Unrepentant: The Guardian’s latest Mavi Marmara propaganda

Though Israel’s Turkel Commission report and the UN Palmer Committee report, which both investigated the May 31, 2010 incident on board the Turkish (MV Mavi Marmara) flotilla to Gaza, in which nine passengers were killed and ten Israeli soldiers injured, differed on some key determinations, they overlapped on three main conclusions:

  • Contrary to a mind-numbing number of accusations that Israel’s blockade of Gaza was “illegal” both reports concluded that the IDF blockade is fully consistent with international law, and that IDF Naval forces have the right to stop Gaza-bound ships in international waters.
  • Contrary to reports that the IDF attacked “peaceful” activists, both reports concluded that when Israeli commandos boarded the ship they faced “organized and violent resistance from a group of passengers” (many of whom were linked to Hamas and other Islamist terror groups) and were therefore required to use force for their own protection.
  • The IHH sponsored flotilla “acted recklessly in attempting to breach the naval blockade.”

These facts of course made a mockery of the Guardian’s obsessive coverage of the Mavi Marmara violence – which included no less than 71 separate reports and commentaries in a period of only four days following the incident – and their frantic rush to judgement.  A June 1 cartoon by the Guardian’s Steve Bell was indicative of the overall Guardian narrative automatically imputing Israeli guilt and malevolence:


Whilst the Guardian’s Chris McGreal did report on the Palmer Commission findings on Sept 1, 2011, an official Guardian editorial published a few days later only grudgingly noted that the UN report determined that Israel’s blockade was in fact legal, and it failed to mention the more important conclusions regarding flotilla activist culpability for the violence. Instead, it focused on the question of whether Israel would offer an apology to the Turkish government:

Here’s the key passage:

In the end, that report, which criticised Israel for using excessive force but upheld its right to blockade Gaza, was itself leaked. In offering regret and compensation but refusing to apologise, Binyamin Netanyahu’s government made a conscious decision: once again Israel chose a tactical victory over a strategic relationship.

Recently, the Turks and the Guardian got what they wished for.  On Friday, March 22 it was reported that a phone call by Israeli PM Netanyahu to Turkey’s PM Erdogan included an expression of Israeli regret for the loss of Turkish life and an apology for any mistakes which led to their deaths – part of a US brokered agreement which reportedly dealt with issues such as compensation, normalized diplomatic ties and a cancellation of legal steps against IDF soldiers.

The Guardian’s report on the apology, ‘Netanyahu apologizes to Turkish PM for Israeli role in Gaza flotilla raid’, by Harriet Sherwood and Ewen MacAskill, included the following video.

Interestingly, missing from the video was the following evidently insignificant segment (which you should have seen immediately following the opening 12 seconds of the Guardian clip) showing Israeli soldiers being brutally beaten by passengers who were armed with sticks, iron bars and knives:

The selectively edited clip of the incident (as with the subsequent text by Sherwood and MacAskill) would leave the reader unaware that Israeli soldiers, who were enforcing a legal blockade against Hamas, were ambushed by terror-abetting activists determined to instigate a bloody confrontation.

The video, as with the Guardian’s coverage of the incident and it’s aftermath, more resembles the propaganda of pro-flotilla activists than anything approaching serious journalism.  

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  1. Steve Bell’s stuff is the scribbling of a naughty, sniggering child with a complex about authority who has been infected with racism.

    The Guardian and BBC are shameless purveyors of ant-Israel/ anti-Zionist/ anti-Jewish propaganda. Have they no sense of decency? Or history?

    I am sure that time will find them out.

    • Have they no sense of decency? Or history?
      Is the pope catholic?
      Do bears shit in the wood?
      Those at the Guardian don’t like Jews. They are not the first and probably not the last of the kind.

  2. and the IDF has the right to kill anybody who tries to enter Gaza – When God transferred the land to the IDF he was very particular He said to them go and blockade the place make it hell for those who live there – and let no other bring any relief to them that is my wish – or did the message got garbled – He told them to respect those who live on that land before you and those who may come after you – because generally speaking the Abrahmic God is just and loving. Perhaps two thousand years of European noise has even distorted the God and his message.

