Sounds Israeli: Lina Makhoul sings ‘Hallelujah’

In this week’s edition of ‘Sounds Israeli’ we’re featuring a nineteen year-old named Lina Makhoul who won Israel’s version of ‘The Voice’ recently after delivering the following inspired rendition of Leonard Cohen’s classic, Hallelujah.

The victory for Makhoul, an Israeli Arab from Acre, will guarantee her a record contract and a scholarship to attend music school.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this.

    I saw a video of the song she sang to qualify for the final (the Arabic version of Les feuilles mortes that Fairuz sang) and was hoping someone would post her song from the final.

    What an amazing singer she is! I’m sure she’s going to have a very successful career ahead of her. (I also loved the shots of her parents, so full of pride in her!)

  2. Not only does the victory of an Arab-Israeli put paid to the spurious claims of Israeli apartheid, but the very fact that an Israeli Arab would feel comfortable singing such an overtly Jewish song by a very Jewishly-identified song-writer such as Leonard Cohen strengthens the argument that claims of “apartheid” in Israel are sheer nonsense.