The inevitable CiF essay using nixed Gaza marathon as fodder to demonize Israel

The decision by UNRWA to cancel the upcoming Gaza marathon, due to Hamas’s refusal to allow women to run with men, inspired a ‘Comment is Free’ piece by Nabila Ramdani (a Paris-born journalist and academic of Algerian descent), titled ‘Hamas’s ban on women running Gaza marathon is a missed opportunity‘, March 6.


Sure enough Ramdani continues in the tried and true pattern of framing nearly any morally indefensible act by Palestinian leaders as problematic, not in itself, but due to the fact that it deflects attention from the Israeli “occupation”.  Typical of her polemical strategy is the following passage:

Hamas’s decision to ban women – 119 from abroad and 266 from Gaza itself – is wrong for all the most basic reasons. It is sexist, discriminatory and regressive, andcrucially – it wastes what should have been yet another huge blow against Israel’s illegal occupation and blockade of the Palestinian territories.

So, evidently, Ramdani’s primary concern is that Hamas made a tactical mistake by forcing the cancellation of a charity marathon (raising money for Gaza’s children) which would have had the effect of exposing Israeli oppression.  Note also that Ramdani falsely characterizes Israel’s blockade as illegal when, in fact, the UN Palmer Report definitively concluded that the blockade was indeed legal under international law.

Further in the essay, Ramdani even manages to implicitly blame Israel for Hamas’s misogynistic and repressive policies against its own citizens.

War and occupation inevitably lead to authoritarian government, and Hamas is asserting its traditional conservatism in a manner that is of great concern to thousands of Palestinians.

To those under the ideological influence of such post-colonial inspired liberal racism, Palestinians are rarely fully responsible for their own actions. Of course, Ramdani doesn’t mention that Hamas won a plurality of votes in the 2006 Palestinian elections after Israel withdrew all of its citizens and soldiers from Gaza, and before there was a blockade.  Basic ’cause and effect’ is ignored.   

The political reality of Gaza since 2007 (the year of Hamas’s violent takeover of the strip) is consistent with the fact that Islamist doctrine, as codified in Hamas’s founding charter, inevitably leads to illiberal, authoritarian governance  – one which is intolerant towards women, gays, religious minorities and even (slightly less radical) Palestinian political opponents.

Ramdani continues:

This shortsighted ban comes as Israel introduces segregated buses travelling from the West Bank into Israel.

As we definitively argued yesterday, reports, in the Guardian and elsewhere, that Israel introduced ‘Palestinian-only’ buses are flatly untrue.

Again, Ramdani:

Israel maintains control of Gaza’s land and sea borders, its territorial waters, its natural resources, its airspace, its food and energy supplies, and its telecommunications network.

As even the Guardian readers’ editor acknowledged, following a CiF Watch complaint in Dec. 2011, regarding a similar claim by Sarah Irving, Israel does not control all of Gaza’s land borders.  As a simple map will demonstrate, Egypt maintains control over Gaza’s southern border.

Finally, here’s Ramdani’s conclusion.

Israel had no control whatsoever over the marathon, which was due to take place on 10 April, and the race was certain to draw attention to what is arguably the most pressing political problem in the Middle East, if not the world,

A more exquisite example of the extreme left’s obsession with Israel – one which is often completely unmoored from reason or moral common sense –  would be hard to find.

A look at the following numbers is instructive.  While there were 177 Palestinians killed in the November war in Gaza (the majority of which were terrorists), there are reportedly up to 70,000 dead in the Syrian civil war (including up to 1,000 Palestinians), and up to 1 million refugees – a bloody Arab on Arab conflict which has spread to Lebanon and even Iraq.

Further, Hamas’s tyrannical rule over Palestinians in Gaza represents but a small geographical element of a broader Islamist iron curtain which has spread to, or is ascendant in, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey – and, likely, after Assad falls, in Syria.

The notion that the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict represents anything resembling the most pressing political problem in the Middle East (let alone in the entire world) represents a supreme abdication from political sobriety – one which continues to find currency within the reactionary ideological space occupied by the Guardian Left.

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      • Hi BWIAA. I just want to say, I don’t object at all to this post which is, I presume, not a joke (unlike the Guardian)! Cheers. Labenal.

    • In addition to Adam’s complaints, I find it astonishing that the first 3 paragraphs of the article dwell on the apparent “danger” and “threat of violence from a neighbour in a position of overwhelming military superiority ” faced by those who entered the marathon.

