Guardian video of Peres discussing Iranian nuclear issue inserts unrelated clips of ‘settlements’

The Guardian recently posted a one and a half-minute video on their Israel page showing a recent interview with Shimon Peres.  The clip, which, though dealing almost entirely with the Iranian nuclear issue and Middle East terrorism – and consisting largely of a straight-on shot of Peres speaking to the interviewer – bizarrely inserted two short clips of what appear to be Israeli settlements at several moments during the film.

At the 30 second mark, an image of an Israeli settlement is included while Peres is talking about the danger of terrorism and violence in Middle Eastern countries, such as Gaza, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.  And, again, at the 1:13 mark, while Peres is expressing his hope that President Obama can stop Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, an image of Israeli settlements can be seen for nearly 10 seconds. 

(The only time Peres even mentioned the Israeli-Palestinian ‘Peace Process’ in any context was towards the very end of the clip.)

Here’s the video post, titled ‘Shimon Peres: US can curb Iran’s nuclear threat – video‘, at the Guardian.

So, a video of Israel’s President talking almost entirely about the Iranian nuclear threat, and the problem of Arab terrorism throughout the Middle east, did not include any images of terrorists or Iranians, but managed to add two clips of Israeli communities presumably in Judea and Samaria. 

Are we to somehow believe that Jewish homes in Ariel, Ma’ale Adumim and Efrat are somehow related to Iran’s ambitions to acquire nuclear weapons and attain regional dominance?

The preoccupation by the hard left with Israeli towns across the green line is clearly obsessional, and at times seems nearly delusional.  

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  1. On a lighter note – try watching this video with the “automatic captions” turned on (in English). Whoever captioned it is a comic genius! Worth watching it all, but here’s a sample. Apparently, Peres said:

    “because if somebody walks here in gaza therefore will show star wars … five groups.”

    • As Michael says, “mendacious” is a good description – but thanks for alerting to the bizarrely hilarious English CC – incredible – the anti-Israeli translation robot at Guardian headquarters needs a good shake-up – unless the wage slave there was forced to insert the clips of Israeli towns and decided to find a way to make fun of his or her masters with these absurd translations.

      But perhaps this explains the Guardian’s animus towards Israel – if this is how they “translate” English to English, they can have absolutely no idea what is going on in Israel when it is in Hebrew – cue Harriet Sherwood’s absurd articles, for example.

    • On a less lighter note: see the insane and revolting anti-Semitism BTL on the same Guardian video at YouTube.
      (in order not to clog up the thread I won’t link)

      • One can’t blame the Guardian directly for this – but one can certainly blame Youtube for leaving it up, and it is yet another example of the Guardian’s malign influence over the Israel-Palestinian issue.

  2. Contextualizing, framing the set, interdiscursivity, whatever!
    As the code of conduct, of ethical standards for Guardianistas doesn`t refer to the Jewish state Al Guardian is free arbitrarily manipulating and defending, as mass media spin doctor for Islamists and Islamist regimes,

  3. The end of this is not so funny.

    The last words Spoken by Peres in this clip are:

    “I think Abu Mazan is a partner”

    Closed captioning renders this as:

    “I think of all muslim is at fault”

    I wait to see this surface somewhere on CiF as his words.

    • Good point, Akus. That line did raise my eyebrows! The reason I turned on the captions is because I can’t listen to the audio (at work), so I did wonder what he actually said! Thanks for clarifying.

  4. A stupid own goal by the Guardian well done for pointing this out.

    However the writer also makes a misguided insert ” The preoccupation by the hard left . ” The Guardian is hard left ? I don’t think so. One or two of the writers are lefties but when they start calling for the nationalisation of the banks and the setting up of Kibbutzim give me a ring.

    • Oh yeah and when they a priori bemoaned the “inevitable blame on a Muslim” for the Boston bombing, that was so right-wing.

    • The numbers of stupid own goals by Al guardian are enormous, so this is just a sort of belittling what is a deliberate strategy of Al Guardian.
      Your defence tactic fits your intelligence.

  5. Hypothetically the scenes could be shots from where the interview was conducted. But the scene at 1:13 doesn’t exactly look how I imagine Peres’ backyard/neighborhood!

  6. You can huff and post all you like, Rosco. Nobody’s interested in journalistic drivel.

  7. Huff and post . Brilliant . Did do think that up yourself ? As for your point …nobody is interested in drivel…this entire site is dedicated to attacking what is perceived as drivel . People are interested

    • Why don`t you stay where you belong to? Huffpost, that is, Nattie.
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      • “As you choose to ignore that and recommend Huffpost you are just a jew-hating troll”

        Lord it doesn’t take much to become a Jew hater these days. Firstly I had no idea that there was a huff watch I have only just come onto this site . I have never read the Huff ever it just popped up in my emails this morning . Please settle down and take a pill you are going to self destruct.

        I will now try to find Huff watch and report back

        • “I will now try to find Huff watch and report back” rascal buridan

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          • You are a very rude to me but your 331 was the politest so far. I think you are softening . We should hang out.

            As for Huff Watch I found it interesting I will leave it at that

            • Who cares what you find or not, Rascal Buridan? And if you are into homoeroticism, contact your buddy “insanity” or maybe your hero, “nick-a-Natzie”.

              • insanity ? That reminds me of the USSR from where I originally hail . They called all sorts of critics insane. It is easier to just write someone off as insane as it is too threatening to consider that they might have a point. As for homoeroticism it is odd to find a pro Israeli making such a remark you know we proIsraelis are the leading proponents of gay rights for a thousand miles in any direction.

                Also …how could I know you were the same gender as me? You might want to look up ” reaction formation “

                • BTW, your only “point” was a defense of the blog’s professional Jew-hater, “nick-a-Natzie”. So, your ‘pro-Israel’ masquerade won’t stick. For the rest, you are just too stupid and ignorant to understand sarcasm, irony and the references to the other morons that infect the blog.

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                • I would call people Nazis as well but I am handicapped by reality. From memory Nazis were the ones who killed off tens of millions and destroyed Europe. Not someone I argue with on a site.

                • More disingenous BS from rascal burnout.

                  Listen, dude, the Nazis were EUROPEAN racists whose central ideological obsession was the extermination of the Jews (and enslament of all the rest). It was the culmination of the pan-European history of relentless Jew-hatred. It found enthusiastic support from all over that screwed-up continent, from willing executioners to enabling pseudo-intellectuals. Your hero, “nick-nack” is in that last category, a modern Jew-hater disguised as humanitarian activist.

                  If you insist in defending him, that means you either have a distorted view of history or you basically agree with him, so you are an enabler of Jew-hatred yourself.

  8. Incidentally, while the video clips strangely inserted by the Grauniad may be of “settlements” this fact is not immediately or otherwise apparent to the general observer. There is no barbed wire, no patrolling Israeli soldiers, no protesting Arabs, no gun-toting religious Jews etc etc. They just look like pictures of a town on a hillside to me.

    I have no idea what the relevance of these clips are to Peres and his interview – on that I completely agree with the article, but these clips display a very subtle mendacity. It would have been very easy to pick far more obvios images of “illegal settlements”.

    Just saying.

  9. Wow. Seeing an interview with Peres interspersed with pictures of houses sure made me forget all about Iran’s drive to get a nuclear arsenal ! Thank you Guardian for showing me – whatever the hell it was you were aiming for – oh yes, I remember now, the “whole picture” (of some houses). No really. Powerful stuff there.
    (chuckle chuckle chuckle.)