What the Guardian didn’t tell you about Palestinian youths arrested in Hebron

On March 20, the Guardian’s ongoing Middle East Live blog included a dispatch titled ‘Children Arrested“.

Here is the complete forty-eight word post – which included a B’Tselem video:

The Israeli human rights group, B’Tselem, has uploaded new footage of appearing to show Israeli soldiers arresting Palestinian children, some as young as eight, in Hebron.

It demanded an emergency intervention by the authorities to secure the release of some of the children it claims are still detained.

Here is the B’Tselem video they showed:

Further, if you open the video in YouTube, and look at B’Tselem’s description, here’s what you’ll read:

B’Tselem this morning urgently contacted the Army’s Legal Advisor for Judea and Samaria, demanding his emergency intervention regarding the detention of numerous children, including some as young as 8 to 10 years old, by the Israeli military this morning in Hebron. Preliminary information received this morning indicates that Soldiers detained or arrested over twenty minors on their way to school. About ten of them were released. The video was filmed by an international activist.

The Guardian reader – as well as those who came across the story on B’Tselem’s YouTube Channel, and at other news sites which reported the story – would be forgiven for believing that Israeli security forces arbitrarily arrested innocent Palestinian children on their way to school.

However, here’s the rest of the story – the full picture which the Guardian will likely never report:

Per IDF Spokesperson Barak Raz:

On the morning of March 20, 2013, following near daily rock throwing at civilians passing by and security forces positioned in the area, the perpetrators of the rock throwing were apprehended and detained during such an incident. 27 were detained, of whom 7 were transferred to the police and 20 were released.

Contrary to reports and footage of children being “arrested on their way to school,” THIS is the complete picture of what really happened and what, in fact, led to that arrest .

As we said that morning, this arrest was carried out in real-time during an incident of rock throwing, and following similar incidents that had occurred almost daily.

Unfortunately, we experienced technical difficulties that morning with retrieving the footage, but we did make it very clear that footage made available from that incident only showed the arrest, and not what had led to it. The fact that we had such footage was also made very clear that morning, despite the claims that were made.

Here’s the video Barak posted:

For those still under the illusion that rock throwing is not a serious matter, recall that  just yesterday, March 30, a 4-year-old boy was wounded when the car he was traveling in was pelted by rocks on Route 60 near Efrat.

On March 14, an Israeli woman and her daughters, ages 3, 4 and 5, were injured after a car accident in the West Bank caused by rocks thrown by Palestinians. The 3-year-old – whose injuries were the most critical – was not breathing when medics arrived at the scene, and had to be resuscitated with a mouth-to-mouth procedure.  The Five Palestinian suspects arrested by Israeli security forces, and who all confessed to the attack, were 16 and 17-year-old youths from Kfar Haras.

On January 16, “an Israeli child was injured when Palestinians heaved a rock through the windshield of the car he was riding in”.

Rocks result 2

Child injured in rock attack

In December, 2012, Palestinians threw rocks at a car on Route 505. One of the rocks − which was a full 12 centimeters wide and 19 centimeters long − “shattered the windshield and struck a 12-year-old girl, breaking her skull.”

One of the most serious recent attacks occurred in Sept. of 2011 when Palestinians rock throwers caused a crash which killed Asher Hillel Palmer, 25, and his one-year-old son Yonatan near Kiryat Arba.  

wreckage 2

The wreckage of the car Asher Palmer and his son were traveling in when they were killed in 2011.

The story about the murder of Jonathan and Asher was all but buried by the Guardian’s Jerusalem correspondent, Harriet Sherwood, who, in a report which focused mainly on another incident, referred to the victims not by their names, but as “a settler and his infant son.”

Israeli security officials have noted an increase in recent months of such attacks against Israeli civilian targets and vehicles.  In 2013 there has already been 1,195 incidents of rock throwing. 

Four out of the six Israelis murdered by Arab rock throwers since 2000 were children. 

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  1. Is this a CFWatch blog or the IDFProp blog confused please advice and no smart ass comments

  2. That you are being confused Abdul is a perfectly natural mental state of your kind as you said smartasses (called trolls in popular language); taking into account their somehow limited intellectual capabilities.
    You would understand much better (if your IQ was in the positive domain) that this article has nothing to do with any IDF propaganda but facts and it contains a critical analysis of an article published on the Guardian blog, an article omitting absolutely important facts from its report serving its own anti-Jewish propaganda. I hope my answer helped you to understand this (for you) very complicated matter…

    • I note you had nothing to say about the various deleted comments calling for the kids in question – or merely under suspicion – to be shot dead.

