Adam Levick and Richard Millett blog the UEFA Under-21 Championship in Israel: BDS Fail Live!

Update 13: Adam: Israel wins! Game over. 

Update 12: 

Adam 9

Update 11:

Adam 8

Update 10: 

Adam 7

Update 9: Adam: Israel scores! Stadium erupts.

Adam 6

Update 8: Adam: Attendance just announced – over 22,000. 

Update 7: 

Adam 5

Update 6: Adam: Still nil-nil. Israel’s Verta  shoots just wide in 60th minute.

Update 5:

Adam 3

Update 4: Adam: the second half has begun with a near miss from Wickham.

England manager Roy Hodgson and FA Chairman David Bernstein visited Yad Vashem earlier in the day. Watch them talk about their impressions here.

FA TweetHalf time

Adam 2

Update 3: Adam: Five minutes to half time. Richard: England manager Roy Hodgson is in attendance. 

Update 2: Richard reports that England are starting to apply pressure, with Wilfred Zahar playing well. 

Adam 1Update: The match has begun and Adam and Richard report that Tom Lees – from Leeds – started for England. Lots of Israeli supporters. The score is still 0-0 at this point. 

Despite efforts by a few marginal anti-Zionist groups (and their media public relations teams) to have the games cancelled, Israel on Wednesday began hosting an extremely prestigious sports tournament – the UEFA Under-21 Championships, showcasing the rising stars of European football. Tonight, Israel – who kicked off the competition on June 5th at Netanya against the Norwegians, playing to a 2-2 draw, and lost to Italy on June 8th – will be facing England – which suffered disappointing losses to Italy and Norway – at the Teddy Stadium in Jerusalem, at 7 pm Israeli time. 

London-based blogger Richard Millett is in Israel for the tournament, and will be joined by Adam Levick in a live blog of the game.  Additionally, Levick will be tweeting the game using the hashtag #U21EURO.

Avi M U21

Photo by Avi Mayer, Twitter

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    • A comical own-goal after accidentally getting a dose of helium from the physio would’ve been great.
      Ho hum.

  1. So that’s why the BDS loons were trying so hard to get Israel kicked out # BDS fail # BDS cult

  2. An other huge catastrophe for the Guardinista-BDS crow:

    Google Inc. (GOOG)’s acquisition of mobile map developer Waze Inc. marks one of the most lucrative outcomes for an Israeli technology startup, and is poised to fuel a wave of investment and entrepreneurship in the country.
    Waze was bought for about $1.1 billion, a person familiar with the transaction said earlier this week, making it one of a handful of companies with roots in Israel to fetch more than $1 billion. The company has offices in Ra’anana, Israel, where it was founded, and Palo Alto, California.
    Israel has rallied around Waze, a service initially built and funded by locals and used by millions of its residents. The company’s success is helping to validate the rise of Silicon Wadi, the technology community that takes its name from an Arabic term for valley. The injection of Google’s money could trickle down to the next generation of startups in the country, said Izhar Shay, a general partner at Canaan Partners.
    “People who worked at this company will go out to invest and create their own companies, and will help mentor other entrepreneurs,” Shay, who is based in Herzliya Pituach, Israel, said in an interview. “It will also help attract additional venture money into Israel.”
    Waze will keep its product-development team in Israel, Google said yesterday in a blog post. The company didn’t disclose terms of the deal. Nate Tyler, a spokesman for Google, and Julie Mossler, a spokeswoman for Waze, declined to comment on the price.

    I hope that Cifwatch regular Guardinistas like Nick, Sencar and Sanity will never compromise won’t use the services of Google anymore and will insist to their old maps when driving. The only question how do you guys prefer to eat your own hearts: boiled, fried or goulash…

    • I’d like to see how many BDS’s start boycotting Google or Android phones.
      Or for that matter how about Apple which invested in a DC in Israel.

      I guess they really do want to send us back to the stone age…