UNRWA Summer Camp: Planting the seeds of perpetual war against the Jews

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The following documentary by David Bedein about UNRWA children’s camps represents another example of how the UN agency ostensibly charged with caring for the few remaining refugees from the 1948-49 Arab-Israeli War (and, mostly, their descendents who have never set foot in historic Palestine), perpetuates the conflict.

As you watch this film (made up almost exclusively of interviews with children and instructors at UNRWA camps), those committed to two states for two peoples should ask themselves this:

How can any agreement be expected to bring genuine peace when Palestinian children are continually indoctrinated in jihad, martyrdom, and perpetual belligerence – values which, by definition, reject the existence of a Jewish state within any borders?

Peace isn’t made on paper, but among people – an intuitive understanding of human affairs which continues to elude so many.

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  1. So so depressing. Pride in your heritage and knowledge of your history is one thing. Heaven knows, Jewish families have taught their children about their inheritance in Israel for thousands of years. But the demonisation of Jews (not Israelis – they were definitely saying “Jews”) is simply abhorent.

    For a “teacher” to drill those kids (maybe 6 or 7 years old) “”Who were the wolves? Who drove us out?” “The Jews!” “The Jews!” is indefensible whatever way you look at it.

    I could understand (not approve, but understand) if this was a Hamas-run camp, but the fact that this is being taught in a camp run and funded by the UN is beyond disgraceful.

  2. They should have added add this stuff to the curriculum showing that they are not alone in their spiritual and intellectual escapades but the new preferred candidate for membership in the EU is with them.

    • I wonder if there is any major event in the globalised media which is not linked in one way or another with Jews.

  3. Labenal – Many Arabs know it is not the Jews but the Zionists and their partners in crime, Britain who drove the Palestinians out of their homes. Many Jews acknowledge this. You would know this if you read some of the New Historians including Benny Morris

    But in an astonishing recent Ha’aretz interview, after summarizing his new research, Morris proceeds to argue for the necessity of ethnic cleansing in 1948. He faults David Ben-Gurion for failing to expel all Arab Israelis, and hints that it may be necessary to finish the job in the future. Though he calls himself a left-wing Zionist, he invokes and praises the fascist Vladimir Jabotinsky in calling for an “iron wall” solution to the current crisis. Referring to Sharon’s Security Wall, he says, “Something like a cage has to be built for them. I know that sounds terrible. It is really cruel. But there is no choice. There is a wild animal there that has to be locked up in one way or another.” He calls the conflict between Israelis and Arabs a struggle between civilization and barbarism, and suggests an analogy frequently drawn by Palestinians, though from the other side of the Winchester: “Even the great American democracy could not have been created without the annihilation of the Indians.”

    That’s nice and clear. Now one can find fault with the analogy, as did one outraged reader of Ha’aretz, who suggested that the annihilation of the Indians was the prototype for American imperialism, not the precondition for American democracy. But such arguments are almost beside the point. Morris’s chilling candor effectively removes him from the realm of rational argument, and hauls Sharon’s fascist vision of a Greater Israel out into the light of day. There’s no point in saying, “You’re talking about ethnic cleansing!” for Morris says bluntly, “There are circumstances in history that justify ethnic cleansing.” There’s no point in saying, “You’re denying Palestinian suffering!” for after chronicling that suffering in scrupulous detail, he observes brightly, “You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs. You have to dirty your hands.” There’s no point in saying, “This is racist!” for Morris has abandoned humanist ethical universalism, invoking the pied-noir Camus to do so: “He was considered a left-winger and a person of high morals, but when he referred to the Algerian problem he placed his mother ahead of morality. Preserving my people is more important than universal moral concepts.”

    • Dear ‘Heap’ can you tell me what your rambling heap of Bullshit has to do with the subject of this thread?
      To remind you, although it is clearly written at the top, it is “UNRWA Summer Camp: Planting the seeds of perpetual war against the Jews”

    • Karl, most posters here know you are a mentally challenged anti-Semite. It’s not because you want to hang Jews by their necks; it’s because you continuously deny the notion that you are, indeed, obsessed with ending the Jewish State. The Zionist Experiment, if you will, is 65 years old. It’s as much an experiment as Pakistan and India, but smaller, and full of Jews, which is probably why you don’t have a problem with Pakistan or India to the point that you are constantly denouncing their rights to protect themselves, or even challenging their rights to exist.

