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No reports of Jewish riots after grossly antisemitic show begins airing on Arab TV

The streets of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa and every other city throughout Israel – and in communities outside of Israel with large Jewish communities – were calm over Shabbat despite the decision by several Arab TV satellite channels to begin airing an antisemitic mini-series during Ramadan called “Khaybar.”  The program reportedly demonizes Jews, who are depicted as immutably “treacherous” and the “enemies of Islam” who “can’t be trusted”.

The series – produced by a Qatari media company and currently being aired in Dubai, Egypt, Algeria, Qatar and UAE – is described by the screenwriter and the film’s actors as simply demonstrating that “The Jews are the Jews…and still act according to their nature and corrupt any society in which they live.”

Though a prominent pro-Israel blogger, Elder of Ziyon, initiated a passionate campaign to draw attention to the series, the act of racist incitement has been ignored by major human rights organizations – characteristic of the silence by such self-described “humanitarian” groups in the face of poisonous anti-Jewish animus which is commonplace throughout Arab and Muslim countries.

Additionally, whilst the Guardian published over 100 reports and commentaries after the Muhammad cartoons controversy in 2005, and a similarly large volume of stories on the row last year over a brief trailer for an anti-Islamic film posted on YouTube called ‘Innocence of Muslims’, there has been nothing published at the Guardian or ‘Comment is Free’ about Khaybar.

Further, in contrast to the eruption of riots and violence over the Muhammad cartoons, which led to death threats against the cartoonists and riots in cities across the world resulting in over 200 people dead, and the reaction to the film ‘Innocence of Muslims’, which led to hundreds of injuries and over 50 deaths, there have been no reports of Jewish riots in reaction to the hideously antisemitic Khaybar broadcast.

While the narrow issue of the Guardian’s decision not to inform readers about an antisemitic TV series which will potentially be seen by tens of millions of Arab viewers  is important – representing one example of their wider failure to report even the most extreme examples of antisemitic incitement within the larger Arab world – there is another important angle to this story worth exploring.

My observation regarding the dearth of anything resembling violence by Jews over the racist Arab series was not meant to be at all cheeky, but rather was an attempt to illustrate the absurdity of the ubiquitous refrain from Guardian Left commentators that the Israel lobby ‘intimidates’ elected representatives, exercises undue influence over the media and stifles debate over issues of concern to the Jewish community.  

Whilst organized Jewry, and pro-Israel commentators, certainly use the power of the pen, lobby their representatives and use every other legitimate democratic means available to advocate for Israel and campaign against antisemitism, newspaper cartoonists who run afoul of ‘the lobby’ do not receive death threats from AIPAC; commentators who engage in antisemitic tropes don’t have to go in hiding for fear of retribution by philo-Semitic bloggers; and ‘spontaneous’ acts of mass Jewish violence do not erupt on the streets of Paris, London, New York, or Jerusalem when the religious sensibilities of Jews are offended.

Though it is of course true that the overwhelming majority of Muslims don’t resort to violence in response to cartoons, films or commentaries deemed offensive to Islam, the small minority who do engage in such anti-social and destructive behavior clearly create a chilling effect on Western journalists and opinion leaders – anti-democratic bullying and intimidation which simply has no parallel within the Zionist community.

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  1. No reports of Jewish riots after grossly antisemitic show begins airing on Arab TV
    1. We are used to it.
    2. We don’t give a shit.
    3. We expect the proper international human rights organisations like AI, UNHRC and the relevant commissions of the EU plus the liberal left western mainstream media to deal with it. (only joking)

  2. The statements in this video are almost unbelievably outrageous. The stereotyping comments of the actors and producers of the series should be (at the very least) an embarrassment to those uttering them, as they are nothing but the codified bigotry (e.g., “vile, treacherous, depraved”) that we’ve heard for (literally) centuries. I opened the petition site; I wouldn’t lose heart yet that it hasn’t gained traction. It has over 2,000 signatures and it appears it has only been online since July 1, at least on Facebook. According to the linked article, as of july 12, no response from Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch, but both ADL and Simon Wiesenthal are also trying to get a response. Has anyone tried to air this issue via the media–e.g., TV or radio talk shows?

