Is the Guardian’s ‘Israel Obsessive Disorder’ in remission?

Over the past several years the Guardian has averaged over 1000 reports or commentaries annually tagged with “Israel”, an average of over 2.7  Israel-related posts per day, representing a statistically disproportionate (overwhelmingly negative) focus on the Jewish state in comparison to other nations – a dynamic we’ve noted continually at this blog.

However, recently there has been a brief but noticeable change to this pattern. Remarkably, there has not been an Israel related entry at the Guardian since June 30 – an unprecedented ten-day respite from the jaundiced and obsessive coverage of the region which, as much as anything, has come to define their institution’s brand of pseudo liberal activist journalism.

Israel page

Snapshot of Guardian’s Israel page, July 10th.

Additionally, save for one piece in the culture section of The Observer (sister site of the Guardian) about Arab films, there has been nothing on the Guardian’s ‘Palestine’ page since June 30, and nothing new on their Gaza page since June 24.

Whilst it’s possible that the civil war in Syria and the political upheavals currently taking place in Egypt have (organically) driven Israel off the ‘front page’, such a theory doesn’t square with the fact that, up until now, the violence and unrest throughout the Middle East since the start of the “Arab Spring” in 2011 hasn’t even minimally resulted in less Israel-related coverage at Guardian Group sites.

However, one thing is certain: the failure of the “Arab Spring” to bring genuine democracy or nurture even a minimal ethos of tolerance and pluralism – and the contradictions within Arab nationalism more broadly – contrasts markedly with the success of Jewish nationalism and the state’s thriving, progressive polity, and demonstrates the irrelevance of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict to the political pathos which haunts the Arab Middle East. 

Far be it from us to even suggest that Guardian editors may have actually learned something and allowed new information to penetrate their ideologically-inspired myopia, but it would certainly represent an invaluable gift to their readers if the recent dearth of Israel-related content reflected even a minimal awareness of the supreme folly of their long-time obsession with the Jewish state.

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  1. ” there has not been an Israel related entry at the Guardian since July 30 – an unprecedented ten-day respite from the jaundiced and obsessive coverage of the region ”

    No news has actually become the news. What next for CIFWatch ? A weather girl? Maybe a daily recipe?

    • Mr Burns, July 30 is not mentioned once in the above piece. It’s June 30.

      The funny thing is that you complain about the writing on trivial matters on occasions where there is little to report about yet when there is something to discuss you shift the attention into unrelated matters.
      Reminds me of Nick, which you so often defends, which also trolls around throwing unfounded Anti Semitic allegations about past Jewish leaders of Israel and when confronted runs away.

      • July 30th? Sorry it must be the heat ..

        “Reminds me of Nick, which you so often defends”

        I merely asked if there was any proof he was a Nazi. I realise in todays world calling someone a Nazi carries a different meaning.. it means they argue on a blog.

        • You should cover your own ass instead of defending a Nazi by sanctimoniosly asking for proof, wannabee lover of Greenwald.

        • Ok, Mr, Burns,
          Shall we start with baby steps?
          How about saying that nick is an Anto Israel Troll who routinly divert the topic by spreading lies about Israelis and their early leaders as well as false accusations about the Israeli Army?
          Would you admeet to that or will you stick by your guns that you saw no proof of that either?

        • Just to finish it once and for all Mr. burns here’s you link:

          “Nick June 18, 2013 @ 10:47 am
          Considering that the foundation stone of Zionism was wearing brown-shirts and training for warfare, it beggars belief that anyone would criticise the Palestinians for desperately trying to catch up 100 years later.

          This is David Ben-Gurion on life as a street-thug in Poland before 1906 when he brought his cudgels to Palestine:

          “when a gang of Jewish boys met a Polish gang the latter would almost inevitably represent a single suburb and thus be poorer in fighting potential than the Jews who even if their numbers were initially fewer could quickly call on reinforcements from the entire quarter. Far from being afraid of them, they were rather afraid of us.””

          In case you were wondering what life between the Poles and the Jewish Poles was really like ist was far from that.
          My late grandma had to stand a whole day each day studying in the School to be an engineer in Poland because Jews had to stand at the back of the class room.
          Never the less she passed her studies with flying colours only to flee Poland in 1931 to British Mandated Palestine in to work in the nnew electric plant in.

          Still defending nick lies?

          • That should see Rosco Burns silenced.

            Well – in a world resembling normality, at least.

            • “That should see Rosco Burns silenced.
              Well – in a world resembling normality, at least.”

              I doubt it pretzelberg. You might be a curmudgeonly old sod, but, friend Rosco is barking. The sort you see in the public park shouting at the ducks.

              • You mean like Mr. Bean?
                I bet he even had the pink panther pencil sharpener in the centre of his desk when he tried taking his GCSEs…

              • You might be a curmudgeonly old sod, but …

                About the closest I’m ever likely to get in terms of a compliment here. Hurrah!

              • Mr. Burns, who exactly are they? I have no problems with Pretzelberg’s comments.
                Yes, we agree to disagree at time in a civil manner but I will not say the same about Nick or Nat (whatever other sock puppet names it has..)
                Pretzelberg answers back and explains himself which is more than what Nick does.