      It seems Ramdani is under the impression that Israel would launch air strikes against civilian marathon runners, which of course couldn’t be further from the truth. Unless of course Hamas or other terrorists decided to use the marathon as cover to launch missiles against Israeli civilians with impunity (which I wouldn’t put past them at all, as they could get the PR benefit of dwelling on any Israeli response and blame it all on Israeli “aggression”).

      I wonder how many of these “brave” souls who signed up for the Gaza marathon would dare to take part in a mass public gathering in Sderot?

      • It seems Ramdani is under the impression that Israel would launch air strikes against civilian marathon runners

        That was my initial interpretation as well. Taking a second look, she might be referring to the potholes. But even if so – they would at most make the route “hazardous.” Plus: is she blaming the potholes on the Israelis too?
        Either way: calling the marathon route “the most dangerous in the world” is just silly.

        • “…is she blaming the potholes on the Israelis too?”

          She parrots the blockade line.
          Of course the Palestinians have no building materials to fix the roads, or so we’re told…

          “calling the marathon route “the most dangerous in the world” is just silly.”

          It could may well be if you’re an Israeli.
          Anyway, in light of casualty ratio in Egyptian sporting events i would say the Egyptian Marathon last January might have been more dangerous…

  1. The Guardian and the rest of the anti Israel media have built their programmes on the solid bedrock of Israel being evil. They are prepared to lie, to twist or connive to achieve their desired effect.

    For people so concerned with morality how is it that blatant lies earn no condemnation from them, I would ask if it weren’t so obvious. It’s not Israel’s policy or actions that concern them, it’s Israel’s very existence.

  2. A preposterous article from start to finish. And one that was easily torn apart by BTL posters.

    • Agree.
      I wondered if the article was actualy about an internal Palestinian decision followed by an internal UN organisation decision or was it actualy about her voicing her opposition to Israeli occupation of Arab land (or is it actualy objection to Israel existing).

  3. I would honestly expects more from the likes of Nabila.
    Knowing only too well what are the true troubles her forefather’s own country is in she refuses to mention it but rather parrot along the Israeli Palestine problem as being the most pressing issue…

    I have spotted good comments adressing this BTL.

    • There’s the prize quote where she refers to Gaza (or I/P in general?) as “arguably the most pressing political problem in the Middle East, if not the world, today”.
      Do Syria, Pakistan, Egypt, Mali, Somalia, Iran, North Korea etc. not feature on her map of the world??


      • French are starting to get tired of this world view the likes of this lady posses.

  4. And surely the real “missed opportunity” is that everyday Gazans – men, women and children – are being denied the chance of what should be a normal group sporting activity.

  5. It’s like this.

    Hamas is up to it’s usual tricks relating to women. Difficult for The Guardian to ignore.

    So. CiF commissions a post which, somehow, involves Israel in all negativity concerning Hamas.

    I just wonder who the subscribers to this propaganda platform posing as a newspaper, think? Presumably, They don’t ‘think’.

  6. Nabila Ramdani’s article was preposterous in many respects. Its illogical anti-Israel slant somehow reminds me of someone working for a mean and tyrannical boss who comes home and kicks her dog out of anger and frustration.

    She’s a journalist who wanted to take part in the Gaza marathon presumably from politically-correct, career-oriented motives, as well as from misplaced idealism,
    and was very disappointed by Hamas cancelling it at the last moment. Life’s a bitch, eh? How much safer and more lucrative to criticize Israel than Hamas!
    How little this Anglo-French journalist of Algerian origin knows of the history of Palestine-Israel! She has less in common with the Palestinian Arabs than an average Englishman has with a German.

    Go and sign up for the next Jerusalem Marathon, Ramdani – allez, chiche!

  7. Other things missed by this post-colonial mind are the harassment of Christians in Gaza, the prisons, the islamistic rule, the interfactional murders, …
    Not a liberal at all.

    • War crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Hamas are so common that even I forgot to mention them.
      For her they are natural self defense, I presume.

    • Hey Hamas. You don’t want your football stadium bombed? Simple. Don’t use it as a site for launching rockets against Israeli civilians.

      You don’t want your marathon runners to have to look at potholes? Simple. Don’t launch rockets against Israeli civilians from urban areas and spend some of the billions of aid money you get in repairing the roads instead of importing luxury cars for your cronies.

