Alice Walker evokes Che Guevera in post on Trayvon Martin at ‘Comment is Free’

We’ve commented previously on American author Alice Walker, focusing primarily of her participation in the Freedom Flotilla II, the second attempt to break the Israeli naval blockade of Gaza, as well her decision to prohibit the Hebrew translation of her most famous book, The Color Purple.  We’ve also cited the following quotes:

“Jesus, a Palestinian – is still being crucified.” (Alice Walker’s blog, per CAMERA)

“[Israeli] settlers are the [Ku Klux] Klan” (Alice Walker, during interview with Jesse Rosenfeld.)

“I think Israel is the greatest terrorist in that part of the world. And I think in general, the United States and Israel are great terrorist organizations themselves”. (Alice Walker, Foreign Policy, in June, 2011.)

The most recent news on Walker has centered around publication of her latest book, The Cushion in the Road – a collection of her “meditations” on a wide range of topics, including Israel and the Jews.  In addition to characterizing Israeli behavior as genocidal, and defending Palestinian suicide bombing, Walker asserts in her book that Israelis behave so immorally because they believe in “Jewish supremacy,” and makes several explicit comparisons between Israel and Nazi Germany.

Anti-Defamation League’s review of the book notes the following:

She even reflects on an encounter with a young Israeli soldier at a checkpoint and says about the experience, “I couldn’t bring myself to use the “N” word, but I did say [to him]: Don’t you think this behavior – insulting, threatening, humiliating – makes you all seem rather Germanesque? I meant the old Germanesque of the late thirties and early forties, not the current Germanesque.”

Walker is also a blogger, a forum she’s used to express her enthusiastic support for the antisemitic conspiracy theorist David Icke – and has explicitly endorsed his belief that an “alien” race of reptiles is seeking to rule the world by monopolizing the gold supply.

Naturally, such erudition, wisdom and insight into the ‘secret life’ of Jews (and amniotes) inspired ‘Comment is Free’ editors to provide their readers with Walker’s views on the recent acquittal in Florida of George Zimmerman.  Especially noteworthy in her short 347 word July 16 ‘CiF’ essay were the following passages:

Contemplating Zimmerman’s exoneration for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in a letter to a friend yesterday, I wrote this, with a few thoughts added today:

Just heard the Zimmerman verdict. It makes me think of the man given the “pleasure” of assassinating Che Guevara. He was young, and it was his birthday. He was strutting and proud to be offered this “work”, as Che stood bleeding, weakened and alone, before him.

Guevara of course was the late Argentine Marxist who rose to the role of Fidel Castro’s chief executioner. Under his own gun dozens of Cubans found guilty of counter-revolutionary activity were killed, while under his direct orders over a thousand crumpled to deaths in front of firing squads.

Additionally, as Thor Halverssen, of Human Rights Foundation, wrote about the human rights legacy of the leftist cultural icon affectionately known as ‘Che’:

The Cuban revolution under the direction of Guevara also saw the rise of forced labor camps which gave way a few years later to full-scale concentration camps. These were filled with dissidents, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Afro-Cuban priests, and anyone else who had committed “crimes” against the new moral revolution.

Finally, Walker’s decision to evoke Guevara in the context of Trayvon Martin’s tragic death is especially audacious in light of Che’s racism towards blacks, per his own diary which included the following entry written upon returning from Africa:

“The negro is indolent and a dreamer; spending his meager wage on frivolity or drink; the European has a tradition of work and saving, which has pursued him as far as this corner of America and drives him to advance himself, even independently of his own individual aspirations.

Whether espousing explicit antisemitism, defending Palestinian suicide bombers and paying tribute to radical chic ‘anti-imperialist’ mass murderers, Walker is about the last person who should be taken seriously on the issues of race and bigotry.  And, the fact that she was imputed with such moral authority by ‘CiF’ editors is a remarkable commentary on the continuing perversion of true progressive thought at a media group which, however risibly, still fancies itself the world’s “leading liberal voice”.   