              • after they have got me they will come for you

                Fancy yourself as Martin Niemöller?

                I think not.

          • ” Still defending nick lies? ”

            This makes him a Nazi ? By quoting from Ben Gurion ?

            • Mr. Burns,
              So you repeat false quotes and lies about Jewish habbits in the 30’s in Poland?
              Funny, this line was also used by the Nazis prior to the Kristallnacht as the alleged “real reason” (as per the Nazis) for the Kristallnacht “popular” support.

              In his funeral oration, Ribbentrop described the shooting as an attack by the Jews on the German people: “We understand the challenge, and we accept it”, he said.
              It would not be surprising, he said, if the German people were so outraged by the assassination of a German diplomat by a Jew that they took the law into their own hands and attacked Jewish businesses, community centres and synagogues. Such “spontaneous outbursts”, he said, should not be openly organised by the Nazi Party or the SA, but neither should they be opposed or prevented. ”


              RIP Herschel Grynszpan!

              • Let me repeat it for you!

                “Considering that the foundation stone of Zionism was.. training for warfare..” (Nick – who Mr Burns defends).
                Ribbentrop described the shooting as an attack by the Jews on the German people…” (Ribbentrop the Nazi – Who Mr Burns might also like to defend?)

        • Burns

          It means they harbour a malicious world view about Jews, and enjoy bating them with Nazi comparisons. Something a fun-loving European like yourself can understand, tolerate, and excuse, when it’s said in the ‘right’ context.

  2. fact is that not even Al Guardian’s reddest readers can stomach Aza pieces twice a day ( plus tweets ). With so much else happening in the world, eg. soft ball q’s for “President” Morsi by Hearst, Snowden, Iran’s “election’s”, hating the US and the Euro crisis how much more can you plug a story that most people have had enough of anyway ? Aza fluff pieces about the cow that was hit by a moped, or the latest cook book from some Aza mum….
    Jonathan Cook ( ex Al Guardian hack, now free-hating oudda Nazareth ) himself had to realize that Palestine will never be on the front page every day, sadly. He consequently left Al Guardian huffing and puffing and now writes for Arab outlets.
    It sounds strange but there is a narrative besides spooning terror in Islington or seeking asylum in Venezuela.

  3. I think a tipping point has been reached. The extreme current of events mainly from Egypt and to a lessor extent from Syria and even Turkey have reached a point where the news from Israel no matter how much of an Israel hater you are is absolutely trivial. Maybe there is a realisation that the “Middle East conflict” or the “peace process” has been the wrong focus when you have such high level of casualties and destruction in some and large demonstrations as well in each of the intra-Arab/Islamic conflicts there is no comparison to the absolute tranquility within Israel.

    • Yes, I think you’ve got it exactly right. There is so much bad news from the Arab middle east – especially Egypt and Syria right now – that it is difficult to see how that would not crowd out virtually any other coverage from the region. The news from Israel continues to be better than ever – Israel prospers as a free, democratic Jewish state while guaranteeing political, civil and religious rights to minorities. While this has never stopped the Guardian from smearing Israel in the past, I guess even the Jew haters on their editorial board have been at least momentarily distracted.

    • yup. if the chaos continues and full scale civil wars occur in egypt and syria and the turks are at each other’s throat while chemical weapons are getting lobbed into eastern turkey, for old times sake the guardian might throw in an exclusive how an israeli built an extension to his house in the west bank.

  4. Has CiFWatch won? Is the Guardian raising its hands?

    (Sadly – I imagine as soon as the Arab world has settled back to its usual round of unreported bombings, beheadings, cannibalism, etc. the Guardian will return to the one spot in the ME it regards as truly evil – Israel).

  5. Just wait for Israel’s next unprovoked assault on Lebanon, Gaza or Syria and you’ll see plenty of Guardian coverage. Shouldn’t be long….

    • How do you know it’d be unprovoked (ah, you read it in al-Grauniad so it must be “true”)

      Adam, of course al-Grauniad wouldn’t dare report the antisemitic animus in Egypt, either which includes each side accusing the other of being Jews or Zionists.

      • Sencar doesn’t care when Jews are terrorized. It’s only and Israeli response that is “unprovoked.”

        • “Sencar doesn’t care when Jews are terrorized. It’s only and Israeli response that is “unprovoked.””
          That’s exactly right. It’s there in print, and yet the author himself didn’t seem to notice. What does that say about the good professor?

    • Sencar,

      “Just wait for Israel’s next unprovoked assault on Lebanon, Gaza or Syria and you’ll see plenty of Guardian coverage. Shouldn’t be long….”