  8. I understand – that is why I said it is the potholes fault.

    I suppose that is also how the NS justified their tyranny.

    • “I suppose that is also how the NS justified their tyranny.” Don’t be coy, “Jabal”. Say what you mean? You mean that Israel is treating Palestinians in the same way the Nazis treated Jews? You mean German Jews brought their persecution by the Nazis on themselves by launching violent attacks on innocent German civilians, firing rockets and mortars at them, blowing themselves up on buses, in cafes, nightclubs and hotels?

      Is this what you are saying, Jabal? Spit it out.

  9. Labenal – I think it is something about the propagandists on this atrocious blog that you like to put words into peoples mouths. Of course the Nazis blamed the Jews for their tyranny. Of course the Nazis were totally wrong for committing the tyranny and blaming the Jews for it. Just as the Zionists are today wrong to commit atrocities against the Palestinians and blaming the Palestinians for the Zionist tyranny.

    • OK, Jabal. Thanks for clarifying.

      A puddle and an ocean are both wet, but other than that, they have very little in common.

    • “Of course the Nazis blamed the Jews for their tyranny.” Of course, this “blame” had absolutely no basis in truth, whereas it is absolutely incontrovertible fact that there have been Arab attacks on Jews in Israel since long before the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948.

      “Of course the Nazis were totally wrong for committing the tyranny…” What was the Nazi tyranny of which you speak? Gas chambers. Death marches. Forced labour camps. Forced sterilisation. Mass murder and destruction on an unprecedented, continent-wide scale. Glad you recognise this was wrong.

      “…and blaming the Jews for it.” Again, glad to hear it, but you are not ashamed to use it to cast the evil shadow of the Nazi holocaust back on the people who, against all odds, have managed to flourish despite it?

      “Just as the Zionists…” Jabal. You cannot use precisely the same language in one sentence to describe the Holocaust and in the next sentence to describe Israel’s treatment of Palestinians and not expect people to reach the conclusion that you consider one to be the equivalent of the other.

      I do not deny that some innocent Palestinians have died and suffered in the last 65 years. I do deny that there is any – ANY – parallel between that and the organised, mechanised, deliberate attempt to exterminate an entire people on the basis of their religion.

  10. Labenal – A puddle can turn into an ocean if allowed to gather unhindered. Is it not the lesson we learnt from the tyrannies of the last century? Should we not be concerned when we can see the clouds gathering? Of course we should. Trying to silence those who are pointing to the collecting clouds is aiding and abetting the tyranny. I suspect you know all this however, just want to justify the tyranny.

    • Jabal. I am trying very hard to remain civil with you, but you are making it extremely difficult. I know that, no matter how much I try, I will never convince you, but I just have to let you know that what you are saying is a moral inversion of truly spectacular proportions.

  11. Lebenal – You still have not presented any facts or reasons that justify the tyranny the Palestinians have to face on a daily basis

    You would therefore like to deal with me like the Israeli occupiers do by arresting me or worse but you cannot as through this media you are forced to present cogent arguments and brute force would not do. Adjectives and abuse would not do it. Facts are needed to back up your arguments.

    • Jabal.

      First – it should be absolutely plain to you by now that I do not accept your categorisation of Israeli treatment of Palestinians as “tyranny”.

      Second – you are the one that has drawn a parallel between this “tyranny” and the Nazi treatment of Jews, yet you have not presented any facts or reasons to justify that. Please provide evidence of the gas chambers, the forced marches, the forced sterilisations, the concentration and extermination camps, the ghettos, the forced wearing of green crescents, the masss burnings of mosques and korans and I might start to take you seriously.

      Third – If you read carefully, you will see that I have mentioned the Arab attacks on Jews in Israel since long before the establishment of the State, the launching of thousands of rockets targetted against civilians, suicide bombings on buses, in cafes, hotels and nightclubs and the cynical abuse of Palestinians as human shields by their so-called “leaders”. I, perhaps foolishly, thought you might not want me to list all of these attrocities individually with dates etc. I would be happy to do so if you want though.

      Fourth – I have no idea where you get the idea that I want to “arrest you or worse” or use “brute force” against you or that I have “abused” you? In the circumstances of the shocking, entirely unjustified allegations you have made, I have been amazingly polite to you.

    • ” You still have not presented any facts or reasons that justify the tyranny the Palestinians have to face on a daily basis” Jaba-the-Hut

      Well, palarabs freely voted for the Hamas islamofascist mafia. They wanted a theocratic tyranny and now they’ve got one.

