A headline about real ‘impediments to peace’ you won’t see at the Guardian

Harriet Sherwood’s latest report, ‘Palestinian hopes for two states ‘not possible, June 17, devotes 10 of 13 paragraphs to remarks by Israel’s Economics and Trade Minister Naftali Bennett at a Jerusalem meeting of “settlers” (Yesha Council’s annual Public Diplomacy Conference) that the two-state solution was hopeless.

An additional paragraph covered recent comments by Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon two weeks ago opposing a two-state deal, and another paragraph focused on Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon’s skepticism about the possibilities for progress in talks with Palestinians.  (The final paragraph deals with a general overview of European, Israeli and Palestinian views on the prospects that efforts by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will be successful.)

In addition to the fact that Sherwood failed to provide a complete account of Bennett’s comments (see Yisrael Medad’s post on the meeting, here), missing from her report was any mention of the fact that the second largest party in Netanyahu’s coalition, Yesh Atid, supports a two-state deal, and that the minister tasked with leading negotiations, Tzipi Livni, is a committed supporter of the creation of a Palestinian state.

However, of greater significance than her myopic focus on the views of one minister, whose views on the peace process were already widely known, is the fact that Sherwood included no context about Palestinian views to balance her report – nothing about statements by Palestinian officials at odds with not only a two state deal, but to the existence of a Jewish state within any borders.  While there are hundreds of examples available of Palestinian leaders advancing rhetoric fundamentally at odds with peace and co-existence which Sherwood could have cited, here’s one mock Guardian headline which would accurately reflect a recent well-publicized example of Palestinian incitement and intransigence.


The story reflected in the fake headline above is based on a very real report by Palestinian Media Watch, and covered elsewhere in the media:

PA official, Jibril Rajoub…praised the use of violence against Israel. During an interview on a Lebanese TV channel [on May 2], the host referred to “the negotiations game” with Israel, and Rajoub expressed the view that negotiations are held because the Palestinians lack military strength: “I swear that if we had a nuke, we’d have used it this very morning.”

If you use the Guardian as your sole news source on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict you’d be forgiven for believing that the Palestinians had no responsibility whatsoever for the impasse.  Indeed, the paper almost completely fails to report important political dynamics which erode Israeli confidence, like the Palestinian Authority’s glorification of terrorists, as well as Mahmoud Abbas’s demand that Israel release over a hundred violent terrorists from Israeli jails as a precondition for talks to commence.

The Guardian’s reporting on the region fails miserably at recognizing the injuriousness of Palestinian incitement to peace building efforts, and seems completely disinterested in honestly communicating to its readers very real Israeli concerns that the creation of a sovereign Palestinian state may result in greater regional instability, not peace.

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  1. Almost any source of news about Palestine will tell you the same – well armed Zionist immigrants arrived with the aim of uprooting the locals from their homes and their land – and proceeded to do so.

    Theodor Herzl was careful not to tell anyone of the ethnic cleansing he had planned, it only appears in his diaries.

    But other Zionists told us exactly what what was intended.

    So why try to deny it now?

    • You come here to bait Jews with off-topic, contentious / slanderous material in a spiteful way.

      Why try to deny it?

      How sad for you to be so shabby.

    • Nick: “Almost any source of news about Palestine will tell you the same…”

      Yeah! Don’t you just love those SWP meetings,where you all sit around with your working-class pretensions, reading the same one-dimensional Eurocentric, middle-class bullshit. And don’t tell us its not true. No-one who parades their dogmatic, bigoted stupidity about Israel, as if it was infallible wisdom, could be anything other than a self-righteous socialist ‘worker’.

    • “But other Zionists told us exactly what what was intended.”

      Us being who exactly ‘Nick’?

      • “Palestine to become as Jewish as France is French” – that’s what the attendees at the 1904 lecture circuit of Israel Zangwill were promised.

        Same thing published in the London Times in 1920, drawing a strong rebuke from Churchill.

        However, even in 1904, it was no longer fashionable to ethnically cleanse natives – certainly not ones who lived settled lives in stone houses and owned carefully delineated areas of land. (Does your history present a single example of any such natives ever being ethnically cleansed, anywhere? Mine doesn’t).

        By 1948, when the Zionists finally got round to it, beating people from their homes was totally illegal and a “breach of the peace”, as Israel’s membership of the UN was supposed to stop.

        And for the Zionists still to be doing it in 2013 in 60% of the West Bank is outrageous and unacceptable to everyone except the most swivel-eyed racists. Even makes a lot of Americans feel queasy.

        • ‘Nick’ are you going to answer the question?
          To refresh your memory it was, “Us being who exactly ‘Nick’?”

        • “Saint” Nick,

          “…Does your history present a single example of any such natives ever being ethnically cleansed, anywhere? Mine doesn’t…
          We all know “your” version of history ignores the ethnic cleansing of the middle east Jews.
          Every single middles eastern country attempted to cleanse its Jews in the 20’s century with the with many succeeding. One didn’t and it was Israel.

        • Nick,

          “However, even in 1904, it was no longer fashionable to ethnically cleanse natives ”

          after 1904 Turkey cleansed itself of the Greek Orthodox, the Kurds and the Armenian’s.
          Assad is cleansing himself of the Sunni’s as we write and vice versa.
          The Copt’s are politically “cleansed” in Egypt.
          Nasser cleansed Egypt’s Greek Orthodox.
          Sudan “cleansed” aka murdered 200.000 only a few years ago.
          Saddam did a little chemical cleansing himself with Chemical Ali and Turkey in the late 80’s & early 90’s cleansed 900+ Kurdish villages in its East. I do believe the Turks refer to this “cleansing” as “evacuation”.
          There are 500.000 Kurds in Germany alone to this day due to Turkey’s ethnic cleaning. They all arrived in the 80’s & 90’s.
          Bosnia, Tibet, India/Pakistan. Kosovo.