  3. Read carefully”

    “has uploaded new footage of appearing to show”

    What, I wonder was or were the missing word or words between ” “Footage of” and “appearing to show”?

    Still, we are making progress.

    Once the word “appearing” would not have been there.

    Possibly, the backlash against the acceptance of any and all video video from Arab sources and their hanger-on NGOs as God’s own truth revealed to the gullible media has sunk in to the eagerly accepting skulls of the editors in places like London – the idea that they are being played for fools may finally have dawned on them.

  4. Louis that is the whole idea of ethnic cleansing get each and everyone out of Israel – it will be completed soon we think –

    • Aha – the one comment that was not deleted agreeing with the poster who called on the IDF to shoot the kids in question.

      The big thumbs-up from the CiFW regulars, of course.

      The posts deleted were far worse than this, btw.

      • The usual shoot-the-Arab-kids morons voting down this post, of course.

        What a bunch of wankers.

        • You, in fact, are the greatest moro and wanker, with your pathetic obsession with the little stars. For the uptenth time: why do you keep posting here? Just quit whining and go away for good

        • Two people are attacked by 16 year-olds.
          One shoots his attacker, and does not get hurt. His attacker never attacks anyone again, either because he’s dead or because he learned that it’s too dangerous.
          The other doesn’t, and his skull is broken. His attacker goes on to hurt other random people, cheered on by his peers.
          Which one is the moron?

        • To be clear: Both are armed. The second chooses not to use his weapon because his attacker is not fully mature.

  5. Maybe the blogger is right the Guardian has not told us the whole story but than neither has the blogger – The blogger has not told us what those civilians doing in Palestine. What are Israeli soldiers doing in Palestine. Is Palestine occupied? Has the world bodies, including the UN has been telling Israel to end the occupation. Is the occupation not illegal? Why are Palestinian houses demolished and settlers allowed to build more houses. Ultimately the Israeli soldiers have to act within the law. What is the evidence that the children arrested were the ones who threw the stone that injured the child in the picture?

    Stop propagandizing the legitimate demands that the occupation and separation and apartheid must end. There can be no peace without justice. Palestinians have endured injustice for over 6 decades. It must end now.

    • Palestinians have endured injustice for over 6 decades.

      Proving that in the minds of the haters, the very existence of Israel is the problem, not some mythical requirement under “international law” that Israel has to give the Arabs a do-over of their attempt to “drive the Jews into the sea” in 1967.

      (I also love how the 1949 Armistice Lines, that were explicitly rejected as being borders by the surrounding Arab countries at the time, magically become “internationally recognized 1967 borders” after Israel had the chutzpah not allow itself to be wiped out.)

    • I wonder why “Jonathan Briggs” decided to change his last name to “Atkins”–and is there any significance to the reverse-alphabetical order? Perhaps his next incarnation will be as “Jonathan Zebedee”?

    • What are Israeli soldiers doing in Palestine.

      The principal aim of this website is to highlight the lack of balanced coverage of I/P on the Guardian’s part.

    • “The blogger has not told us what those civilians doing in Palestine.”
      Nor has he told us what Hebron is doing in Palestine. What are the Judean Hills doing in Palestine? And what were the Dead Sea scrolls doing in Palestine?
      You’re an oaf.

    • Are you suggesting, Jonathan, that no Jews should be allowed to live in Hebron, a city that has had Jewish residents for many centuries before Islam began, and which contains some of the holiest sites in Judaism? Isn’t that somewhat – ahem – racist? Are you advocating – ahem – ethnic cleansing? If Jews are not allowed to live in “Arab” cities, aren’t you supporting – ahem – apartheid? You should be ashamed of yourself.

      • i guess Jonathan belive the palestinian when they say that all the Jewish sites are really muslim sites. Not forgetting that Jews lived in Hebron up until 1929 when they were massacared by the peace loving arabs .

      • I am only making one comment for Jonathan and will not respond to further comments.I am a proud Zionist Jew and visited Hebron 2 months ago and my belief is that the 20% of Hebron that Jews have should be for Arabs and 80%for Jews.As for Israeli soldiers in the area there is no place called Palestine they are protecting Jews from terrorists and murderers.

