“Manchester Guardian Demands an Independent Jewish State in Palestine”

A CiF Watch reader recently alerted us to an interesting story from August 20, 1941 published by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) – which was just republished online from the JTA archives – involving a particular London paper’s editorial support for Zionism, entitled ‘Manchester Guardian Demands an Independent Jewish State in Palestine‘.  

We did a bit of searching and found an example of how the story looked at the time in a newspaper called the Jewish Floridian, which ran the JTA story with a slightly different title.  


While the entire story about the Manchester Guardian’s support for a Jewish state is fascinating, please especially take note of the third paragraph.

onetwoRemarkably, given the ideological bent of the institution today, there was a time when the Guardian was so staunchly Zionist that they were genuinely concerned over the possibility that ‘only’ a truncated Jewish state would emerge – one which would represent a mere fraction of the original territory legally assigned to it under the Mandate for Palestine.

My, how their moral sympathies have shifted.

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  1. Guardian’s support for a colonial state is a reflection of the colonial era – a period in which racism was rampant and Liberalism reflected that with the support for the colonial project. Today Colonialism is discredited and no longer is considered part of the civilizing mission by the Liberals in Europe. It is also a testament to the defeat of racism. Guardian today is only reflecting that change as it was reflecting the rampant racism and colonial ideology of the pre-second world war era

    • Zionism is as anti-colonial as it can get, it’s the movement of national liberation for the Jewish people. It fought the British. In fact, it was tied to other movements at the time, for example, Ho Chi Minh was friendly to Ben Gurion. But to you, Jews are the only people who should not have self-determination(I support a two state solution)

      Amazing how you talk about how we shouldn’t quote”civilize” them, so you hold them to a different standard, you don’t care that women are treated horribly in the arab world because that’s their culture, or that gays are killed because that’s their culture. You are holding them to lower standard, which makes you racist toward them, you think of the arabs as people who can’t be changed,you think of them as children

    • The Jews are not colonists, they are originally from that land. For centuries, the center of Jewish mysticism was Safed. Jerusalem had a Jewish majority by the 1840’s. Wealthy Jews would spend all their money in order to go the land of Israel to die so they could be buried on the mount of Olives. We every year at Passover say “next year in Jerusalem”. There are certain Mitzvot that can only be done in the land of Israel.

      • Ghastly Ashley perhaps doesn’t know there was a Second World War. Or even a First. 1939-45 and 1914-18 respectively.

        The Arab Academy shows quite well what the Manchester Guardian meant:

        And quite easy to deduce from the picture there: Israel + Jordan – see which is much bigger – the extent of the land intended as the Jewish national home. This explains very clearly:

        A good general resource:

        For those who can think. Probably not Ashley.

        • Are you – like the author – seriously trying to claim that Trans-Jordan was also supposed to become part of the Jewish state??

          For starters – why should it have been?

          • For starters:

            The 1922 White Paper (also called the Churchill White Paper) was the first official manifesto interpreting the Balfour Declaration. It was issued on June 3, 1922, after investigation of the 1921 disturbances. Although the White Paper stated that the Balfour Declaration could not be amended and that the Jews were in Palestine by right, it partitioned the area of the Mandate by excluding the area east of the Jordan River from Jewish settlement. That land, 76% of the original Palestine Mandate land, was renamed Transjordan and was given to the Emir Abdullah by the British.

            The White Paper included the statement that the British Government:

            … does not want Palestine to become “as Jewish as England is English”, rather should become “a center in which Jewish people as a whole may take, on grounds of religion and race, an interest and a pride.”
            After the partition, Transjordan remained part of the Palestine Mandate and its legal system applied to all residents, both East and West of the Jordan River, who all carried Palestine Mandate passports. Palestine Mandate currency was the legal tender in Transjordan as well as the area West of the river. This was the consistent situation until 1946, 24 years later, when Britain completed the action by unilaterally granting Transjordan its independence. Thus the British subverted the purpose of the Palestine Mandate, partitioned Palestine and created an independent Palestine-Arab state with no regard for the rights and needs of the Jewish population.

            According to Sir Alec Kirkbride, the British representative in the area, Transjordan was:

            … intended to serve as a reserve of land for use in the resettlement of Arabs once the National Home for the Jews in Palestine, which [Britain was] pledged to support, became an accomplished fact. There was no intention at that stage of forming the territory east of the River Jordan into an independent Arab state.

