An ugly disgusting rant: Joseph Massad and Glenn Greenwald attack ‘the usual Jewish suspects’

Shortly after Julie Burchill’s January commentary, titled ‘Transsexuals should cut it out‘, at the Observer was completely removed after thousands of readers complained that her piece was bigoted towards transsexuals, the Observer’s decision was defended by their readers’ editor,  Stephen Pritchard.  

Pritchard called the decision a rational one, based on his contention that Burchill’s essay was “needlessly offensive” and “gratuitously insulting”.

Though some in the media were highly critical of the decision by the Observer (a Guardian sister publication) to pull Burchill’s piece, Glenn Greenwald, the Guardian’s putative defender of free speech, was mostly silent on the Burchill Affair.  Indeed, his Tweet, on Jan 13, shortly after Burchill’s piece was published should give some indication as to why.

‘An ugly disgusting rant’ would certainly be one way to characterize Joseph Massad’s despicable essay in Al Jazeera on May 14, which argued the following:

  • Zionism not only equals racism, but the ideology itself is antisemitic.
  • Zionists cooperated and collaborated with the Nazis during the 30s and 40s.
  • Zionism should be understood as the fulfillment of the Nazis’ dream, and that the there is a strong “ideological similitude” between the two movements.

As Petra Marquardt-Bigman has argued, the writings of Massad (who has contributed to Comment is Free‘ and Electronic Intifada) can easily be confused with material found on extremist racist websites.

There is one exception to this paradigm, however. Massad is of Palestinian origin, so his otherwise boilerplate extreme right narrative about Israel and Jews is compromised a bit by these howlers:

  • Unlike Zionists, who, by virtue of their Zionism, are antisemitic, “Palestinians have remained unconvinced and steadfast in their resistance to anti-Semitism“.
  • Unlike ‘Zionist anti-Semites’, “the Palestinian people have mounted a major struggle against…anti-Semitic incitement”.

Whilst there were no Tweets by Greenwald expressing outrage over Massad’s pseudo intellectual racist assault against Jews, the decision by Al Jazeera to remove the Massad article from their site sent Greenwald into a fury:

In case there is any doubt who Greenwald is referring to by “the usual suspects“, in the Tweet he links to a piece criticizing AJ’s decision (and defending Massad) by Ali Abunimah of Electronic Intifada – whose support for Massad is not surprising as he advanced the Zionism = Nazism narrative in a Tweet in 2010 – which accused Al Jazeera of caving in to “Zionists extremist” Jews, such as Jeffrey Goldberg, John Podhoretz and Rahm Emmanuel.

It really takes a mind occupied by the most crude antisemitic stereotypes about the danger of Jewish power to conjure a scenario by which a Qatari based pro-Sunni Islamist media group was strong-armed by a small gang of powerful Jews into censoring an otherwise meritorious essay.   

Greenwald is a Jew by birth, and though we don’t possess some sort of piercing mentalism which would allow us to see the bigotry which may lurk in his soul, it should be clear to anyone who has seriously studied the “liberal” Guardian’ commentator that his moral sensibilities are – at the very least – compromised by a callous indifference to even the most explicit and malicious expressions of Jew hatred. 

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  1. here’s the punchline:

    I don’t know why, but it always shocks me that so many people can’t distinguish between “X shouldn’t be censored” & “I agree with X”— Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) May 19, 2013

    • Someone should ask him his opinion on the Observer’s decision to pull Burchill’s piece

      • The question for me is why he didn’t include his opinion on the Observer’s decision. It would seem only natural for someone who’s creds include ‘constitutional lawyer’ to weigh in on that before anything else.

    Arabs Fly Nazi Flag near Hevron
    Residents of Gush Etzion astounded to see Nazi flag flying near the mosque of Beit Omar.
    Gil Ronen

    Hundreds of residents of Gush Etzion, south of Jerusalem, were astounded Monday morning to see an oversized Nazi flag flying next to a mosque in the Arab town of Beit Omar.

    The residents notified the IDF.

    A resident, Uri Arnon, told the Tazpit News Agency: “I felt we were going back 75 years, losing our hold on the land. The Arabs no longer feel the need to hide their murderous tendencies, announcing out loud that they wish to annihilate us.”

    An IDF spokesman said that the flag was hung on an electrical line, and that they were waiting to professionals to come and remove it.

  3. Apparently, no Arabs were offended enough by this Nazi flag to want to take it down themselves.
    Which should show people that its the Palestinians and Joseph Massad who are the Nazis and Nazi supporters.

      • Why don´t you criticize the many Jew-haters that visit this blog? Why is this? Maybe because you are a Jew-hater too?

        • I’m not criticising Barry Meridian but the blog and it’s community, including you SerJew, for not tackling Meridian’s extremist and violent racism.

          • So what? Who the f*** are you to pass judgement on the blog? Just because your nick is “antifash” or whatever? Give us a break and go moralize elsewhere.

            • Sorry matey, even if you are going to circle your wagon round this scum, others will understand the import of what I’m saying. Though to be fair to you, I do think you at least recognise that I am correct in my characterisation of Meridian.

              • Listen, dude, no one gives a flying f*** to your narcissistic little sermons. I suggest you go talk to yourself elsewhere. BTW, why are you against fashion?

                • I doubt that’s really the case. This blog is not a far right blog I suspect many amongst the readership can see the problems with some of the below the line commentary and the uncritical if not actually welcoming attitude towards thugs and racists (and populariser of the sinister anti-Jewish SHIT list) such as this Meridian character.

                • That´s just your little self-aggrandizing fantasy. You are just another self-righteous moronic fool and most probably a true Jew-hater disguised as “antifascist”. If you were truly antifascist you´d be appaled by what Barry´s post was about: the display of a NAZI-FASCIST FLAG by your palarab heroes.