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  1. Did she mentioned the ruling reptilians too? Did she write anything about her admiration of David Icke the big expert of the Protocols?
    The Guardian publishes the rants of a well known racist bigot anti-Semite. Different day – same shit…

  2. What really amazes me all the time they call it white racism even when Zimmermann is a Latino. Are Hispanoamericans counted as whites? Or did a spin happen? Is it easier to fight a media campaigne in the USA when white racism is the focus, not Latinos against Afroamericans?
    Isn`t that already deflecting from the problems of burglary, poverty, law of the jungle and vigilante justice where state power erodes? The hooded young man could have been a Latino, too. Isn`t the racism debate deflecting from the social problem?

      • Correction- his mother is of Peruvian ancestry. His father is Caucasian, of German Catholic background. I mention this because I saw instances of comments on various blogs where individuals tried to insist that George Zimmerman is Jewish, despite all the information that said otherwise. It just shows that whenever a highly charged issue is publicized the Jew haters are quick to jump in.

    • What really amazes me all the time they call it white racism …

      You’re Austrian, right?

  3. The Color Purple seethes with bigoted hatred of black men, portraying virtually all of them as either buffoons or brutes. Alice Walker does the left no credit.

    • ” bigoted hatred of black men ”

      It is attempting to show that grossly exploited men will take it out on women .

      • “It is attempting to show that grossly exploited men will take it out on women .”

        Really Rosco, and what verifiable evidence is there that “..grossly exploited men will take it out on women.”?
        Not may, or in some cases have been known to, but will

  4. A quote from Che Guevara’s account of his experiences in what is now the eastern DRC:

    ‘Given the prevailing lack of discipline, it would have been impossible to use Congolese machine-gunners to defend the base from air attack: they did not know how to handle their weapons and did not want to learn’.

    There’s Che, the anti-racist, writing.

  5. David Icke is of course barking mad, and the fact that Alice Walker believes his bizarre fantasies demonstrates how completely she has lost touch with reality. This woman should be in a mental institution where she can be given the care she so desperately needs.

    Thank God she’s on the Palestinian side, it would be a huge embarrassment to have a sick demented woman putting the case for Israel.

    • Well quite, though there are a few of those as well unfortunately. Having read her charming thoughts on gay marriage (and the resultant collapse of society) I cringe slightly to think that Melanie Philips is one of the most prominent and vocal Israel-supporters in the UK. Richard Littlejohn is right about Israel and hideously wrong about practically everything else; it embarasses me to think that he’s a passionate Israel advocate.

      Alice Walker though is in a different league of lunacy, it has to be said. Only the Guardian could entertain her peculiar and idiotic ramblings and only the Guardian could do it without the expected journalistc balance of reference to her devotion to David Icke, the only person I can immediately being to mind who is more insane than she is.

    • Re. “Thank God she’s on the Palestinian side”

      Add to that list Gilad Atzmon etc.

      No doubt there are some crazies out there supporting Israel. The difference (well, ONE difference …) is presumably that the latter and its supporters understandably keep them well away from any mics or op-eds.

      • Yes, but with the advent of the internet the Israel-supporting crazies start up websites and spread their bile that way!!!!

        • Indeed. Websites frequented by fuckwits – but hardly promoted by the mainstream media.

          • I don’t know, Adam Levick has written for a few mainstream media outlets, not least the Guardian.

  6. Alice Walker’s piece was poorly received by the Guardian commentariat. The most highly recommended posts are those trashing her piece. I hope she reads them. Understanding what people actually think of her might dent her smug sense of moral superiority and puncture her pompous self-righteousness.

    • I wouldn’t count on it, Andy. The rabidly paranoid take public ridicule as a sign that they are right – that everyone else has been hoodwinked by a conspiracy (probably of Elders of Zion) and it will intensify her desire and need to spread “the truth”.

      Person A: “Jews control the media and stifle all criticism of the Zionist entity. If I say so, I will lose my job as a journalist/politician and be ostracised from polite society.”

      Everyone else: “Person A is a rabid antisemite. Sack her from her government post/presenting role. We want nothing to do with her.”

      Person A: “See? That proves I was right!”

      • “Jews control the media and stifle all criticism of the Zionist entity. If I say so, I will lose my job as a journalist/politician and be ostracised from polite society.”
        Labenal, I’m afraid that falls short of the official Rascal Burnout definition of anti-Semitism.

