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Richard Millett interviewed for Israeli documentary about antisemitism

H/T NGO Monitor

The following 40-minute documentary about antisemitism, which aired on Israeli Channel 2 on the eve of Yom HaShoah, April 7, features interviews with Richard Millett, Abe Foxman, Howard Jacobson, and Alan Dershowitz – and includes clips of several figures who will be familiar to CiF Watch readers, including Lauren Booth, Jenny Tonge, and Ken O’Keefe.

Much of the show is in Hebrew, but many of the interviews are in English.  You can jump to Millett’s segment by forwarding to the 17:15 mark.  The other commentators noted above follow Millett.

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  1. The clips of Lauren Booth are particularly enligtening. After denying outright she iss a supporter of Hamas, she is shown braying to a crowd that she supports Hamas’ resitance.

    Lauren Booth is not only a racist, but a proven liar – traits she shares with most British anti-Zionists.

  2. All the more reason to keep awake to what’s happening out there. In the UK, complacency amongst Jewish people and especially young Jews is very worrying.

    Anti Zionism and antisemitism is being ignored and talked down. We don’t have to live our lives 24/7 worried about what’s happening, but we do need to be aware that there is a strong resurgence of antisemitism in all kinds of guises and we have to fight back.

  3. I do feel sorry for Lauren Booth’s family, mind. I can just picture her waving around her kids’ fingers of toast as she launches into her breakfast anti-Israel rant.

  4. It is about time the Israelis woke up to the hostility they face abroad. Let’s hope this film will spur them to up their PR game and give a better account of themselves
    in foreign media.

  5. It’s hard to know what to say about all this in such a small space. So many people wasting their precious lives, the only lives they will ever have, dedicated to hate and destructiveness, deluding themselves into believing that their own longing for that which is base and criminal is somehow beautiful. And just look at them, echoing Nazi rhetoric while professing some sort of “liberal” self-enlightenment, debasing language itself for some pornographic thrill.