Ali Abunimah goes to Gaza

Cross posted by Petra Marquardt-Bigman 

He tried and failed several times before, but this week, Ali Abunimah finally made it to Gaza.

Obviously, the co-founder of the Electronic Intifada and passionate anti-Israel activist has devoted fans in the Hamas-ruled territory, and they eagerly awaited his arrival. Everyone – including Abunimah himself – was apparently a bit worried that there might be problems crossing the Egyptian-controlled border, which had been recently closed by Egyptian police to protest the kidnapping of several colleagues by Islamist gunmen. And it’s safe to assume that the fact that Israel couldn’t be blamed for the closure and other problems at the crossing made it all so much harder to bear.

Obviously, during his stay in Gaza, Ali Abunimah will do his very best to come up with many reasons to blame Israel. Indeed, his popular “narratives” about the bottomless evils of Israel and Zionism have presumably led to his invitation to the currently ongoing Palestine Festival of Literature (PalFest) – though it is a bit strange that an activist who likes to present himself as a serious reporter and political commentator would be invited to a festival that is supposedly devoted to literature and the arts. But perhaps Ali Abunimah’s advocacy should indeed be regarded as an art form that deserves to be featured in an event supported by organizations like the British Council and the Arts Council England?

I for one would never accuse Ali Abunimah of sticking to facts or bothering much with reality.

And sure enough, one of his first tweets after crossing from Egypt into Gaza illustrated one of Abunimah’s favorite fairy tales: that Israeli cities like Ashkelon are “occupied” Palestinian towns.


Of course, Hamas terrorists have similar views:


Unsurprisingly, Ali Abunimah is an outspoken supporter of the kind of “resistance” Hamas advocates and practices, and just like Hamas, he doesn’t waste time pretending that he is for peaceful co-existence: Hamas claims a Palestine extending “from the river to the sea,” and Abunimah wants to see this territory as “One Country.” Similarly, while Hamas denounces the Jews as the incarnation of evil, Abunimah makes his living demonizing “the Zionists” as inhumane Nazi-type racists who like nothing better than inflicting untold suffering on the poor Palestinians.

Given the fact that most Israeli Jews are committed  Zionists, it’s of course a bit puzzling why Abunimah would want to condemn the Palestinians to share “One Country” with such evil people.

Moreover, Abunimah’s claims that his “One Country” would be a democratic secular paradise with equal rights for everyone are laughable given the well-documented reactionary and even extremist views of many Palestinians.  As blogger Elder of Ziyon highlighted, a recently published Pew survey of Muslim views demonstrates that Palestinian Muslims “are among the most religiously conservative and intolerant” of the Muslim publics polled by Pew.

It is noteworthy that this preference is reflected in the proposed constitution for a Palestinian state, which stipulates that “Islam is the official religion in Palestine” and that the “principles of Islamic Shari’a shall be the main source of legislation.”

While Ali Abunimah is usually very good at ignoring the unpleasant Palestinian realities that can’t be blamed on Israel, he seemed somewhat upset to come across examples of Sharia enforcement in Gaza. Thus, he was clearly dismayed to find out that for web users in Gaza, “Dating sites are blocked!” – but naturally, he was reluctant to blame Hamas and suggested that “the censorship is done by the PA,” i.e. the Palestinian West Bank authority that he despises so heartily.

However, a Twitter user from Gaza contradicted him, asserting that “Hamas blocked dating sites recently. Part of their ‘modesty’ policing.”

just like

datingBy and large however, Ali Abunimah energetically focused on what he was invited for: demonizing Israel and advocating the abolition of the world’s only Jewish state in favor of his “One Country”-fantasy. Judging from some of the images that were tweeted, it unfortunately looks as if just a handful of people attended his workshop, but there were clearly some enthusiastic fans who listened attentively to @AliAbunimah debunking the two-state solution. Awesome #PalFest.”


In addition to fulfilling his PalFest obligations by sharing his tips on creating “narratives” to demonize Israel, Abunimah was busy looking out for any new material that could somehow be used to rail about Israel. Among his finds was a sign in Hebrew that he promptly photographed and tweeted with the devastating comment: “Hebrew is still omnipresent in Gaza. #colonialism.” He was also appalled to find out that Gazans use Israeli currency.