  3. ” the decision by several Arab TV satellite channels to begin airing an antisemitic mini-series… called “Khaybar.” The program reportedly demonizes Jews, ”

    This is the only quibble I have . You use the word “reportedly” but previously call it “anti-Semitic”. It is of course “allegedly anti-Semitic”

    • I take it you didn’t listen to what the main actor said about the show and Jews in general.

      • No, he did, but he also believes that Jews are Jews….
        Don’t you Mr. Burns?
        Wriggle away worm.

  4. Hi Rosco,
    i guess you are just pointing out the need for some parallel grammatical construction, with this comment? I agree, but i think the more important point is that one brief look at even the first interview within the video would cause you to delete the word “allegedly…”

    Did you look at it?

  5. It is of course “allegedly anti-Semitic.
    But of course Roscoe – allegedly.
    I suggest you to read this transcripts of statements made by the creators of this allegedly anti-Semitic opus – who knows maybe you can learn some things about us what you didn’t know already.
    Some examples for you just for some tasty hors d’oeuvre:
    I play one of the Jewish characters, who demonstrates the behavior of the Jewish human being. All he thinks about is accumulating money.

    History has shown that the Jews are a people with no moral values, who do not honor their agreements.

    I play the character of Hareth Ibn Al-Awf. Through this character, we enter a Jewish home, and we learn how they raise their children, how they immerse their children in these odd modes of behavior, and how they teach them to live their lives in a vile, treacherous, depraved, and Machiavellian manner. They teach them that in order to achieve their aims, all means are justified and all values may be disregarded.

    I hope you will enjoy these allegedly anti-Semitic pearls of wisdom before climbing back under your stone.

    • ” I hope you will enjoy these allegedly anti-Semitic pearls of wisdom ”

      Peter you joker you ..The link you sent is from MEMRI.

      Here is what Wiki says

      ” Memri is a United States not for profit[1] press monitoring organization with headquarters located in Washington, DC. MEMRI was co-founded in 1998 by Yigal Carmon, a former colonel in the Israeli military intelligence ”

      Do you think that such a source is reliable . An Israeli intelligence officer ? Give me a break.

      • “Do you think that such a source is reliable . An Israeli intelligence officer ? Give me a break.”
        I do. It is. You’ve been getting a break. Now it’s time for you to give it break.

      • So do you think that the the clip is mistranslated? Do you know Arabic and have proof or only you can’t restrain your hate of anything Jewish/Israeli accusing them with lying without even the slightest factual knowledge?\
        Luckily you communicate here in English and the readers can see that there is no difference between your crap and the one heard on the clip.
        Rosco you are not a joker at all but a pathetic loser who vents his frustration by posting racist crap on blogs.

      • Wonder when will this pop up.

        2 questions:
        Did you listen to the links provided in the body of the article?
        Did you translate them via a source you approve?
        If so, do you still disputes the Antisemitic language and back ground?
        If not, why not?

    • Peter,
      Great transcript. Put you straight into the mindset of population who truely cleansed theit society of Jews. Unlike the Israelis, these guys are the Ethnic cleansers.

      With names like Mustafa Hashish, ones needs to know no more.

      Mustafa Hashish: “He is killed by his son. So this gives you an idea what the Jews are made of.

      “, what does this tell us about ~Syrians who rips the heart out of their victims and eat it raw? Can we draw an analogy about all Syrians from this?

      Mustafa Hashish would think we should.

      Ahmed Maher:

      “Through this character, we enter a Jewish home, and we learn how they raise their children, how they immerse their children in these odd modes of behavior, and how they teach them to live their lives in a vile, treacherous, depraved, and Machiavellian manner. They teach them that in order to achieve their aims, all means are justified and all values may be disregarded.

      Wonder which Jewish house hold they entered? None exist in that region.

      Ahmad Abd Al Halim:

      “All he thinks about is accumulating money.”