            And for a bit more advanced:

            Britain finally took a decision by 1921 whereby Palestine was to be included in the formal Palestine Mandate. Moreover, as a gesture to Britain’s wartime promises with Arabs, they decided to exempt the territory of Transjordan from the provisions of mandate related to the Jewish National Home. In return, they asked Abdullah to abandon fighting for Syria and instead took charge of the administration of British-controlled Transjordan.

    • “Guardian’s support for a colonial state is a reflection of the colonial era”

      Nice try, but you pulled that one straight from your arse.

    • You call notion of a nascent Jewish state in 1941 (!!!!) a “colonial” enterprise?

      Even by your standards unbelievable.

  2. I love how the ashleys of the world declare Israel to be some horrible “artificial state” created with a stroke of the colonialists’ pen, while being perfectly comfortable with the existence of all the other states in the area that were created the same way (Trans-Jordan (now called the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan), Iraq, Syria, etc. etc.)

  3. Thank you for showing that the Guardian in the past was a really leftwing paper and not today’s far-left forum for ashley-like Jew haters.

  4. It is a pity that the Manchester Guardian was not magnanimous enough to offer a piece of Lancashire for a Jewish homeland. Instead it chose to give somebody else’s home as gesture of its magnanimity. I am glad that Guardian has changed its position and now regrets that false charity of offering stolen goods in charity. Ho Chi Minh was friendly to the Communist Party in France that supported the maintenance of Algeria as a colony. That does not mean Ho Chi Minh approved of French Colonialism. Ho Chi Minh supported struggles against colonialism in Asia and particularly the Palestinian struggle for their liberation. Zionist colonial enterprise has its specifics like all other coloniaL enterprises.. However, it has many commonalities with the European Colonialism of the last few centuries. It is primarily European and settler colonial enterprise that was supported by the European Liberals of the time who were lost in the concept of the civilizing mission. That era is now gone and Israel represents one of the few last remaining vestiges of that era.

    • “It is a pity that the Manchester Guardian was not magnanimous enough to offer a piece of Lancashire for a Jewish homeland. Instead it chose to give somebody else’s home as gesture of its magnanimity.”

      Too bad “ashley” doesn’t recognize that the Manchester Guardian of old was more committed to anti-racism than the current crop of hypocritical faux anti-racists. The Manchester Guardian wasn’t offering anything to anyone, but rather pleading for justice for a people “ashley” hates with every bone of his/her body.

    • When was their ever a state called Palestine. Why is it the boundries to this “State” were the lines drawn by the hated Europeans in 1922. The arabs have 22 states, but you have a problem with 1 Jewish state that for most of it’s history was majority Sephardi.

      • …and why is it that their only interests are congruent only with those lines drawn by the hated western imperialist colonialists? (Hint: no Jews on the other side.)

    • Ashley George: “Zionist colonial enterprise”

      You speak like one of those defunct Arab dictators like Nasser, Assad or Gadaffi. All of which have bitten the dust or are in the process of doing so because they represent all that is malevolent and unjust. They deflected attention away from the yoke of oppression that they imposed on others by blaming the Jews for all the world’s iniquities. And now they are nothing. And you will have your own place in the dustbin of history assigned to like-minded racists, thieves and murderers and the self-righteous wankers who support them.

  5. I know Mark Twain he was from where the natives no longer exist – his lot were always delusional they just did not see the natives – The myth developed around this selective blindness of their non-existence and than it became necessary to exterminate them in order to maintain the myth. America/Palestine are interchangeable for this form of settler colonialism.

    • I know Mark Twain
      How do you know him ashley? From Wikipedia? Or from your local pub?

      • Peter, surely you jest! After all, you’re well aware that in “Mr. George”(aka Jabal Karim)-‘s homeland — Pakistan — an allegation such as yours, that he frequents pubs” could get him in A LOT of trouble; it might even lead to his being branded — gasp! — a Jew, a very serious charge in those parts.
        Now, we wouldn’t anything to happen to Mr. “George”, would we? Perhaps the Pakistani Mukhabart(ISI) need to get involved? 😉

        • That’s nothing. Drinking alcohol can be excused for his kind of warriors. His love for Greenwald and Kaufman is an other question. He can find himself hanging from a crane in less time he could say Allah Akbar. Then he could invoke the Right of Return….

      • “I know Mark Twain
        How do you know him ashley? From Wikipedia? Or from your local pub?”