  3. A June 1 cartoon by the Guardian’s Steve Bell was indicative of the overall Guardian narrative automatically imputing Israeli guilt and malevolence:

    Frankly I’d say you’re being generous in your choice of vocabulary as regards Bell, at least.

    The barbed wire and skull, FFS??

  4. I suppose cba offers the most likely defence – my lord they were trying to kill me while I mounted them in their ship – which I have every God given right as you know – I had all the modern weaponry whereas they were armed with lethal kitchen knives and sticks – they were frightening – I had no option – Thank God none of us were injured – it is not my fault they are stupid and we are efficient in everything we do.

    • This will be my one and only post on this site today. Just want to wish CifWatch, and all those who visit her, even ashley george and Ismail bin Abraham, a chag kasher v’sameach.

      May the message of the festival – of the freedom of the Jewish people from having to live as slaves under the yoke of a despotic, tyrannical regime – ring out far and wide across the world. Never again. L’shana haba b’Yerushalim Hab’nuyah – Next Year in a rebuit Jerusalem (as Jews have been singing for 2,000 years).


      (otherwise known as Yitzchak ben Avraham, which is very similar to Ismail bin Abraham, don’t you think?)

      • Yitzchak ben Avraham, which is very similar to Ismail bin Abraham

        Isaac = Ishmael?

        Imagine if that were actually the case…

      • And let us remember these other words from the Hagadah:
        אלא שבכל דור ודור עומדים עלינו לכלותנו, והקדוש ברוך הוא מצילנו מידם
        In every generation there are those who rise up to try to destroy us, but the Holy One, Blessed be He, delivers us from their hands.

    • my lord they were trying to kill me while I mounted them in their ship – which I have every God given right as you know
      No ashley I don’t know. Enforcing a legitimate naval blockade is a right not given by God but the UN.
      I had all the modern weaponry whereas they were armed with lethal kitchen knives and sticks
      You mean modern paint guns? And according to your learned opinion kitchen knives and iron sticks are not lethal weapons? I suggest you to ask someone at hand to beat you with an iron stick and/or stick a kitchen knife into you. If you survived I’ll be the first to acknowledge you were right.
      But after your crap let’s see some simple facts:
      1. Israel keeps a legitimate naval blockade around Gaza in order to prevent smuggling of rockets for use by your friends at Hamas.
      2. Some jihadists who openly wanted to kill the Jews (as it has been documented filming them singing the well known war song Khaibar ya Yahud) organized a stunt trying to break it and a group of Western people (see later) joined them.
      3. The participants apart from the jihadists were a bunch of out of date politicians, some definite Jew-haters and anti-semites, some activists of different out of date and murderous ideologies and some living fossils of different extremist movements.
      They had only two common characteristics- their hate of Israel and western democracy, and that most of them hadn’t any gainful employment so they had a lot of time on their hands. For this kind to get the expected VIP treatment by Hamas in Gaza would have been an unique experience – probably no decent one star hotel would have accepted them as patrons not to speak about their options for a cruise at the Mediterranean. Let’s not forget about “artists” such like Dror Feiler whose only art was a memorial for a mass-murderer Arab terrorist.
      4. They tried to masquerade as a humanitarian delegation and equipped themselves with partly out of date medicines and some hardly functioning wheelchairs, but obviously their goal was to break the blockade – according the international law if a blockade has been broken it will became unenforceable and illegitimate. That some of the participants were simply pathetic idiots believing that they are helping the Gazans is irrelevant – objectively they would help a murderous terrorist organisation.
      5. Before boarding the ship the IDF tried to convince them to leave the area peacefully and offered help to deliver their “humanitarian” stuff through the legitimate channels.
      6. The boarding party wasn’t equipped with lethal weapons but with paint guns and the flotilla participants attacked them with lethal force and some of the soldiers have been wounded.
      7. As every law enforcement agency in the world when attacked the IDF used violence to control the situation and to protect their own life. That some of the trash expired during the pandemonium – tough luck.

      ashley maybe next time you should join your comrades and to put your money where your mouth is…

      • Their intent was plain even before they got close to Gaza, see

        ie Jew-hating scum, bent on violence and troublemaking

    • Thank God none of us were injured
      Several were injured, you bozo. Yesterday on the radio I heard the father of the soldier who was thrown off an upper deck–his son will never recover and is currently unable to work. That’s just one of them.

