Guardian editorial removes Tzipi Livni from new Israeli government

On Jan. 22, shortly after exit polls were being published on the evening of the Israeli election, we posted a piece titled ‘The Guardian gets it wrong: Exit polls indicate no rightward political shift in election‘, observing that the Guardian’s predictions about the elections – warning of a dangerous shift to the right – were proven entirely inaccurate.  

We cited scare passages from their analysts and contributors, in the weeks before Israelis went to the polls, which included predictions of “a more hawkish and pro-settler governmenta more right-wing and uncompromising government than Israel has ever seen beforeand “the most right-wing government in its history“.

Exit polls, the results of which were confirmed when all the votes were counted a few days later, in fact showed a slight move to the left in comparison to the 2009 results. 

The Guardian invested heavily in promoting their desired political narrative of a Jewish state lurching towards a far right abyss, and they got it completely wrong.  In fact, the new Israeli government coalition, presented on March 16, is decidedly centrist and, for only the third time since 1977, actually excludes ultra-orthodox parties. 

Well, this being the Guardian, we didn’t expect a mea culpa, but today’s official Guardian editorial on Obama’s visit to Israel, ‘Obama in Israel: waiting for Godot‘, which lamented the ‘dim prospects’ for a breakthrough in peace negotiations, made a quite telling mistake.  They completely omitted one member of the new government.

Here’s the passage:

Rarely has a US president prepared to visit Israel amid such low expectations of what he can achieve there. By the time Barack Obama arrives, Binyamin Netanyahu’s government will have been sworn in, a coalition composed of the Likud-Yisrael Beitenu bloc: Yesh Atid, founded by former TV personality Yair Lapid; and Jewish Home, a party linked to the West Bank settler movement led by Naftali Bennett. The coalition is uniquely suited to dealing with domestic issues, such as the exemptions to military service granted to the ultra-orthodox. But it is uniquely unsuited to unravelling the occupation in the West Bank

Somehow, in the above passage as well as in the rest of the op-ed, they failed to mention the one coalition partner which is clearly the most dovish on the Palestinian issue – Tzipi Livni’s Hatnua party.

While conducting “research” for the editorial, Guardian editors  must not have read a newspaper published since the new government was formed, nor seen their paper’s own Israel page, where they would have read a Phoebe Greenwood March 14 report noting Livni’s inclusion – which, remarkably, was embedded as a link in the op-ed passage cited above.


Greenwood noted that the former foreign minister under Ehud Olmert will be in Bibi’s inner cabinet, be a member of the security cabinet and will lead a small team of personally appointed staff into peace talks with the Palestinians.

So, is it possible that the Guardian innocently forgot the one coalition partner whose political presence in the new government just happens to contradicts their previous disproven narrative regarding a dangerous lurch right prior to the election, as well as the new editorial’s gloomy predictions about a resumption of new peace talks?

Anything’s possible, but I think we can be excused – familiar as we are with the Guardian habit of tidying up facts to comport with their ideological brand – for being just a bit skeptical.

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  1. Re. the language used:
    Despite being a – shock, horror! – pacifist-type leftie, I’ve always found this compartmentalisation into “hawks” and “doves” to be simplistic, distortive and lazy journalism. And unfair to right-wingers!

  2. Hatnuah is left Party and UKIP is ultra-left. BNP Moderate and EDL are right of centre.

  3. So if the Guardian corrects the article and adds Tzipi to the list, will you say that the Guardian “enlarged” the cabinet ??

    • If you could actually address the topic at hand, rather than drone about nonsense, does that mean you’d stop trolling?
      Can we get anything other than sp-am from you?

      • What exactly is the “topic at hand” ?? The Guardian left out one name on the coalition list !!! Wow – without a doubt an anti-Zionist (or maybe anti-Jewish) conspiracy of the first degree. Thank God we have Adam Levick to expose those nefarious anti-semites ?

        Now, what were you saying about “drone about nonsense” ?

        • No one’s forcing you to read anything here.
          If you don’t like it, you know where to take yourself, and where to shove your asinine complaints.
          The omission is a rather serious error. Livni gained two cabinet posts, pretty hefty.
          But you are clearly here to troll, so I won’t waste my breath trying to impart the intricacies of Israeli politics to you.

          • But I like reading the articles here ! This site is the mirror image of CiF : CiF writes petty and pointless articles about Israel so for some reason CifWatch feels obligated to post petty and pointless articles about the Guardian. Tit-for-tat – and just as interesting as the Zionist conspiracy theories that we see on CiF.

            Here is my theory: Adam is secretly pleased that leftist traitor Tzipi is Justice Minister. Why ? Because she will nip in the bud all the weird anti-democratic McCarthy laws that the “National Camp” persists in proposing. Now he won’t have to work overtime writing articles “explaining” and minimising the embarrassing truth.

            • Trolling, it would appear, has had a deleterious effect on your reading comprehension.
              This is not about the Guardian. This is about elisions, double-standards, falsifications and metanarratives.
              Even you can’t deny that an error was made, so you’re merely corroborating for everyone that you are, in fact, trolling.
              Only time can tell whether Livni would actually “nip [anything] in the bud” — but her already declining political career, of course — however it leads me to offer some good advice, to you:
              Stop trolling, and preferably, clear off(You can rejoin your comrades at CiF).
              Now there’s a dear.

        • The Guardian claims to be ‘fair and balanced’. It is so obviously not. It claims to be ‘factual’. It is so obviously not. This is a case of it being factually incorrect. This site sees as its mission to clearly demonstrate how biased and factually incorrect The Guardian/CiF present ‘news’.

          What could be clearer.

        • So the only thing that was factually incorrect in the Guardian editorial was the omission of Tzipi Livni ? That editorial covered a lot of ground – the new government, Obama’s visit, etc. So can I infer that everyone agrees with the rest of the Guardian’s analysis ?

        • If it wasn’t so laughable one might want to burst out crying!
          Livni as “Justice Minister”? I read somewhere that this was the first Israeli Government ever not to have a minister “without portfolio” Doh!!
          Apparently she is charged with”managing” the peace process!
          How do you manage a cadaver? Take up evening embalming classes?
          Last but not least,it is useful to remember that this person sat in front of the cameras in 2009 and,with a straight face,assured the millions watching that there was no such thing as an humanitarian crisis in Gaza! I rest my case!

  4. Tzipi Livni – is definitely a leftist as her statement clearly indicates – “I was the Minister of Justice. I am a lawyer…But I am against law — international law in particular. Law in general.” There is something about the Leftist they do not want to uphold the law despite being educated in it.

  5. Of course she did not mean that – so are you saying she wants to respect international law than why did she not when she was in the government? Or are you saying she meant to but forgot. I really feel for the Israelis they are so misunderstood. When they demolish a Palestinian house they are accused of racism. When they do extra judicial killing they are accused of murder. What has the world got against them I ask myself?

    • You know, jason, I just love idiots like you who show up here spouting terms like “international law” without the slightest idea of what you’re talking about.

    • “I really feel for the Israelis they are so misunderstood.” Maybe then, you might give understanding them a go, instead writing all that trolling drivel. Or is poor little Jason just so misunderstood?

    • Indeed so . When the Hamas demolished 180 houses in Gaza no one really talked about it. When Nato bombed form the air so many civilains in the Balkan, no one raelly blamed them for murder. so I guess you are right.