  12. Labenal – You ask for facts so here they are – I have deliberately chosen somebody who is unashamedly Zionist as a source –

    Benny Morris in an interview with Ari Shavit

    Ari Shavit, Q: According to your findings, how many acts of Israeli massacre were perpetrated in 1948? Benny Morris, A: “Twenty-four. In some cases four or five people were executed, in others the numbers were 70, 80, 100. There was also a great deal of arbitrary killing. Two old men are spotted walking in a field – they are shot. A woman is found in an abandoned village – she is shot. There are cases such as the village of Dawayima [in the Hebron region], in which a column entered the village with all guns blazing and killed anything that moved. “The worst cases were Saliha (70-80 killed), Deir Yassin (100-110), Lod (250), Dawayima (hundreds) and perhaps Abu Shusha (70). There is no unequivocal proof of a large-scale massacre at Tantura, but war crimes were perpetrated there. At Jaffa there was a massacre about which nothing had been known until now. The same at Arab al Muwassi, in the north. About half of the acts of massacre were part of Operation Hiram [in the north, in October 1948]: at Safsaf, Saliha, Jish, Eilaboun, Arab al Muwasi, Deir al Asad, Majdal Krum, Sasa. In Operation Hiram there was a unusually high concentration of executions of people against a wall or next to a well in an orderly fashion. “That can’t be chance. It’s a pattern. Apparently, various officers who took part in the operation understood that the expulsion order they received permitted them to do these deeds in order to encourage the population to take to the roads. The fact is that no one was punished for these acts of murder. Ben-Gurion silenced the matter. He covered up for the officers who did the massacres.”

    Now facts are facts as a historian he cannot whitewash them – he can only justify them and he does – but facts remain tyrannical –

    Getting angry is not the answer

    • Now isn’t that odd? “Jabal” posts here the same quote that “Jamal” posted here

      I won’t waste my time and everyone else’s by repeating the chain of comments that followed that, but I will repeat that “I do not deny that some innocent Palestinians have died and suffered in the last 65 years.” I will go further. I do not deny that there have been some instances where Israelis have committed criminal acts, and have unforgivably abused Arabs. Additionally, I absolutely 100% condemn such acts and regret that they happened. BUT (and this is the point of our recent discussion) there is such a HUGE gulf between a few isolated acts of violence 65 years ago and your representation of Israel as a “tyranny” that it is laughable that you even suggest such a parallel.

      Finally, where is the evidence that I’m “getting angry”? Despite the fact YOU are the one accusing MY people of being equivalent to Nazis, I have (for the third time) been remarkably civil and polite.

    • “Please provide evidence of the gas chambers, the forced marches, the forced sterilisations, the concentration and extermination camps, the ghettos, the forced wearing of green crescents, the masss burnings of mosques and korans and I might start to take you seriously.”

      Let’s evaluate how well you’ve done in answering that question, shall we? Some isolated but regrettable incidents that took place 65 years ago in the midst of a war started by the Arab nations whose aim was the destruction of the nascent Jewish state of Israel.

      1/10 (and that’s generous). Must try harder.

  13. Labenal – I do not know who your people are I have never accused Jews as people of being equivalent of nazis – I have compared Zionist actions with Nazis – I do not see the problem. For a Palestinian suffering under occupation it is immaterial the degree of difference between what the Nazis did in Germany and what the Zionists are doing in Palestine. That is a fact. Are you saying that the massacres that Benny Morris talks about, or the ethnic cleansing that he refers to in his interview the fact that nobody was punished for them is all untrue.
    You keep saying it is not the same. But that is like saying my pain is not the same as yours. Of course from my personal perspective these pains are different. Mine hurts me like hell and your must hurt you but that does not make an iota of difference in a the context of humanity.

      • As shown above it`s the Anti-Semite Nat/Tracey/Jason/Jabal/Jamal, his obsession with Jews drives him to post under a lot of monikers.

        • No doubt.
          But notice the dichotomy: he’s quick to brand any sort of action by Israel(which he rather smugly — probably thinking it’s an insult — calls “Zionists”) as “Nazism”.
          When you point out crimes far exceeding, both in their destructiveness, as well as their ferocity, but done by Arabs, not Jews, he’s suddenly mute.
          No, he’d tell you: that’s not Nazism.
          He thinks it abhorrent when Jews do it; When Arabs do something infinitely worse, he’s silent.