      Nasrallah has already blamed Israel for the Beirut bombing, which Israel was not involved at all.
      Funny how the Guardian didn’t mention Nasrallah’s comments…

      I wonder why the G will not report other interesting faacts like the ones below:

      “As part of this spirit of giving, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, headed by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, will hand out 3,300 food vouchers to needy Arab families, worth around NIS 1.2 million (roughly $327,000). The vouchers will be distributed by the welfare departments of some 69 communities active in cooperating with the fund year-round. ”,7340,L-4403123,00.html

      There are other interesting facts in that article about the instructions given to the IDF to assist Muslims who fast as much they can by not smoking next to them or eating or drinking around them.
      I wonder if this happens in the UK…

    • We can see here the next unprovoked attack of Sencar on Israel, just like those of his terror buddies from Hisbollah, Hamas, al Quaida, ..
      First incitement, then terror.

      • Sencar simply jelaous and wants to imitate Nick and co. Not a big surprise, he has every requred feature to do it…

      • “We can see here the next unprovoked attack of Sencar on Israel, just like those of his terror buddies from Hisbollah, Hamas, al Quaida, ..
        First incitement, then terror.”

        Perfect comeback Fritz. Ain’t it the truth.

    • Sencar – ah, the anticipation! The satisfaction! Of feeding your visceral European bigotry vis a vis medieval libels and your culture that views a world being full of guilty blood-thirsty Jewish villains and their innocent non-Jewish victims.

  6. Sencar Palestinians by persisting to exist are provoking. I do not know why you do not get it.

    • It’s unfortunate that Palestinians mark their existence by trying to murder others instead of contributing to the world like say…Israelis.

      • ” Palestinians mark their existence by trying to murder others ”

        Is there a site for combatting stereotyping people ? Those Palestinians and their love of murder I mean they are all the same

          • Michael,

            I’m with Mr. Burns on this one.
            Various surveys, even some posted on this blog, show that most of the WB residents oppose to suicide bombings and targeting Israeli civilians.
            Palestinians (soome Israeli Arabs describe themselves as Israeli Palestinians) are the most educated people in the Arab world which contribute to various developments.
            One Israeli arab was behind the mechanical nose for example.

            • It’s there in black and white Itsik. When you combine those that strongly favor violence against Jews and those that somewhat support it, it’s the majority.

              In my post below, I say that Israelis contribute to the world. I don’t use the word “Jew.”

              • I am also with Burns and Wembley (and Pretz below). I don’t think you can complain about people characterising Jews (or Israelis) as being colonialist, or violent, or bloodthirsty, or racist or whatever perjorative adjective is the flavour of the month and then bandy about generalisations about “the Palestinians”.

                Clearly, the majority of Palestinians do not “try to murder others”. Undeniably some do, and perhaps many support those who do, but that is a long way from a broad statement that “Palestinians try to murder others”.

                • Isn’t accessory to murder, murder itself Lebanal. There is a whole network of individuals who operate the terrorist infrastructure beyond the bomber himself. There are people who shelter them, drivers, cash runners, coordinators, spies. Then there are also the stone throwers who are a different category. It’s a lot more than just a few scattered individuals.

                  Furthermore, if the general society supports, encourages, and even celebrates that kind of behavior, then you do have an argument for that label. Evidence of that is quite clear. Naming streets after suicide bombers, incitement in mosques, etc. In fact, Adam himself has described much of that behavior.

                  Just to contrast, you don’t see Jews celebrating when there is a war on one of Israel’s fronts. It’s seen more as doing what is unfortunately necessary

          • Before stereotypes can be successfully combated, most subjects of such stereotyping need to belie the stereotype.

            i.e. guilty until proven innocent. Fantastic.

            • Guilty after being proven so. Look at the link if you don’t find it too difficult to allocate one minute fewer to your pomposity.

              • Guilty after being proven so.

                You sound just like a Jew-baiter. The “evidence” is there if you want to believe it – which you do.

                • How do you get around the majority supporting terrorism against Israelis? Just because you believe that the world conforms to your liking is no evidence that it actually does so.

      • It’s unfortunate that Palestinians mark their existence by trying to murder others

        Absolutely – in the tiny minds of pathetic individuals like you.

        • Oh, it must have been my imagination that it was Palestinians who have set off suicide bombings of buses and cafes and have sent rockets hurtling into kindergartens. That’s right, it was really evil masquerading as Palestinians at least in your pathetically tiny and pompous mind.

            • You’re talking about a tiny minority of Palestinians
              How the f*ck would you know this pretzel? How many Palestinians do you know personally? How many Arabic language Palestinian papers are you reading daily?
              How many Arabic language Palestinian TV channels are you watching every day?
              According to a Pew poll in May 2013:
              Out of all the Muslim respondents in a global survey, Palestinian Arab Muslims polled highest in favor of suicide bombings (40%) as a justifiable means “to defend Islam.” A dominant majority of Palestinian Muslims (89%) also favored Sharia becoming “the official law of the land.”

              Face up to your laughable ignorance and clownish stupidity to declare anything on subjects you definitely know nothing about.

  7. I don’t think the Guardian has changed its spots. I suspect the lull in Israel-bashing is only temporary. It’s a bit difficult to retain any credibility s if you write about the evils of Israeli chicken farming, or the plight of Palestinian footballers when next door children are being thrown off tall building and jihadis are dining on human flesh next door.

    But when the death toll begins to drop, they’ll be back to their old ways.