  6. The self hate and the hate of others (including own family members) drive the likes of Briggs/Atkins/Nat to change identities…the ‘fresh start’ makes them feel less hated, less reviled, and less insignificant…………. “Palestinians have endured injustice for over 6 decades. It must end now” – too true… but why have the Palestinian leaders constantly refused to end the injustice, constantly throwing away opportunities for a state going back to 47 ???why have the muslim arabs deliberately let their ‘brothers’ suffer such an ‘injustice’ ???

    • You can stuff your pious sorry high into your Jew-hating behind. and hope it won’t blow you up. But speaking about bullies I suggest you to watch this clip. With a bit luck you’ll choke on your own bile.

  7. Very David & Goliath if you do not know David is with the sling – trying to get the stone to get rid of those occupying his land. Sure it exposes the vile occupation and the racism of the occupiers and their supporters at cifwatch

    • Those vile, racist Israelis! They refuse to march themselves peacefully into the sea so that justice, happiness, rainbows and butterflies can finally return to the land so cruelly defiled by the presence of the Yahud.

  8. tamaralexa Is it not illegal to have child soldiers? I know Israel’s occupation was illegal did not know the IDF was illegally recruiting child soldiers and letting them lose on children armed with stones.

    cba no need for the Israelis to walk into the sea, they can stay put but also they should not go into the sea shoot at Palestinian fishermen or kill those travelling on the seas. Just because the world is asking you to stop the killings it does not mean it is asking you to kill yourself. Get real.

    • it does not mean it is asking you to kill yourself
      Says the guy who posted: “Palestinians have endured injustice for over 6 decades.”

    • I know Israel’s occupation was illegal did not know the IDF was illegally recruiting child soldiers and letting them lose on children armed with stones.
      Have you considered seeking medical help? Child soldiers?! This is something new after the accusations of poisoning wells and using the blood of gentile children…
      Just because the world is asking you to stop the killings it does not mean it is asking you to kill yourself.
      The world? Killings? Killings of whom?
      But your best is your call “Get real”.
      A textbook example of the modern day Jew-hater.

      • He really is wacky, isn’t he?

        How much do you think he really CAN’T string together a logical, coherent train of thought, and how much is he just trying to wind us up? I suspect the latter, but “completely whacked-out lunatic” is a strong possibility too.

      • P.S. I’m sure you noted the projection as well–claiming that Israel is doing the very things that Israel’s enemies are actually doing.

        • ” I’m sure you noted the projection as well–claiming that Israel is doing the very things that Israel’s enemies are actually doing.”

          Isn’t that just par for the course?

      • tamaralexa, his answers have nothing to do with anything. He takes a few words from other people’s posts and turns them into his own garbage. He’s just doing it to wind us up. Don’t try looking for logic, there isn’t any. Other than some variation on the theme of, “Any bad thing that happens is the fault of the Jews.”

        Yes, he really IS that unoriginal.

  9. cba what is the matter with you. The fact that Palestinian have endured injustice for over six decades is no reason to commit suicide. The best option is to join the various movements fighting for justice for Palestinians. There are many such organisations in all countries of the world, including in Israel.

    • Everything you say is a lie. The same tired lies over and over again. Telling lies about Israel may be fun/ let out your pent up frustration/ win you friends with like-minded morons – but lies cannot destroy Israel. You can’t fool all of the people all of the time. There will always be enough decent people out there who can see right through you and all the other mean spirited losers who can’t live with the idea of a Jewish state.

      • Everything you say is a lie

        Of course it is. He’s just looking for a reaction, it doesn’t matter what rubbish he writes… probably just the first thing that pops into his head.

  10. The fact that Palestinian have endured injustice for over six decades is no reason to commit suicide.
    You are correct in this, they have this somehow unusual cultural habit – to commit suicide with dynamite.
    The best option is to join the various movements fighting for justice for Palestinians.
    Correct again. The best option for the Palestinians having a just and peaceful future is to eliminate their fascistic rulers at Hamas and its Western supporters.
    There are many such organisations in all countries of the world, including in Israel.
    In all countries? No Atkins the only such organisation exists in Israel – it is called the IDF.

