Quick stats on the Guardian’s coverage of Stephen Hawking boycott story

The Guardian’s initial report that Stephen Hawking was boycotting Israel was published on May 8.

The statistics in the first row in the table below were derived by a survey of the Guardian’s Israel page between May 8 and May 16 – the date of their last Hawking related entry. The second row’s numbers were gathered by a simple word count of the text. 


The third row’s data was derived by Intel.


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  1. Dean Michael Jackson is boycotting Stephen Hawking, and here’s why:

    The Physics Community gives the constant 0 (zero) to Gravitational Potential Energy (GPE). The Physics community says that the constant is an arbitrary value (any value will do, they say), yet:

    (1) this value of zero for GPE is necessarily 1, since the POTENTIAL of anything at its maximum is always 100%; and.

    (2) a GPE of zero is necessary for Stephen Hawking and others who use that value in order to prove that our universe popped up from nothing: “Because there is a law such as gravity, the Universe can and will create itself from nothing. Spontaneous creation is the reason there is something rather than nothing, why the Universe exists, why we exist.” —

    For example, if the universe consisted of only the Earth and the Moon, and the Moon is catapulted so far away from the Earth that its gravitational energy no longer affects the Earth, the gravitational energy doesn’t disappear. According to the Law of Conservation of Energy, the gravitational energy becomes POTENTIAL energy (GPE). This GPE Stephen Hawking (and the Physics community) assigns the constant zero to. Now, when we return the Moon back to Earth’s orbit, GPE is said to be -1, according to the Physics community.

    Here’s the math for Stephen Hawking and the Physics community and my correction:

    Earth’s mass [1] + Moon’s GPE when back in Earth’s orbit [-1] = 0, so universes are for free,

    however if we use correct constants for what we are describing, the equation reads like this:

    Earth’s mass [1] + Moon’s GPE when back in Earth’s orbit [0] = 1, so universes are not for free.

    Let’s further examine the above:

    When the Moon’s GPE ceases when back in Earth’s orbit, that is when ACTUAL Gravitational Kinetic Energy (GKE) begins, which would have a constant of 1. Now GKE is simply the CONVERSE of GPE, so now let’s move the Moon away from the Earth again. KGE declines as the Moon moves further away from the Earth (.9,.8,.7,.6 and so on), and conversely GPE increases (.1,.2,.3,.4,.5 and so on until the Moon has reached infinity distance from the Earth, in which case, logically, GPE would be 1, not 0).

    GKE and GPE are the same phenomena, just separated by space, not unlike the duel sides of a coin. This converse relationship between GKE and GPE is also the discovery of what I call the Gravitational Converse Principle.

    Stephen Hawking’s (and the Physics Community) assignment of the constant zero to GPE is inexplicable.


    1. If GPE is 0 (zero) at infinity, then there can be no GKE; and.

    2. ask yourself how could Stephen Hawking and the Physics Community not know what “potential” means by assigning zero to something (in this particular case, Gravitation POTENTIAL Energy) that is 100% potential? Obviously, if something is 100%, the constant one would use to quantify it is 1, and such a constant wouldn’t be an arbitrary assignment (as the Physics Community says the assignment of the constant zero to GPE is, it could be any number, they say), it would be a NECESSARY assignment.

    As for his boycott stance, Stephen Hawking’s politics are just as informed as his science! It was the Arab League, at their first summit meeting in Cairo, Egypt (1964), that created the Palestine Liberation Organization. Before 1963 Arabs living in Jordanian-controlled West Bank and Egyptian-controlled Gaza called themselves Arabs; the term “Palestinian” would have been eschewed then because it was associated with the Jewish Homeland of Palestine (Arabs living in Palestine circa 1920 called themselves Syrian, wanting to merge Palestine into Syria.*).

    So what was the Earth-shaking event that prompted all Arab governments to promptly meet in Cairo in January 1964, you ask? Israel was rumored to either have tested or acquired its first atomic bomb in 1963.** Needless to say, Arab governments had to hastily assemble to inaugurate a new strategy towards Israel, since any coordinated military move to destroy Israel wouldn’t work anymore.

    This brings us to the Six-Day War, which was planned (with the cooperation of the USSR) to be lost by Arab governments, so as to operationalize the Arab governments’ proxy strategy, using the newly-minted “Palestinians”.

    Note that Arab governments never did create an “Arab” state for West Bank/Gaza inhabitants between 1948 – 1963, nor a “Palestinian” state (when “Arabs” was changed to “Palestinians”) between 1964 – May 1967.

    The next phase of the Arab governments’ “new” Long-Range Strategy will be to have Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza renounce their claim for an independent state and opt to become Israeli citizens instead, which is what they are according to the Palestine Mandate of 1922.*** When one throws in Arabs living in the refugee camps, the Jewish inhabitants of Israel will be electorally out-voted, leading to the reincorporation of the territory that is now Israel back into the Arab fold.

  2. Look, we all know that Israel is a much more advanced, tolerant, civilised and a humane place to live and bring kids up compared to all of its neighbours and nearly all Muslim countries that oppose it – diabolical abusers of human rights the whole lot of them. Not to mention China, N Korea, and many African countries that are equally odious and yet NONE of these countries are subjected to the intense hate that is reserved for Israel.

    The only reason for singling out this tiny sliver of a land is because it happens to be a Jewish sliver of land. Nothing to do with Palestine, or the so called occupied territories or anything else. It comes down to hating Jewish people.

    And yes, criticism of Israel when it is singled out this way with blatant lies and unfairness is anti-Semitic. So the fact that BBC/Guardian revel in this says everything about them.

  3. So Hawking, long part of the Israeli back-slapping circuit has pulled out of it.

    And a veritable tsunami has fallen on his head – which he’s ignoring.

    Well done Hawking.