        Brilliant Peter!
        Was exactly what i was thinking…
        Mind you, Ashley / Nut / whateverothersockpuppetmayarise, will probably know him better from Islamabad or Nassrallah’s bunker.

    • “I know Mark Twain he was from where the natives no longer exist – his lot were always delusional they just did not see the natives…”

      You’re lack of knowledge of is absolutely astonishing and you’re bigotry knows no bounds.

  6. Peter, Mark Twain speaks to the lovely Anna Marie every night. And you’re just jealous because the voices speak to her and not to you.

  7. cba – he told me he regrets suggesting Palestine was land without people – He also said if he was alive, like the Guardian, he would have learnt from the events of the last several decades and would have regretted his off the cuff remarks causing so much misery to the natives. He apologized for the extermination of the natives in America by his people. He hopes that the Palestinians will get justice very soon. I think his regrets are genuine.

    • “…he would have learnt from the events of the last several decades and would have regretted his off the cuff remarks causing so much misery to the natives…”

      Which natives?
      The ones that came after the Zionists made it all tick?

  8. I’m not sure I should reply to an empty vessel but:

    He hopes that the Palestinians will get justice very soon.

    If at any time the Palestinians got justice there would be very few Palestinians left.

    Abolish UNRWA and let the few refugees of age, even if fake, be treated as all other refugees are, under UNHCR.

    Something that’s real:

  9. Ariadne – I am only telling you what Twain is saying – he is in good company as everybody here should know Guardian has changed its position and many others Twain is entitled to change his opinion. He obviously does not agree with you. You do know UNHCR gives those born to refugee parents the same right as to the refugee parents. Maybe Israel does not agree with the UN positions but than Israel refused to allow the Palestinian refugees to return in 1948.

    • AG:

      “Ariadne – I am only telling you what Twain is saying…”

      You do realise that in english the word “IS” is a present term.
      Mark is no longer with us, as you rightly corrected yourself later on…

      Did you forget your meds again?
      Poor Georgie Boregie, always being laughed at.
      Don’t worry Georgie Boregie, just supply your address and we get those nice men in white coats to come and take to the “Happy place” again, so not one will hurt you again.
      You know, that place where you keep Twain company and have afternoon tea and non alcoholic ginger beer in the evening enjoying wonderful dialogues throughout the night…

      • …in the evening enjoying wonderful dialogues throughout the night…
        And you have to add – not only with Mark Twain but Marie Antoinette and King Arthur too…

    • Ariadne – I am only telling you what Twain is saying…
      ashley you need urgent professional help – it starts with hearing voices of the dead and quickly it will become something much more serious… Next time you will be told by a heavenly personality that you are Alexander the Great and you have to claim your Right of return to India…
      You do know UNHCR gives those born to refugee parents the same right as to the refugee parents.
      No ashley everybody a bit less dumb and ignorant than you knows that this only and exclusively has been decided by the UNRWA and not by the UNHCR – the Palestinians are the only group of refugees whose status can be inherited. Why? Maybe to give a weapon into the hands of shit like you? Probably not, they decided this way because no countries were/are ready to take them in (not even their fellow Arabs) and certainly there is a role of the tens of thousands of very well paid jobs given to unskilled and uneducated assholes who never ever would find any gainful employment and they know it.
      But please tell your opinion about the more than 800,000 Jewish refugees from Arab lands whose number if we include their descendants is about 3 million now counting only those only living in Israel).

    • The Foundation of British Exploration of Palestine” created in 1865 by the elite of the British upper class of the time, The fund set up its goal to conduct researches in the fields of archeology, history, geography, and ethnography in what was then called “Palestine”…..
      The uniqueness of the map is that the British surveyors marked with great accuracy the borders of every settlement and noted in special colors the populated sections of the settlement.
      When examining the villages we see that their areas are tiny. The largest of them are 150 by 100 meters. They comprise barely two rows of houses. The color legend indicates that Acre, for example, was then only partially inhabited. Entire areas were empty of people, exactly as we had learned in school,

  10. Our 20th century colonialists thought they were civilizing the natives – 21st century colonialists think they gave life to the natives –

    • I’m waiting for your opinion about the above mentioned Jewish refugees ashley.
      Or you can’t find your opinion on Wikipedia? Maybe the whispering of your sky pixies are not clear enough? Please don’t let me wait, I’m really interested…

  11. Itsik you have missed bits – you do know he still talks to me – see cba’s comments – itsik try keep up please –