  11. Hungarian is it true you are a fascist by not a racist? Hungarian, it is also true that the Palestinians do not need any lessons from East European Fascists who have been engaging in pogroms against their own Jews over centuries.

    • You are correct again. The Palestinians don’t need any lesson from Hungarian neo-Nazis like Krisztina Morvay and Gabor Vona who are saying them exactly what you say. You would get a very warm welcome on any Hungarian neo-Nazi forum – your crap and theirs are simply indistinguishable.
      BTW the Palestinians/Arabs don’t need lessons in committing pogroms they learn it without any help a long time ago.

  12. There is fiction and propaganda and than reality that is an international consensus

    VIENNA, 7 March — The United Nations Meeting on the Question of Palestine this afternoon turned its attention to the bleak situation and conditions of confinement for Palestinians in Israeli prisons and detention facilities, as it continued its examination of the urgent need to address the political prisoners’ plight.

    The oldest such prisoner, now 84, had been confined for 33 years, the head of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Club in Ramallah, Qadura Fares, told a cross-section of representatives of Governments and parliaments, intergovernmental organizations, lawyers, civil society, and United Nations agencies, during the two-day Conference in Vienna. The youngest prisoner was 11. The occupation authorities, he said, presently detained more than 350 children and imprisoned 37 women.

    The captives were held in 27 prisons, one detention centre and one Israeli Army camp, none of which complied with international standards in terms of space allotted to each prisoner, lighting, ventilation and health facilities, he said, describing a practice of “regular, continuous and comprehensive” torture, suffered by 90 per cent of prisoners. Israel was the “only country in the world to have legalized torture”, he said.

    For four years, Israel had prevented the families of the 700 prisoners from the Gaza Strip from visiting their children, he said. Thousands of close relatives of prisoners in the West Bank, and those who lived outside Palestine, also had been prevented from visiting their children on the grounds that that would constitute a danger to the occupying State. Moreover, the occupation authorities had withheld the bodies of more than 350 Palestinians who had died in detention, refusing to return them to their families for the traditional burial.

    Addressing his remarks to the history, scope and conditions of imprisonment in Israeli prisons and detention centres, human rights lawyer Roberto Garreton, member of the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detentions, said detainees accused of affecting the security of the Israel Defence Force or of Israelis in general were a presumed security risk, when in fact they were only protesting, assembling, demonstrating, writing, thinking or praying. “Is that a crime?” What happened to the exercise of the rights and freedom of assembly, association, thought and opinion? he asked.

    Perhaps some more fascist abuse from the Hungarian fascists – and alexa who makes fun of Palestinian victims of occupation

    • There is fiction and propaganda and than reality that is an international consensus
      After writing down this sentence you successfully demonstrated the propaganda part. Luckily for you probably you have no idea how laughable is your attempt of Jew-bashing on this page and luckily for us you are demonstrating all existing features of an anti-Semite masquerading as a “human right” warrior and a a “pro-Palestinian” activist.
      Your kind is eager to fight for the human rights of the Palestinians from your secure place in a western democracy to the last drop of blood … of the Palestinians themselves.

    • Why should Israel allow people of Gaza who are enemies of Israel come into Israel. Do you think the US should let the family of the prisoners of Al Queda also visit those prisoners on US soil?

    • “There is fiction and propaganda and than reality that is an international consensus” fool-in-chief

      The only consensus is that you are a nauseating Jew-hating moronic sock-puppeteer. Piss off, troll.

    • @Jonathan Atkins

      I disagree with a lot of what peterthehungarian has to say about Palestinians, and we’ve bad-mouthed each other countless times.

      But he’s no “fascist”. Calling him such just makes you yourself look like a simple-minded moron.

      • “Calling him such just makes you yourself look like a simple-minded moron.” matzoberg

        You and “atkins” have much in common, then.

        • Get a kick out of recommending your own pathetic posts?

          Ah … no friends in the real world?

  13. Peter the Hungarian is now suggesting the UN is anti-Semitic – Hungarian English could not possibly your first language as you do not understand the simple things – no wonders you have completely derailed this debate from on Justice and Truth to racist and a fascist harangue.

    Here is another excerpt from the same UN discussion – UN – is an international body that represents our humanity.