                • Fine, I am appalled by the Nazi flag on the mosque though I don’t understand what that has to do with either Glenn Greenwald or the fact that Meridian is posting here unchallenged. Did you really not notice that he used this incident as an excuse to describe all Palestinians as Nazis?

                • Man, it took you so long to recognize the scandal of the NAZI-FASCIST flag, which was the point of Barry´s post and what should have been the first concern of a TRUE antifascist. Instead of focusing on that, and what that means about the palestinian stance (for instance, the legacy of the Nazi war criminal Amin al Husseini, revered leader of palarabs) you prefered to displayed one of those typical self-righteous affected little sermons and went to classify the whole blog as guilty of racism. Go figure.

              • antifash @ 2:42 PM you write “I’m not criticising Barry Meridian”
                But @ 3:04 PM “ your wagon round this scum” and go on “…I am correct in my characterisation of Meridian.”

                Just as well you are not criticising Barry Meridian or who knows what you would have written.

                • And even more ironic is that this “antifashion” doesn´t even touch the point of Barry´s post which is about palarabs displaying a fuckin* NAZI FLAG in a mosque. In sum, this moron is yet another self-absorbed Jew hating fraudster.

  4. Glenn Greenwald is basically saying Al Jazeera is not genocidal and racist enough against Jews.

    Dont forget, Al Jazeera aired a Show glorifying the massacre Dalal Mughrabi commited in 1978. Here’s the video.

    Mughrabi led the worst terror attack in Israel’s history in 1978, when she and other terrorists hijacked a bus and slaughtered 37 Israeli civilians.
    Here’s the show Al Jazeera presented about this terrorist Mughrabi.
    If there was any doubt about Al Jazeera’s sympathies and lack of neutrality, it was effectively laid to rest with the channel’s coverage of the release of Samir Kuntar. Kuntar had savagely murdered two Israelis in 1979, including a 4-year old girl, and had been jailed in Israel since then. On his 2008 release in an Israel-Hezbollah deal, Al Jazeera Arabic threw him a party: “Brother Samir, we wish to celebrate your birthday with you,” crowed the station’s Beirut bureau chief, hailing Kuntar as a “pan-Arab hero.,7340,L-4360042,00.html
    On Obama’s trip to Israel, we see Al Jazeera posting a cartoon that unmistakeably anti-semitic with a hook-nosed Jew crucifying Christ-like victim, their hands dripping with the victims’ blood, etc,
    This is routine and pervasive in Arab (and Iranian) in the Arab world.
    But the fact we have an Al Jazeera network in the U.N is sickening. These are the racists Al Gore sold his network to.
    People must speak out against the Nazi blood libels of Jews by the Arabs and Al Jazeera.
    Here’s a link to the Al Jazeera cartoon showing a hook-nosed Jew crucifying Christ-like victim, and other Arab cartoons on Obama’s trip to Israel.

  5. Greenwald thinks nothing of staking out opposing positions on any given issue, as long as it momentarily suits his needs. That’s always been part of his MO. Easier for him to rant when he’s not constrained by anything he’s said before.

  6. Greenwald’s type of Palestinians.
    PA Official: ‘If We Had a Nuke, We’d Use It This Morning’ (Video)

    The Palestinian Authority doesn’t need rocks, firebombs, guns and suicide bombers. Senior Fatah official Jibril Rajoub has a better way to kill Jews: “If we had a nuke, we’d use it this very morning.”
    Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu
    May 9th, 2013

    • Sanity: “Since when is it ok for you to call a Jew a Jew-hater?”

      Yes the preserve of what a Jew can be called, how a Jew should be defined, where a Jew should live and how a Jew should be treated is the exclusive domain of sanctimonious Europeans like yourself. After all, you have a tradition of imposing your malicious and detrimental ‘moral superiority’ on them for more than a thousand years.

      • Not really. You are grotesque hypocrite, just like “sanity”. And you insult people all the time, like a cry-baby.

  7. From the Massad piece:

    It is this shared goal of expelling Jews from Europe as a separate unassimilable race that created the affinity between Nazis and Zionists all along.

    Talk about distorting the truth to despicable ends.

  8. OK SerJew, you think that condemning displays of fascism should follow a specific order. First condemn the Nazi flag and then condemn Meridian. Odd idea but I’ll play along. We have now both condemned the Nazi flag on the mosque, can you now please condemn this Meridian character?

    • Listen, dude, YOU are the self-styled militant “antifascist”. So YOU are the one in need of organizing your priorities. For instance, why aren´t you condemning the palarab leadership and its NAZI-FASCIST track record: Abu Mazen is author of a holocaust denialist doctorate dissertation; the Mufti of Jerusalem, a Nazi war criminal, is a palestinian hero; “Mein Kampf” is a best seller in the Arab world. THOSE things should concern you the most.

      As for condemnation: this blog displays a great diversity of views, from left to right. And even allow proven anti-semites to barf their sheisse. But mostly, it is not a Soviet-like party commitee.

      • Is there a problem on this blog with pro-Abbas holocaust denial being tolerated? I wasn’t aware. Which posts are you talking about?

        • I was referring to the FACT that palarab culture, politics and leadership have a track record of deep NAZI-FASCIST influences. And that´s what this nazi-flag incident reveals once more. This is the point of Barry´s post and a fundamental problem that YOU, as a self-styled “antifascist” militant, should be mainly concerned about. But you preferred to focus on Barry´s hyperbole and display pseudo-outraged rants. Well, then, be ready to police yourself next time you say “settlers are far-rigthist racists” in one of your miliant meetings.