      Funny how the Jews Stereotype about money arrived via the Europeans after the Jews were the ones used as money keepers and bankers for the kings, since Funny how the Arabs took this stereotype and addopted it within 70 years.

  6. I have just watched the video clip above interviewing some of those involved in making this vile and repulsive mini-series.
    It is not “allegedly anti-Semitic” it is blatantly anti-Semitic.

    To use the term “allegedly anti-Semitic”, as our resident retard does above, is only further proof if any were needed that there are none so blind as those who will not see.

      • MEMRI, you fool, translates the broadcasts of Arab Media, exposing the blatant hatred, anti-Semitism, and incitement propagated there in a manner that, if replicated anywhere in the West, would cause a sheer outcry.
        However, it is being whitewashed here, by the likes of you.
        It has also been covered, rather surprisingly, by the HuffPo.
        Oh and the Simon Wiesenthal centre issued a strong condemnation of this perverse programme.
        Haven’t you trolled enough here?
        (Oh, and you’re welcome to produce a SINGLE case of a MEMRI mistranslation, git).

      • Roscoe, I take it that you have not looked at the video yet. I think if you had, you would have your own ‘blatant examples’ to quote. You would not have to ask.

        Or if you DID look at it and you still interpret the statements like, “all they think about is accumulating money,” or “they have no moral values,” as NOT being anti-semitic, is it because you think those insults apply not to Jews exclusively, that these actors and directors would apply them to all people?

        Not likely, because if you got half way through it, you’d see theses statements: ‘the truth about Jews…is that they raise their children to be “vile & trecherous,” and “this is what Jews are made of.”

        Help me understand how these quotes directly from the video are not ‘examples,” blatant or otherwise, of anti-semitism?

        • Sorry I am not deny they are grossly, offensively anti semitic. My point was Adams language was clumsy. I say this as it normally isn’t.

          He wrote …”an antisemitic mini-series during Ramadan called “Khaybar.” The program reportedly demonises …”…How does he know it is anti semitic if the programme only “reportedly” says means he has not read it. For Adam it is “allegedly anti-Semitic” .

          • Roscoe plays the soft version of NatzieNickJason, by trying to minimise contemporary Antisemitism and to denigrate the Jewish critics of. (see his stupidity by using Wiki against Memri as reliable source)
            His method is to deflect from the content to the form or condition in a minimalist way, in one detail, trying to steer away from the manifestations of everyday Antisemitism to a relativist approach which shall cover the manifestations and lets disappear the imminent danger: “allegedly anti-Semitic”.
            He pretends to ask for definitions, denigrates by supposing clumsinees, praising his love Grennwald for apropriate and competent wording and keeps relativising Antisemitism.
            Interesting approach of a soft tongued Antisemite, not so clumsy like the Nazi IsmailJasonNickNatzie.

          • Oh, FFS. What’s your next gripe going to be – Adam wrongly using a colon instead of a dash?

          • No you just accused MEMRI with falsifying saying that its translation can’t be correct because its founder is an Israeli. Maybe you should post your own English language version proving that
            1. You know Arabic
            2. The MEMRI translation is incorrect
            Alternatively you can apologize for your not alleged but proven anti-Semitism or go back to your comrades at the Guardian.
            FYI you are not the first faux Arabic scholar on CW, your predecessor was a faux Persian expert and an inexhaustible source of falsified quotes from Jewish personalities – a perfect moral and intellectual fellow traveler. I suggest you look him up in the CW archives – he’ll be a perfect new soul mate for you.

          • “Ah Tu quoque how I miss it. To be 12 again eh?”

            Do you feel 12? You certainly come off as a 12 year old boy who hates his parents.

      • “Any chance of a blatant example?”
        The whole video is full of blatant examples, that you are unaware of, or choose to ignore, them is proof that the last sentence of my post above is correct. It also shows that peter’s description of you in the last sentence of his post @11.35PM is apt.

        • Gerald “The whole video is full of blatant examples, ”

          Sorry yes I know this . My point was that it was clear from Adams language that he hadn’t seen it.It was ” reportedly anti-Semitic.” Hence for him it was “allegedly anti semitic.” He stated it was anti semitic.