    • I see, Jamal, so the extent of suffering is irrelevant (sorry, I mustn’t put words into your mouth – “immaterial”). Any suffering can be compared with that suffered by the Jews under the Nazis. OK.

      My Mum tripped over on a broken paving stone last year and shattered her shoulder. Her pain was very real. The Council that failed to repair the paving stone were clearly equivalent to the Nazis.

      My wife was clamped when she was parked in a parking bay that was suspended but unclearly marked as such. The fine she had to pay hurt us and our children. Clearly the British are no better than the Nazis.

    • “For a Palestinian suffering under occupation it is immaterial the degree of difference between what the Nazis did in Germany and what the Zionists are doing in Palestine.”

      Then why do you make the comparison?

      Your intellectual dishonesty is astounding. If you slay a murderer in the act of trying to kill you, does he not suffer? You want people to believe that if this killer is Palestinian his suffering gives him moral equivalence with his victim.

      The stories of atrocities committed by Jews under attack in 1948 are entirely irrelevant. The situation on the ground is completely different now. And the Palestinians have to accept their share of responsibility. You appear to be saying that if a Jew ever killed an Arab, then Jews should not complain if Arabs were to go on killing Jews for ever.

      The suffering of Palestinians is the currency you deal in to villify Israel. If you really cared about Palestinians you would be doing something to challenge their suffering at the hands of their fellow Arabs – which is far greater than at the hands of the Israelis. You’d rather spend your time Jew baiting on the web – which just goes to show that you are part of the problem and not part of the solution. How much Palestinian suffering will it take for your blood lust and racist hatred to be satisfied?

    • I do not know who your people are I have never accused Jews as people of being equivalent of nazis – I have compared Zionist actions with Nazis

      Aren’t Zionist jews? or do you belong to the ones that say that there are real jews and zinoist jews?

  14. The best policy is to ignore them but if they persist in their lies, they should be deleted. Free speech doesn’t mean you can keep on lying, spreading racist libels or shouting ‘Fire!’ in a crowded place.

  15. Lebanal

    I do not think the pain your mum suffered is equivalent of the example that Benny Morris gives of an abandoned woman shot or of the deaths and killings in Dir Yassin and other villages – However, the pain a Jewish woman suffered at the hands of the Nazis is the same as that of the abandoned woman in a Palestinian village who was shot dead in the example Benny Morris gives.

    What is even more pertinent is that what happened in Europe in the Middle of the last century has now been stopped.

    What is happening to the Palestinians is current and still needs to be stopped.

    The pain Palestinians are suffering is not comparable to the pain your mother suffered when she tripped over a broken pavement. Also, she is entitled to compensation. Palestinian pain is much worse and they are not getting any recompense. That is the tragedy. Humanity is failing to learn from its past to stop tyranny.

    I suspect again, you know all this but are just trying to silence those who are raising the genuine concern over the inhumanity that is still persisting.

    The best policy is not to shoot the messenger but to look at answering the grievances.

    • Oh for goodness’ sake, Jamal. Of COURSE my Mum’s pain is not equivalent. THAT’S THE BLOODY POINT! And you “suspect” that I might know that!

      I see I have to spell it out. I used that (and my wife’s) example to demonstrate to you the obvious absurdity of saying that the difference between what the Nazis did to the Jews and how the Israelis are treated the Palestinians is “immaterial”.

      Worse than being absurd, it is also a depraved insult to the millions of Jews (and others) senselessly slaughtered and persecuted by the Nazis. If you “do not see the problem”, that is your problem, not mine.

    • Jabal / Jamal etc
      We get it. Jews with power equals tyranny. There is no equivalence to the Jewish State of Israel other than Nazi Germany, and Benny Morris can back that up with various anecdotes.

      You are not an anti-Semite. You are a peace-loving huminatiran and Benny Morris can confirm that for us too.

      Now you can f*** off and continue with your delusions about Jewish tyranny at your parochial SWP / student union meetings, where all good thinking, like-minded fascists like yourself can pat each other on the back with how much you really care about things you know nothing about, and commend each other on the difference you are making in creating a better (judenfrei) world.

    • Jabal / Nat,

      Your comparison is in effect Holocaust denial, which is a crime in many countries. I hope you are in one of them and you will find yourself in jail, or worse.