      What amazes about your inability to think beyond your little box is that you don’t take pride in your nonsense. You insist that you are not an anti-Semite…. Are you joking? Did Hitler he wasn’t an anti-Semite? No, that failed painter WAS PROUD of his anti-Semitism… and look where it got him. In the record books. In the history books. HE’S EVEN IN THE MOVIES!

      But you…. you’ve got 1001 monikers on this website full of Jews. Where you don’t really distinguish yourself as anything but an Israel bashing lunatic…. Okay, that’s a bit simplified. You’re also a Jew hating scumbag. A mentally deranged dipshit. You like to consider yourself a Liberal, but really sound more like a Klansman. And what’s that? A disciple of David Duke wearing a stained sheet? Hiding himself while let all his rage speak for him?

      No, Karl, or whatever your name is, you’re all that and a cranium of voices. And for this, you should be proud. You, sir (I use that term loosely) are an Anti-Semite. Stand up and place some trust in yourself for once in your stupid, miserable shit stain of a life.

      You can do it.

  4. Antizionism is a peculiar form of Antisemitism, they are against the Jewish state and all Jews wanting, supporting Israel or living in the Jewish state. For not being accused of incitement to hate crime they call, to conceal their particular Antisemitism Jews Zionists.
    If the Antizionists succeed in reaching their aim of destroying Israel, they will turn to the others Then even Atzmon and all of these otherwise gifted will be on the run .

  5. Does anybody know how many Jews had set foot in Historic Palestine before they exercised their right of return after being exiled 2000 years ago by the Muslims. These Zionist Jews think God told them as revenge to chuck the Muslims out.

    koufaxmitzvah that is a funny name.
    Gerald it does not cost anymore to be civil. I know Zionist find it difficult to be civil given their history. But this bad manner is costing you the PR war. Mind you false propaganda is very unlikely to succeed.

    • Dear ‘Heap’ why would I waste my time being civil to an idiot who changes their name more often than they change their socks?
      An idiot who has shown that not only do they resort to twisting the truth but to downright lies and fantasies.

      So tell me ‘Heap’ if you know that “false propaganda is very unlikely to succeed” why do you continuously try and spread it?
      Although your efforts in the past have demonstrated that your puerile attempts are twisted by a combination of you being stupid and a proven liar.

    • Bloody hell Karl, you’re as thick as a plank aren’t you? There were no Moslems 2000 years ago, the Islamic religion hadn’t been invented yet.

      You simply don’t have the intellectual equipment or grasp of history necessary to debate on this forum. I suggest you try a white supremacist website, where a slack-jawed moron like yourself could have meaningful exchanges with other like-minded dribbling idiots..

      • Andy you didn’t know that the religion of the Romans was Islam?! Please visit the relevant antiquities in Rome and see the hallowed mosques of Jupiter….

    • “Does anybody know how many Jews had set foot in Historic Palestine before they exercised their right of return after being exiled 2000 years ago by the Muslims. ”

      Are you talking about before or after the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

    • Funny name as in Ha-ha? Anyway, when I think of Karl Heap the first thing that comes to mind is a Nazi standing in his own shit. Which is right up my alley for funny.

  6. NSHeep aka Nazisse Jane/Catherine/Samantha aka NS-
    Ismail/Alan/Deborah/Jim/Jason/Dirk/Nick/Natzie/Rob, amended by Gerald with Dopey/Grumpy/Sneezy/Sleazy/Tosser/Dorothy/Straw Man/Dick Head/Drek is a multiple bread.

  7. “return to villages that no longer exist”


    When you read the names of villages on the wall, you can spot a number of villages who do exist to this day.

    CIF Watch always sends readers to completely unknown websites with video materials that no broadcaster seems to have accepted.