Glenn Greenwald at Marxism Conference: Defends Anwar Al-Awaki, calls 9/11 attacks “minimal in scope”

As was revealed in the blogosphere yesterday, Glenn Greenwald, the Guardian journalist who helped Edward Snowden launch the NSA leaks scandal, has addressed the International Socialist Organization’s  annual conference in 2011 and 2012 – and is set to address the radical group again later this year in Chicago.

The International Socialist Organization (ISO) is one of America’s main Marxist ‘revolutionary’ parties, and represents the “Marxist tradition, founded by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, and continued by V.I. Lenin, Rosa Luxemburg and Leon Trotsky.”

The upcoming ISO event – which features, among other radical speakers, Ali Abunimah, as well as an anti-Zionist Jew named Sherry Wolf, who has justified Hamas terrorism, and characterized Zion­ist Jews as “white suprema­cist racists” – is sponsored by the Center for Economic Research and Social Change (CERSC).  CERSC is the publisher of International Socialist Review and Haymarket Books (which has published books by Abunimah, and sponsors the anti-Zionist blog Mondoweiss) and the publisher of Socialist Worker.

Here’s the official trailer for the 2013 event.

What follows are clips of Greenwald at the ISO Conference in 2011 speaking about Anwar al-Awlaki, and other related issues.  Al-Awlaki was an American and Yemeni Imam, and the al-Qaeda regional commander (killed by U.S. forces after Greenwald’s 2011 speech) who was a senior ‘talent recruiter’ for the group, and who likely influenced the jihadist rampage of the Fort Hood shooter and the attempted attack by the ‘Underwear Bomber‘.  

Greenwald can be heard during the video characterizing al-Awlaki as someone whose only crimes were “speak[ing] effectively to the Muslim world about violence that the U.S. commits in [Yemen] and the responsibility of Muslims to stand up to this violence.”

Here’s a clip of Greenwald later in the same speech where he expresses his hope for a weakening of the United States and its malign “imperialism”, and characterizes the 9/11 attacks by Al-Qaeda as very “minimal in scope”.

(Here’s his full 2011 speech. And, here is his speech to the ISO in 2012.)

As I argued recently, Greenwald is not a mere civil libertarian or a ‘progressive’ commentator but, rather, a radical, anti-American activist, who aids our enemies by amplifying their toxic rhetoric.   

Whatever may come from the debate currently underway about NSA surveillance techniques, we can not let those, like Greenwald, inspired by a palpable loathing of America frame the debate concerning how best to defend the country against reactionary Islamists extremists openly committed to the murder of our citizens. 

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    • I have no sympathy for GG. But how can they “go after him” legally ? He has broken no law.

      • Depending on Greenwald’s actions WHILE SNOWDEN WAS IN THE US, he may be implicated as a criminal conspirator or a principal along w/Snowden. There are fine points of law that normally wd have to be proved by an ethical prosecutor, but since when have Chicago gangsters been deterred by fine points of law?

    • Scumbag though Greenwald is, the rule of law must be maintained.
      If he has broken the law, then do him.
      But if not, you can’t just prosecute people because their views are unwelcome (and yes, that’s an understatement). That’s surely what distinguishes us from the likes of Al Qaeda.

    • No need to go after him and his comrades. They are an absolutely insignificant fringe bunch of deluded narcissistic and self righteous middle class idealists totally disconnected from the real world and from the real working people. Most of them probably never dirtied their manicured pink hands with any physical work and consider the working class as uneducated trash. Seeing that the working masses don’t support them they seek the help of the Islamists and any other cultist/fascistic ideological group. They have any significance only in their own eyes.

      • Yeah, I can’t stand GG (though I still feel he’s the prettiest girl in the diseased leper colony that’s known in these parts as CiF) but 100% agree he doesn’t belong in prison at all. He’s not a martyr. He’s an extremist asshole. And he’ll fall like most of his cronies do: pursuing a zealot’s ideology until they inevitably go so far that they get torched by it.

