous and sadistic cult (with which I would tend to agree) and accusing Islam – and by extension all 1 billion plus of its adherents – of the same?

              The first is political comment, and justified in my view by the evidence such as that provided by Ken Kelso above, the latter is sheer bigotry.

              • Thanks Daniel. You insist on calling me names and ascribing me motives which have no link with reality, but let’s set that aside and address your point.

                I have never and will never deny that there are vicious, murderous, sadistic, antisemitic Muslims. Of course there are, and sadly many of these are either in power in various Islamic states or aspiring to be. I also object strongly to the unjustified and excessive criticism Israel suffers in the Guardian and other MSM (as you would know if you read any of my posts on this site). I do deny, however, whatever the Koran says, that all MUSLIMS are vicious, murderous, sadistic, antisemitic savages.

                Have you ever met a Muslim? I am fortunate enough to live in a multi-cultural society where I have made many Muslim acquaintances (and friends) at school, work and in other areas of my life. I am happy to say that, though some Muslims I have met have been objectionable and nasty people and have expressed antisemitic views (as have some Christians and atheists I have come across, not to mention some Jews), most haven’t. I have had some heated “discussions” about Israel and the Middle East, but on the whole they have been respectful and an exchange of views.

                Now I know that the few dozen/hundreds of people I have met hardly form a representative sample of the 1 billion + Muslims in the world, but I am willing to assume that I haven’t met the only Muslims who are not “savages”.

                I will NOT apologise for having a sane, balanced view of the world. If that opinion makes me a “hasbara apologist” or “as bad as Ben White” in your view, then frankly that’s your problem. Not mine.

              • Me an antisemite?? Previously this dickhead also called me a Nazi!
                And that’s in addition to his hate-fuelled bigotry.

                What a lunatic.

                • Are you not a Nazi? Hot dawn, and i thought the “Berg” in your name and the dead sea avatar was a give away… 😉

            • Why are you on my ass? Can you read my post below and stop being a hasbara apologist. I bet you’ve not read a single word of the Koran, hadiths, or sharia jurisprudence before I started cutting-and-pasting. There are plenty of analyses out there that you can comb through and educate yourself with. You just need to put in the effort to understand their ways and their works. Islam is an ideology like Nazism was. There were Germans who weren’t Nazis and there are Muslims who are not really Muslim because they don’t follow their faith or their leaders’ calls to kill Jews in their homes.

              • “There are Muslims who are not really Muslim because they don’t follow their faith or their leaders’ calls to kill Jews in their homes.”

                Really? Am I not Jewish because I turn on lights on Shabbat, despite the fact my faith tells me that is a sin? Am I not Jewish because I do not agree that homosexuality is an abomination, despite the fact that’s what it says in the Torah? Am I not Jewish because I do not go along with Rabbi Yitzchak Schapira who believes that “Thou Shalt Not Kill” only applies to Jews, and that it’s OK to kill goyim (his word), even children – if it is clear that once they grow up, they can be “harmful”?

                You confirm your outright racism more and more with each posting. I am disgusted by you.

              • there are Muslims who are not really Muslim because they don’t follow their faith or their leaders’ calls to kill Jews in their homes.

                Vomit-inducing lies. Get the fuck out of here.

              • “There were Germans who weren’t Nazis and there are Muslims who are not really Muslim because they don’t follow their faith or their leaders’ calls to kill Jews in their homes.”

                Oh, come off it Daniel.

        • “Kill the Mushrikun {unbelievers} wherever you find them, and capture them and besiege them, and prepare for them each and every ambush” (Koran 9:5).

          9:29 (calls for murder and apartheid)
          Fight against those who believe not in Allah, nor in the Last Day, nor forbid that which has been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger and those who acknowledge not the religion of truth (i.e. Islam) among the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians), until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.

          9:33 (sounds like Nazi doctrine)
          It is He {Allah} Who has sent His Messenger (Muhammad) with guidance and the religion of truth (Islam), to make it superior over all religions even though the Mushrikun (polytheists, pagans, idolaters, disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah) hate (it).