Then it was time to echo the popular Palestinian “blood-and-soil”-theme. Visiting Khuza’a in the southern Gaza Strip right at the border with Israel, Abunimah tweeted a picture of a handful of grains with the melodramatic comment: “Palestinian wheat grown in #Gaza with sweat and tears under the occupier’s guns.” Another picture of the area, showing what seems to be a tower in the distance, comes with the claim: “New occupier watch tower regularly fires on farmers working their land in Khuza’a.” However, tweeting yet another picture of apparently the same area, Abunimah lamented that “Land once full of olive trees now barren thanks to occupier bulldozers and tanks.”

While in the real world the plight of Khuza’a’s farmers is due to the unfortunate fact that Gaza terrorists like to use their farmlands to launch attacks on Israel, in the world of Ali Abunimah and his fans, there is of course no reason whatsoever to wonder why the “occupier” would be so cruel to poor, innocent, hard-working Palestinian farmers – it goes without saying that shooting them and making their lives hell is what the evil Zionists like to do just for fun!!!

Let’s all hope that Ali Abunimah will be able to avoid any encounter with farmers in Gaza who attend Israeli fairs and workshops to improve their production – and hopefully, he will not ingest any of their produce! Admittedly, though, should any such misfortune befall him, he surely would find a creative way to spin it into an edifying story about oppressive-colonial-supremacist-racist-Zionist subjugation, exploitation, occupation and much worse…

* * *


Thanks to some hardworking – surely female – artisans in Gaza, Ali Abunimah has found an embroidery of his “One Country:”


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  1. Yes great post thank you. Ali often likes to appear at Socialist meetings spreading his bile. The photo of him at the workshop is great. He looks tired and old. I guess hate makes you ugly. I was hoping he’d be with his two side kicks Joseph Dana & Max huff-puff Blumenthal, but no such luck. When he returns to Cairo I hope he tweets about “President” Mursi’s competent economic policies for 80 million Egyptian’s and the astronomical illiteracy rate in that country. Also of course a detour through Cairo’s extensive slums ( looks like Aza ) with photos and all. Fingers crossed!

      • Well, some of his fans in Gaza already tried to invite him to stay on… but all he said is that he would “return”… And who would deny him his “right of return” to Gaza — after all, he is a poor Palestinian refugee, born in the US, with a Jordanian diplomat as father!

  2. “..hopefully, he will not ingest any of their produce! Admittedly, though, should any such misfortune befall him, he surely would find a creative way to spin it into an edifying story about oppressive-colonial-supremacist-racist-Zionist subjugation, exploitation, occupation and much worse…”

    Or gather a camera crew and undergo a public purging

  3. Back in the ’50s there were “Frances the Talking Mule” movies, starring Donald O’Connor. One of them that I fondly remember was “Frances Goes to West Point,” West Point being the location of the academy for aspiring U.S. Army officers. Ali Abunimah goes to Gaza sounds like a latter day analog, and actually Frances the Talking Mule made way more sense than Abunimah.

  4. There seems little point in denying that Israel has erected watch-towers around the Concentration camp which is Gaza, from which it shoots farmers and kids playing football.

    It even launches murderous incursions deep into Gaza, as it did in November 2008, in order to break the very successful ceasefire that Hamas had forced on the militants and criminals of Gaza.

    A month later, Israel attacked and killed some 250 of the very policemen who had delivered that peace to Israel under the legally meaningless excuse that they were Hamas.

    Israel want peace, does it?

    Why, after the massacre of Cast Lead was over, did it block the removal of many tons of explosives that threatened (and eventually did, despite the efforts of the much diminished Gazan police to stop them) get into the hands of the Gazan Islamicists?

    Israel want peace, does it?

      • Beware of the trolling Islamo Nazi Nick.

        Islamo Nazism is the name of the new axis of evil. They include white supremacists, Lefties and BBC/Guardian and other run of the mill fascists.

  5. Basically, Ali Abunimah and the other insane Israel-hating lunatics want to take the great country that Israeli Jews created, take all the wealth and success, and trash it, and turn it into another Arab country that discriminates against Jews. He isn’t “for democracy.” He’s for crushing the world’s only Jewish-majority democracy and turning it into another hateful Arab-majority “democracy.”