          These things are important. The site is attempting to criticise what most see as an important paper. An English paper.I make this point as many of the posters here seem to spell in the American way and I am guessing are already at a disadvantage in understanding intricate Guardian verbiage .No need to further hamper ones chances of scoring against such a paper by making unforced errors.

          • Rosco. Just fuck off, will you, you sanctimonious prick.
            Adam – sorry for the language, but really RB has simply gone way too far this time.

          • many of the posters here seem to spell in the American way and I am guessing are already at a disadvantage in understanding intricate Guardian verbiage
            I understand your jealousy, Rosco. Without the Americans you would speak now either German or Russian, and while the US is the leading world power and very successful in every aspect – the UK is a second-rate EU member who can’t digest the sad fact that it is absolutely and totally irrelevant after hundreds of years of colonizing Asia and Africa and robbing all of their natural resources.

          • Burns: “Sorry yes I know this . My point was that blah blah blah”

            And your reason for baiting Jews is… that someone used ‘clumsy’ language.
            Ah how sweet and middle class, so sensitive about literary style and semantics. Stop dipping your toe in the sewer of anti-Semitism. You’ve tested the water, found there’s nothing offensive about it, now jump head first in the deep end. You know you want to. Just tell Adam what it is he needs to say to get you to do it.

      • Rosco -I’ll limit my comments to one per article- Burns: “Any chance of a blatant example?”

        As in, if it’s not wearing a swastika armband and jackboots it can’t be anti-Semitic.
        You wouldn’t dare go to a site, for example,serving the African-American community and tell them that disparaging and offensive comments that use negative and potentially murderous tropes about Africans going back to the time of slavery can’t be racist because it wasn’t said by someone wearing a Ku Klux Klan outfit.

        No-one cares that you wrap yourself up in your cuddly left-wing humanist wrapper – you still stink of shit. You are just too self-deluded and ignorant to know what is obvious to anyone with a modicum of decency; that you are a fellow traveller in the sewer of anti-Semitism; you are immune to it’s offensive nature, simple-minded and stubborn in your shallow belief that hatred of Jews begins and ends with the Nazis.

  7. Some simple explanations as to why Jews haven’t rioted (there are more):

    There are few Jews left in Arab/Muslim countries. Since Jews love life more than Muslims love death, they are unlikely to gamble with their own lives or those of their families by rioting in the face of overwhelming odds;

    Jews’ emotional development tends to be beyond the toddler tantrum stage (the developmental age of rioting Muslims is stuck firmly there) and they are more emotionally resilient than their Muslim detractors. Therefore insults tend to roll off them like water off a duck’s back and they tend to have the frustration tolerance of mature adults;

    Jews tend to be more secure in their beliefs in their people-hood and their connection with their history than do Muslims. They tend not to believe that they have to prove anything to anyone, whereas Muslims’ insistence that they are special is overcompensatory for their felt sense that they are at best merely ordinary, at worst failures. This evidences a mature, internal locus of evaluation in Jews, rather than the herd-following mentality as we see in rioting Muslims.

    Jews tend to have a sense of autonomy and can think for themselves. They know that they can choose NOT to follow ridiculous injunctions from extremists among them. This makes them less likely to riot because others whom they perceive to be powerful are doing it or require it of them.

    • ” Jews’ emotional development tends to be beyond the toddler tantrum stage”

      The suggestion that different peoples on the planet have different emotional development is not racist even tho at first sight it seems so. Emotional development is tied to societal and economic realities not just individual differences

      ” Jews tend to have a sense of autonomy and can think for themselves ”

      However to see this on a site purporting to combat negative stereotyping is just awful. The unwritten statement is “Muslims cannot think for themselves”. Worrying.

      • Rosco – I am sure you will have noted that Mitnaged was very careful only to ascribe the negatuve characteristics (immaturity, herd mentality etc) to those Muslims who participate in these riots, as opposed to Muslims in general.

        I can’t see that there is anything to dispute here, or are you saying those riots and the destruction and death they brought about were a mature, sensible reaction to minor provocations?