    He said that when a child was identified, he or she was often hit, kicked and then blindfolded and placed in the back of a military vehicle. In most cases, the child confessed to spurious charges during the first two hours of interrogation. It was common for the child to be given a statement of confession written in Hebrew, a language that very few Palestinians understood. Defence for Children International was concerned at the number of young child prisoners, aged 12 to 15, tried under the Israeli military court system. During detention, which lasted from a few hours to several months, children were often subjected to various forms of torture and degrading and cruel treatment.

    “It should be noted that torture and abuse are not the exception”, he said, “but are a deliberate technique used on hundreds of prisoners, especially children, of whom 90 per cent are subjected to brutal torture before being brought before official interrogators or transferred to official detention or interrogation centres.” He touched on several forms of torture and an analysis done by his organization on incidents of mistreatment. Also significant, he said, was that in 81 per cent of the cases documented by Defence for Children International — Palestinian children had made confessions under coercive interrogation, and in 32 per cent of those cases, the confession had been written in Hebrew. Moreover, the interrogation sessions had been conducted without a lawyer or family member present.

    In closing, he said that every year, between 150 and 200 child detainees were represented and defended in military courts. In 2010, 163 child detainees had been defended in military courts, and of those, only 14 had been released on bail. The rest had been held in prison until the end of their court proceedings. “This demonstrates the lack of due process with regard to legal representation. The defence of children is, in most cases, conducted while the child languishes in prison.” That, in turn, made the defence attorneys reluctant to prolong the proceedings by examining witnesses and presenting arguments, and predisposed them to accept the plea bargains that were offered in order to avoid lengthy proceedings that would leave the child in prison longer than the sentence offered in the plea.

    Hailing from Tel Aviv, Niv Michaeli, Intervention Coordinator, Prisoners and Detainees Project, Physicians for Human Rights — Israel, said that most of the obstacles facing Palestinian inmates in their attempt to obtain their rights — in particular the right to health — were the result of systemic failures that harmed Israeli inmates as well. Those included long waits for appointments and operations; prison physicians with inadequate expertise; subordination of the health services to the security services; lack of transparency and oversight; and lack of social and mental health services, including psychotherapy.

    • No Atkins the UN represents the majority of humanity living in third world countries, partly Muslim paradises for women and gays, partly primitive cleptocracies and partly more or less totalitarian dictatures. The UN is not ant-Semitic – it is irrelevant.
      Regarding your worries about the health issues of mass murderer terrorists your noble concerns are simply sob inducing. The only problem that exactly the opposite is true, prisoners get university degrees on the Israeli taxpayers’ expense for example. Ask Samir Kuntar (a child murder hero of yours)
      Defence for Children International
      Where can I find their concerns about the tens of murdered or maimed Israeli children’s fate? I would be interested.
      And a final advice: Try to quote something different from anti-Israeli propaganda organs – who knows maybe you could convince someone…

      • My mistake Atkins sorry. When I wrote that the UN is not anti-Semitic I was unfair to this honorable body. The majority of its member states – especially the Muslim ones are openly and viciously anti-Semitic. So let me correct myself:
        The UN is anti-Semitic and irrelevant.

    • UN – is an international body that represents our humanity

      My sides are aching from laughing! Adam, PLEASE don’t ever ban this guy, he’s comedy gold. Now the UN is the epitome of humanity. Oy, he’s killing me! I can hardly catch my breath I’m laughing so hard…

    • Jo”nat”ha”nat”kins says,
      “Hungarian English could not possibly [sic] your first language as you do not understand the simple things – no wonders [sic] you have completely derailed this debate from on [sic] Justice and Truth to racist [sic] and a fascist harangue.”

      Need I say more.
      O.K. I will.
      “Peter the Hungarian is now suggesting the UN is anti-Semitic”
      Anti-Semitism at the UN? Oh, no, perish the thought. Not at the UN where men and women of the highest judicial disposition come wearing their white togas to dispense justice to seek a better world.

      • I lose track… weren’t Syria and Sudan recently elected to the Human Rights Council and North Korea to some Weapons Reduction committee and Iran to head the Women’s Rights Committee or some such? I think Libya also had a prestigious position recently (before Ghadaffi was done away with).

        Such an upstanding, moral organization, LOL

  14. Peter the hungarian you are right UN does represent the third world and it also represents all of Europe, North America and Latin America UN’s views are the views of the majority of Humanity – Peter the Hungarian you share views common with a few remaining fascists and racists.