  16. The Palestinians’ pain is largely self-inflicted. They chose Hamas, they chose to continue the cruel war against Israel. They choose to hate their neighbours – Israel didn’t choose the war. The Jews in Europe didn’t choose Hitler. Finis – Jabal.

  17. HAMAS did not exist in 1948 utrillo – Perhaps how is the pain of an abandoned woman shot dead in a village in a village in Palestine is any different from the Jewish woman shot by the Nazis in Germany. Besides as I say the Palestinian woman is current and present as other blogs on this website are evidence.

    I keep saying to you outrage and anger is not the option. Where is your cogent argument that differentiates between the pain of a Jewish woman in Germany and that of a Palestinian woman in the village that Benny Morris gives an example of.

    • Yes, but there was a certain Amin al Husseini, aka the Mufti of Jerusalem, who was a Nazi war criminal, Hitler’s buddy and to this day is considered YOUR greatest leader. So the palestinian “movement” is Nazi-inspired.

      So, piss off, jaba-the-hut.

    • jabal. You have been given cogent argument after cogent argument after cogent argument to demonstrate the absurdity and offensiveness of your position. You choose not to see them, and blame it all on phantom “anger”.

      Your paranoia and wilfull blindness makes it pointless corresponding with you further. Goodbye.

  18. Labenal – I think jabal’s language skills may need improvement. I think he is not saying your mum’s pain is the same as that of a Jewish lady shot dead by the Nazis or the Palestinian woman shot dead in a village in Palestine.

    I think he understands your mum’s pain is not comparable with the two ladies, one Palestinian one Jewish. However he does not think there is any difference between the pain of the Jewish lady and the Palestinian woman shot dead. Both the woman would have been totally broken by their situation and both would have been shot dead in cold blood.

    I feel for the Palestinian woman in a village in Palestine as much as I feel for the Jewish woman in Germany. I hope your mum has recovered from her accident and that it has not done her any permanent damage.

    I think Jabal may have a point when you understand what Jabal is saying.

    • Oh, is that so? You feel for everybody? You feel for the terrorist and for his victims? Don’t you have any sense of proportion and of context? You are either a post-modern fake humanist or just plain stupid.

      • The only point Jabal has is that he is another in a long line of lying, hypocritical, racist, bigoted anti-Semites. Your crocodile tears about dead Jews ring entirely hollow, so you can drop the act.

        If, in fact, an Arab woman was killed, she was an enemy during wartime. Do you imagine that the Arabs didn’t use women and children as shields, or use them as mules, knowing that the Jewish soldiers, unlike the Arabs, would be much more likely to try to avoid harming them? You will need far, far better sources than the wikipedia to convince me.

        As for the Jews slaughtered by the Germans and their myriad other willing executioners, they were all, every one of them, innocent victims of the sort of racist bigotry you and the Jabal cabal spread. In more than six million cases their pain was protracted, and completely undeserved. The same cannot be said of the Arabs.

        Under no circumstances whatsoever would Jews ever try to kill every Arab. But most of the Arabs would be happy to commit genocide against the Jews, even though they failed at it when they allied themselves with the Nazis, both during WWII and afterwards.

  19. If I read you correctly, Irit you are seeing every Palestinian killed that Benny Morris suggests were killed in the creation of the state of Israel deserved to be killed. I must disagree with you completely and would suggest it is a very fascist way of looking at what happened and is continuing to happen today in Palestine.

    As for the Jews that the Nazis killed none deserved to be killed. Each one of those killings was a crime against humanity. Humanity ultimately rose up and ended the fascist madness.

    Where do you think the Jews went when they were thrown out of Spain?

    • You didn’t read correctly, because you have your leftist ideology to defend. Do you know Amin al Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem an a Nazi-war criminal? He’s considered a hero by palarabs. So, palestinianism is Nazi-fascist inspired. That’s why they voted for islamofascist Hamas. So, humanity still need to end the fascist madness.

    • I hope you are not implying that jews had such good life in muslim countreis after leaving Spain.; While they were treated better than in Christian countries they lived as 2nd rate citizents and sufferd many massacars under Islam.

      ‘A long series of massacres was perpetrated against the Jews in Arab countries. They did not declare war on the countries in which they lived. They were loyal citizens. That did not help them. Their suffering was erased. Their story is never told. ”

      One of the proofs of the coexistence of Jews and Muslims is Jewish prosperity under Muslim rule in Spain and the Golden Age. The reality, however, was different.