          “”The Day of Judgement will not come about until Muslims fight the Jews , when the Jew will hide behind stones and trees. The stones and trees will say O Muslims, O Abdullah, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him” (Sahih Muslim, Kitab al-Fitan wa Ashrat as-Sa’ah, Book 41, 6985).

          “And thou wilt find them [the Jews] the greediest of mankind” (Surah 11:96). Sounds a bit antisemitic.

          Evil is that for which they sell their souls… For disbelievers is a terrible doom.[Surah II, v. 90]

          Taste ye [Jews] the punishment of burning.[Surah III, v. 18 1]

          Proclaim a woeful punishment to those that hoard up gold and silver…. Their treasures shall be heated in the dres of Hell, and their foreheads, sides and backs branded with them. . . . ‘Taste then the punishment which is your due. [Surah IX, v. 35]

          “They [the Jews] are the heirs of Hell…. They will spare no pains to corrupt you. They desire nothing but your ruin. Their hatred is clear from what they say … When evil befalls you they rejoice.” Ibid. [Surah 111, v. 117-120]

          Those who disbelieve Our revelations, We shall expose them to the fire. As often as their skins are consumed We shall exchange them for fresh skins that they may taste the torment.[Surah IV, v. 56]

          Because of the wrongdoing of the Jews…. And of their taking usury … and of their devouring people’s wealth by false pretenses. We have prepared for those of them who disbelieve a painful doom.[Surah IV, v. 160, 161]

          Allah hath cursed them [the Jews] for their disbelief.[Surah IV, v. 46]

          They [the Jews] will spare no pains to corrupt you. They desire nothing but your ruin. Their hatred is clear from what they say, but more violent is the hatred which their breasts conceal.[Surah III, v. 117-120]

          In truth the disbelievers are an open enemy to you.[Surah IV, v. 101]

          And thou seest [Jews and Christians] vying one with another in sin and transgression and their devouring of illicit gain. Verily evil is what they do. Why do not the rabbis and the priests forbid their evilspeaking and their devouring of illicit gain? …. evil is their handiwork.[Surah V, v. 62, 63]

          O ye who believe! Take not the Jews and Christians for friends. [Surah V, v. 51]

          The most vehement of mankind in hostility [are] the Jews and the idolators.[Surah V, v. 82]

          Fight against such of those [Jews and Christians] … until they pay for the tribute readily, being brought low.[Surah IX, v. 29]

          Allah fighteth against them [the Jews]. How perverse they are![Surah IX, v. 30]

          Believers, many are the rabbis and the monks who defraud men of their possessions… Proclaim a woeful punishment to those that hoard up gold and silver and do not spend it in Allah’s cause…. their treasures shall be heated in the fire of Hell…. [Surah IX, v. 26-34]

          They [the Jews] spread evil in the land …. [Surah V, v. 62-66]

          [The Jews] knowingly perverted [the word of Allah], know of nothing except lies … commit evil and become engrossed in sin. [Surah II, v. 71-85]

          “O you People of the Book to whom the Scripture has been given, believe in what We have (now) revealed, confirming and verifying what was possessed by you, before We destroy your faces beyond all recognition, turning you on your backs, and curse you as We cursed the Sabbath-breakers, for the decision of Allah Must be executed.” Qur’an 4:47

          Ishaq:240 “The Jews are a nation of liars…. The Jews are a treacherous, lying, and evil people.”

          Qur’an 33:26 “Allah made the Jews leave their homes by terrorizing them so that you killed some and made many captive. And He made you inherit their lands, their homes, and their wealth. He gave you a country you had not traversed before.” (is it any wonder that Arab Muslims today are plotting this exact thing?)

          Ishaq:250 “The bestial transformation occurred when Allah turned Jews into apes, despised.”

          Ishaq:524 “We cannot accept the oaths of Jews. Their infidelity is so great they swear falsely.” (Not very assuring for a peace treaty huh?)

