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Morality undetectable: Gilad Atzmon says farewell to Helen Thomas

Merely characterizing Gilad Atzmon as antisemitic simply doesn’t do justice to the degree of hatred he spews.  Atzmon advances demonizing rhetoric about Jews which is on par with the most vile Judeophobic charges that have ever been leveled, and which is often as crude and malevolent as what would be heard at a meeting of neo-Nazis.

In brief, he repeatedly refers to Judaism as “supremacist” faith, a term popularized by David Duke, and has questioned whether the Holocaust occurred, while simultaneously arguing that, if Hitler’s genocide did occur, it can partly be explained by Jews’ villainous behavior.  On this latter point, he claimed that Hitler’s views about Jews may one day be proven right.  Atzmon also has suggested that Jews are indeed trying to take over the world, and has endorsed of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, arguing about the notorious antisemitic forgery that “it is impossible to ignore its prophetic qualities and its capacity to describe” later Jewish behavior.

(The Guardian’s history with Atzmon – the “Jazz Saxophonist” – includes their decision, in 2011, to publish his letter defending the ideas in his book, The Wandering Who? – a work which the CST characterized as one of the most antisemitic books published in the UK in years.)

Yesterday, July 23, Atzmon wrote the following at his blog, in a post titled ‘Farewell to Helen Thomas’.

Helen Thomas, one of the last truth tellers, died last Saturday. Thomas was the longest-serving White House correspondent, she grilled 10 USA presidents in an astonishing career that started in 1943. She was 92.

The heroic lady survived 10 American presidents but was cornered by a single Rabbi who videotaped her suggesting that Israelis should “get out of Palestine” and “go home” to Poland, Germany and America. This truthful comment brought down widespread condemnation that ended Thomas’ White House career. The way in which Thomas was treated was just another indication of the power of the Jewish Lobby and the manner in which it interferes with freedom of speech and other elementary freedoms.

I met Thomas last year in Washington DC, she attended an event with Norton Mezvinsky [Connecticut State University Professor of History Emeritus, at Washington’s Mount Vernon Place United Methodist Church] and myself that was organised by The Washington Report. Thomas was very weak but her brightness and humanism were shining.

The event, which took place in March, was organized by The Washington Report.  As you’ll see in the video below, which was posted on Atzmon’s blog, Thomas launched the Q&A session.

In case you couldn’t hear her, Thomas asked Atzmon:

What motivated you to change your views [about Zionism and Judaism]?

 Atzmon’s answers, reflecting on the problem of “structural Jewish indoctrination” and the difficulty many Jews evidently face in not adequately understanding their role within what he terms the larger “Jewish organism”, are actually relatively tame in contrast to his previous meditations on Jewish malevolence. 

Note also that Thomas asked one more follow-up question at the 5:42 mark in the video. She asks:

Do they [Jews] have any morality?

Anti -Semites, of course, have been asking such “questions” about Jews throughout the ages, and it’s not surprising that Thomas, who has accused Jews of “owning” Congress, the White House, Hollywood and Wall Street, chose to query Atzmon on whether there were any exceptions to Jews’ seemingly immutable villainy.

Finally, however, let the record note that Thomas (praised by many of her peers for asking the tough questions, ‘grilling’ U.S. Presidents and, more generally, standing up to authority), when offered the opportunity to challenge a loathsome Nazi sympathizer threw two softball and decidedly friendly questions.

If there is any justice, this display of craven deference to an extreme racist will serve to define the legacy of this ‘icon of American journalism’. 

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  1. “Not a single Jew on this planet understands his or her role within the Jewish system. I call it organismus.” I am very uncomfortable with the idea of this man walking around the streets of London.

  2. The Guardian’s history with “Jazz Saxophonist” includes their decision, in 2011, to publish a letter by Atzmon defending the ideas in his book, The Wandering Who? – a work which the CST characterized as one of the most antisemitic book published in the UK in years.
    I can’t believe this! The Guardian!? But they have a Jewish podcast!

  3. Did Helen Thomas mean Jews or Israelis when she asked: ‘Do they have any morality?’

    I’m not saying either example would make the question any less sick, I’m just curious.

    • Though she didn’t use the word “Jews”, I inferred from the context (Atzmon was talking about Jews at the precise time she asked the question) that she was specifically referring to Jews, and not Israelis.

      • When she asked the question, Atzmon was talking about Israeli military pilots – but right before that he was on about this “Jewish organism” thing. It’s all very weird, and frankly Thomas sounds senile.

