An Egyptian discovers that when an Israeli is pricked, she indeed bleeds

“If you prick us, do we not bleed? if you tickle us, do we not laugh? if you poison us, do we not die? and if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?”. – (Act III, scene I).” William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

The only revenge Israeli wrestler Ilana Kartysh exacted on her Egyptian opponent, Enas Mostafa, in the Golden Grand Prix tournament in Italy – after Mostafa refused to shake her hand and, during the match, reportedly bit her on the neck – was emerging victorious in the bout and, having secured the gold, basking in the sound of her national anthem as she stood on the podium.

Kartysh, 22, who competed in the the  67-kilogram (147.7 pound) weight category, experienced an incident unlike any other in her career.

Per Ynet:

“In wrestling you must shake hands at the beginning of a match,” Kartysh said. “But not only did [Egyptian wrestler Enas Mostafa] refuse to shake my hand, she even broke my fingers and bit me until I began bleeding.”

However, she continued, “Because of her dirty behavior my desire to beat her grew stronger.”

Kartysh said she felt “some kind of hatred” directed at her by Mostafa, but that she did not know whether it was political or personal.

“It’s never happened to me before,” the 22-year-old wrestler said. “She really attacked me.”

The gold medal that Kartysh won was Israel’s first in a Golden Grand Prix tournament.

At the end of the match, the Egyptian again refused to shake hands with her.

Unlike other sports-related news in the region which is contextualized as possessing wider political significance, this story of racism during an athletic competition wasn’t reported in the Guardian.  Moreover, as I have argued previously, it is simply impossible to accurately understand the politics of the Middle East, and Israel’s relations with its neighbors, without fully appreciating the antisemitic venom which courses through the veins of otherwise sober Arab citizens.

No, this ugly episode on a wrestling mat in Italy was not, to be sure, merely an act of poor sportsmanship.  Mostafa is the product of a culture with anti-Jewish racism so pervasive that the country’s President could, with total impunity, refer to Jews as “sons of apes and pigs” and sermonize to parents on the importance of “nursing their children” with Jew hatred .  

The Jewish community in Egypt, which numbered 80,000 in 1948, is now all but extinct. 

Indeed even such serious domestic problems as food shortages and an erosion of political freedoms post-Mubarak haven’t seemed to redirect the focus of their animosity.  The ‘Arab Spring’ hasn’t even minimally unhardened their hearts.

Kartysh’s comments after the match included the following.

“I can’t even describe how proud I felt hearing ‘Hatikva’ (Israel‘s national anthem) playing in the end.”

The Egyptian wrestler learned that when an Israeli Jew is pricked, she indeed bleeds, and that when she is so wronged she will avenge such an indignity by persevering and – in a display of pride, defiance and resilience – emerging victorious.


Kartysh pictured in the center. Mostafa is immediately to her left.

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  1. Just to be clear, Mostafa appears to be the person to *the* right of Kartysh, i.e. the one on the bronze step with the very sour expression lol.

    The silver medalist appeaers to be Hungarian.

  2. They’ll probably fete Mostafa as a heroine when she returns to Egypt. I certainly hope that she gets suspended. Someone like that doesn’t deserve to be given the chance to compete.

  3. Why hasn’t the Egyptian judoka been stripped of her medal and banned for a considerable period of time, if not for life?

  4. Could have been worse . Her Syrian cousins prefer a diet of still warm hearts , lungs and various other succulents # Cannibals

  5. Absolutely These people were brain washed to hate JEWS Israel – They think that by acting this way they demonstrate a high degree of patriotism – It is nothing but IGNORANCE and unfortunately they will continue behaving this way unless they are re educated –

  6. Horrible though the incident was – how do you know for sure that this was a “story of racism”?

    • You’re right, pretzelberg. I’m sure Mostafa makes a habit of biting and breaking the fingers of her opponents. Nothing to do with Kartysh being Israeli.

      • Surely you and the people recommending your superficial post are not as stupid as SerJew?

        Unbelievable – but sadly predictable.

        About her being Israeli? That wasn’t what I asked, of course.

        • Yes pretzel her denial of handshake before the match was triggered by some sudden revelation from God that it could hurt her opponent’s delicate hands…

          • Yawn … You know full well what I mean.

            Why not just address the point instead of this superficially predictable sarcasm?

        • Oh sure Pretzelberg, maybe you’re implying that awarding Kartyrsh the gold medal was anti-Arab racism.

          • Pardon?

            Think you’ve got the wrong target for your superficially predictable sarcasm, there.

            Try actually addressing the point.

            • “Try actually addressing the point.” prattelberg

              The point, you boring hypocrite? YOU never bring any point to any discussion. Only pathetico moral equivalences and now your ridiculous 100% pseudo skepticism. But you´re damn certain in displaying your idiotic narcissistic self-righteousness.

        • “Surely you and the people recommending your superficial post are not as stupid as SerJew?” pratzlebarf

          Man, whining about the little stars for the uptenth time! You really need to control other people´s opinions about your stupidity, eh? Insecure twerp.

        • “how do you know for sure that this was a ‘story of racism’?”
          “About her being Israeli? That wasn’t what I asked, of course.”

          What is it that you’re suggesting, pretz, other than to demonstrate a penchant for pedantry?