      • Are you “alleging” something…

        Oh, how quickly the tables have turned. How quickly you jump the gun.

      • Rosco Burns, my comments are based on observation and an in-depth knowledge of Arab/Muslim child-rearing practices which seem to predispose far too many of these people to revert to tantrums rather than use verbal reasoning and self-soothing behaviours whenever they are thwarted. I have also studied exceptions, and have found that where Muslims privilege reflection and study, come from families where there was no physical punishment or shaming, they rarely follow the herd and perpetrate violence.

        From that same knowledge base comes my statement of the obvious that, unlike killer bees who swarm, Jews and others tend not to react en mass if some of them are threatened. That you think that what I say is ‘just awful’ that indicates your lack of knowledge about the whys and wherefores of Arab/Muslim behaviour, likely because you are more interested in being oppositional than engaging in mature debate.

        From my professional experience with young people from Muslim families, they tend to be discouraged from developing firstly the necessary reflective space which can help them control themselves and secondly that sense of autonomy. Often they were fearful that their parents would punish them or it would cast them outside their peer group. In more cases than is comfortable to know about, daring to be different is beaten out of them as children. Parents, terrified of what their community will think of children who dare to question, force them to conform by threat of public shaming or physical violence.

        So stop whingeing. The evidence for what I argue is all around you in almost every country in the Middle East. In such cases, I really do believe that the child is the father of the man, and we see those abused children in every mindless violent outburst in Egypt and Syria, in men who, rather than pausing and thinking how they can collaborate to make things better for their children’s futures, run amok and literally lose contact with themselves. We see it in the “glorious” oppressors, Hamas and the PA, who are busily engaged in declaring that they love death more than life, in teaching children to want to die as shaheeds, while all the while the people who teach them would never put themselves in danger – – because they self-evidently love their own lives more.

        It should be much more worrying to you that you have knee-jerk reacted, refused to address my points in an adult manner, and, worse, assumed that you know my motives for making them.

        Your time and energy would be better spent protesting the abuse described here – but the question is whether you have the courage to do that

  8. PS: I haven’t watched the film clip. It is probably little different from the other antisemitic filth from Arab/Muslim countries, including from the PA and Hamas. I don’t have to wade in that sewer to know that it stinks to high heaven

    • Are you referring to Mohammet’s ethnic cleansing in Medina? or are you speaking of the ten Arab nation ethnic cleaning of Jews 1948-67? or are you speaking of the current prohibition against Jews settling in any Arab state including any hoped for Palestinian state: Judenfrei. Jews lived in many of those countries before Arab invasions or later Muslim invastions. A significant number of Arabs arrived from nearby Arab states to work in Mandatory Palestine after 1922, With the British departure in 1948, there weren’t going to be too many slavey jobs for them to fill. It was time to go back to Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia…..

      • With the British departure in 1948, there weren’t going to be too many slavey jobs for them to fill. It was time to go back to Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia…..

        Could someone explain exactly what this poster is saying there?

  9. there is a significance about this series that no one is discussing, but almost all Muslims know — that this is sunnah and all Muslims are required to follow sunnah. Because of this the narrative is critical and no one is challenging that narrative now. This is shocking to me. Jews (I’m gentile) themselves are treating this as if this is any other libelous antisemitic incitement. They do not understand this is more serious than the libels of Luther, Ford, the Protocols or Hitler. Wake the hell up please.

    • This is not sunnah.

      If it were sunnah, then it would have been “serious” for the past 1400 years. And spare us your faux shock, please.

      • It’s undisputed among Muslims that Khaybar is sunnah, that’s just a fact of history. And no it wouldn’t have been “serious” for the past 1400 years for many reasons, but one is because sunnah has context for when it is applied, and that context is now. This miniseries offered a great opportunity to not change the events of Khaybar, but to change the interpretation of those events, and to do so for a global audience. Deadly denial, so sad to watch.

  10. You want Muslims to re-interpret the Koran in a modern, enlightened way?
    You want it done overnight? Keep on hoping and wishing..