  6. Ali Abunimah the liar.

    Now Twitter helps fuel hateful Arab incitement
    Febuary 12, 2012

    From The Warped Mirror blog in JPost:

    Friday night, I discovered that on his Electronic Intifada blog, Ali Abunimah had put up a post claiming that Likud leaders were planning to go to Al-Aqsa early Sunday morning and that they were calling for “cleansing” Jerusalem and building a Jewish temple instead of the mosque. At the bottom of the post, Abunimah added an update that half-heartedly acknowledged that there was no basis to the story, but he nevertheless concluded by claiming:

    “There’s certainly no doubt that whoever published this flyer […] is tapping into a history of calls and growing support for destroying Al-Aqsa. Feiglin’s supporters too are clear about their desire to take over the Temple Mount.”
    In response, I wrote a post pointing out that spurious claims about Jewish threats to the Al-Aqsa mosque had been used by Arab agitators for almost a hundred years: it was the notorious mufti Haj Amin al Husseini who first used this libel in the 1920s. In the almost 100 years that have passed since then, it was of course only sites sacred to Jews that were desecrated and destroyed in Jerusalem.

    When I wrote this post last night, I noted that Abunimah’s post had about 100 tweets and some 150 Facebook endorsements. Some 24 hours later, it had 381 tweets and 523 Facebook “likes”, and there were the beginnings of a Twitter intifada: word of the evil designs of the wicked Likudniks had reached the popular Egyptian-American writer Mona Eltahawy, who send out a tweet about it – and she has more than 100 000 followers…

    Luckily, by that time, Anne-Marie Slaughter, former Director of Policy Planning at the U.S. State Department and professor at Princeton, had also gotten word of the story and found out that it was a hoax. Realizing that it was a very dangerous hoax, she sent out multiple tweets to alert her more than 20 000 followers.

    Mona Eltahawy quickly deleted her original tweet and also helped to get out the message that it was a hoax, but by that time, the Al-Aqsa libel was already spreading like wildfire. As one tweet by a professor of sociology put it: “Scared of all the fake rumors about Al #Aqsa. First rule of sociology is if enough people believe something, it will have real consequences.”

    Maybe Ali Abunimah will be pleased by the thought that just like with his #IsraelHates- campaign, he once again managed to cause a stir in the Twittersphere – and this time around, there was even the specter of going beyond a merely verbal “Electronic Intifada” to a real intifada of senseless violence and bloodshed.
    The Al Aqsa Heritage Foundation and various Muslim firebrands are well-known for creating false rumors about supposed Israeli designs on the Temple Mount. They do it practically every week on their website, and many of those make it into the mainstream Palestinian Arab press. Here are just a few I have documented over the years:

    November 2008: Israel Antiquities Authority drawing up plans to build the Third Temple
    April 2009: Israel is building a subway to the Temple Mount
    June 2009: Netanyahu is planning to build the Third Temple
    September 2009: Israel will give exclusive access to Jews to the Al Aqsa Mosque for 50 days a year
    February 2010: Cracks on the Temple Mount is from Israeli construction and plans to destroy it
    March 2010: Israel will start construction of the Third Temple on March 16, 2010

    Now we have Twitter and inciters like Abiminah who are willing to help these rumors spread even faster. And it would be funny if it wasn’t true

  7. From Cifwatch,
    Ali Abunimah Tweets for a third violent Intifada
    January 21, 2012

    Abunimah realizes that his 1 state solution propaganda to eliminate Israel isn’t working, so now he’s calling for a 3rd intifada.

    Hamas official Ahmad Bahr, (deputy speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council) who regularly call for the annihilation of theJews: “Oh, Allah, destroy the Jews and their supporters” and “the Americans and their supporters. Oh, Allah, count them one by one, and kill them all, without leaving a single one.”

    The Palestinians have also put a lot of energy into celebrating the murders of Israeli civilians by Arab terrorists.
    They don’t just celebrate murdering us once or twice – they still celebrate murders they committed of Israelis in the 1970s.
    They are barbarians.

    Anyone who thinks they can make peace with these hate minded Arabs needs to get their head examined.