  7. It takes a vivid imagination to write a novel. In Ms. Walker’s case this talent is misapplied when trying to explain contemporary reality. She’s quite obviously an angry person and barking mad. I’d advise people to steer clear of her and her rantings.

    • Andy gill, I doubt she read even one of the comments. I imagine just knowing the Guardian had published her ignorant rant would be enough for her. She has anything but an enquiring mind.

  8. “Whether espousing explicit anti-Semitism”

    You gave no explicit examples.The use of Che may indeed be risible but where’s the beef? Or is her anti Semitism merely implied because she joined the Freedom Flotilla?

    A disappointing article following one or two that weren’t bad.

    • The article lists four such explicit instances of antisemitism. The problem is that you refuse to recognise them as such, not that they aren’t explicit.

      • “The problem is that you refuse to recognise them as such, not that they aren’t explicit.”
        That’s his M.O.

      • ” four such explicit instances of anti-Semitism ”

        What nonsense. She took part in the boycott which means her books are not printed in Hebrew. A short sighted and stunted political decision in my view. But anti semitic ? Give us a break.

        “Explicit” anti-Semitism is when someone says /writes that Jews are to be segregated, Jews are inferior , Jews are to be harmed etc etc . This is what “explict ” implies.

        It is not arguing about politics .

        • Your definition has more to do with Christian Judeophobia than with Antisemitism, ahistorical affair of Greenwald. Do some reading and then come back, or do you try to lie away Antisemitsm on purpos?

          • Fritz you seem to have forgotten that through the looking glass on Planet Rosco words mean what Rosco wants them to mean.
            “When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.”

            • That`s why a deconstuctivistic approach is just a fallback into solipsism by arbitrarily defining the context, but the adequate universitarian part of the narcistic period the left is in.
              Politically it can be categorised as individual anarchism, open to turn right or left, in asthetics it is still the romantic cult of the universal artist designing sense against traditional rules.
              You have to bear in mind that for those communist and postcommunist acolytes of linguistics and poststructualism language is oppression
              So when Jews define somebody as Antisemite they are oppressors for the likes of Rosco, and the defined the victim. Who defines “the other” has the power to define and therefore s/he is bad. A well-known play where the perpetrator portrays himself as victim of the perpetrated. In this sense only Antisemites are allwed to define themselves. And then, there is no Antisemite, no Antisemitism, all vanished. See?
              Which reminds me of the enormous idocy of Lyotard when twisting around the word “Jew” till it lost every meaning. Hollow gimmicks for undereducated students searching the thrill of unmasking reality as a delusion, these deluded dudes.

        • ‘She took part in the boycott which means her books are not printed in Hebrew’.

          Not printed in one language spoken exclusively by one nationality and one ethnic group.

          Nope that’s not discrimatory at all, you moron.

    • You are a lying creep as there are enough eplicit examples. You are denying Antisemitism on purpose, as your failed love affair Greenwald is already exposed of permanent use of antisemitic stereotypes.

      • Jesus Christ was crucified by the Romans sometime around the year, give or take, 33 A.D. This is at least, give or take, some 40 years before the Roman legions destroyed the Temple, overran and annihilated the Jewish civilization living in Roman-occupied Judea, and then renamed this Roman occupied province “Palestine”.

        A so called “Palestinian” is absolutely nothing more than a generic Arab, invented in 1967 for the purpose of helping the Arabs to reach their goal of eventually annihilating all of Israel.

        It is appalling that so many Jews in Israel, the United States of America, and around the world, fall for the myth of the non-existent “Palestinian” people and are working 24/7 to help the Arabs wipe out Israel, because they erroneously think they are helping to promote peace in the Middle East. All on behalf of a fictional people. It is suicidal folly for Israel to give up Judea and Samaria, and the Golan Heights, and go back to pre-1967 borders, in a doomed to effort for peace. Going to pre-1967 borders will only put Israel in serious danger of being annihilated.

        Therefore, Jesus could not possibly have been a so-called “Palestinian”! Because the the word “Palestine” had not yet been invented by the Romans.

  9. It seems that a lot of our enemies like to put people(and organizations) on pedestals. Irrational hatred must work well with irrational respect.