    The arrest by Israel of thousands of Palestinians and their submission to all kinds of violence was a gross violation of international law and to the Third and Fourth Geneva Conventions. Those practices were prohibited by international law. The Israeli prisons were teeming with the elderly, the sick and the very young. For decades, Palestinians were detained without trial, under a procedure Israelis called “administrative arrests”.

    It was time to deal seriously with those and other violations, he declared, urging that the file on the prisoners be opened at the international level, especially by the International Court of Justice.

    Venezuela’s delegate called for the speedy release and integration into Palestinian society of the political prisoners, especially bearing in mind the terrible circumstances at the prisons and detention centres, which included torture, delay in due process, denial of visitation and other violations of fundamental human rights. He also encouraged Israel to put an end to its settlements policy in the occupied Arab territories, including Palestine, and reiterated his country’s strong condemnation of violations of human rights and international humanitarian law to which the Palestinian population of Gaza had been subjected.

    He said his country was profoundly indignant about the continuous assaults committed by Israel against the Palestinian people, including the “criminal blockade” of Gaza and the attack against the “freedom flotilla”. Venezuela also rejected the Israeli policy of breaking up Palestinian territory via the illegal separation wall, and demanded that the occupying Power withdraw without delay from occupied Arab territories, and halt all violations. The negotiations process must be reactivated, with the aim of achieving a lasting and fair peace in the Middle East and the establishment of a Palestinian State. He hoped the current international Meeting would contribute to that goal.

    Since the question of Palestine had become a “permanent fixture” on the United Nations agenda, the Philippines, its representative said, worried that the issue was sometimes dealt with in a “ritualistic and mechanical” way, thereby “losing the freshness and urgency that it truly deserves”. Among other concrete measures of support, the Philippines last month co-sponsored draft Security Council resolution S/2011/24 entitled “Israeli settlements activities in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Jerusalem”, as a clear manifestation of the country’s solidarity with the Palestinian people.

    The Philippine’s delegate strongly encouraged the resumption of direct talks between the Palestinians and the State of Israel. Only with the establishment of an independent and viable State of Palestine would the Palestinian people fully attain their rightful place in the community of nations.

    • Say Jabal/Abdul… We’ve been over this: stop masquerading with Anglo-Saxon names… this sock-puppetry is not only unimpressive, it immediately belies your Pakistani hatred outright.
      Speaking of Pakistan, how’s your Prison record?
      I suppose you wouldn’t anyone to know about this, then?
      Deplorable excerpts, include:

      Torture techniques inflicted on victims such as Naheem and Rehan include falaka (foot whipping with a rod or cane), the pulling out of fingernails with pliers, the rubbing of hot chillies in eyes, endless beatings with sticks, and an excruciating practice called strapado, where the victim is hung by the wrists from the ceiling until the shoulders dislocate. The abuse is often so severe that police tire in their duties of kicking and beating detainees and are rotated, allowing them to recoup their lost strength. Each policeman comes armed with sticks, broom handles or bamboo canes.

      Shocking stuff!
      But wait, there’s more!
      Let’s see how the PA(You know, those Palestinians you so desperately want to join the “community of nations”) treats its inmates, shall we?–reveals-Britain-helps-pay-33m-foreign-aid.html

      …Nowadays, he adds, the preferred method is termed ‘shabeh’ – the hooding and tying of the prisoner in a variety of agonising positions for up to eight hours. He does not elaborate on the details, but claims: ‘It works with 95 per cent of the subjects.’ It also takes considerable skill: ‘You have to deal with it as if you were playing a guitar. Each case has its own speciality.’
      This extraordinary interview is the first admission by a former perpetrator of the widespread torture of Palestinians – not by Israel, but by the Palestinian Authority (PA) which governs the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

      I even highlighted the important bit for you.(Not Israel you see, so you couldn’t give a damn, could you Jabal/Abdul?)
      Oh, and Venezuela is your lodestar(not to mention your own Pakistani ideals)?
      Suggest you look this up…
      So, let’s cut the act short, shall we troll?
      Go back and feed on your more common pastures… And please, drop the “Atkins” charade, for starters.
      (Oh, and the “administrative detention” bit huh?
      Review this why don’t you, then see what Israelis, and about most of the world, including and not limited to Pakistan call it…)

    • Indeed it is bad of Israel to arrest all those Palestinain who murderd Israelis or were stop on the way to murder them.
      When you talk about palestinian state which one do you mean the one under PLO goverment or the one under Hamas goverment.