  11. Mitnaged represents the real Zionist spirit. He knows that the early Zionists came to Palestine to replace a civilization in its infancy with the aim of helping that civilization grow. These colonizers created the Palestine that than attracted more of the semi-civilized peoples from neighboring countries who were absorbed in the civilizing project the Zionist were engaged in. Many more Zionists arrived from Europe and if became more difficult to absorb the Arabs in the colonization project. Many Arabs left voluntarily in 1948. The Project to civilize the region continues despite deeply ingrained positions taken by some of Israel’s neighbors.

    • Your heavy sarcasm is acknowledged. Unbeknownst to you, many projects large and small ARE being developed in Israel that assist the Arabs in their development. In due time, events may propel Israel into a central role, however indirect, in developing food resources for the Egyptians and others that may prove lifesaving in upcoming years. You would be hard pressed to find many Israeli Arabs ready to surrender their Israeli citizenship.

  12. Also,30 Palestinians from Gaza were killed.They were Hamas.
    But it was in Sinai and was done by the Egyptians.
    So isn’t news obviously,though if it had been done by the Israelis,one suspects there would be lots of headlines.
    Source:Israel Radio,

  13. I agree with censorship is free. I think the Egyptian Authorities be brought to the ICC. We also agree that every day where a state is alleged to have killed over 30 people in a day it should appear in front of the ICC answering the allegation. Let us hope those in power take account and ensure the Egyptian Authorities are brought to account for these 30 deaths.

  14. Of Course, Emanuel, you would find it difficult any resident would willingly give up to reside on his own land. However, you will find many Palestinians wanting the same rights whether they are living in their homes or as refugees.

    • Jim, I was speaking of Arabs living in and/or around Jerusalem who, when given the option while living in the same homes, choose to be considered Israeli rather than Jordanian. What Arab refugees are living in Israel? There are the now near three million descendants of the original 850,000 Arab Jewish refugees in Israel who are genuine UN designated refugees driven out of the Arab world 1941-67. What kind thoughts do you have for those refugees? After having endured 2600 years of at best second class citizenship in the Arab world, they know best how to handle Arab offenders in Israel, The naive may consider Israelis unduly harsh. The Swedes, Danes, Brits, etc are at a loss as how to cope with the aggressive, hostile Muslim “invaders”. They might invite some of Israel’s expert refugee Jews from Arab countries to show them how it’s done.

    • Your record is stuck. Give yourself a hefty kick.

      And go pick on the other Arab/Muslim countries where Palestinians are really second class citizens and are deliberately targeted by their warring Muslim brothers instead of a state where they are given equal opportunities in every sphere

      See also &c &c

  15. Actions [or the lack of them as in this case] speak for themselves. It is too bad that the majority of the press and international organizations only speak following violence or while anticipating it and say nothing when nations and people act civilized and proper.

  16. Wow Lombard a very good defense of ethnic cleansing. I think, if the Israeli experts came to Europe to advice us of how to deal with our Muslims, it is likely some of the experts will be arrested for war crimes despite the fact that some of the European countries have given some legal cover to those who are accused of war crimes. It might not be sufficient to prevent an arrest in most of European Countries.

    Every refugee has the right to return to his or her home, whether that refugee is born in his home or to refugee parents and grand parents. If the example of the Jewish return can be followed than many generations can pass and one still has the right of return.So those who became refugees from Arab countries have every right to seek their return.

  17. HearShirt Never the less if the Israeli experts came to Europe to assist in the ethnic cleansing they will be arrested – I assume you know that.

  18. I must say headline of the year Adam.
    No reports of Jewish riots after grossly antisemitic show begins airing on Arab TV

    Muhammad’s atrocity against the Qurayza Jews

    How Sad made him glad
    James M. Arlandson

    In AD 627, Muhammad committed an atrocity against the last remaining major tribe of Jews in Medina: the Qurayza.
    He beheaded the men and the pubescent boys and enslaved the women and children. In doing this, he wiped an entire tribe “off the map” to use the language of the President of Iran,