    • “while I mounted them in their ship ”

      Ashley demonstrates that anti-Semitism is profoundly sexual.

    • ash: “I have every God given right as you know ”

      Projecting your bigoted shit onto the ‘chosen people’. You are a racist masquerading as a humanitarian. You are also a coward. The yids are always the easiest target for parading your heroism and superiority without ever facing any serious threat to your own well-being.

  5. I add to Labenal’s message – freedom of all the peoples from having to live under tyranny – never again anywhere and to anybody and peace and tranquillity for all in Jerusalem, the city of all our ancestors –

    • Jerusalem, the city of all our ancestors, unless you happen to be a Christian or a Muslim, in which case a city of all our invading, pillaging and looting ancestors. Islam has absolutely no claim over Jerusalem, or indeed much of the world that its followers have invaded, looted and occupied.

    • Well gee, that’s mighty kind of you. Trouble is you seem to ignore the fact that in the Muslim relationship with Jews and/or Israel charity should indeed begin at home. They lack the insight to correct their barbarism – I dunno what your problem is

  6. Actually June, Athiests, even Hindus and Buddhists can have an ancestral link to Jerusalem – and some Christians and some Muslims and dare I say even some Jews may have no ancestral link to Jerusalem – Perhaps you are confusing origins of our faiths with our ancestral origins.

    • “dare I say even some Jews may have no ancestral link to Jerusalem – Perhaps you are confusing origins of our faiths with our ancestral origins.”

      Wow! I think you’re confusing culture with something else that might sound more ‘natural’ if you had said it in German, in Munich, around 1940.

  7. Hungary has discovered a paint can anti Israeli Jihadists This latest scientific development might help Hungary avoid the economic and financial crisis faced by other newer members of the EU.

  8. Hi Hungarian – before Israeli soldiers murdered those on the Mavi Marmara – I might have. Now that I know Israel will kill not just Palestinians but other nationals including Americans it would be suicidal for me to join any such expeditions despite the apology from Benjamin

    • before Israeli soldiers murdered those on the Mavi Marmara
      Murdered? Yes ashley I know. In your eyes if a Jew beat the crap out of your friends who want them dead – it is murder. Launching rockets with the help of the travelers on the Mavi Marmara is righteous fight for freedom. Yes ashley – the moon is a cheese and pigs fly.
      … it would be suicidal for me to join any such expeditions
      And it would be a positive change in the human genetic pool.
      BTW thank you for acknowledging that you are a despicable coward.

      • “BTW thank you for acknowledging that you are a despicable coward.”
        …and liar, as in “before Israeli soldiers murdered those on the Mavi Marmara,” the “humanitarian aid” ship with no humanitarian aid on board.

    • I suppose you would have argued, had the chanting savages in my post above got their way, that they were entirely correct to murder Jews?

      I can’t speak for Israel’s intentions, but I would bet my next month’s salary that Israel holds human life, even Palestinian jihadi-savages’ human lives, much more carefully than anyone on the Mavi Marmara did.

      Why do you think they were reminding Jews of the massacre of Khaybar? Two possibilities – they were sh*t scared and were trying to crank themselves up, and/or they wanted to kill Jews.

      You don’t need to be Einstein (and you most definitely are not) to twig that.

    • ash: glad you have your priorities right: instead you could go to Gaza and get thrown off a building, dragged by a moped through the streets, buried alive in Syria, or buggered in any prison in the Middle East, where the rule of law is universally lacking. Take your pick you sanctimonious Jew-baiter. Glad though, that Israel has done it’s job in exposing both your bigotry and cowardice. BTW, I love the use of the word ‘murder’, reminds me of the rednecks in the Deep South where any Black person hauled up in front of your kind of dock could expect exactly the same reaction when defending themselves against a racist attack.