  15. Hey Atkins
    don’t you find your laughable BS extremely boring? I do.
    Sadly all of your kind of “pro-palestinian” morons psting here are on so intellectual level and suffer for mouth diarrhea that fisking their crap is too trivial so with your permission (or without it) I’ll relate only some of your major idiocies.
    The arrest by Israel of thousands of Palestinians and their submission to all kinds of violence was a gross violation of international law and to the Third and Fourth Geneva Conventions.
    Naturally they should be allowed to murder Israelis without the slightest hindrance…
    Prevent them to kill Jews (and Arabs too) is a gross violation of the Nuremberg laws and the scriptures of the Holy Quran.
    The Israeli prisons were teeming with the elderly, the sick and the very young.
    You must be confusing them with a hospital.
    For decades, Palestinians were detained without trial, under a procedure Israelis called “administrative arrests”.
    It is called administrative detention and introduced here by the British judicial system, used by many democratic countries. (Does the name Guantanamo ring any bell?)
    Venezuela’s delegate called for …
    Not Syria or North-Korea? Maybe the Saudi delegate?
    You can’t be this dumb, this level simply doesn’t exist. Maybe you are robot? Anyway thank you for the contribution and ask for the maintenance crew for a better processor.

  16. Some sick like Nat the bot defend terrorism and denounce the meaning of humanity.

  17. The British did some great things in the past – but that was in the past – today nobody would accept it – ask the Irish, The Indians, the Cypriots, the Nigerians, the Kenyans, etc – Oh I forgot they also bombed the Kurds because the British considered them savages and ultimately there is Churchill with the following:

    “I do not agree that the dog in a
    manger has the final right to the manger even though he may have lain
    there for a very long time. I do not admit that right. I do not admit for
    instance, that a great wrong has been done to the Red Indians of America
    or the black people of Australia. I do not admit that a wrong has been
    done to these people by the fact that a stronger race, a higher-grade
    race, a more worldly wise race to put it that way, has come in and taken
    their place,” Just because Israel claim they are following the British Tradition does not make it right. As the various world bodies say these things are not acceptable today

    • “As the various world bodies say these things are not acceptable today” Natkins-the-moron

      “World bodies”? You mean, the massacres going on in Syria?

  18. Just because Israel claim they are following the British Tradition does not make it right.
    Can you read Atkins at all?
    The Israelis claim that the British? What? I said and not the Israelis that administrative detention is a British invention and used by other democratic countries too.
    As the various world bodies say these things are not acceptable today
    various world bodies? Like the UN Human Rights Council? Or some other bunch of dictatorial clowns?

  19. peterthehungarian you look at the IDF for consensus and may be some of your fascist friends – I do look to the UN, international Human rights bodies etc for consensus –

    it is ridiculous arguing locking up children without trial – picking them from their homes in the middle of the night is acceptable – Fascists like you can go to hell – it really is no point engaging with them

    • Fascists like you can go to hell…
      So I won’t get my 72 virgins? They are reserved for Hamas humanists?
      But as usual with you kind of roachlevel intellects – you don’t have arguments – ergo your opponent must be a Fascist…
      it really is no point engaging with them
      Exactly Atkins (How do you say Atkins in Urdu?) No point engaging with adults if you have the intellectual level of a bacteria and the moral abilities of a hyena…

    • Why don’t you explain to us, O’ Jamaat E Islami kind of Fascist that you are, why those “children” are locked up(with trial, despite your lies) in the first place?
      Could it be because they injure innocent Israeli children, like the one pictured above?
      Could their stone-throwing perhaps be so ubiquitous and widespread that they’ve killed a father and son, calling for their remand?
      Perhaps it was the Itamar Massacre, also carried out by a so-called “Child”(one of the perpetrators was 17 at the time), that impelled such measures?
      Some children, indeed!

  20. For all British righteous assholes whining about the arrested children read this:

    Almost 160 children are convicted of crime every day, official figures show.
    The young offenders even include ten-year-olds who have attacked police officers. A total of 57,635 under-16s were found guilty in court in 2008.
    Shadow home secretary Chris Grayling, who unearthed the figures, said they showed Gordon Brown was wrong to dismiss the charge that Britain was ‘broken’.