  1. The only way to “go after” GG and characters like him would be to confront them with their quotes on MSNBC, NPR etc..
    A common characteristic of the new Left is that they speak in two tongues. One more moderate when on MSM and a more hysterical one when @ Al Guardian or the Arab press. For example, Joe Scarborough could have had his assistants do some serious research before GG appeared on his morning show on MNSBC. Instead GG gets these softball questions and snaps at the co-host for her Obama “talking points”.
    We live in a new time where people have ‘parallel’ political lives. The NYT & WP should be all over this man’s motivation. That CIFwatch is the one breaking the story of this clown at a commie meet in the middle of the USA is just silly. The Telegraph had a blog post a few days ago on this matter. But there is no wide spread traction so far. With Snowden gunning for the Chinese CP things may well change……

    • “The only way to “go after” GG and characters like him would be to confront them with their quotes on MSNBC, NPR etc..”
      Do you think that these outlets are going to do this with a kick in the ass from somewhere?

  2. Calling 9/11 “minimal in scope”, like Sloterdijk, Zizek and others, follows the line of the postcolonialists to denigrate the Holocaust and aggrandize the victims of colonialism, forming the front line with terrorist or terror affiliated organisations and states like Hamas, Iran, Hisbollah, …
    “anti-Zionist Jew named Sherry Wolf, who has justified Hamas terrorism, and characterized Zion­ist Jews as “white suprema­cist racists””
    The white man´s burden inverted.

  3. Not to forget the marxist affiliated postcolonial regimes which all developed into extremely corrupt tyrannies, coup and failed states – nowadays called Arab spring.
    A role model Greenwlald obviously adores.

  4. Not to forget the European and other marxist regimes which all developed into extremely corrupt tyrannies, coup and failed states – nowadays called the dregs of history. Greenwald and his ilk fit in this category. Nothing particularly new, original or interesting there, just the same opportunistic and exploitative garbage I’ve been hearing since I was a kid. The danger arises when such people take the stage to lecture the uninformed. This is why CiF Watch and the like have such an important role to play, as the MSM is failing so much of the time.

  5. I always find it incredibly amusing/scary how self-absorbed these people are. Went to the first link and there’s video of them chanting in the ballroom before the speakers came on. Leaving aside the utterly vile “Palestine… free… river to.. sea” garbage, what looks like a mostly white crowd is shouting about how “Occupation is a crime…” IN CHICAGO. Wonder what they’d say if someone asked them who lived in Illinois before their families occupied… I mean arrived in the United States. After all, according to these dim bulbs… occupation is a crime.

  6. Joining socialist and other political fringe groups provides a comfortable place for many who feel themselves rejected elsewhere. They often are socially awkward, perhaps low in self esteem, and they crave a place where they can fit in. I’m not discounting the politics, but joining a movement serves social and psychological needs as well.

    • Interesting point.The personal aspect of one’s politics.All the wactivists I know have,er,issues.

  7. The irony of it all is that GG lives in third world Brazil with its truly horrific human rights abuses ( systematic murder of street children for one ).
    It’s like Joseph Dana moving to Ramallah from Yaffo and then getting a gig at The National published in a country with a ruling Islamist monarchy. Never mind his “comments” on RT-TV.
    Mind you, NSA-Snowden is in China lecturing the USA about citizen’s rights.
    You can’t make this up can you ? And nobody mention’s this on MSM. Truly bizarre.

  8. I have pasted this URL to a few MSM threads. Please find the time and paste it one more time to a US MSM thread. All that needs to happen is for the right person to read it.

  9. Take away the Socialist banner title and you could have been at a gathering of the Moonies or Scientologists . Pass the Kool Aid round Jim .

  10. I just read the slogan under the microphone: Socialism – revolution in the air.
    I wish them a new socialist revolution restricted only for their circle with its millions of deads, gulags and every other known features..
    This only slogan shows these idiots’ sense of morality, reality and mental state.

    • It transpires that the “publicity” has been censored from your quarters. Third video has been taken off line.

  11. HEY WOW, the third video has been taken down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! getting too close for comfort here.

  12. Why do reports always use the term “socialist” which can and usually does refer to social democrats, instead of, when appropriate, use the more accurate term, “communist.” The latter does not necessarily mean membership in the American Communist Party; I have no knowledge Glenn Greenwald is a member. I have read one of his books and followed his various activities..he is without doubt by political ideology, a communist..not a social democrat, not a democratic socialist, but a Marxist-Leninist-Stalinist communist.