  9. June – Obama’s clear objective in getting Israel to apologize was to build a coalition of the willing around Syria. Obama is not interested in the 8 or 9 million that live in Greater Israel. His concern is the Arab world of 450 million and the many many barrels of oil that lies under their Arab sand. I was surprised how quickly Nethanyu obliged. I have always known It is US interests that dictate US policy in the Middle East. At the moment, Israel can play a role beneficial to the US. But that is changing and fast. Despite all the rhetoric Israel after the latest Obama visit is in a much more dangerous place than it was after Obama’s speech to the Arabs in Cairo.

    • “I have always known It is US interests that dictate US policy in the Middle East. At the moment, Israel can play a role beneficial to the US. But that is changing and fast. ”
      Most of those countries offer us nothing – zero. U.S. interest? Some of those countries are rather shaky regimes which offer a single fluctuating commodity upon which in the future we’ll most likely become less, not more, dependent on. U.S. interest? Sure, some. Israel: a cutting edge, world leading creative technological dynamo with a future in the energy market. Some things change quickly, others slowly. Your analysis is a bit too facile. Read a little more.

  10. Peter I cannot help it Benjamin decided to apologize for the killings. I accept his acknowledgement of guilt – let us hope the victims families will be compensated as promised.

    • ashley even idiots like should have had to learn in school. Netanyahu didn’t acknowledged any guilt but expressed his sorrow about the event and as a good will gesture promised compensation. (For your kind of idiots I’ll add that a gesture for Obama and not Erdogan) As usual with your pals it took less than 24 hours for Erdogan to renege on his promise must be some kind of cultural habit.
      I accept his acknowledgement of guilt…
      ashley does the word caesaromania ring any bell in your somehow underdeveloped mind?

    • Ashley: “…apologize for the killings.”

      A minute ago you claimed it was murder. Make up your mind.

  11. Peter – Of course Erdogan is still demanding that the guilty should be punished. Pleading guilty might reduce the sentence but I hope it has no impact on the compensation offered. I admire Erdogan holding on to justice.

    • Erdogan can hold whatever he wants, it is of no interest.
      Maybe Israel should install a commission examining a potential involvement of the Turkish government in the illegal try to break the blockade.
      Anyway, Natzie, you are guilty of Anti-semitism.

    • ashley,
      You don’t seem to understand the difference between diplomacy and statecraft on the one hand, and the facts on the other. The Israelis legally interdicted a flotilla, they were attacked and forced to use lethal means to defend themselves – just as anyone would.
      “Erdogan is still demanding that the guilty should be punished.” By doing this, Erdogan is simply playing a game – he knows something you apparently don’t, i.e., the guilty were already punished.

    • Of course that you are admiring him after it took him less than a day to renege on his promises. (In popular language it is called unashamed lies) That you consider this natural tells about you everything.

    • Ash: “I admire Erdogan holding on to justice.” Yes the Turkish judicial and prison system, any liberal would admire it, although, on second thoughts, you probably never rated it particularly highly until getting uber excited over the fantasy of using it to lock up some yids. Now it represents everything that is ‘progressive’.

  12. Fritz if Erdogan expresses his guilt should he not be paying compensation. Why has Benjamin apologized and promised to pay compensation? Am I missing something?

  13. Jeff you do not seem to understand master-slave relationships – I think the colours are confusing you. The Master has spoken, the minions have obligingly done the deed and rest is history. Let us move on. The sooner the easier the rehabilitation.

    • The Master has spoken, the minions have obligingly done the deed and rest is history.
      Shit I was told that the Jews control Obama…
      ashley your racism is simply astonishing.

    • “Jeff you do not seem to understand master-slave relationships”

      You mean like you being a slave to your anti-Semitic obsession? I cannot help you with that. You’ll need professional help. And, of course, scram.

    • Ashley: “Jeff you do not seem to understand master-slave relationships…”

      And you seem to understand it.
      But why do you bring your sexual experiences and obsession with the slave trade into this debate?