          • He wants to show, as the committed PC ideological soldier he is, that he´s
            oh-so-magnanimous-and-fair, that he empathizes with every possible side of every possible issue, the worst scenario being that someone could be held personally responsible, ’cause after all, it’s the damn system that’s ultimately to blame. And the mask is a highly selective radical skepticism. If you say the Sun will shine tomorrow, don´t worry, prattlebarf will say, “hey, how can you be so sure”? If mr. Adebolajo proudly claims in front of a camera, showing his bloody hands, that he slit the soldier’s throat in the name of Islam and Allah, then prattelborg will say, “hey, we can’t be 100% sure that that’s what he meant; maybe he just had a stressful day and wanted to vent his frustration, etc”. That’s the ubelievable and paralysing moronism plaguing the West these days, being particularly acute in Europe. It´s basic a moronic self-flagellatiing masochistic narcissism and an exercise in denial It´s stupid, insane and sucidal.

            • Blah blah blah … bullshit, bullshit, bullshit …

              he empathizes with every possible side of every possible issue

              Yeah, go head. Just make up more lies about me.

              You really are a sorry specimen.

              • “Blah blah blah … bullshit, bullshit, bullshit ” prattlebarg

                Projecting again, eh, prattlebarf. If´s not my fault that you are such a trasnparent twerp.

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      • Your sole post in this thread is your fake 100% fake skepticism.

        How strange that you – and the mental midgets agreeing with your crap – have overlooked my first two posts:
        June 6, 2013 @ 12:16 pm and June 7, 2013 @ 4:33 am

        Yet again you are made to look like a complete fool without anyone having to say anything! What a hoot you are!

        And my third post was a sincere query – not ” fake 100% fake skepticism”. As anyone with a brain can see.

        • Hi there. I wanted to weigh in a little on this matter because I am a longtime CiF Watch fan and contributor, and in full disclosure, have read hundreds of posts from both yourself and SerJew and find both of you worthy of respect in spite of (maybe because) I don’t agree with every thought that either of you have posted.
          That said, I’d like to be candid about why the angry reaction to your posts, while over the top, is based on something I agree with. To be blunt, unless the case involves an admitted anti-Semite doing something anti-Semitic and then screaming at the top of his/her lungs that he or she did so and is proud of it and welcomes being called anti-Semitic, you tend to employ the “Yes, this is a bad thing, BUT…” formulation.
          That’s not an evil or malignant form of devil’s advocacy, and I would reject the POV of anyone who would label it as such. The problem is that over time and with a disturbing number of YTIABTBUT… labels on incidents that are explicitly anti-Semitic, it comes across as A) giving face-saving cover to bigots and B) implying that all but the most overtly rancid expressions of anti-Semitism are being judged in bad faith and/or employed to an ignoble end (usually involving unwanted power or advocacy by either Israel or British Jews). That’s the hallmark of anti-Zionism and it’s the main reason I don’t have any respect or time for that viewpoint.
          Your general sense of perspective is nice, but it has not been supported by facts and it doesn’t deserve the emotional defense that is your main writing hook. A lot of bigots don’t want to be apologized for. If you don’t want people here to dislike your work, stop reflexively apologizing for them.

          • I appreciate what you mean there, Ben – and thanks for your perfectly reasonable points.

            Take this example of this thread, however. I was merely asking whether we know 100% whether the biting incident was based on racism. I was certainly not “reflexively apologizing” for the Egyptian wrestler. Of course it could well be that she hates Jews.

            But what if e.g. a Serbian wrestler attacked a Bosnian athlete in similar fashion (or vice versa). Should we likewise assume that this was a racially or religiously motivated incident? Or instead put it down to the immediate political tension between those two peoples/countries because of the relatively recent conflict?
            Just an example – not a direct comaprison, of course.

            Either way: I’m sure you’ll agree I have never said anything that warrants being called a Nazi by the likes of SerJew.

  7. Judaism teaches that in every sadness, there is an element of joy. On Tisha B’Av we mourn the loss of our holy Beit Mikdash, but we feel joy in that we are still a people and those who have tried to eradicate us have disappeared.

    This whole event is a terrible story, but we also see that Kartysh epitomizes Israeli resilience. Coming back from being brutalized, she emerged victorious. Kol haKavod la!

  8. Congratulations to Ilana on her Gold, all the sweeter for defeating an Egyptian anti-Semite. Enas Mostafa should be banned and the Egyptian authorities heavily fined.

    Naturally you won’t see this in the Guardian. If their readers understood the depth of Arab anti-Semitism, they might sympathize with Israel, which is not allowed in Guardian Land.

  9. In a world virtually obsessed with racism,how strange that this story has barely been reported.I wonder,why is that?

        • Sorry, I meant: how do you know for sure that you exist?

          PS: can’t used Descartes, ’cause we all know you cannot think.

          • None of us know for sure that we exist. But that really doesn’t help propel the discussion along does it? I think Ben said it best (above). I don’t mean to be a busybody, but back off each other, you two. Please just recognise that just because someone disagrees with you, you don’t have to insult them!

            • I agree. SerJew has this kind of red rag to a bull reaction to some people on here.It’s not healthy. A good old tug should see him right as rain, though.

            • but back off each other

              I have been doing exactly that – but SerJew continues to follow me around the website, taking every opportunity to launch the same old insults at me, and often without commenting at all on the actual article.

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