      It encompassed a series of violence events against the Jews. In 1011 in Cordoba, Spain, under Muslim rule, there were pogroms in which, according to various estimates, from hundreds to thousands were murdered. In 1066 in Granada, Yosef Hanagid was executed, along with between 4,000 and 6,000 other Jews. One of the worst periods of all began in 1148, when the Almohad dynasty came to power (al Muwahhidūn), and ruled Spain and North Africa during the 12th and 13th centuries.

  20. Alexa

    So here is the quote from but you may still be right in your own deluded world

    The most fortunate of the expelled Jews succeeded in escaping to Turkey. Sultan Bajazet welcomed them warmly. “How can you call Ferdinand of Aragon a wise king,” he was fond of asking, “the same Ferdinand who impoverished his own land and enriched ours?” Among the most unfortunate refugees were those who fled to neighboring Portugal. In 1496, King Manuel of Portugal concluded an agreement to marry Isabella, the daughter of Spain’s monarchs. As a condition of the marriage, the Spanish royal family insisted that Portugal expel her Jews. King Manuel agreed, although he was reluctant to lose his affluent and accomplished Jewish community.

    In the end, only eight Portuguese Jews were actually expelled; tens of thousands of others were forcibly converted to Christianity on pain of death. The chief rabbi, Simon Maimi, was one of those who refused to convert. He was kept buried in earth up to his neck for seven days until he died. In the final analysis, all of these events took place because of the relentless will of one man, Tomas de Torquemada.

    The Spanish Jews who ended up in Turkey, North Africa, Italy, and elsewhere throughout Europe and the Arab world, were known as Sephardim — Sefarad being the Hebrew name for Spain. After the expulsion, the Sephardim imposed an informal ban forbidding Jews from ever again living in Spain. Specifically because their earlier sojourn in that country had been so happy, the Jews regarded the expulsion as a terrible betrayal, and have remembered it ever since with particular bitterness. Of the dozens of expulsions directed against Jews throughout their history, the one from Spain remains the most infamous.

  21. Labenal you have to be really blind to blame HAMAS for this but never mind the facts let us get whatever message we want to get across – Palestine would not have been divided if the Palestinians had not expelled the Jews. Sounds right. Anybody why did the world fight the second world war?

    The so-called “mehadrin” bus lines were created in the late 1990s for the Haredi public. It began with two lines in Jerusalem and Bnei Brak in 1997.[1] In fall 2001, Dan and Egged bus companies, in order to compete with private buses run by Haredim, had come to an agreement with the ultra-Orthodox Mehadrin Council.[8] In 2007 there were an estimated thirty “mehadrin” buses operated by public transportation companies,[9] in early 2010 the number had risen to more than fifty.[3]
    “Mehadrin” buses were heavily criticized in the media worldwide after an American Jewish woman, Miriam Shear, reported being attacked and beaten by a group of ultra-Orthodox men, after refusing to move to the back of the bus on a non-segregated line. The bus driver contended there was no violence, but that he did see a crowd around Shear and stopped the bus to inform passengers that his line was not sex segregated. Another passenger, however, confirmed Shear’s account.[10] Critics have likened the “mehadrin” lines to racial segregation in the United States, with Shear compared to African American icon Rosa Parks.[11] Two years before, in July 2004, American-Israeli novelist Naomi Ragen, after unintentionally boarding a “mehadrin” bus toward her home in Ramot, was insulted and physically threatened because she refused to give up her seat and move to the back of the bus.[12]
    According to a survey conducted by the Smith Research Institute in Summer 2010 for the organization Hiddush, 70% of Jewish Israelis, male and female, support abolishing or reducing the gender segregated public bus lines. 40% support complete abolishment, 30% are in favor of reducing their number and 22% support continuing the arrangement as it was at the time of the survey. Only 8% supports further expanding gender separated transportation services. Among those supporting the abolition or reduction of gender segregated public bus lines are 75% of Likud voters, 76% of Yisrael Beytenu voters, and 88% of Kadima voters.[13] A Jerusalem Post online poll found that 76% of those who responded did not approve of segregated buses, 6% approved and 18% said that segregation should only exist in lines that operate in Haredi neighborhoods.[3]

  22. “Anybody why did the world fight the second world war? ” Jimjones

    I guess to stop totalitarian racist lunatics as Nazi fascists. And, guess what? Palestinians were on the Nazi side! Their great leader, Amin al Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem, was Hitler´s buddy and a war criminal. But you seem to avoid facing this fact. It figures.