        • Pretz, the Jewish organism thing sounds decidedly Nazi to me – as in the Jews are a biological sub-species that justifies its eradication by means of a ‘scientific’, ‘territorial’ or ‘total’ solution, to prevent it spreading and contaminating healthier ‘organisms’. Very dark, very nasty, and not at all out of place in the Guardian or other self-proclaimed ‘progressive’ publications.

          • I interpreted this “organismus” phrase as meaning that Jews are some kind of conglomerate or entity. Either way Atzmon sounds spooky – as ever.

            But come on, GT. The Guardian hardly considers Jews to be a “biological sub-species” etc.

            • Pretz: “The Guardian hardly considers Jews to be a “biological sub-species”
              True, but its sins of omission make it complicit in peddling the views of those who do, like that lovable, quirky Atzmon with his harmless saxophone.

  4. Only an Israel-hater of Arabic origin overlaid with Christian antisemitism could have asked such an odious question. Jews bloody-well invented morality in the Torah whilst other nations ( India/China excepted ) were still like primitive savages.

    • Jews bloody-well invented morality in the Torah whilst other nations ( India/China excepted ) were still like primitive savages.

      I’m guessing that you, at least, are not directly descended from the wise men who wrote the Torah.

    • “Unfortunately, Jews also appear to have invented self-hate..”

      I don’t think so. Keep your eye on the ball.

  5. Pretzelberg, your starter for 10 :

    Why, despite all their accomplishments and the horrors of the 20th century, are Jews still hated?

  6. I just love the “but was cornered by a single Rabbi” – she wasn’t cornered. He simply asked her a general question about the day’s event, and was dumbfounded by her vitriolic and vituperative answer. Only died in the wool Jew haters such as Helen Thomas and Gilad Atzmon feel cornered and lash out like undomesticated animals when asked simple questions having anything at all to do with Israel.

    • Yeah. Helen must have been a brave brave soldier. Taking on all and sundry, courageously fighting the good fight against the evil Zionist world conspiracy.

      Somehow ironic, isn’t it, that with all that global power at the Jews’ command, and having stood toe to toe with 10 (count ’em) US Presidents, all it took was a single rabbi asking an awkward question to bring her crusading career to a shuddering halt?

  7. The Guardian on Monday published an article from a well known contributor to the neo-Nazi Veterans Today. He’s a proud member of the Guardian Comment Network.If you want to say good by to your dinner just read his pearl about the US being a Slave to Israel. A perfect match to Atzmon and the modern day English language Sturmer.

  8. Atzmon’s account of Helen Thomas’s fate is typical of the self-justifying tripe these mental midgets (thank Pretz for the phrase) use. It is no different from the following:

    Sick bastard: “The evil girl babies control the World. You know this because anyone who throws an unwanted girl baby in the bin like I did gets sent to prison.”

    The world: “Go to prison for the rest of your life you horrible piece of filth.”

    Sick bastard: “See? Told you so. Proof that the evil girl babies rule the world.”

    • Ta, Labenal – but “mental midgets” was coined by the MindTheCrap (who sadly stopped commenting here in frustration over the more rabid right-wing posters)..

      • I didn’t know that, Pretz. MindTheCrap was clearly before my time. Good for you for giving him/her credit though.

    • pretzelberg I don’t know whether to thank you or curse you for the link.
      However I held my nose and read Atzmon’s ‘piece’. To describe it as crap would be to praise it, if you cut out the lies, misinformation and emotionally charged phrases whose only purpose is to denigrate Israel, and Tsipi Livni in particular, nothing is left. Reading Atzmon’s ‘piece’ is five minutes of my life I wasted and will not get back again.
      What was interesting was to look at the Editorial Board and Staff. The ‘Bureau Chief’ for the UK is one Gilad Atzmon, one of his ‘correspondents’ Alan Hart retired BBC, and well known to many here.
      But what made my jaw drop was the second named on the Editorial Board is Lt. Gen. Hamid Gul former Dir. Gen of ISI (Pakistan’s Intelligence Service) a man with blood on his hands from Kashmir and Afghanistan.

      Veterans Today, more like EvilBastardsRUs.

      • Here’s another – and trust me: you needn’t bother reading it in its entirety.

        The “highlights” of this piece – in which Atzmon attacks the BDS movement for criticising GG’s notorious/ridiculous walk-out when faced with an Israeli debater:
        – “It looks like the BDS Committee in Ramallah has, once again, had to bow to its paymasters.”
        – “Somebody in Ramallah better advise us why did BDS joined the Hasbara campaign against MP Galloway.”

        Pretty much all you need to know …