          Ishaq:245 “Do you love Jews and their religion, you liver-hearted ass, and not Muhammad? Their religion will never march with ours…. Jews make false professions about Islam. So Allah sent down: ‘Satan wishes to lead them astray.”

          Ishaq:262 “Some Muslims remained friends with the Jews, so Allah sent down a Qur’an forbidding them to take Jews as friends. From their mouths hatred has already shown itself and what they conceal is worse.”

          Bukhari:V1B4N147 “People say, ‘Whenever you sit for answering the call of nature, you should not face the Qiblah of Jerusalem.’ I told them. ‘Once I went up the roof of our house and I saw Allah’s Apostle answering the call of nature while sitting on two bricks facing Jerusalem.”

          Qur’an 2:64 “But you [Jews] went back on your word and were lost losers. You know that you have broken the sanctity of the Sabbath, so We said: ‘Become monkeys despised and hated.’ We made this punishment an example and a warning for those who fear Allah.”

          Tabari VII:97 “The next morning, the Jews were in a state of fear on account of our attack upon the enemy of Allah. After the assassination, the Prophet declared, ‘Kill every Jew.'”

          Bukhari:V1B1N6 “Just issue orders to kill every Jew in the country.”

          Tabari VIII:29 “The Prophet said, ‘No one should pray the afternoon prayer until they are in the territory of the Qurayza because warfare against the Jews is incumbent upon Muslims.'”

          Bukhari:V5B59N362 “So the Prophet killed the Qurayza men. He distributed their women, children and property among the Muslims.”

          Tabari VIII:38 “The Messenger of Allah commanded that all of the Jewish men and boys who had reached puberty should be beheaded. Then the Prophet divided the wealth, wives, and children of the Qurayza Jews among the Muslims.”

          Qur’an 5:82, which includes the statement (“Thou wilt surely find the most hostile of men to the believers are the Jews” — in his commentary on 5:82, the great Muslim historian and renowned Qur’anic exegete al-Tabari (d. 923) writes,

          In my opinion, [the Christians] are not like the Jews who always scheme in order to murder the emissaries and the prophets, and who oppose God in his positive and negative commandments, and who corrupt His scripture which He revealed in His books.

          Jews are described as adherents of the Dajjâl—the Muslim equivalent of the Anti-Christ—or according to another tradition, the Dajjâl is himself Jewish. At his appearance, other traditions maintain that the Dajjâl will be accompanied by 70,000 Jews from Isfahan wrapped in their robes, and armed with polished sabers, their heads covered with a sort of veil. When the Dajjâl is defeated, his Jewish companions will be slaughtered

          both Shi’ites and Sunnis share one particular detail about “the coming of the hour” and the dawning of messianic times: The Jews must all suffer a violent death, to the last one. Both Shi’ites and Sunnis quote the famous hadith [Sahih Muslim, Book 41, Number 6985] attributed to Muhammad…

          …because divine will dooms Jews to wandering and misery [pace Qur’an 17:4-5/ 7:168; and 2:61/3:112], the Jewish state appears to Muslims as an unbearable affront and a sin against Allah. Therefore it must be destroyed by Jihad.

          Almost 850 years ago, elaborating on the depth of Muslim hatred for the Jews in his era, Maimonides (in ~ 1172 C.E.) made this profound observation regarding the Jewish predilection for denial, a feature that he insists will hasten their destruction.

          We have acquiesced, both old and young, to inure ourselves to humiliation…All this notwithstanding, we do not escape this continued maltreatment [by Muslims] which well nigh crushes us. No matter how much we suffer and elect to remain at peace with them, they stir up strife and sedition.

          They started their damned nation on the blood of my ancestors, the Banu Qurayza, Banu Qaynuqa, and Banu Nadir.

