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Attacks against Jews on Yom HaShoah follow traditional antisemitic path

A guest post by AKUS

One of the grimly curious features of traditional antisemitism, in its most violent forms, has been the way antisemites frequently launched violence (including pogroms and ethnic cleansing) against Jews on Jewish holy days.

Jewish holidays, no matter how joyful or how sadly meaningful, have often been accompanied with a bitter memory of antisemitic violence.  The most famous example, of course, was the destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans on Tisha B’Av which by chance or not, was also the date, 655 years earlier, of the destruction of the First Temple.

There are many other examples, from every period in recorded history.

On Saturday March 16, 1190, in York, England, on the special Shabbat before Passover (Shabbat Hagadol), many Jews taking refuge from an antisemitic mob were burnt to death, and the survivors massacred. Easter, which of course commemorates among other thing the Last Supper, which was a Passover Seder, has always been a favorite occasion for antisemitic riots by Christians inspired by their priests to believe that “the Jews killed Christ”. One well-known example was the three-day Kishinev pogrom that started on Easter Sunday, April 19th, 1903.  The infamous pogrom in Iraq on June 1, 1941, was coincided with the festival of Shavuot. Yom Kippur has also frequently been a day when Jews would fear antisemitic violence.

The Nazis, who obsessively studied the customs of the Jews they wished to exterminate, were especially skilled at timing their actions to coincide with Jewish holidays. For example, Nazi attacks against Jews often coincided with Jewish festivals such as Purim to “avenge” Jewish victories over their enemies. On Purim 1942, ten Jews were hanged in Zduńska Wola to avenge the hanging of Haman’s ten sons. In a similar incident in 1943, the Nazis shot ten Jews from the Piotrków ghetto. On Purim eve that same year, over 100 Jewish doctors and their families were shot by the Nazis in Częstochowa. The following day, Jewish doctors were taken from Radom and shot nearby in Szydłowiec.

Not to be outdone, modern cyber-haters, armed with the best technology they can acquire or create, also searched for a particularly meaningful day to attack the Jews. The group calling itself “Anonymous” decided that the most appropriate day to launch a cyber-pogrom against the Jews would be Holocaust Remembrance Day. Their goal was to “wipe Israel off the map of the Internet”.

#OpIsrael Screenshot

#OpIsrael Screenshot

Given the language they used in their announcements, there can be little doubt that they saw a connection between the attempt to murder every Jew physically in the Holocaust with an attempt to remove the ability of Israelis to use the Internet – even if, ironically, they were using technology that has been, in large part the fruit of Israeli development.

Despite their bravado, Israel was not particularly affected by their efforts. After all, trying to attack the world’s second-leading information technology powerhouse is not an easy task. Within hours, the “Operation Israel” attack site had been penetrated by Israeli hackers and was playing “Hatikvah” while websites affiliated with Hezbollah and the Syrian government were disabled through a distributed denial of service attack.

But this cyber attack was not the only attack against Israel on this solemn day. A Gazan group decided it would be the most appropriate day to attempt to kill Israelis gathered to commemorate the 6 million dead in the Holocaust by firing rockets at an evening commemorative service.

Somewhere in southern Israel, near the border with Gaza, a gathering of civilians was forced to scatter as Israel’s enemies, following the tradition of attacking precisely on a day which, if not holy in a religious sense, is the only day other than Yom Kippur in which Israel comes to a halt.

Here is what happened. For those not familiar with the sudden burst of sound, you first hear the sound of the kassam rocket being fired, then the automatic warning system broadcasts “Tseva Adom” and you will see children and adults scattering as they run for cover:

Yes, “Anonymous” and the Palestinians in Gaza did their best to continue the “tradition” of attacking Jews on their holy days.  The “new antisemitism” seems very much like the traditional version.

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  1. And look at the choice of type face used for the date April 7th, what does that remind you of?

    Fascists, white supremacists and…now Lefties, socialists and their friends the Islamists.

  2. Looks like this “campaign” was almost as much of a flop as the “flytilla” or the repeated attempts by the BDS campaigners to wipe Israel of the commercial, aritistic and academic map of the world.

    In other words, just a bunch of fanatics who are all mouth and definitely no trousers.

    Fantastic riposte – making their own website play Hatikvah. Brilliant!

  3. You’re correct that Jew-haters have always used special days in the Jewish calendar to display their venom. However International Holocaust Day, which was selected by non-Jews, has also become the focus of antisemitic attacks. Witness the infamous cartoon in the Sunday Times and the gratuitous spewing of hatred by a Lib-Dem MP timed to coincide with that date.

    • @ Kibbitzer:

      ‘However International Holocaust Day, which was selected by non-Jews[….].’

      I am Jewish and I was one of the many people who lobbied for the UK to adopt 1) a national Holocaust Memorial Day and 2) that it should be on January 27th because that date was the date of the liberation of Auschwitz and in my opinion that was the most symbolic day of the Holocaust. At that time 1999/2000, and then living in the UK, I was still slightly naive inasmuch as I did not realise at the time that Muslims and their supporters there would subsequently attempt to hijack and diminish the Day for their own malevolent purposes.

      You say the date was selected by non-Jews. Neither of the MPs (one a Cabinet Minister) I was in regular touch with were Jews, but in my opinion the fact that most of the legislators were not Jews in no way diminishes the achievement of the UK’s creation of Holocaust Day.The victims of the ‘Final Solution’ were not solely Jews, they also included Roma and Sinti (Gypsies). The desire of the MPs I was in touch with was that Holocaust Day ceremonies would give Gypsies a rightful chance to participate.

      I do not claim to be an expert on British Parliamentary matters but I am quite certain that without the dogged support of non-Jews, both in Parliament, and from outside lobbying, there would have been no UK Holocaust Day and had it been postponed even by a few years I cannot imagine it happening even a few years later.

  4. Anonymous have made themselves a laughing stock amongst the technorati with this fiasco. These over-rated keyboard warriors were humiliated by Israel’s own hackers, and their threats exposed as mere flatulence.

    The Anonymous brand is looking rather silly now, and Israel has earned a lot of respect for the way they fought off the haters.

  5. A more recent example of how Israel’s enemies use Jewish holidays to launch attacks is the Park Hotel massacre in Netanya in 2002. It occurred during the Passover seder.

  6. Anonymous, serves a purpose of always targeting precisely those who happen to be in the NWO “hit list” at any given moment, without appearing to leave traces leading back to the well organized, highly professional and well funded computer experts who work for the intelligence community. The purpose of such attacks is mostly to create a fake climate of “spontaneous public outrage” against the target and keep the subject in the headlines in a manner that would serve the greater epistemological warfare agenda of the attackers. This was evident during last weeks attacks by ‘Anonymous’ on North Korean accounts, for example.
    Israel, on the other hand, has always been used as a practice target to beta test various tactics on a small and condensed area which could later on be put to use on a much larger scale in continental USA. In that respect the whole charade was an excellent ‘live drill’ for the Israeli cyber command, but it could also have been used to bootleg a clandestine exercise and introduce Trojans for a timely web-blitz against a supposedly well protected reference target, possibly towards the aforementioned banking system collapse false flag, under the cover of a juvenile PR stunt aggressively promoted by state media organs. Details here: