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“[The Guardian] is the English-language newspaper least friendly to Israel on Earth.” – Jeffrey Goldberg

No mainstream media outfit in the Western world has been more hostile to Israel than the Guardian group.” – The Commentator

Concerns within the Jewish community and elsewhere regarding the Guardian, relative to other mainstream media outlets, have persisted for many years now – a situation that will probably worsen as the paper’s Comment is Free website grows. In 2011, the Guardian faced more accusations of antisemitism than any other mainstream UK newspaper.” – The Community Security Trust

Though not all anti-Zionism is informed by antisemitism, research has clearly demonstrated an overwhelming correlation between the two – a fact which informs the mission of this blog: combatting antisemitism and the assault on Israel legitimacy at the Guardian and ‘Comment is Free’.

Other than the launch of our sister site, BBC Watch, and our increased effectiveness as the result of our affiliation with CAMERA, one of the more interesting developments over the last couple of years has been our growing presence in the social media.  As we will always count on our network of ‘Zionist conspiracists’ to make an impact, we ask that those of you following this site consider joining us ‘beyond the blog’. 

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  1. There’s an article about the Labour Party’s attitude to Israel in the midst of its birth that I’ve read, but can’t find using Google. Basically, the gist of it is that some senior members of the Labour Party called for Israel to expel all the Arabs from its territory, and when the Israelis heard about it they were horrified. Can anyone point me to this article?

    • No mystery – late in 1943, the Labour Party commissioned a member, Hugh Dalton, to examine the post-war international situation. His report included a section on Palestine which recommended ethnic cleansing of the natives. The report became part of Labour party policy at the Annual Party Conference of 1944 and passed on a show of hands almost without comment. Rabbi Chaim Simmons of Kiryat Arba claims that “Zionist leaders” said that transfer of Arabs was “inconsistent with the Zionist programme” – which matches what you heard.

      However, Simmons also claims that in private these same leaders were happy with the transfer proposal. He adds that the Jewish Press in Britain and in the U.S. were on the whole favourable to the paragraph advocating Arab transfer. Simmons is of course covering up – there had been a Transfer Committee formed in 1937, highly regarded Zionist propagandist Shmuel Katz wrote “The Deliberations of the Jewish Agency Committee for the Transfer of Population 1937-1938”, mentioned in Morris “Birth” p.63.

      In 1945 Churchill was defeated and Ernest Bevin became Foreign Secretary. He chose to ignore what the Conference had voted for and to continue with the policy of the 1939 White Paper.

      Menachem Begin invented the letter bomb and in June 1947 sent 20 to London, attempting to kill the new Prime Minister Attlee, Winston Churchill, Bevin and Anthony Eden. The Stern gang took credit for the only death, the young brother of an army officer in England. At this time Truman asked American Zionists to stop collecting funds for terrorism (we now know that letter bombs were sent to him). Begin was not deterred and tried again on the anti-Nazi Chancellor Konrad Adenauer (police man killed)

      • ” The Stern gang took credit for the only death, the young brother of an army officer in England”

        So ‘Nick’ who was the brother, the Army Officer, of the young man allegedly killed by the Stern gang?
        And what was the Army Officer’s role in Israel/Palestine?

      • Nick “late in 1943, the Labour Party commissioned a member, Hugh Dalton, to examine blah blah blah”

        That’s nice. Meanwhile back in Europe, places like Sobibor, designed and operated by your recent ancestors were churning out 12,000 Jewish corpses per day in the autumn of 1943.

        But I’m glad to see both the British Labour party of the day, and you, as a paragon of sanctimonious contemporary European virtue, have your priorities right.

      • NSNIck and his nationalsocialist Propaganda.
        Begin neither invented letter bombs nor sent letter bombs to London.