          In the Sharee’ah {Sharia — Islamic law}, jihad refers to the fighting of the unbelievers, and involves all possible efforts that are necessary to dismantle the power of the enemies of Islam including beating them, plundering their wealth, destroying their places of worship and smashing their idols. This means that jihad is to strive to the utmost to ensure the strength of Islam by such means as fighting those who fight you and the dhimmies {non-Muslims living under Islamic rule} (if they violate any of the terms of the treaty) and the apostates (who are the worst of unbelievers, for they disbelieved after they have affirmed their belief).

          I mainly posted this for Labenal, since she is so hung up on hasbara that she doesn’t see the real imperative to expose these savages. I don’t have to explain myself to you.

      • Daniel,

        The people who do such things are indeed savages, but most Muslims don’t do these things.
        You seem to be saying that Islam is defined by it’s most extremist and fundamentalist people claiming its mantle for their own ends. You’re taking a crap on the moderate, enlightened and reform minded who need all our help today.

      • Has it ever occurred to you to think, before spouting your drivel?!
        Or do they not “do thinking”, over at the ‘pro-Pal’ confabs? Is cogitation considered “Imperialist”?
        The fact is, BWIAA is referring to a specific incident, wherein White, glibly and appallingly said this:

        “If you need another reason to support a boycott of Habima, I present a massive picture of Howard Jacobson’s face

        Why don’t you go a-trolling somewhere else? Mondoweiss is beckoning.

      • I was thinking the same. He does look like a Waffen SS corporal relaxing while off-duty. I see a big future for him in the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

      • Again, I agree with Alex. What is the difference between BWIAA’s comment and that notorious tweet by Ben White of Howard Jacobosn’s face as a “reason to support” BDS against Israel?

        • You are a joke. You think you are helping the Jewish cause by agreeing with these monsters. “Maybe if I agree with them they won’t hate me.” You are pathetic. Hasbara is ineffective. It’s not your fault though. You would be ostracized if you tried to spread the truth of Islam. You’d be branded a bigot, an Islamaphobe, a Nazi. Who knows? So you are a good little left wing tool, so easily manipulated and molded to conform to the normalizing of anti-Israel antisemitism. My mother is Israeli and she would tell you thanks but no thanks.

        • Labenal, I am sorry, but I must disagree with you, in this instance.
          I am sure you can distinguish between the jocular appropriation — a reaction — of White’s abominable comments, and actual meaning or intent therewith.
          I think it’s patently clear that BWIAA simply meant to turn the phrase(which was originally White’s) back on White, and expose him and his rhetoric for their hateful selves.
          Nothing more.

          • If BWIAA was joking, or turning it back on White, then fine. I agree. Sorry that I failed to see the joke. But clearly, Daniel hasn’t taken it as a joke.

            Instead, he thinks that I am the joke. Well, fair enough. He and his mother are entitled to their opinion of me, no matter how baseless and crude it is.

  3. Care to elaborate, how?
    Look, I’m pissed off with this (Ben White) hateful character as much as anyone here, but I’d advise caution when posting comments like wanting to change someone’s face. Also I remember us taking an issue with him for pointing out Howard Jacobson’s looks.

    • I can understand why some people are anti-Semite. It’s because they’re bigoted arseholes who want to blame their failed lives on the “Jooooos”. Anti-Zionists are usually just just an anti-Semite who hasn’t got the balls to admit that they’re a bigoted arsehole.

  4. White seems to make a good living out of being anti-Israeli.

    The last thing he needs in his life is a peace agreement. Hence, he will continue to promote the impossible – a “one state solution” that will never occur and drop him off the gravy train he has lived off for years now.

    • “The last thing he needs in his life is a peace agreement.”

      Exactly! The same goes for Lauren Booth and her fellow-losers.


    The version of Islam which dominates at the moment from Tunesia to Turkey, financed by the Islamistic oil rent states, is least to say questionable.
    Even left and liberal minded often tend to express hatred of the west, western values, Israel, talking of foul play, double play, western hypocrisy and instead of taking responsiblity resort ot conspiracy fantasies with quite antisemitic elements..
    Thinking of Edward Said for example.