    • Jeff you do not seem to understand master-slave relationships

      Like many before you who perverted his philosophy, you do not seem to understand Nietzsche.

    • Ash: “I think the colours are confusing you.” A race expert too. You must be such an asset to the anti-Zionist volksgemeinschaft

  14. By the way, if Bell were to be honest, adhering to the facts, the skull and cross bones should have been on the flag of the Mavi Marmara.

  15. Peter which Anti-Semite told you such rubbish – It is obviously not true and certainly I do not subscribe to such anti-Semitic rubbish.

    • Sorry ashley the fun to beat you must be finished. Now I’m going to be with my family and friends at the Passover table to commemorate our liberation from slavery. What you can do is to remember with nostalgia at the good old Eastern festivities – the usual time for pogroms – a tradition what your friends would like to renew – as we saw it at the Mavi Marmara case without success. Before the boarding your martyr colleagues sent a radio message to the IDF boat saying: Go back to Auschwitz!” sadly for you it won’t happen and more sadly for them they paid for it already. Now go and mourn them …

    • Ahley: “I do not subscribe to such anti-Semitic rubbish.”

      That’s right, someone with such middle-class sensibilities merely walks side-by-side with those who wallow in the sewer of anti-Semitism. Case in point: You think by ignoring the MM ‘Go back to Auschwitz’ comments you come out smelling or roses?

  16. Peter which Anti-Semite told you such rubbish – It is obviously not true and certainly I I do not subscribe to such anti-Semitic rubbish.

  17. Peter did you enjoy doing as documented in an Israeli film 5 Broken Cameras – The soldiers arrive in the dead of night. They kick, they smash, they destroy. They break in, rudely awakening an entire house and its inhabitants, including children and babies. One officer pulls out a detailed document and declares: “This house is declared a ‘closed military zone.'” He reads the order – in Hebrew and in a loud voice – to the sleep-dazed, pajama-clad family.

    Anyway enjoy celebrating the festival of Passover

    • I know ashley I know. It is not only in the movie, you can find it in the Protocols too. And now go back to mourn your lost friends…

    • There is one more broken camera for you ashley filming a Palestinian boy who is complaining about his injured leg leg has been injured by the brutal IDF and his arm is in a sling. Enjoy

  18. Peter what is the matter with you – you love watching videos where children are beaten up by young Israeli soldiers carrying paint guns. Is this your way of promoting Hungarian economy.

    • No ashley masturbating on pallywood crap is your joy not mine as you started with your five broken cameras.
      Is this your way of promoting Hungarian economy.
      Your humor ashley is make me fainting with laughter. The only question what can be asked whether you are really this dumb or only pretending it…
      BTW for a change you should try to argue using some real arguments, facts etc. if you know what are they at all…

    • An other small detail ashley – obviously you have serious problems with your eyesight seeing on this clip any beatings. The only thing you can see there is a child complaining about his injured leg and treated his leg injuries with a sling on his arms. And you are correct – these “documentaries” are really enjoyable with their utter stupidity and laughable lies.

  19. You really are a sadist masturbating on a porno showing child abuse by the IDF
    How deep can you sink – I really am not going to communicate with you anymore

    • I really am not going to communicate with you anymore
      It is understandable ashley that you don’t after being absolutely and totally unable to argue using anything even close to reasonable counterarguments and facts.
      But don’t worry this is a common feature of your so called “pro-Palestinian” and “human rights” warriors. I suggest you to post on any of the hundreds of neo-Nazi, far -left and Jihadist websites, there you will be warmly welcomed and appreciated – you will find on those pages a warm home. But personally I’ll miss you – it was a real fun to demonstrate who are you and what you are standing for – even taking into account your very limited intellectual abilities. Anyway feel free to renege on your generous offer – demolishing your crap is very amusing.

    • And you are projecting, ashley and accusing Peter of what is blatantly evident from your own posts. Insight is not at all evident in anyone like you who is afflicted of the sort of paranoid splitting which leads to this. Tell me, does all this relieve anything in you, or are you still as uncomfortable about Jews and their motives after you post it as you are obviously before you post?